Opera wrap up: Highlights from 2014

It’s been an eventful year for us! From shareable bookmarks to bringing the web to smartwatches to a Bollywood-themed flashmob, here are the highlights from Opera’s 2014:

Bookmarks with a twist: Visual and shareable

Visual bookmarks in Opera for computers

When we brought back bookmarks to Opera for computers in October this year, we gave the feature a twist. Users can add an image preview to each bookmark, making it easier and more engaging for them to find their way back to the websites they love.

Sharing links and bookmark folders

We opened December on a high note when we made bookmarks shareable both on Opera for Android and Opera for computers. Users can select specific links or even bookmark folders and share them the way they want:

Compressing data: From text to video

Opera Mini for iOS with video boost

For almost 10 years, our compression technology has helped users with limited data plans or a bad internet connection. Opera Mini has always compressed text and images from webpages. This year, we added video to the list.

In November, we introduced video boost in Opera Mini for iOS. This means users can now watch more videos with less video buffering.

Opera Max now available in 87 countries

Launched early this year, our Android app Opera Max is now saving data for users in 87 countries. Opera Max is the first of its kind, because it not only compresses data from browsers, but also from other apps. It shrinks text, image and video data across most Android apps:


Opera browsers: From basic phones to smartwatches

Opera Mini becomes the first browser on a Tizen-based smartwatch

Opera Mini includes many touch-friendly features that are handy on a smartwatch. In October, Opera Mini became available for download from Samsung Gear Apps. The Samsung Gear S smartwatch runs Opera Mini version 7.5.

Opera Mini and Opera for Android become the default browsers for Microsoft phones

This year, Opera for Android became the default browser on Microsoft’s Nokia X-family of Android-based devices — X, X+, XL, and X2.

In August, Opera Mini became the default browser for Microsoft basic phones and Asha phones.

Opera Mini beta for Windows Phone

In September, we added Opera Mini to another platform — Windows Phone. It’s a huge commitment, so we’re testing it with a beta version first. All the feedback we’ve received from users helps us, as we continue to improve the app.

We also started working on a beta version of Opera Mini for Android. This version runs on Android 2.3 and higher.

Opera Coast launched for iPhone

We launched Opera Coast, our first made-for-touch browser, for iPad users in September 2013. Now, even more iOS users can experience the web in a fresh, new way, since we made Opera Coast available to iPhone users in April this year:

Bringing the internet to more users

This year, we hit three important milestones — over 100 million Android users now go online with Opera browsers, over 50 million users in India browse the internet with Opera Mini and there are now also over 30 million Opera Mini users in Indonesia.

A million and more thanks to everyone who uses Opera browsers to stay connected!

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