Opera Mini for Android beta: New version to run on Android 2.3 and higher

During the past months, we’ve given a lighter look and feel to our mobile browsers. In the same spirit, we have now made a new version of Opera Mini for Android to look and feel just as great.

You can get Opera Mini for Android beta from Google Play Store.

This beta version marks the start of a transition for Opera Mini for Android. Using Opera for Android as a starting point, we created a lightweight browser that runs on Android 2.3 and higher. We need your feedback on what works and what can be improved. We want to make sure that you are pleased with our product.
Opera Mini for Android betaFeatures in Opera Mini for Android beta

With this beta version, you can of course get up to 90% data savings, saving you time and money while getting around the web faster.

We also added the option to browse privately with private tabs, letting you go anywhere on the internet without leaving a trace on your device.

Here’s what else you can expect after you download Opera Mini for Android beta:

Customize your layout

Choose between three different styles for your browser. Go to settings, select App layout and choose between: Phone, which maximizes the viewing area; Classic, which makes for easier one-handed navigation; or Tablet, which makes it easier to switch between tabs.

See your daily savings

Tap the Opera logo and get an overview of how much data you’ve used and how much you’ve saved.

Sync and share your bookmarks

Bookmark a site and don’t miss out on anything when switching between your phone and computer. You can also share your bookmarks with friends.

Manage your tabs easily

Get a good overview of all your tabs. Tap to open a tab, or swipe to remove one.

Save your favorite sites

Tap the “+” button on the combined address and search bar to save a page to Opera Mini’s Speed Dial start page, to your mobile bookmarks or to read it offline.

There’s a lot more to experience with the Opera Mini for Android beta – new features and styles – all waiting for you. This version will not impact your current version of Opera Mini on Android. So, try out the Opera Mini beta and let us know what you think.

You can also give your feedback in the Opera forums.

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