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At Opera we’re always looking for ways to enhance your browsing experience. Opera for Android’s latest version 82 has a few new features and options to put you in the driver’s seat of your browsing experience and get quick access to the features you love. 

Tailor Your Toolbar: Customizable Bottom Bar

We received feedback from the Opera for Android community that you would like to have quicker access to browser settings and features you use frequently. In the latest update of the browser, understanding that no two people browse the same way, we’ve added a customization feature to the bottom bar. You can now rearrange or replace the first three icons to better suit your browsing habits. Whether you need quick access to Aria, Bookmarks or Downloads, it’s all about creating a browser that feels uniquely yours. All you need to do is long press the bottom bar on one of the first three buttons and click on “Edit toolbar”. 

If you decide to replace the buttons, prioritize the features that you use the most and add them to shortcuts in the new toolbar below so they are always easily available to you. Make sure that this is enabled in your Settings under: Settings, Appearance, Gestures & Shortcuts. 

Effortless Bookmark Import from Chrome

We want to make sure switching to Opera for Android is as simple as can be and this includes bringing your bookmarks with you. Bookmark import is now available for anyone that has been using Chrome and wants to take their bookmarks into Opera. This is one of the first steps to make it easier for you, to set Opera up as your default browser without losing your carefully selected bookmark gallery. Just navigate to bookmarks, select the import option, and log into your Google account to sync your bookmarks directly. It’s streamlined, efficient, and ensures you can start browsing right where you left off.

If you are using a different browser than Chrome and want to bring in your bookmarks to Opera, you can now also import bookmarks in a CSV file. In order to do that go to: 

Bookmarks, click on the menu button “…” then import and select import from files such as Google Drive. 

Personalizing notifications:

In the latest version of Opera for Android, we’ve enhanced how you manage notifications. The new in-app notifications settings allow you to select exactly what updates you receive. Customize your settings to include information about VPN Pro, wallpapers, product news, and more – it’s all about giving you control over what you hear from us.

The latest update to Aria: 

Following the previous update to Opera for Android including Tell me more, Summarize and Aria Voice, you can now ask for a concise summary of any webpage you visit. Just tap on “…” and select the summarize option. In moments, Aria will provide a short summary of the main content, formatted in simple paragraphs. Perfect for those quick info grabs without wading through the fluff!

Which one of the latest updates are you excited about and do you have any future feature requests? Make sure to leave them in the comments. 

Get the latest version of Opera for Android here.

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