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Opera for Android Launches New Football-Focused Features ahead of the start of the European football tournament

Great news for all football fans out there! 

As we approach a summer filled with exciting football events – including the European football tournaments and the upcoming season of the English Premier League – Opera for Android is introducing an enhanced football experience that will bring the thrill of the game right to your fingertips. Livescore offers live updates on your favorite football matches and teams directly in the browser’s start page.

Introducing New Football Features

Opera for Android now boasts a suite of new features designed to cater to every football fan. Through the live score carousel which can be enabled via Settings you can see scores for your favorite games right from the start page. For an extended match view you can select games from the carousel providing real-time scores and insightful match analysis at a glance. The update doesn’t stop at scores – it extends into detailed match views, including previous game statistics, player lineups, and a comprehensive stats tab for in-depth analysis of possession, offensive and defensive actions, and disciplinary events for selected matches

Some days you just can’t watch the game live, while other times there are multiple games on at once that you might like to keep track of.  The new update has you covered though, keeping you in the loop with a live tracker that includes game commentary, so you can stay connected to every play. Additionally, you can favorite matches to receive notifications about ongoing games, ensuring you never miss a key moment.

For those that don’t want to see live scores on their start page and rather get a quick access to the full football view, you can now customize the navigation bar on your start page to further personalize your browsing experience. By long-pressing one of the icons, you can add a direct link to “live scores,” offering quick access to the latest game updates and schedules. 

You can also read up on dedicated news around the European tournament in the dedicated EUROS 2024 section on your newsfeed. 

Tailored Experience

Customize your browser wallpaper to reflect your favorite, choosing themes aligned with your favorite teams.Whether you’re tracking scores, following your favorite teams, or just soaking in the atmosphere of international football, Opera for Android is here to make this summer of football all the more thrilling. If you are on iOS you will be able to enable the basic view of live scores within Opera for iOS.
Download Opera for Android today and take your love for the game to a whole new level!

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