The internet is something we are used to accessing wherever we are and on practically every device we use. But, for some reason, the smartwatch has been stripped of an internet browser – until today. We’re happy to announce that Opera Mini has become the first web browser on a Tizen-based smartwatch, the new Samsung Gear S.

Opera Mini web browser powers Samsung Gear S

An experience designed for watch faces
Opera Mini includes many touch-friendly features that become extra handy on a smartwatch. For example, the website shortcuts on Opera Mini’s Speed Dial appear as large buttons, enabling Gear S users to reach their favorite sites in a single tap.

You can easily navigate the web on your Samsung Gear S. To zoom, double-tap with a finger, or, to get a more precise view, just pinch to zoom. A gentle swipe with your finger will take you forward and back.

Features that make smart watches a go-to device
The Smart Page feature displays links based on the sites you visit most frequently; a number of suggested links are also displayed by category. You can even add your social-media networks to the Smart Page, for more convenient access to your newsfeeds.

You can easily save webpages for offline reading, too, which is perfect for maps that you might need for a hike or run in an area with sketchy internet coverage.

Data savings for life on the go
Opera Mini is a internet browser designed to run smoothly, even where internet access is slow and coverage is poor. It employs data-saving technology that shrinks the size of webpages to as little as 10%, helping to load image-heavy pages in a snap. So, if you’re working out in a crowded gym or running in the foothills where mobile coverage is weak, you can still enjoy a full-web browsing experience that’s faster and more data-efficient, right from your wrist.

The Samsung Gear S runs Opera Mini version 7.5, with all its features and functionality. Samsung Gear S owners will be able to download Opera Mini from Samsung Gear Apps for free.

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  • Sigh.

  • swift11

    Is this compatible with OpenStreetMap ?

  • JLIT99

    Please make an Android Wear version!

  • please check it again

  • Israel Mzansi Ndebele

    Thus the way to go

  • Luk

    Is opera will handle youtube videos on websites?

  • chad

    YouTube is not supported. I’ve tried several videos sites and so far none will play. I’ve also tried pandora. Flash is not supported by opera mini.I’d say it’s a simple browser for simple sites. It seems as though samsung has been a little late on marketing tizen and opening up resources. Many developers are not putting resources towards it or so I’ve heard. Which makes me curious which watch will be the one stick.

    • Gerald

      Face book is working.

  • wow..this realy good.

    jelly gamat gold g

  • it looking very good. and Add more Features in this Watch

  • pawan verma

    Uc browser not supported but why

  • thomascross

    The application improves the rate at which videos are downloaded by substituting a single connection with a multi-connection algorithm. This will handle your cache buffering more efficiently and increase your buffering speed tremendously.

  • Mark Bellis

    I had a problem with installation – for some reason I can only connect by mobile to Samsung Apps and the download was very long – on the Samsung Apps website it showed Opera as installed, but it wasn’t there on the watch or in the Gear Connect under either Manage Apps or Uninstall, so I had to reset the watch, not reinstall anything from the backup and then park near the tower and download the apps I had. It works now.

  • rich carlson

    How can I open my outlook email in Opera mini?????? tried a million times to login]

  • rich carlson

    I meant on my Samsung Gear S