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Opera GX and Vought International launch exclusive browser for “The Boys” Season 4

BROWSER from Vought

For all of those who have been waiting for “The Boys” season 4, we have something special for you that your default browsers can’t give you.

Get ready for a “Supe’fied” experience as Opera GX launches the “BROWSER from Vought,” a web browser born from a unique collaboration between Vought International and Opera GX. 

The “BROWSER from Vought” offers a fully customized experience with new browser and keyboard sounds, wallpapers, and a sleek white and black theme that reflects Vought’s prestigious aesthetic. We have even thought of details like a new desktop icon.

On top of that, users can enjoy exclusive features such as Vought’s hub database, which provides access to suit scans of their favorite heroes and the latest news from “The Boys” universe.

To give you a better vibe, watch a special message from Vought CEO – Ashley Barrett.

BROWSER from Vought is available for free to download. For US users, we have an additional perk: a $5 GrubHub voucher with a minimum $25 purchase.

Stay updated with Opera GX by following their social media channels and joining their community on Discord and YouTube.

For more information on “The Boys,” visit the official website and their social media pages.

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