Today, Microsoft added a new member to its family of Nokia X smartphones – the Nokia X2. At the same time, we’re super excited to announce that Opera will become the new default browser to the Nokia X platform. What a great family this is turning out to be.


From now on, all Nokia X users will enjoy one of the world’s most popular web browsers and save a ton of data while surfing away on their mobile phones – all thanks to the Opera Turbo compression service embedded in the Opera browser.

Download Opera browser for Android for free!

Top 3 featuresx2-nokia
If you’re not completely familiar with Opera for Android, I have made a short list of the top 3 features to get you started:

1) Opera Turbo is a cost and time-saving feature that compresses data before it reaches the user’s mobile device. By switching on compression with Opera Turbo, webpages are compressed by Opera servers, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the amount of data transferred. For users on a pay-as-you-go data plan, or roaming while traveling, the savings can be significant.

2) The Discover feature is a novel way of finding content that users find interesting. Gathered from hundreds of websites all over the world, the content offered by Discover feature is always fresh and the cream of the crop. The feature is customizable, with easy-to-set preferences – the list can be sorted by country and topic – so users can enjoy thousands of articles, all at a thumb’s reach.

3) Speed Dial, an Opera Software innovation, has been perfected for the smartphone world. By letting the user save, move and organize Speed Dial entries into folders, Opera for Android lets users keep better track of sites they find interesting – and get to them faster.

Have a look at this video and you see what a treat we have in store for you!

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  • Good news.

  • Antreas Arkoudi

    good news opera 😀

  • Sidney Moraes

    Is it possible to have that browser on iOS?

  • Caprico

    That’s great! Looks like Nokia X is already far superior to Windows Phone. IE mobile is terrible..

  • Javier Bastardo

    This is awesome news guys, but isn’t it weird you guys are talking about “Opera Turbo” at this stage? You went with Off-Rode for the redesign, may as well keep referring it as such 🙂

    • Rafael Luik

      In the desktop 22 Off-road has been renamed back to Turbo, I don’t know why mobile 22 retained “Off-road”… Maybe the same change is due for Mobile.

      The text + the screenshot really make it weird.

    • veralb

      Hi Javier. For the Opera build in Nokia X smartphones, it’s called Turbo 🙂 But yes, you’ll still see Off-Road in Opera for other devices.

      • Javier Bastardo

        Thank you for the information, I’ll be waiting for the full rebrand in all instances of the new Opera, specially GNU/Linux 😀

      • picaru

        Why is it opera browser is not working in my nokia x2 after the update?what can i use for web browsing if it is not fix?

  • Sutapa Dutta

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  • midastouch

    Now how about you return the favor to MS and bring Opera to WP8?

  • darkflame

    Great news, although I wonder if this was after extensive failures by Microsoft to get IE working on it 😛

  • Congratulation opera!

  • Terje Skuterud

    Oh well-great after all these years-Opera is flowing still, maybe I should get a New Nokia now??

  • icariin adl

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  • Nice to see a manufacturer pumping out Android handsets with a different default browser, great to see Opera get some exposure, seeing as Microsoft have IE on Windows Phone, Android generally defaults with Chrome, iOS with Safari and even FF OS shipping with FF.

  • Good news. I have checked my site on Nokia X its really amazing.

  • Ali
  • Nawaz

    Opera browser isn’t working in Nokia X2 after updates.