I’m glad to announce that we’ve updated Opera for Android. We worked on many stabilization fixes and improvements under the hood. But, let me show you a few visible changes including a sharing bookmarks feature.

Share your favorites

Whether you are preparing a trip with your friends, collecting design materials for your latest project or just making a list of interesting stuff online, now you can share what you find with Opera for Android. You can choose individual bookmarks to share or share an entire bookmark folder with anyone.

Here’s how:

  1. Tap the Bookmarks entry on your Speed Dial.
  2. Tap Manage and select which bookmarks or bookmark folder you want to share.
  3. Tap the share button (beside the trash icon).
  4. Name your bookmarks collection, then tap OK.

Choose how to share your bookmarks. Opera supports a number of different sharing methods, from Android Beam to Bluetooth to your social networks.


The app creates a beautiful page for what you share, accessible by anyone regardless of what browser they use.

See your savings

Opera’s new, simplified menu highlights your data savings. Tap the O button to see how much you’ve saved by compressing pages with Opera.

If you’re using Opera for Android for the first time, use the menu to enable Off-Road mode when you’re on a poor connection. This data-compression technology crunches down the size of sites, so you can browse faster, extend your mobile data and help save money on your phone bill.

We also added an exit button in the menu for a quicker and cleaner escape from the browser.

Opera for Android is available in the Google Play Store as a free download. Give it a try, let us know what you think and stay tuned for our next release.

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  • Don Joe

    Opera for Android pre-4.0 used to have high usability, in the good tradition of Opera, but what we have now is a worse browser:
    – even though new tabs are created at the right side of the tabs list, the New Tab button is at the left, which makes no sense
    – it’s no longer possible to close a tab directly from the tabs bar because only the currently active tab has an (x) button => you first have to maximize the tab you want to close, which closes the tabs bar, then you have to open the tabs bar again and only _then_ will you finally have access to that tab’s (x) button; this is just stupid
    – Opera used to be able to play YouTube videos in-page, though it was never able to launch the dedicated video player if I opted for the external-playback option; now it does neither, I simply have to use a different browser to access YouTube.

    Additionally, something Opera for Android was never able – and is still unable – to do is to render youtube.com properly in its desktop version so that the comment notifications drop-down at the top right works correctly and can be used to reply to comments. To be fair, I haven’t yet encountered a mobile browser that does this properly, but there’s at least one Android browser that offers a marginally-usable rendering in this case. That’s the second reason I’ve been forced to get used to a dual-browser solution instead of using just Opera.

  • Youngtraktor

    What is the difference between Opera for Android and Opera Mini? And why is there sync option yet? Or is there?

    • Sidney Moraes

      Opera mini is a light version of Opera for Android.

  • x a

    Nice to see some of the features from last beta in final now (– eagerly waiting for Opera Sync cross platform).

    Regarding bookmark sharing: Don’t you agree, the share button is dangerously close to the edit button? And it does not really belong into an edit mode context… (And shouldn’t the share functionality be more easily and obviously be discoverable?)

  • Nice

  • Guest

    We need in Opera :
    Swipe to change tabs –

  • Moris299

    In future updates you can also add:

    -Swipe to change tabs
    -Configurable speed dial wallpaper / themes
    -In download manager displaying % of downloading files: 5 MB / 10 MB (50%)
    -changing beyond two compression modes Mini and Turbo
    -Graph for the saved MB by off road
    -copy address when long press address bar
    -night mode (white elements everywhere, using at night is very uncomfortable
    -auto turn off off road mode when connected to WiFi
    -on open browser : restore tabs from last session or open new tab
    -turn off animations in browser interface option. Animations workin slow on oldest phones it will be ok to turn them off (animations like in tab manager (zooming out/in), on speeddial and more 😉
    -javascript turn off option

    • kapsi

      >auto turn off off road mode when connected to WiFi
      +1, also auto on when not on wifi

  • NightMayor

    Opera’s video player still doesn’t obey the user’s choice for Auto-rotate. 🙁 For example: go into Android’s Settings>>Display and un-check “Auto-rotate screen” then play a video in Opera Mobile in which the video will STILL rotate as if the “Auto-rotate screen” option was still checked. Opera Mobile hasn’t respected this option since version 24. 🙁

    Otherwise, it is the perfect browser for me.

  • Tore

    I like it. 🙂

    But is it possible to add a setting to limit the number of speed dial columns? It would be great to have the same amount of speed dial columns on Opera both on desktops, tablets and mobiles, so that one would always know where each speed dial item is located. Currently they flow along and thus change places when the width of the mobile screen changes (i.e. every time one changes between landscape and portrait mode).

  • HaLiL Esen

    good new aplications

  • x a

    As I understand it, new Opera Mini beta derived from standard Opera for device; a reasonable move, management-wise.

    So you plan to integrate new-style Sync as you hopefully do in Opera for Android as soon as your Sync platform runs smoothly? Then again, Opera Mini on iOS would make a real alternative browser for cross platform users – if you sneak the possibility to disable Turbo/Off-Road compression past the guardians of Apple’s AppStore… 😉 Opera minus Mini for iOS!

  • kapsi

    Why is Opera Android using Opera Mini’s offroad compression, and Opera Android Beta is using desktop Turbo compression? This version is like Opera Mini with “single column” option always turned on. I’m using Android Beta because I want word wrap in offroad mode. Can’t you merge those two browsers like on iOS?

  • Akarshan Biswas

    please provide an option of “opera turbo” like its desktop’s counterpart.. while on mobile network to save data as much as possible.. Really fed up getting error like ,”Failed to transcode URL”.. etc. etc. on most of the pages!

  • Russell Evans

    Opera is by far the best web browser on Android for ease of use and just plain working. Unfortunately it is useless without a sync function. Most people have multiple devices and need to be able to sync bookmarks, tabs etc. Bring back Operalink so we can actually use the product you spend so much time and money improving. I’ve spent most of today moving bookmarks from Opera to Firefox so I can sync them. I guess that is about the only use for the bookmark share function. Otherwise I’d share links using Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

    • NimeshT

      Bookmark sync is coming soon, already available in beta channel. Tab sync is also coming soon.

  • another impressive feature for such a powerful app like opera ,, thanks Opera

    New Heliopolis City

  • Rinku Kaushik

    i am using android 4.4.2 mobile, I update my opera mini to latest opera mini…
    I already sign in into opera mini new version….but my old bookmarks not sync into new one.
    plz help to to get my bookmarks back….