Opera 25 brought back bookmarks in a whole new way, adding preview images to help you find your way back to the websites you love. Now, in Opera 26 for computers, you can share your bookmarks with your friends.

Share bookmarks the way you like

Select a few links or an entire bookmark folder and click Share. Then, copy the link and paste it to email, chat, or the social network of your choice. It’s as simple as that. Take a look:

Import bookmarks from other browsers

If you’re switching to Opera for the first time, you can import your bookmarks (and other data) from your old browsers:

  1. Select to Settings from the main menu (Preferences if you’re on Mac).
  2. Click Import bookmarks and settings…
  3. Select what data to import and from where. Then, click Import.

Importing bookmarks to Opera for computers

Get a stable Opera for Linux

There’s more good news! Opera for Linux moved to stable stream in today’s release. If you’re using Linux and you haven’t tried Opera yet, get it today. You can read more about Opera for Linux here.

Download Opera 26:

Opera 26 for Windows
Opera 26 for Mac
Opera 26 for Linux

Take a look at the Opera 26 changelog.

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  • Anton Chelnokov

    good? where is offline installer for windows?
    but my bookmarks stiil not syncing between work and home…

    • Sync is a separate topic. First, it should go through the beta version.

      • Anton Chelnokov

        current beta, or future beta?

        • If you’re switching to Opera for the first time, you can import your bookmarks (and other data) from your old browsers:

      • And Opera Sync is avariable thorught the opera flags activation.

    • Cryio

      If you are running Opera Stable you are running Opera 26 since November. It silently auto-updated.

      • Anton Chelnokov

        i know it

  • Radik Gradenko

    So where’s bookmark sync? It’s been available with the 26-dev 🙁

    • Zik

      My bookmark sync from laptop to my phone works fine.

    • If it is not in beta, then it is not going to stable. If it lands on beta, then there is very high chance to have it on stable.

      • Radik Gradenko

        Will we have bookmark sync in 27-stable, Zhenis?

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Zhenis, thanks for the info, congrats @Developers on the first, official Opera stable 26, and DC-916, as well as on the third most welcome friend in the Opera’s “club” 😉

    • Hi, yes, duckduckgo was asked many times on this blog. I hope you enjoy it.

      • iamtheonlyglare

        why don’t we have the ability to remove default search engines and add our own to make them default? i’m not sure it’s necessary to wait for you developers to add things such as these when you could focus on the more critical features….

        • It is not possible, because there are a lot of malware software, what can highjack the default searches and send users to some unrelevant/malware search engines. So we want protect our users against such practices.

          And to make it 100%, if user can do it manually, then a program can do it as well.

          • You’ve signed default_partner_content.json digitally and Opera verifies its signature on startup. Why won’t do the same thing and sign the search settings in Preferences? You can use a fixed RSA key burned into opera.exe, or generate an RSA key for every user profile, or use server-side signing on each setting change with some salt derived from the user profile?

            And why are you protecting only default search engines? A malicious software can modify or replace installed extension also and I think tampering e. g. LastPass is a more serious security issue than search hijacking.

          • We look into malicious extensions closer and started to block many of them last week.

          • sergiol

            Give me liberty! It is responsability of the user to know what search engines are credible!

          • matt

            If this is true then you must return bing to the defaults.

          • wasapasserby

            So why are you considering Bing as malware? Have you not heard of it before? It is made by Microsoft (a very large and reputable software company).

          • Andrew Andreyuk

            Are there a lot such malware for linux and OS X?

          • Not if this step was protected by entering operating system’s password or alike just as you do with uncovering saved passwords…
            I yet have to see a program do that.

          • plague

            So instead you lock down the product, only offer what _you_ deem is worthy and refuse to offer customizability, thus making the product inferior? Nice plan. Not all users are idiots that need their hands held constantly, yet you treat all of us like idiots by doing this. _I_ decide how my browser should be configured, not you. _I_ decide which search engine to use as default, not you. Do you _really_ want to alienate customers by forcing stuff on them?

          • Courtenay Blackburn

            What and some piece of malware can’t edit “default_partner_content.json”?

            Update: Why did I even bother installing Opera on Fedora if I have to add content to a complex config file after tracking and down fixing the issues I had installing a converted DEB file on a RPM system.

            I am not using DDG as it has poor search results and Google is known for violating users privacy.

      • Jedy

        Thanks for duckduckgo but Bing is now missing. Please return it!

  • Cryio

    You took 1 month to make this article. Why ?

    • Anton Chelnokov

      Most of developers targeted for manual bookmark syncing between operas in account.
      You think syncing does not work, but it is working slowly XD

    • What do you mean by that?

      • Cryio

        Opera 26 has been released to stable since early November.

        • 26 had gone from Developer to Beta/Next about a month ago; only now it’s released as Stable.

          • I agree with Cryio. I’ve seen the version of Opera stable on 26.0.xxxx.xx since mid November at least. What I mean is that the stable channel has been on version 26 for around two weeks now (if not more).

          • They had to update to a new major version of chrome to fix some issues and therefore the increase to 26, but that version did miss the new features.

          • I see. Thanks a lot for clearing that up. 😀

          • Cryio

            I’ve been running 26 on stable since at least 15 November, maybe earlier.

            So it went from Beta to Stable a month ago.

          • Hecc-MA


            Nov 20th first stable release.

        • Hecc-MA

          Nov 20th it was available as stable for Windows and Mac as build 26.0.1656.24, I also don’t understand this, even build 26.0.1656.32 was released like 3 days ago.

          • Hm, you may all be right, I might err. Sorting it out: Wouldn’t that mean we haven’t had an actual Beta for some time now, since 26 is Stable and 27 is Developer?

          • Cryio

            I’m sure I posted a comment sometimes before 20 Nov around here somewhere.

    • icetom

      probably the 30sec clip took them so long.

  • Chaosphere

    Finally a stable Linux version… It’s been a while since the last one…

  • Hans Dampf

    No RPM? 🙁

  • Thanks, Ruari, for the Linux Stable! Long awaited!

    • You are most welcome!

      • Hecc-MA

        Before you told me it wasn’t even worth.

        • ??? Is part of your sentence missing?

          • Hecc-MA

            When I asked about official announcement of O26 you described it almost as a minor update.

          • The official release with new features and Linux was today. We had a build out with a 26 major number because it included a chromium bump to allow us to fix a major crash. However it had no new features. Today is the “real” 26.

  • google spreadsheet still not work. After I press ESC arrows on keyboard don’t move cursor. 🙁 Epicfail

  • András Ács

    It’s warmly and fuzzily strange seeing the red O again in the launcher… 🙂
    Congratulations and thank you for the Linux release!

  • Lacedaemon

    Major Problem #1: (Vista 32-bit & 7 64-bit on different PCs)

    This was O25 Stable -> http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=294nifp&s=8
    This is O26 Stable -> http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2dj5v0k&s=8

    I’ve reported that many times since O26 entered dev stream, then in beta stream, and now you ‘ve brought it over to the Stable in the same state. Are you so depending on Google (chromium) so that if they will never fix it in their code then it will always be like that? I can’t find any other rational explaining. As a temporary measure I’m downgrading to O25 , but if you will never fix it I will switch to FF once and for good. Slowly but steadily I’m getting very sick of your constant instability and performance problems.

    Problem #2: O26 is re-downloading all my thumbnails for SD every time I close & open the browser.

    • #1 submitted as DNA-30973. We spend many efforts to optimize it, but it seems not to be improved for everyone.

      #2. Anything more, what could help us to track the problem?

      • Lacedaemon

        Hi Zhenis & thanks for your response. I’m pretty frustrated right now so I will suggest only that: How about you make SD native like it was in Opera Presto and get rid of that problem once and for good?

        Edit: Also I wrote many times that if you open a new window and do the same on the new window that problem “magically” vanishes. Why can’t you get a clue from that?

        About #2 I don’t know, it’s just happening after the “upgrade” to 26 and it made the browser unusable.

        • I see what you are saying, but we want to benefit from the web technology to have more flexibility.

      • Lacedaemon

        Update #1: Disabling Impl-side painting completely fixes the problem (or at least the delay is so small in ms that is not noticeable) of the blinking tabs in all the affected versions after O25! You may start investigating already.

  • Clueless

    Guys, this thing is not good at all…

  • phiznlil

    Thank you, stable for Linux at last. My faith is returning! 🙂

  • iVarun

    I have Opera 12 Installed but i don’t get the Option to Import from it in the Import bookmarks and settings, What is going on.

    I did mention this before on one of these posts comments and so did a few other users.

    • Where is the location of your installation?

      • iVarun

        Opera 12.17 Build 1863 [64bit]

        C:Program FilesOpera x64
        C:Users[username]AppDataRoamingOperaOpera x64

        Opera Next 26.0.1656.20

        C:Program Files (x86)Opera Next
        C:Users[username]AppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Next

        Win 8.1 64bit OS

        • The import does not support 64 bit of O12 by default, since it wasn’t popular version.

          • SQL

            It definitely should check it too.

          • iVarun

            That sucks.
            I know manual works because that is how i used it before, by using the – operator and profile migration commands to the launcher.

            But surely its just a matter of adding few lines to the code to support 64 bit.
            You can limit what carries over(its already like that in some regards with different Browsers allowing different stuff being migrated), i.e. Just allow the Bookmarks/Passwords and keep the rest at minimal to not increase complexity/need to support old software.

  • aminiesta

    Thank you – and DDG team- for DDG default option. One less annoying bug for me.

    • You are welcome.

      • firuz-7

        Zhenis Beisekov
        please can answer when it will be for windows Opera x64

        as well as browser super thank you for it

        • @firuz7:disqus

          It is no problem to support of 64 bit. There is a huge issue with the plugins available on the market. Most of them have only 32 bit version, so we are not able to provide the experience we believe is good.

          • Guest

            but we can hope for in the near future on a 64-bit. Just all browser switch to 64-bit version, and I would like to have my favorite browser Opera also switched to 64-bit,
            and if I can not difficult to find out why the expansion of Kaspersky does not work on Opera

            thank you very much for your reply

          • firuz-7

            but we can hope for in the near future on a 64-bit. Just all browser switch to 64-bit version, and I would like to have my favorite browser Opera also switched to 64-bit,
            and if I can not difficult to find out why the expansion of Kaspersky does not work on Opera

            thank you very much for your reply

    • senja1

      Fuck you Opera for this. How to add other default serach engine?

      • aminiesta

        Pay for it.

    • Thael32

      Yet they removed bing from default option, one step forward and one backwards… good job :/

  • Footman


    Browser design like this + opera would be my dream.

    • Sidney Moraes

      Opera devs can’t copy the design of it, that is ilegal unless Yandex Browser is open-source.

      • Footman

        I dont talk about copy. But about to rethink the design of opera.

        • Sidney Moraes

          I wouldn’t put some faith on it.

  • Rainbow Warrior

    Good to hear, that I can import bookmarks from other browsers! But how can I export my bookmarks?

  • I have been having some performance issues recently. I am getting a lot of checker board when scrolling fast through sites. And as mentioned already how come I still can’t export bookmarks? 🙁

    EDIT: A̶l̶s̶o̶,̶ ̶c̶t̶r̶l̶+̶`̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶s̶w̶i̶t̶c̶h̶e̶d̶ ̶b̶e̶t̶w̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶t̶a̶b̶s̶ ̶s̶t̶o̶p̶p̶e̶d̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶i̶n̶g̶.̶ Found this in advance keyboard shortcuts.

    • Where do you want to export them?

      • To another browser. For example, I wanted to export bookmarks to import them into chrome but couldn’t find a way to do it.

        • SQL

          Like a HTML export?

          • HTML export sounds fine to me.

        • Lacedaemon

          You think they would want that?

    • Use Ctrl + F1. It is better anyway, as you get previews!

  • Nice to see DuckDuckGo as a default, but now we cannot use Bing as default anymore? 🙁

    • L33t4opera

      You can use Bing, if you don’t want to use DDG as the default search engine – just follow the steps mentioned here, with one exception – go to the 26.0.1656.32resources subfolder, and not to the 27.0.1689.13resources 😉

      • Thanks! Now I’ve got Bing as default again!

      • Pai

        Still, users shouldn’t have to go trough this to change their default search engine of choice. This really upsets me. Changing my default search engine to Google after the update is one thing, but exclude any search engine for options is another.

  • Konstantin Paramonov

    I’m bumping into random network problems like “the page is unavailable, check your settings” but it works right away if you refresh the page. If you open several pages at once, some of the tabs are on it for sure.

    • Yes, i can confirm this.

    • Is that happening for Google/address bar searches?
      Or generally navigating between pages?

      • Konstantin Paramonov

        I’d rather say both, but what do you mean by “navigating between pages”?

        • Let’s say you click a link on any page to get to another one. Does it happen then?

          • Konstantin Paramonov

            only those pages that open in new tabs have that problem

      • escruting

        It happens on pages that arent google too, even clicking on a bookmark it stays loading for some time and then it says the page is not available, you refresh and it loads perfectly.

        It happens so frequently that now if i see a page is taking too long to load i refresh and it loads immediately xD.

    • Eric83

      I’m having the same issue. It happens frequently, maybe one out of 10 times I click on a link. I assumed it was a connection issue rather than an Opera problem until I saw this comment.

      And, yes, thanks for Linux stable!

    • escruting

      Yes, this happens to me very frequently lately.

  • ruduh

    Opera for Linux moved to a stream stable? Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  • ver000

    we would also like to be able to export bookmarks in a html file

  • kapsi

    Can I import profile from 26.0.1656.27 Next? On Ubuntu.

    • In this very special case (as version number of stable is higher than current beta) it should be save for you to simply copy your profile folder over 😉

  • ruduh

    Posting right now from Ubuntu 14.04.1 with the new Opera Stable for Linux. Amazing!!! 😉
    Thanks a lot for the developers of Opera for Linux, including Ruari, I know he is a lover of GNU/Linux OS. 😉

  • Wimi Bussard

    I won’t show anyone my online porn list 😀

    • Isn’t it great that Sharing wasn’t forced on anybody automatically? 😛

      As some people tend to get offended quite easily in here: I’m not working for Opera. This comment was my own personal opinion.

      • Wimi Bussard

        Haha :D. I must say that I like the bookmark feature a lot, though it could be more comfortable. I still need too many clicks for managing or deleting things. But still, great work!

  • I installed Opera 26 in ArchLinux with Plasma (KDE)m Oxygen theme and Oxygen-GTK with dark color scheme, I get this:


    With Firefox and other browsers don’t have this problem:


    url bar has very dark domain text site and buttons are white and can’t read.

    hardcoded colors? Any ideas?

    Sorry my bad english.

  • eXzentrik

    There’s still the bug I mentioned two months ago:


    “With Opera 25, all my bookmarks with a ‘&’ in the title have now a ‘&&’ in it. But only in the bookmarks bar, NOT in the visual bookmark menus! Example: The folder ‘Filme & Serien’ is now ‘Filme && Serien’. Renaming doesn’t work – it keeps the ‘&&’. So I have to replace the ‘&’ with a ‘+’.”


  • sgrandin

    Speaking to sharing, I still think it’d useful first if Opera developers would share the ability to place toolbars/tabs and toolbar icons where I want with us.

  • sgrandin

    Has scaling been added to Print Preview in the O26 release? Without being able to adjust and see the effects of scaling within PP, it remains useless for the vast majority of my printing. Still have to switch over to another browser to print preview and print. Ah, but unfortunately can’t do that as easily in Opera 26 because one can’t modify the toolbar by adding InIE and InFF. Oh well, 12.17 keep marching…

  • Mahmoud Hilaly

    any way to solve that ?

  • DC

    Is it possible to search the bookmarks in the address field/bar? For me it does not work, only results of my default search engine will be displayed…

    • Bookmark search is buggy at current development (even in Opera 27 DEVELOPER). You must wait.

      • DC

        Thanks for your answer. So have to search in bookmark library tab I guess

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Bookmarks suggestions are in 27, not sure if 26 got it.

  • L33t4opera

    Could you update the md5sums for the installers’ files, please?

  • reesmichael1

    MAJOR props for releasing Opera 26 for Linux! It’s been long awaited…although I never doubted 😉 http://i.imgur.com/BlLv9nr.png

    Now, on to making Opera once again the best browser on all platforms! http://i.imgur.com/Nb1jrYt.png

  • marjancek

    Yay! Linux version again. But, is it good enough to make the transition back to Opera after a hole year on FireFox?

    • Hecc-MA


    • ruduh

      Yes, its is working very efficiently in my Ubuntu 14.04.1 Try it out,,,

    • Especially if you’re using a HiDPI screen there’s no way around using Opera 😉

  • Herr Pietrus

    (incorrect post :))

  • UMaster 7

    also in last stable build: youtube buffering is very slowly in Opera with flash (15 final and 16 labs). W8.1×64

  • Gadzinisko

    Why is it that old Opera could be easily packaged for every distro on the planet, BSD and Solaris (IIRC) and new one can’t even produce a RPM?

    I can’t even test it easily.

  • Bjarne Bertelsen

    Opera (mac) has been behaving very strangely on facebook lately. Hangs, does weird thins when you click etc.

  • wasapasserby

    Why’d you guys drop Bing? Seriously?

    • ayespy

      The more relevant question would be why it was ever offered as one of the defaults in the first place.

      • wasapasserby

        Obvious troll is obvious.

    • pepe

      If I can’t set Bing as default search engine then I have to switch to other browser. Please explain why Bing is not an option?

  • I found a strange one Fox ( http://www.fox.com ) now sends Opera to http://www.fox.com/browser-unsupported (it did not a few weeks ago), a browserjs as a work around until FoxTV (their Twitter username) fixes the site, is there a change in the UA string that might break the site?

    • I think it might be the “Mozilla/5.0” part of the UA String that is being detected as lower than Firefox 15

      Not sure what else in the UA String would cause Fox to block Opera

      Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/39.0.2171.65 Safari/537.36 OPR/26.0.1656.32

  • Pau Bosch ||*||

    Hello Opera developers! Would it be possible to have two or more Speed Dials and be able to scroll on them? So it would look something like this: http://i.imgur.com/KPAYWlP.jpg

  • Opera Blink 26 for Linux depends of libc 2.15 as minimal. Damn Debian Wheezy obsolescence of GLibC!

    Well, at least I have Debian Jessie on my main PC, and I hope that consider to the Debian Wheezy users.


  • J Mercado

    Why did Opera 26 Stable remove “Bing” among the set of default search engines?
    And join “Rainbow Warrior” about export of bookmarks?

    • richheddleson

      Because Bing is worthless………everybody know that…

  • Yeah, Riiight…

    Still waiting for the Bookmark panel which I had on 12.17. The Bookmark menu on 26 is not a good replacement.

    • Independent panel can’t be made because of Chromium Userinterface restrictions.

      • Opera uses its own UI layer…?

        • SQL

          You’re no longer a mod?

          • ahoj1234

            it still shows that he is a mod. Maybe refresh will help.

            Anyway, to the topic: @gwendragon:disqus Christoph said it well. One of the reasons that was slowing it was that Opera has own UI layer. As it was said in the very first “Opera Next” build topic(s).

          • I made ironic comments and some people reported me to Opera’s employees cause they felt that I infringed my rights as a moderator by deleting offtopic conversations. So it’s not impossible, but I still am (Disqus doesn’t display the moderator badge on mobile devices AFAIR because of limited space). 😉

        • Ah, i thought it was a Chromium restriction. Sorry.
          It is uneasy to find in Chromiums bugtracker tpoics related to new Opera.

          • No, AFAIK Opera does use Chromium’s engine and some code around, but they wrote an entirely new native UI of their own so there are no restrictions whatsoever.
            (That’s why Opera is the only browser that has proper HiDPI support (on all platforms including Linux), cause their UI actually is different from Chrome)

          • Herr Pietrus

            So why they rely on the “add-ons” e.g. creating bookmark manager – which is technically only the add-on? I know – someone explained that web technologies give them flexibility or something… 🙁

          • plague

            Hoping you’re right here, about the “no restrictions whatsoever” part. Because, for now, they still list extensions exactly like Chrome (button to the right of the url box, ordered by installation date, non configurable, non customizable). If there are no restrictions whatsoever on the UI, they should be able to offer customizability of the UI.

          • Even Opera Blink runs better than Chromium and Google Chrome UI.

            The issue that I have is the Opera Link, that still be disabled as default.

    • Thomas Richers

      I absolutely agree. I have hundreds of well organized bookmarks. So I’m stuck with O 12.17. What are these people thinking?

  • Thulio Alves

    (Please translate to English) essa versão está com um bug quando vamos ver um vídeo, seja no YouTube ou em algum outro site. Ao mudarmos de aba no navegador ou mudarmos de lugar no pc, exemplo: indo para a área de trabalho, perdemos o controle sobre o vídeo; exemplo: não podemos pausar ele etc. E para podermos recuperar nosso controle sobre o vídeo temos de ir para a área de trabalho e voltar. Por favor, concertem este bug.

    • Wando Schneider

      BRBR HUE HUE 🙂

  • I’ve been a faithful “Old Opera” user for many many years, from version 5 or 6 thru 12 (all the way back since the time when you had to pay for the privilege to install Opera).

    Alas… as long as the “New Opera” does not provide an option to have a permanent bookmarks sidebar, in daily life it will remain utterly unusable to me. Evidently, when like me you work with hundreds of organized bookmarks on a widescreen monitor, a bookmarks sidebar is the most logical and ergonomic (clicks-and scroll-saving) setup.

    The painful absence of this essential option is the main reason why, for now, I must keep dwelling as an Opera exile in the Firefox realm.

    • Mark Graesser

      Exactly my sentiments!

  • dgd dfg

    Zhenis Beisekov please can answer
    when it is for Windows x64 Opera
    as well Browser super wait another full synchronization thanks

  • dgd dfg

    Zhenis Beisekov please can answer
    when it is for Windows x64 Opera
    as well Browser super wait another full synchronization thanks


  • aminiesta

    I wish I can remove the Google box search in startpage.. http://i.imgur.com/pKazMOg.jpg

  • sergiol

    Opera 26 stable crashes on http://www.theonion.com

    • Which operatingsystem and wihich URL?

      On my Windows 7 x64 theonion loads fine.

      • sergiol

        Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64
        URL you already know it.

  • Quasar6

    I just hate all the people at Opera when they do this. Why did you remove Bing? Why isn’t anyone saying something about this? Will you bring it back or not?

    • Nekomajin43

      You can add it manually.

      • ayespy

        But of course you can’t make it default – though why someone would want, or even tolerate, Bing as the default search engine completely escapes me. Then, too, some people are addicted to diet soft drinks – so there’s no accounting for taste.

        • Quasar6

          When it comes to web search nothing beats Google, but I find video and image searching way better in bing, most often when I use search words in my own language.

  • good job guys!

  • icetom

    with this version, controls in embedded flash videos do not respond at first. when i schroll the page, the controls get responsive.

    i did not change my computer configuration and use the same flash as before the update.
    w 8.1 64bit on ssd

    video performance on youtube is really down the drain atm with Opera. Doing anything else on the computer drops so much frames and lags the videos.
    IE is much faster, and even Chrome in 60fps videos.

  • Perryking

    We want Bing!

    • Herr Pietrus

      We want ALL search engines customization…

      Seriously, Opera, don’t you see, that trying to “secure” all desired default browsers you’ll have so long list of them, that there won’t be a place four our own search engines?

    • Herr Pietrus

      We want ALL search engines customization…

      Seriously, Opera, don’t you see, that trying to “secure” all desired default browsers you’ll have so long list of them, that there won’t be a place four our own search engines?

  • Opera I have a problem, when I see a video in Youtube and change the tab, and then return to Youtube, I can’t put play easily in the video, and its very hard to reoranize my bookmarks. Those are my only problems, Opera Stable is better now.

  • Guest

    Opera stable for Linux.

    Yesssss http://imgur.com/0t4UjI8

  • I am getting an Opera Helper crash (OS X crash reporter pops up) on https://twitter.com/MaxKnoblauch/status/540675147439804416/photo/1 or any other animated embed on Twitter

  • senja1

    You all should try Yandex alpha. http://browser.yandex.com/future/ Its great concept. I’m switching from Opera. And at least it has Bing as default search engine…

  • Nasser Mansouri

    i like opera since 2006 but in linux 🙁 i use 32bit linux , i think i have to install 64bit one…

  • Scribe_uk

    Can’t move imported bookmarks to the bookmarks toolbar – at least, I can’t see how to do it! And why isn’t there an ‘Export’ option? It’s all very clunky to use.

  • Łukasz Darzki

    Is there any way to edit keyboard bindings/shortcuts? Letf Alt is bringing up Opera menu very often when I am using Alt+Tab: http://wstaw.org/m/2014/12/05/alttab.png

    • Leonardo Gomes
      • Łukasz Darzki

        Thank you, this is very useful. But still, menu shoutcut is Alt+F so why is it showing up just by using Alt?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Afaik pressing and then releasing Tab key opens the menu on almost all Windows programs.

    • Herr Pietrus

      You’re too slow! 🙂

      Seriously, it never happened to me 🙂

    • Herr Pietrus

      You’re too slow! 🙂

      Seriously, it never happened to me 🙂

    • Lacedaemon

      You have to let lose of Alt for it to trigger the menu, which is not the mechanic of Alt+Tab (where you are holding Alt and then press Tab) so I don’t know how you mess that up.

      • Łukasz Darzki

        Are you all trying to say that I have been using Alt+Tab wrong way my whole life? 🙁

        • Lacedaemon

          yes 😀

  • lyl yuan

    this is a bug, that Bookmark folder be Renaming will Happen.for example,wirte a “&”, Save later will be a “Double &” -“&&”,not a “&”, Can not be modified. you can try! hope this bug be Repaired next!

    • Known bug 😉

      • lyl yuan

        are you from opera Official? this buy Has not been resolved。

        • Next release is fixed, as my last information said.

          • lyl yuan

            why last information? you will leave?

          • No, “last informtation” meant: the information i got as i asked someone from Opera.

    • Yes, it is a already known bug; may be will be fixed next release.

  • lyl yuan

    this is a bug, that Bookmark folder be Renaming will Happen.for example,wirte a “&”, Save later will be a “Double &” -“&&”,not a “&”, Can not be modified. you can try! hope this bug be Repaired next!

  • firuz-7

    Zhenis Beisekov
    please can answer when it will be for windows Opera x64, I’m really looking forward to this

    as well as browser super thank you for it

  • Ali

    Hi Opera team
    Thank you for the great browser …
    I am having a problem : when I select a link to copy of a page that is loading, it got unselected automatically …
    I don’t know if that’s only for me!
    Here is the thing explained >>> When I open a page and quickly select that link to copy before the page starts loading and showing it’s content, I notice that the link would be unselected by it self.
    That is really frustrating when copying and pasting links. I hope I made it clear. sorry about my English mistakes!

  • PlonPlon

    How come Opera 26 is not compatible with Mac OS X version 10.6.8?
    I could not install it on my computer. Will all future versions of Opera require a higher version?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Yep, 10.6 is no longer supported.

      • PlonPlon

        Darn! Thanks for the info!

  • Geza

    For future development. Mouse right click – Image properties (exif). Mouse right click – cursor remains positioned in the middle of forum tags. Erase cookies in page, etc…

  • Lacedaemon

    Can’t listen to podcast of this site: http://gamechurch.com/podcast-21-talos-principles-jonas-kyratzes-richard-dawkins-16/ in O25,26 & 27. Working fine in O12.17 …

  • Lacedaemon

    “Your web browser does not support the minimum set of features required to watch this broadcast.
    Try again using the Steam Client or visit the Broadcast FAQ for a list of supported browsers.”

    What are the browser requirements for watching?
    Steam Broadcasting is currently supported by the latest versions of the following browsers:
    Steam Client
    Google Chrome
    Apple Safari

  • alvin

    Hi, it’s good to see that now I can create another folder of bookmark in existing folder but again there are some problem:
    – no folder tree, yes so it’s still hard to manager my bookmark
    – when I set display bookmark as list. I cant view my bookmark in my folder without enter it. Having me to enter folder to view bookmark is not easy way. I want while viewing my bookmark in one folder I can view my bookmark in another folder too. For exam: I have 10 folder. Each one have 10 bookmark and now I want to view 20 bookmark in the 1st and 2nd folder at once.
    – I see you merged bookmark and speed dial. It’s not a good choice. Let see, I want my speed dial to have youtube, facebook, and gmail, etc but it doesn’t mean I want them to be in my bookmark. I use bookmark for some site that’s hard to remember the url while speed dial is for thing I visit usually. having those site like like youtube and facebook in speed dial is enough but having it in bookmark just make the list longer and hard for me to handle
    – Each time I delete something in bookmark it always ask me the same question. Isn’t it too annoying and why I can’t mass selected bookmark by Shift+left click or Ctrl+right click and delete them by hit delete button. Even right click dont show delete option sho how can I mass delete bookmark? Create new folder and put all of them in it and then delete it? Isn’t it waste too much time

    I’m still hoping that the panel will comeback as I usually use it to browse my bookmark and note too. Many important things have been note there. The mouse gesture of new opera is too simple as the download manager and of course, tab stack too

    There’s some problem with mouse gesture in this update, hope it’ll be fixed soon

  • Andis Spriņķis

    I’ve had this weird layout issue in certain pages since like Opera 22. Makes some pages borderline unusable. http://imgur.com/a/wkwoa

  • Lack fix the Spanish language.


  • Shion

    DuckDuckGo is among “default” search engines now. Thanks.

  • Tiny line in the scroll bar appears too frequently.

    Also use Firefox to display these images and compare with Opera.



  • Arakki

    Hiii, I’m back to do an another “I switched” as a continuation from the 2 previous ones from 6 and 13 months ago. I’m still using O12 as my daily driver and want to try out the newer versions to see if it’s mature enough to swap to.

    I downloaded 26.0.1656.32 as an offline installer and made a USB install. Installation was way faster than previously, barely saw the bar flash up.

    – Bookmarks are now actually a thing
    – Faster than the 21 I tried last time
    – Significantly less rendering issues on flash-heavy sites
    – Bookmarks bar can be disabled
    – Print preview is working quite well
    – Importer for cookies and login sessions is a godsend (if import works that is)

    – I cannot set “about:blank” as homepage, coincidentally I cannot install addons on a USB installation
    – Google is ignoring my language settings and showing localized tooltips on things like captcha even though I’ve set the browser, OS locale and google settings to English
    – Tab cycling is still Chrome and not Opera; I want the options to open a new tab next to active one, not at the ass end of 20 tabs
    – Tab closing brings me to a random tab half of the time (just like Chrome) instead to previously active tab
    – Google search result page looks to be from 1990’s because Opera is recognized as “not modern”, I got around this by spoofing a Firefox UA on O12, but can’t seem to get that done here
    – Bookmarks are a separate tab and the interface is horrible
    – Small Opera menu at the top left corner is one extra click to find your bookmarks
    – Importer from O12 fails randomly on separate steps, doing it 4 times in a row allowed all settings to be imported
    – Bookmarks could use an O12 style “open all” menu selection instead of right-clicking on a folder
    – Bookmark folders are not sorted to top, they’re sorted in the middle of bookmarks

    I’ll be back at around O29 now that it seems that there is positively faster progress compared to a year ago. I hope you have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

  • Lacedaemon

    Can’t play embedded videos (in O25,27 as well): http://nba.sport24.gr/videos/index/ W7x64 Working fine in FF.

  • Donny LaLonde

    Hey zbeisekov, are you even going to attempt a real answer as to why Bing was removed from the SE list? No one is buying the BS “malware” excuse. That’s just plain insulting to offer as a reason.

  • fff

    till now, and since more than 15 years using computers, Opera 26 stable is the only application that has achieved the prowesses:
    – Unexpectedly get my whole desktop space completely black by a few moments. This has happened in 2 Pcs, one has dual monitor
    – Periodically become unresponsive,with period less than 20 seconds. If it was responsive I would took less than 1 minute to write this msg; I took more than 8..

    Can stand this no more … switching to Firefox!

  • Bjarne Bertelsen

    Opera 26 (mac yosemite) is really freaking out on facebook. When I try to “like”, it opens my wall insted, and other weird stuff.

  • Rômulo

    Many thanks for the Linux version. I’m just having problems to watch videos on Vine. They are not playing.

    Example: This video ( https://vine.co/v/hAQJDwLu15P ) does not play. Anyone having this problem?

    Version:26.0.1656.32Channel:StableSystem:Ubuntu 14.10 (x86_64; XFCE)

  • Russell Evans

    What is the purpose of this share feature. Is it to share links with ourselves because Operalink doesn’t work. Is the share feature going to get much use in a world with Pinterest etc? Operalink is what the people want. It is no wonder the otherwise fantastic web browser is running at about 1% usage, in this day and age we all have multiple devices and want our bookmarks syncronised.

  • Sverre Moe

    It is extremely disappointing that there is no RPM packages for openSUSE.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, you can build and install a rpm package for openSUSE as below:
      1. Download the Opera stable 26.0.1656.32 deb package,
      2. Download the opera-stable.spec file,
      3. rpmbuild -bb opera-stable.spec, rpm -i opera*.x86_64.rpm.
      The source link.

      Alternatively, you can use Ruarí Ødegaard’s script as follows:
      1. Download the install-opera.sh script,
      2. sudo sh install-opera.sh --stable.
      The source link.

      • Sverre Moe

        I know that is a possibility. However I hope its only temporary.
        Its like Opera saying: Here is the source code. Compile it yourself, because we do not care about supporting your distribution.

      • Sverre Moe

        That is a poor workaround. Either my distribution openSUSE can repackage this deb as RPM and put it in their repository or Opera could deliver us an RPM for openSUSE like they did before. I do not want to use this workaround every time a new version of Opera is out. I will continue to use Chromium until a “proper” package is ready.

  • Shion

    Using SSD for OS/Opera and RamDrive for cache. Opening “Downloads” tab takes about 2-4 seconds. Fresh start of SpeedDial tab takes even longer. Accidentally sharing your porn collection to the world is important indeed, but are you sure it’s ok for browser to be this fast on 7/10 gaming notebook of 2013?

    • Lacedaemon

      “Accidentally sharing your porn collection to the world is important indeed, “

      Epic! 😀

  • Lacedaemon

    Vista 32-bit Home: Are .mp3 ever going to be supported? Playing fine in Chrome.
    example: http://www.real.gr/audiofiles/376015.mp3

    • Open opera://flags/#proprietary-media-types-playback
      And set to Activate
      Restart Opera

      • Lacedaemon

        I have that flag on enabled since the very first time it was there (some time around O19,20)… still not working.

        • Try to install “K-Lite Codec Pack” http://codecguide.com/

          • Lacedaemon

            Thanks but the point is to work from the browser not using plugins… already got them anyway.

          • Opera uses the on Vista installed system codecs for MP3 audio. If codecs missing or not functional you have to install a external codec pack.

          • Lacedaemon

            But then, how is it working in Chrome? Anyhow, I’ll try reinstalling them to see if that’s somehow the reason.

            edit: Nope, same situation as before, it just downloads the mp3. I have to rely on VLC’s plugin to get it working and that’s not what I want. So that brings us back to Opera and their support for Vista 32-bit. It’s not a codec issue on PC’s side, it’s that Opera does not want to support html5 mp3 for many months now…

          • MP3 as HTML5 audio works on my Windows 7 x64 and your audio URL plays as HTML5 player.


          • Lacedaemon

            yes mate I’m not talking about Windows 7, it’s playing on my Windows 7 x64 too. I’m talking about working in Vista (x32), they have stated 5-6 months ago that they were working on bringing the support to it too (together with h.264/mp4) but until now they haven’t. Contrary to them, Google supports it and it’s being played just like you are seeing it with your W7x64 PC.

          • Sad for you 🙁

            Did you report this problem with HTML5 MP3 audio on Vista a bug at https://bugs.opera.com/wizarddesktop/ ?

          • Lacedaemon

            This falls under “CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support” (latest update was a month ago) I think, but I guess I could “remind” it to them one more time…

  • OldHickory30

    Why does Opera seem to lack smooth scrolling with many sites via MAC OSX. Safari seems to be slick as glass and even FF seems fine. Is there a setting I’m missing? I know this is also a concern with Chrome.

  • Mr Man

    Hi All,

    Firstly I want to complement Opera 26 (and by extension the Developers that have ‘bought it home’). In particular I am impressed with the fact that Bookmarks have been returned to their rightful place. Yes Bookmarks are very 90’s, but they are still essential…personally I use a combination of Bookmarks and Evernote (web snipping), but I couldn’t get by without Bookmarks! On the subject of Evernote I am also happy to see that the Evernote Extension now works in Opera as well, great going!!!

    A couple of gripes now – Opera (12ish) was great for displaying Bookmarks ‘all the time’ with the (IE style) side panel. Can you please bring this feature back? I like to navigate quickly through my Bookmarks, and I don’t want to click through a menu every time that I want to go to a Bookmark!

    Staying on the subject of Bookmarks and it is not very easy to customise the various folders; default folders, such as ‘Travel’, and ‘Video’ are of no use to me and I would like to delete these (but how?). I also noticed that it isn’t possible to rearrange the Bookmark folders, I am a sucker for having everything in alphabetical order, however I cannot seem to order the folders that way!

    Finally I would like to be able to further customise the buttons displayed on the user interface, and Opera 12 was very good at this. Can this feature be returned? I would for example like to have a ‘Home’ button, perhaps in place of or just next to the ‘speed dial’ button.

    Now that all of my questions are out of the way I just want to reiterate that I think Opera is back on the right track, and with a few more improvements could be replacing Chrome on my PC…but not just yet!



  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 26.0.1656.60, the change log, and the announcement 😉

  • Yeah, Riiight…

    Anyone know how to open HTML file from the HDD…. ?

    • Ctrl O and select file in filemanager


      set Opera 26 as default browser in your OS
      and double klick on the html file
      or context menu over file Open with…

  • good job!

  • Mark Graesser

    I have been using Opera since Version 2 (and was happy to pay the annual fee). The core function for me has always been the BOOKMARKS facility, convenient, easily expandable and manageable. Better than in other browsers. I use the Internet for mainly for research, and my thousands of bookmarks, carefully collected and optimized over the years, are now an asset no less valuable than my advanced degrees or university library. They are not links to “favorite” sites, let alone sites I “love.” They are a catalog/index system which efficiently gets me back to sites which are valuable for a unique purpose, no more than an F4 click away in “old” Opera. I have been waiting for this function to be fully restored since it was shockingly dumped in Version 15. Still waiting in vain. I just tried Version 26, imported my Opera 12.x bookmarks, and was left with a pile of over-sized graphic images in to wade through in order to get down to the second, third, and deeper levels in my hierarchical system. Impossible to work with?

    You say “Bookmarks in other browsers save website addresses – you can organize them in folders, and you can edit the titles. That’s easy.” Well, then, why not restore this “classic” design as an option? Please!

  • Javier Núñez Silva

    Where has gone? There´s no option to share anymore. I´m using Opera 32