After a lot of hard work and testing by regular readers of this blog, the release of Opera 26 marks the return of major updates to our stable Linux browser!

In the run up to this release, a number of you asked questions about installing and running Opera on your Linux desktop. Below, you will find answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions.

Opera 26 Ubuntu

Where can I download the latest version of Opera for Linux?

The latest Linux version is available for download from

Does Opera for Linux come with all the same features as Opera for Windows and Mac?

Yes, all of the major features found in Opera for Windows and Mac are also available to Linux users, including: Speed Dial, the Discover feature, Opera Turbo, bookmarks and bookmark sharing, themes, extensions and more.

I have Opera 12.16 installed. Why didn’t Opera auto-update to the latest version?

To replace Opera 12.16 with the latest version, search for the opera-stable package in your Software Center. Alternatively, if you prefer the command line, issue the following in a terminal window:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install opera-stable

If this does not work for you, please read “Is Opera available for my Linux distribution”.

Is Opera available for my Linux distribution?

To provide the best experience, we focused our initial efforts on what we believe to be the most commonly-used desktop distribution, Ubuntu. We provide installation packages that work on recent versions of Ubuntu (and its major derivatives, such a Linux Mint). We also provide an update mechanism, which is auto-configured when Opera is first installed.

However, several distributions provide Opera packages directly, including Arch, Gentoo, PCLinuxOS and Russian Fedora. We are also aware of users running recent versions of Opera on Debian, OpenSUSE, Mageia, Scientific, Slackware. Our license permits re-packaging Opera for use on other distributions. If your distribution does not provide Opera packages, try asking them to consider including it. For the exact details of what is allowed, refer to /usr/share/doc/opera-stable/copyright within the .deb package downloaded from

If you maintain packages in a popular repository and decide to make Opera available to others, make sure you carefully track all updates to ensure users of your package remain safe and secure.

More details on third-party packages and how to get Opera running on non-Ubuntu distributions can be found in this unofficial install document on my personal blog.

I used an unofficial package to install Opera and it is broken. Who should I ask about this?

Questions about non-official packages should first be directed to those maintaining them.

Is Opera available for 32-bit Linux?

The latest stable version of Opera for Linux is 64-bit only, based on what most Linux desktop users have installed. However we have developer versions of 32-bit Opera.

Download the latest 32-bit Opera Linux release here.

Will you support more architectures and package types in future?

We’ll keep up with the changes to the Linux landscape and may support more architectures and distributions, if they are deemed appropriate. If you follow the Opera desktop team blog, you will be one of the first to be notified if we make further architectures or package types available.

Why is Opera the only browser that looks correct on my HiDPI monitor?

OK. Nobody asked this! However, Opera does have the best HiDPI support of major Linux browsers, as many, different users have noticed.

The real answer is that we gave HiDPI notebooks to all developers working on the Linux UI, to make sure everything looked just right.

My question hasn’t been answered

If you feel that we didn’t cover something important, you can ask about it in the comments below and we will try our best to address your questions.

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  • Thanks for the article and the Linux version.

  • Is Opera 12.16 on Linux from now unsupported and EOL?

    • It is still supported, just like for Windows and Mac.

      • WOFall

        Any plans / statements on when EOL will arrive?

        • Nope. I would probably be wrong if i tried to guess. Just like you. 😉

          • Adolf pache

            Thanks excuse me here in Argentina laptop and delivery status and van 4701891

            these are the features:

            Form factor Clamshell

            X86 Architecture c / USB support

            Processor: Intel mobile technology

            Memory: four (4) Type GB DDR3-800 / 1067

            Three hundred twenty (320) GB SATA: Hard Drive

            Card Reader Flash Memory

            Sound Card 16-bit

            integrated microphone

            Network Interface Type Ethernet 10 / 100BaseT

            Network Interface internal WiFi antenna with integrated IEEE 802.11n

            Tuner Digital Terrestrial Television Full Multimode

            Latin American Spanish keyboard

            LED screen 10.1 ” WXGA 1024×576

            USB ports (2 or 3 depending on model)

            port HDMI

            Connector D-SUB15 SVGA video output

            Integrated webcam 2Mp

            Resistant enclosure falls, with sensor on the hard drive detection sudden movements for protection and spill-resistant

            Li-Ion Battery lasting four (4) hours under continuous use

            Multibooteo / platform: Windows 8 OS and GNU / LINUX Huayra

            Theft Security Solution TPM

            Conclusion is mandatory to use linux on those computers and are almost 5,000,000 million users with 32-bit linux is no possibility of supporting 32-bit? thank you very much and just move on.

  • Igor Tarasov

    I would like to keep both Opera 12.16 and 26 stable. Currently package manager shows conflict and suggests removing opera (12.16) if I install opera-stable. Can you make this possible? I don’t want to create another virtual machine just in order to have Opera 12.

    • Install Opera 12.16 via the tar package (it has an install script, with uninstall options should you need that later). Opera installed this way will use your Opera 12 profile and will not have any files clashing with the new version.

      • Igor Tarasov

        Thanks. Another minor issue: link to opera stable for linux is missing on sidebar in this blog.

      • Igor Tarasov

        Just in case somebody needs link to download Opera 12:

      • Janghou

        I also have 12.16 and want to keep it.
        So I should uninstall 12.16 , install opera-stable and reinstall 12.16 via the tar.
        What will happen to the profile dir, will Opera stable use ~/.config/opera and leave of ~/.opera intact?

        • Exactly that!

          • Janghou


        • Alain Migeon

          I am also still using 12.16. This is because I really like the dowload manager with its compact view, and the personal toolbar with the find in page field.
          But I now use Opera developer with sites that no longer works with 12.16. But, I don’t really enjoy it.

  • Philip

    Will we now get Opera Mail for linux too, as we have for Windows? That would allow me to ditch 12.16 completely.

    • It is possible to install 12.16 alongside if you install it via the tar package. You can then keep it around as a mail client.

      • Philip

        phew, is there a more comfortable solution planned? I like to keep everything in the package manager to keep the system maintainable.

        • Honestly no as we do not believe this is a common use case. The minority who want or need this can use the tar packages. They work just fine.

          • Philip

            Thanks for the honest answer. I will look at other (packaged) email clients, but I tried before and it’s really hard to get away from opera mail. It’s just too good.

          • feamoignargfaionakfj9ajfopamjv

            “[…] it’s really hard to get away from opera mail. It’s just too good”

            Me too, I don’t know how I supposed to live without Opera 12 :/

          • We are not taking it away from you.

          • feamoignargfaionakfj9ajfopamjv

            No, but O12 doesn’t support very well CSS3/HTML5 (i.e. clip-path, 3D transform and so on) so soon it will be useless :/

          • Stefan1200

            Why you need CSS3 in an email client?!?

          • feamoignargfaionakfj9ajfopamjv

            Read carefully 😉
            I’m writing about Opera 12, not about Opera Mail (which doesn’t have Linux version).

          • Stefan1200

            Oh I read carefully 🙂

            Like Ruarí Ødegaard wrote, we are talking about using Opera 12 just as email client (not as browser) and Opera 26 as browser on Linux. The Opera 12 engine can more as you ever need for mails. 😉

          • feamoignargfaionakfj9ajfopamjv

            Yes, but I writing about O12 as a browser. New Opera doesn’t have great features from O12.

          • Stefan1200

            Oh yes. I used Opera from version 8 to 12. Since Opera 15 I switched over to Chrome, I miss some stuff but the most is good with some extensions.

          • DamonLinuxPoland

            Sad. But I have hope you, in the future, change your mind and release of Opera Mail for Linux.

          • Heimen Stoffels

            The majority of people using 12.16 use it for Opera Mail. So it would be nice for the majority, not the minority, to have Opera Mail 26 for Linux.

          • You can continue to use 12.16 as a mail client. To install along side the new 26 stable use the 12.16 tar package.

          • Svet

            In my humble opinion, the Opera mail client is *the* best email client not only on Linux, but the best email client *ever*.
            I am using email on a daily basis for over 20 years, and imported the messages for the last 14 years into a neat Opera archive. This makes Opera mail extremely important to me (and I guess to many other Linux users that prefer to have control over their own messages) and the fact that its Linux version will not be updated any more worries me a lot.
            For how much longer would the 12.16 version be usable on Linux/Ubuntu?

          • I don’t expect the email part to break any time soon.

          • Rafael Luik

            How do you know whether it’s the majority or the minority better than the folks at Opera Software themselves who have access to all the statistical user data? Do you suggest they didn’t evaluate how many users they’d affect with this to make this business plan/decision to not waste development resources into an Opera Mail version for Linux…? Just asking.

          • tomwgf

            But how do i reinstall 12 as a tar. Not done tar before. Tried make / configure – didn’t work, tried install – and that asked for extra information. Could you give quick instructions on how to install 12 as a tar? thanks

          • I wrote this post, just for you! 🙂

          • tomwgf

            Hi ruari
            Thanks so much for this. I really don’t want to lose opera mail. I can’t try this until I get home after Christmas. Have a good Christmas. Take care.

  • > HiDPI awesomeness

    Good job

  • Konrad

    Will there ever be a 32-bit version? Is Opera really that hard to compile for a different architecture?

    I will not buy a new netbook just get a suitable browser…

    • This was answered in the FAQ above

      • HankMoody64

        The answer in the FAQ assumes nearly everyone is using 64-bit nowadays. Which is only an assumption, given the numbers in the graphs of debian users, there are a constant huge amount on i386. And no, these are not only server installations. An advantage of Linux is, that it runs on older computers, like older laptops, and these are mostly 32bit.
        But YMMV

    • Cryio

      You can install the x64 OS version without any issues, for the most part, even on less than 4 GBs of ram.

      • Konrad

        That depends on the hardware you’re using. And no, I can’t.

        • Cryio

          Unless you are running Pentium III or Athlon XP, yes, you can install X64.

          • Konrad

            It’s an Atom N270.

          • Cryio

            It’s not fair throwing exceptions at me.

    • Heimen Stoffels

      How exactly would you compile Opera? There’s no source code available.

      (do note that I don’t care about no source code being available, so don’t start a hissy fit with me about open source please)

      • Konrad

        I know. The Opera folks have to do that for me. (Assuming that they have the source code in a language that is independent from the machine. ^^’ )

      • The source code for Opera Desktop is available here 🙂

        • Heimen Stoffels

          Lolwut. Please, don’t spread false information. That’s only the source code for the open source stuff they’ve used. All the rest of the browser code is licensed under a proprietary license (not that there’s anything wrong with that IMHO), so that’s not the entire browser code which you do need for compiling.

  • Unfortunately does not install on Debian 7 Stable (Wheezy) because depending to libc6 (>= 2.15).

    Debian 7.7 has 2.13 🙁
    Sad. Works only on Debian 7 Testing.

    libasound2 (>= 1.0.23)
    libc6 (>= 2.15)
    libcairo2 (>= 1.6.0)
    libcap2 (>= 2.10)
    libcups2 (>= 1.4.0)
    libcurl3 (>= 7.16.2-1)
    libdbus-1-3 (>= 1.2.14)
    libexpat1 (>= 1.95.8)
    libfontconfig1 (>= 2.8.0)
    libfreetype6 (>= 2.3.9)
    libgconf-2-4 (>= 2.31.1)
    libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 (>= 2.22.0)
    libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.28.0)
    libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.24.0)
    libnspr4 (>=
    libnss3 (>= 3.14.3)
    libpango1.0-0 (>= 1.22.0)
    libssl1.0.0 (>= 1.0.0)
    libstdc++6 (>= 4.6)
    libudev0 (>= 147) | libudev1 (>= 183)
    libx11-6 (>= 2:
    libxcomposite1 (>= 1:0.3-1)
    libxcursor1 (>> 1.1.2)
    libxdamage1 (>= 1:1.1)
    libxi6 (>= 2:
    libxrandr2 (>= 2:
    debconf (>= 0.5) | debconf-2.0

    • Indeed it does not work on Debian 7 due to old libs. It does however work on recent versions of just about any other distro. Even the latest RHEL.

  • A A

    If you have a 32-bit Linux installation, you can continue to use Opera 12.16.

    I was not prepared for that one 🙂 . I have been holding out, using 12.16, mostly waiting for

    -mouse gestures (which I believe have been implemented, though not configurable, which does not matter for me)
    -single-key keyboard shortcuts (regarding which I can not find any information, so I guess they are out)
    -true MDI with “minimize tab” and such features (which I assume will never reappear; probably the single most interesting Opera feature for me, though)

    but it seems the major blocker will instead be the lack of a 32-bit version. Sure, I have an amd64-compatible CPU, but a browser that requires a complete system re-installation (originally installed when 64-bit support was severely lacking in many regards) unless I am missing something will not work for me on this system, at least.

    This is honestly the first software I have encountered that is adamantly “64-bit only”. Are there any technical reasons, or is it purely to lower maintenance on the Linux builds? Blink in itself is not “64-bit only”, so I guess it is not due to external dependencies.

    • Are there any technical “blockers”, or is it purely to lower maintenance on the Linux builds?

      This is the primary reason. We’ll see how things pan out. We may release 32-Bit as I said in the main post but I am not going to promise it.

    • mathman

      Lack of MDI is one of the biggest reasons I haven’t ‘upgraded’ to the ‘new’ Opera on any platform…

    • Most of the computers have 64-bit support, and a reinstallation is in the most cases easy ti do, because systems like Linux Mint have tols for backup/restore personal information. I’ve done this the past month with Mint (I upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit and restored my personal info/settings/packages installed with the tool offered by Mint) and I have no problems. 64-bit is the future and is recommendable to use it.

    • ultraviolet

      Single key shortcuts would be most welcome

  • Andrew Andreyuk

    What about GNOME Keyring?

  • feamoignargfaionakfj9ajfopamjv

    I work on Ubuntu 14.10. I use Opera 12, I love Opera Mail, Opera Dragonfly, sidebar, notes… everything. It’s the best browser for me. Unfortunately increasingly I feel lack of support for new technologies (mainly for CSS3, I’m front-end developer). Can you suggest which programs can I replace all Opera 12 functions? Can I import passwords form Opera 12 to Opera 2*?

    • You can use both. Yes, there is import in O26. If it does not work let us know.

  • sergiol

    «Opera does have the best HiDPI support of major Linux browsers, as many, different users have noticed.»

    Altought I am not using Linux, this seems the competitive Opera Company of the Presto era 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Heimen Stoffels

      Unfortunately, that claim isn’t true. Opera is the only browser on my hybrid to look terrible on HiDPI. Every other browser, including its parent Chromium, looks fine.

      • Steffen Coenen

        I don’t know your distribution but I can say that Opera is the best scaling browser under Ubuntu/Unity and Fedora/Gnome Shell

    • Rafael Luik

      They’re always the best, they usually get right the littlest details. 🙂

      I mean take a look of that and tell me if that isn’t top of the top development quality? While Chrome and Firefox have a misaligned close button Opera programmers and designers made the UI with the right tools and perfection:

  • MiKu

    32bit release please, my PC at work is preinstalled with 32bit distro because many our in house apps don’t work correctly in 64bit OS.

    • Rafael Luik

      Hey, have they tried installing the 32-bit libs/dependencies in the 64-bit edition before dumping the idea of using it completely?

      When I had to use the Android SDK in Fedora 64-bit I had to install the 32-bit libs it depends on, then it worked fine. I imagine the same idea may apply to your in-house apps (I hope).

      • MiKu

        Yes, it’s definitely possible, but take a lot of time and effort, distro must be reinstalled. It doesn’t pay to do such think for Opera browser, Firefox is enough. I will wait for 32bit Opera or for desktop PC upgrade.

        • Rafael Luik

          it’s definitely possible, but take a lot of time and effort, distro must be reinstalled

          Well if it’s possible that’s your TI’s team fault that decided to not deploy the 64-bit edition from the start.

  • fkol-k4

    Is Opera 26 using NPAPI, PPAPI or some other type of plugins?
    Mostly asking about Flash or Java plugins…

    • We only support PPAPI on Linux. This is actually the same as Chrome and Chromium.

    • NPAPI and PPAPI. Flash works for both.

      • Heimen Stoffels

        Please, don’t spread false information. Opera 26 for Linux only supports PPAPI.

        • Sorry, my bad mistake, i corrected this.

  • Luzandro

    is there still a way to use different profiles like with “opera -pd” when using opera 12?

  • DamonLinuxPoland

    Most of the Opera for Linux is missing for me (OFFICIAL support) for other distributions. I am thinking of RPM package. Just as it did in Opera 12, where they were both tar archives and DEB and RPM packages.

    Now only deb … Too bad, because other distributions with RPM must manually install Opera and of the automatic updates are missing. So user must be tired.

    So my request. Create, apart from the deb packages, the RPM package.

    Add the Opera skins better integration with the KDE desktop environment.

    Add the automatic update of Opera for each Linux (eg. As in Firefox from the Mozilla website).

    Consider the possibility (emulation) NPAPI plugins in Opera for Linux (as it is done with freshplayerplugin), so that for example, Java work. I think that could be arranged, eg. Due to a similar adapter like here PPAPI-host NPAPI plugin-adapter , of course, after the changes.

    • A tarred one would be enough, as it is trivial to create packages from that. You can do it from debs too, but it requires some extra steps.

      • You can do it from debs too, but it requires some extra steps.

        Umm … not really. You can unpack the deb with a one-liner. Just switch to an empty directory and issue:

        ar p opera-stable_26.0.1656.32_amd64.deb data.tar.xz | tar xJv

        A better option would be to use one of the scripts I provide in my unofficial install document (which was also linked above). That document also explains how to extract the tar from the deb and the steps needed in post install for anyone wishing to make their own packages. My sample scripts also show you everything you need to know.

    • They don’t need to manually install if someone else makes a package a redistributes it. This is within the licensing rules as explained in the FAQ above.

    • What distro do you run? If Fedora, read this. If openSUSE, you may find this helpful.

  • Pier O

    Ruary, They have planned liberate the code of O12?

  • Leo Liu
    • Congrats! 😉

      • Leo Liu

        Thank you and all of the desktop team for releasing Linux version!
        I’ll enjoy it!!

  • ver000

    Have a question: in elementary OS the tab bar background color is dark grey/blackish and I thought it was by default, but I tried other gtk themes and I’ve seen it changes with other themes and respect the theme color. So, what element is the Opera tab bar in gtk and what color needs to be changed in the theme?

    • We are reading Gtk2 themes (not Gtk3). This might be why you don’t see a change.

      • ver000

        yeah I know, but elementary still has gtk2 support (they will probably remove it when gimp and inkscape go gtk3), so it must be something in the gtk2 theme that give that color.
        Anyway, any chance to read gtk3 themes in the future or have support for CSD and headerbar?

  • Leo Liu

    Could you fix the bug about windows size problem?

    I reported this bug(DNA-30526) to you previously, and I hope you can fix it.

    • It is actually a Chromium bug, though slightly easier to trigger in Opera but yes we are working on it.

      • Leo Liu

        Thanks for your reply. 🙂

  • Wraith

    The only thing I want from Opera for linux is an option to strip the title bar, I know there are external solutions but is more convinient and less buggy if you have an native option.

    • Diego Cano

      I am pretty sure it is your window manager job to paint or not a window title bar, not the client’s choice. Therefore, native actually is window manager, not Opera.
      Depending on your window manager, though, this may be easier or harder. I use e19 and awesome, and it is quite straight-forward in both (easier in e19).

      • Wraith

        Yes it has to do with the windows manager thats why will be better to have a native option, firefox has an extension and Chrome has a native option so you don´t need to fight with the current windows manager, in Elementary OS, Linux Mint and others the title bar is always there and is annoying.

  • So, the obvious thing to now ask is, how does 26 compare to 12? In the past many users were disappointed with the move to chromium, but is there a recent feature parity matrix somewhere?

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    Thank you for Linux version, majority of developers develop their products only for Windows or Apple, because it’s mainstream. But who cares about that? We want quality; we want Linux. And Ruari understands that! 😀

  • Cqoicebordel

    I can understand the choice of releasing only one arch for the moment, but I have an argument againt it being 64b : you can’t run 64b apps on 32b arch, but you can run 32b apps on 64b arch.
    Anyway, that’s my two eurocents.

    BTW, now that Opera is on every platform aimed, is it time to release Opera 12 source code (with or without Presto) ?

    • OMG! Opera 12.x will not be OpenSource; it is used in some hardware and software third party products. Opera’s products are not gifted for nothing to the world, and others can easyly make money with it.

      • Cqoicebordel

        I don’t see why not. Someday, those hardwares will be obsolete, and Opera will not be making any money from 12.x/Presto. At that time it could be open sourced.

      • Heimen Stoffels

        IMHO, they don’t have to open source O12 but it would be nice if they’d open source Presto. Even if under a more restrictive license, but it would be nice for someone to pick up Presto and modernize it. There are devs who want to do that.

      • Cqoicebordel

        Hehe… Thanks !!!
        Oh and BTW, I did spot your tweet, and did have a hunch that it was the 32b but I wasn’t sure enough to respond ;o)

  • digi_owl

    64-bit and .deb only? I am highly disappointed.

  • itsjustarumour

    Great to see a new stable Opera for Linux available at last!

  • Heimen Stoffels

    Opera claiming to be the best on HiDPI on Linux is not entirely true. In my experience (my laptop, MS Surface Pro 3, has a resolution of 2160×1440 HiDPI) on Antergos (based on Arch) Opera 25/26 looks terrible while every other browser looks good with HiDPI (minus QupZilla which has a bit of a small font, but that’s a Qt5 bug). Yandex Browser looks the best IMHO.

    So please, don’t do such stupid marketing things like “Opera has the best HiDPI support”. If it had, it wouldn’t be the ONLY browser where I have problems with it.

    • You realise those are other users claiming we are the best. I take it you clicked on the links?

      P.S. I’d love some screenshots of Opera and other browser so we can see why it isn’t working well on your system.

      • Heimen Stoffels

        Sorry, didn’t read that correctly. In that case, anyone reading my comment above, please substitute “Opera claiming” with “Users claiming”.

        I’ll try and make screenshots later on.

        • I don’t doubt there could be a bug that you are triggering but most users are in fact very happy with our HiDPI support. I would not discount that just because you personally see an issue.

          And thanks in advance for the screenshots. I hope we can get to the bottom of it.

  • HippieOfDeath

    Hi! Any way to enable Smooth Scrolling?

  • I’m more happy with Opera right now, Thanks for the Update and the new features… You change my way to explore and discover the Internet.

  • George Alexandru Azaru

    I have a question, maybe a silly one. How can I add the Show all bookmarks button , just like chrome’s Other Bookmarks. As of now I must go to bookmarks, show all bookmarks. I want show all bookmarks to appear near the bookmarks bar.

  • Asada Shinon

    Im going to install the new opera for ubuntu
    Hopping on The opera hype train ……choo choo !!

  • upupdowndownleftrightleftright

    How can I import bookmarks in opera-stable? My bookmarks are in a new Firefox profile (not the default one), and Opera is not showing anything. I see no html import function. The only thing I can see in menu is “Show bookmark importer” which is not working.

    • Zik

      Turn on flag of Import data and go to Settings.

      • upupdowndownleftrightleftright

        Found it now. Thank you. I saw the Show bookmark importer in the menu and totally missed the real one in Settings.

  • kik1n

    Dude, it is amazing, so fast, light, smooth and import everything from other browsers it was astonishing. I had nothing to do, to see all my stuff working. The speed of watching videos without delay. I’ve always loved the opera speeddial.

    But it has a few issues, like, watch a video in complete-screen and lack of features: Smoth scrolling(I have to install from googlechrome), refresh (f5) in the quote menu (right bottom), Better management of bookmarks menu, etc… etc…

  • Guest

    First I would like to THANK the development team behind the Linux stable support! This is not a niche it’s a way of living!

    Second, I’m truly SAD for the Opera Mail “death”… I’m still using (off course) 12.16 because it’s the best to: one-window-mail-rss-notes-browse thing.

    As you all imagine I like this workflow so much I’v been using it for about 10 years now… But the increasing lack of opera 12.16 support by some major sites made me recently install alongside opera-beta.26.

    I’d like some thoughts on: I don’t mind keeping 12.16 for the one-window-mail-rss-notes thing, but would like it to support the URL clicked from here to open on the opera-beta (or opera-stable) by default.
    Is it possible to have opera 12.16 URL to open on opera-beta by default?

    Once again, and now personally, thanks Ruarí for your great work and support. Although, off course, I don’t agree with the vision on the minority using the mail!

  • Mário Pinto


    First, I would like to THANK the development team behind the Linux stable support! This is not a niche it’s a way of living!

    Second, I’m truly SAD for the Opera Mail “death”… I’m still using (off course) 12.16 because it’s the best to: one-window-mail-rss-notes-browse thing.

    As you all imagine I like this workflow so much I’v been using it for about 10 years now… But the increasing lack of opera 12.16 support by some major sites made me recently install alongside opera-beta.26.

    I’d like some thoughts on: I don’t mind keeping 12.16 for the one-window-mail-rss-notes thing, but would like it to support the URL clicked from here to open on the opera-beta (or opera-stable) by default.

    Is it possible to have opera 12.16 URL to open on opera-beta by default?

    Once again, and now personally, thanks Ruarí for your great work and support. Although, off course, I don’t agree with the vision on the “minority vs majority”!

    Keep up the great work!!

    • Mário Pinto


      Possible solution for opera 12.16: Opera > Settings > Preferences… > Advanced > Programs

      Add two entries for ‘http’ and ‘https’ protocols to open with opera-beta or opera-stable

      This will open all URL from Opera Mail, RSS, Bookmarks in a new opera-beta/stable tab.


      1. when following mail URL, opera-beta/stable opens the URL but opera 12.16 still opens a new tab (empty)

      2. in RSS (processed with opera mail) when clicking to read some other entry in the feeds list will automatically open (in opera-beta/stable) some video that’s embedded… (for instance, RSS entry by zbeisekov on, automatically opens

  • stathis21

    Guys what about hiding the top bar just like Google Chrome does?

    • Currently we would prefer do it natively by leaving it up to the Window Manager. In Gnome 3 it is stripped off on maximizing the window. In KDE you can achieve the same by right clicking on the title bar and using the option KDE itself provides. Many minimal window managers have little or no title bar anyway.

      If your window manager or desktop environment doesn’t provide you any options like this, you can use a windows matching utility like Devil’s Pie 2.

      Install devilspie2 and create a file called ~/.config/devilspie2/opera.lua containing the following:

      if (get_window_class()=="Opera") then

      You can then run Devil’s Pie 2 as a daemon (-d) and it will strip the titlebar off Opera, when it starts up. A close button will be provided by Opera and you can still move the Window around by holding the Alt key.

      • Wraith

        Thanks Ruarí for you support about strip the title bar with devilspie but Please consider adding a native option, there are so many windows manager and devilspie2 works well on some and is little buggy on other… Take for example Elementary OS, in eOS Luna works well but in eOS Freya (the new ubuntu 14.04 based) when you use devilspie2 and you open Opera the whole window is black.
        If you add a native option you don´t need to fight with the current windows manager and the things will be more confortable. Please consider it.

        Sometimes you get this with devilspie2 on eOS Freya:

      • ver000

        no chance to have some kind of headerbar for gtk3 systems? (similar to the mac version)

  • Turo Orvel

    What was the command line option for setting up proxy?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, you can use the Chromium switch --proxy-server=server_ip:port_number 😉

  • I’m using it on Fedora 21 with GNOME Shell. And the address bar is bigger than on Ubuntu, as you can see here.

    What can I do to make it smaller?

  • Sergey

    Thanks for Opera Linux release!
    I still hope that there will be image tool (hide/show only cached/show images) and internal link text selection.
    At least bookmarks are working now with managed sub-folders – great thanks for this enhancement.

    Does opera restore pages on start from cache or load page again from internet?
    It seems I saw similar flag-option in Opera-21 but can’t see it in current release.

    Is there any news about Opera Mail client for Linux? It also doesn’t update for windows for a long time. It’s need “human” exporting/importing of address book to/from other formats.

  • Opera seems to have render issues with Ubuntu 14.10.
    Sometimes a website is rendered in tiles and not all content is replaced. Content of previous is mixed with current webpage.

    On the other Hand: Opera works fine and renders quick and withour faults on Debian 7 Testing. Yeah!

    • More likely it is difference in the video card or video card driver.

      • Yes, seems to be the video driver of Ubuntu in my case.

  • Restriction to PPAPI excludes VLC and many video/audio/other plugins.
    Am i right?

  • DannyBoyJr

    How do I remove the window title bar from Opera 26? I am using Linux Mint 17 MATE. Thanks!

    • We don’t provide an option to remove it. We leave that up to the window manager/desktop environment. However, If your window manager or desktop environment doesn’t provide you any options to do so, you can use a windows matching utility like Devil’s Pie 2 to strip the titlebar.

      Install devilspie2 and create a file called ~/.config/devilspie2/opera.lua containing the following:

      if (get_window_class()=="Opera") then

      You can then run Devil’s Pie 2 as a daemon (-d) and it will strip the titlebar off Opera, when it starts up. A close button will be provided by Opera and you can still move the Window around by holding the Alt key.

  • Серёга

    I want Opera Link in Opera 26 for Linux!!!!!!!!!!!

  • djvujke

    i liked panel with easy, quick access to mail, bookmarks, downloads on previous versions of opera. i miss those in new opera. i liked the all_in_one solution. why has this been removed?
    please get this back , at least as plug-ins or extensions.
    i miss mail and rss options. and download was better in old version then in new one.

  • Johann Knechtel

    +1 for 32-bit binaries. I’d love to use the new Opera version, but I don’t want to reinstall my currently up-and-running OS…

  • Nickolay

    Damn. I don’t have 64x cpu.

  • alexz

    How do I sync bookmarks on linux? Can’t find opera link in opera 26 for linux.

    • kik1n

      Still not ready.

  • exactly is the opera 26 the first stable linux opera ?
    many peopel said 12.16 is not a stable version. I am confused now.

  • In Debian Wheezy, the Opera Stable package is requesting the GlibC 2.15 as minimal, but in the Wheezy repo haves just the 2.13 version of GlibG. Ironicly, Google Chrome runs in Debian Wheezy and doesn’t have issues.

    I just request that fix this dependence, due to not all have the privilege of run the testing version of Debian and/or Ubuntu.

    • Yes, Wheezy has a old glibc. I thinks it is the only Linux distribution which can not use new Opera 🙁
      All other like Mint, RHEL, SuSE can run Opera 26.

  • Sverre Moe

    Please give us an RPM package. Debian is not the only game in town.

    • What distro do you run? If Fedora, read this. If openSUSE, you may find this helpful.

      • Sverre Moe

        I am using openSUSE and I know of the workaround creating a RPM from the deb file. That’s all it is, a workaround. I do not want go to through this workaround every time a new version of Opera is out. Its like saying to your customers, here is the source code, compile it yourself.

        • Its like saying to your customers, here is the source code, compile it yourself.

          Which is exactly what every open source project does. The packages you install on OpenSUSE are provided by OpenSUSE, not the upstream maintainers. Opera has been in the OpenSUSE repositories before. I suspect we can get back in (we already are in Arch, Gentoo and Russian Fedora).

          Once we are in the repositories it won’t matter what package we (Opera) provide.

  • gunnlaug

    The big norwegian encyclopedia cannot be opened in Opera 12.16 for Linux.
    No problem in any other browser, not even the ‘Donald-Duck-ones’…

    Opera has a good email, but the Linux browser (12.16) is far from good.

    • Opera 12.16 and 12.17 has problems with certificates/ secure webpages on some domains since months. I dont thins this will change as fixed by Opera.

      But this is NOT the Opera 12 channel. 😉
      Try Opera 26, it works fine.

      • gunnlaug

        The problem is that I have Linux on 32-bit. No newer than 12.16

        • Oh, yes. 32bit version is missing, a ugly condition for LInux 32bit users, as i am with my netbook!

      • gunnlaug

        I tried 10.63 but could not create email accounts.
        I’ll try some from 9.
        I guess I have to use 12.16 and use and another browser for some webpages.
        I have the latest Lubuntu LTS on my old computer.

  • Do you guys use GStreamer again with the new Opera Linux?

    Can you guys at least add official Fedora packages and a yum repository? Us Fedora folks just got Fedora 21 and we’d like a side of Official Opera with it!

  • Heber Vazquez

    This script is a good addition for not .deb distribution like fedora.

  • ultraviolet

    good work, its nice to have Opera back on Linux. i’m a bit of a noob on computers, but, the ‘backspace’ button doesn’t seem to make the browser go back a page, do i have to select something in the settings?

  • Bjørnar Berg

    Hey Ruarí Ødegaard.
    One question: Netflix on linux through Opera, will it (or is it?) be supported?
    I’ve just tried, and it do not work for me as of today. Unsure if it’s due to Opera or my OS though.

    • ultraviolet

      check the FAQ on netflix’s website, as of now linux is not supported, as it needs the ‘silverlight’ plugin . when netflix goes to HTML5 viewing i don’t see why linux can’t work then as silverlight has now been discontinued

      • Bjørnar Berg

        It already works in Chrome on Linux, without Silverlight. So it should be possible to get Opera to work also.

        • ultraviolet

          oh my god! great news, thank you for the info 🙂

  • bonifacio

    thanks for your work!

  • Serge Kx

    what about Opera Mail app for Linux?

  • It’s time to switch back to Linux after several years using Windows just because Opera didn’t love Linux users for few years 😀

    • ultraviolet

      hasn’t it only been a year and a half?

      • ah, you’re correct! I am sorry for miss-calculating the time.

  • Mohamed Sallam

    I have SphinUX OS which is a Multiarch OS that supports multiarch deb archives

    And i’d like to install Opera 26 but you only offer 64bit for Linux -_-

    But you give the option to install a 32 bit version for Windows -_- ?!

    Is it that hard to release a multiarch one ?!

    when installing the 26th version 64bit, gdebi says that it’s a wrong architecture.

    • Sidney Moraes

      Windows 64bits supports 32bits programs, something Linux does not have.

      • Mohamed Sallam

        There are i386 libraries to run 32bit apps on 64bit Linux. and many 32bit applications run without problem on 64bit linux. firefox was having it’s 32bit version working on 64bit before they release a 64bit version.
        But I still don’t see any excuse not to offer an i386 build.
        Any technical reason is appreciated

        • Sidney Moraes

          Linux 64bits is more used than 64bits, and that is something natural for the others systems too. OS X does not 32bits version anymore.

          • Mohamed Sallam

            I asked for a technical reason, Why there is no 32bit builds for linux? when there is a 32bit linux users?
            Saying that it’s because there is more 64bit users is not a technical reason. I’m not supposed to reinstall a running system just to install the latest version of the browser -_-

  • Guest

    I have SphinUX OS installed which is a multiarch OS that support multiarch deb packages

    why there is no multiarch package?

    Is there any technical reason not offer one?

    installing the latest 26 64bit version is not possible -_-

  • Βασίλης Ηλίογλου

    Well, here is a question that its not listed. Will you join the Ubuntu software center for a quicker and easier install?

  • Jeff Martens

    What happened to loading private tabs and pages from the command-line? Feature seems to be gone, and so reduced to clearing browsing data frequently. Often get insulting message “Psst…” telling me to use private tabs, but that’s not even possible from command line.

  • Jeff Martens

    Will control-F for find work any time soon? Lately it just crashes the browser. This is on 28.0.1719.0, Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (x86_64; default)

  • ZeroBit

    Greatly miss the image tool (hide/show only cached/show images). Because of lack of it in the new opera I decided to downgrade this package to my favorite Opera 12.16

  • Just one more question: how to start opera tlling in the command line I want to start it with the email instead of browser? Just a workaround, waiting Opera Mail for Linux.

  • ultraviolet

    is there any way to hide the top window bar thingie, like you could do with opera 12 ?

  • Thank you for information! Is there any way to use middle mouse click auto scroll under Linux? When to expect a usable RSS client and Opera Link Notes integration like in the 12.x version?

  • Jalamb

    Hi, Ruari. I’m on Linux Mint. I don’t see opera-stable in Synaptic Package Manager. Only opera. And the opera file is version 12.16.

    • Install the deb provided by (just download manually and install). This will in turn add our official repository and you will receive updates via us.


    Why don’t you provide latest version of opera for linux in 32bit same as that of 64bit… it that difficult.I love the UI and functions in newer versions.
    I use opera for browsing(in windows) in first place…..becoz its just toooo good….
    In my area i have a lot of connectivity problems but still opera works pretty fast even when Internet is too slow…chrome and Firefox are very very slow…

  • CK

    Are you going to release a Fedora (RPM) version of Opera 27? I’m searching for it, but I’m not finding.

  • ultraviolet

    “The default browser is currently Opera”

    pressing the button in the settings menu never seems to work, and if i go to my desktop’s ‘preferred applications’ settings and change my default web browser to Opera it still doesn’t work.
    anyone know how to solve this without having to un-install every other browser i have?

  • Rui Fernandes

    Hi, the option you took to not provide a 32-bit version for Linux deeply disapointed me. Opera is my favorite browser by far and I own a 6+ year old 32-bit portable computer running Linux. I’ve been eagerly awaiting for the new Opera to be available for Linux, but I can’t use it… I just cannot afford a new computer! Is it such a big effort to provide a 32-bit release? Many people run Linux on old hardware, so it would make sense to do it.

  • @ruario:disqus
    Please remove from the debian packages for Opera 26, 27 BETA and 28 DEV in subdirs wheezy and squeeze.
    They do not install at all on these Debian distries.
    So you do not lead these Debian users into the trap Opera 26 could be available for their OS.

  • Leaving the 32-bit architecture is blatantly a bad thing to do. Comes with the fact that most people (here and not at your country perhaps) use old laptops to only browse the net. The same fate goes to me as obviously I am a student. Currently running a laptop with 2GBs of RAM I see no legit reason to upgrade to 64bit. Wicked enough, 64bit causes my box to slow down, which is weird for my brain-end. Now back to you guys, seriously, after leaving Opera since the fall of Opera 12, and wanted to try Opera 27 to see if I could accept the all new Blink engine, I was greeted with a architecture problem. After my countless probing of the Opera website, this is the only thing I get back. Bravo! Such marketing skills.

    I had enough of speaking nice things to the team. Maybe some arrogant comments might make you realise (I hope so). It is Opera 27 now. If I look at the calendar and count back from the release date of Opera 12, I would give myself a hard facepalm(/slap)

    By doing this, you’re just fragmenting your user base. I mean just look at it.

    /rant off

      • I guess then that’s a warm thank you to the team. Thank you for at least trying to take our heart back.

        A little bit of advice since the chance is here, you know, I love Opera, it has something to do with my life. I am a tech enthusiast (lol) and I grow with Opera throughout my early teenager life. Since you guys left your old methods with your old Presto Opera, the termination of Unite and also the termination of a great My Opera community, I felt sad. I am not enraged like anyone else. I don’t hate the new Opera browser because of its engine. But rather, the awful features it provides can never replicate nor defeat the true power user browser of the past.
        Well maybe you lost at taking the user’s heart. But there is still hope. Sometimes people tend to think of a hard method to solve problems, but actually (maybe) no. You don’t really have to bring back the Presto engine. Its about having the features that are uniquely yours. Its something about engaging with the community as whole; not just a few words reply to comments in the opera blog. To be honest, the fate of Opera browser is at great risk when Vivaldi became more stable and finally reach first stable release. It might be a “meh” to you, but really, do you ever hope to have your at-least-still-standing browser fade out from the internet like other unlucky browsers? Of course no! (Or you guys do, lol). If “no” is the case, then I guess it is time to change.
        And as a passionate ex-user, I am eager to see if this would happen. If it will, see you again in some time later.

        I english use sounds stupids. Forgives me when I does english errorrs. Obvusly my were birth in americuz

  • Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla

    I’d like a future implementation of gnome based environments, so you could move the menu options from the UI to the status bar, but at the moment it works flawlessly, thanks so much for the rpm ports 🙂

  • Guest

    have anyone been able to use the flash player in Fedora or any other based RPM distro? I tried to download official flash packages from adobe, those seem to work with Firefox, but not with Opera.

    Then I tried to use Google Chrome Pepper Flash lib from the Chrome RPM, copied on /usr/lib64/opera, tried to copy just the lib, the lib+the manifest, copy them on .local/lib/opera/plugins: none of the above worked, the browser is not detecting flash.

    @ruario any suggestions? I’m a bit lost here 🙁

  • Guest

    have anyone been able to use the flash player in Fedora or any other based RPM distro? I tried to download official flash packages from adobe, those seem to work with Firefox, but not with Opera.

    Then I tried to use Google Chrome Pepper Flash lib from the Chrome RPM, copied on /usr/lib64/opera, tried to copy just the lib, the lib+the manifest, copy them on .local/lib/opera/plugins: none of the above worked, the browser is not detecting flash.

    @ruario:disqus any suggestions about this? I’m a bit lost in here 🙁

  • Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla


    have you been able to use the flash player in Fedora or any other based RPM distro? I tried to download official flash packages from adobe, those seem to work with Firefox, but not with Opera.

    Then I tried to use Google Chrome Pepper Flash lib from the Chrome RPM, copied on /usr/lib64/opera, tried to copy just the lib, the lib+the manifest, copy them on .local/lib/opera/plugins: none of the above worked, the browser is not detecting flash.

  • Spi

    I’m used Opera 12.16, but interesting whats new feature in Opera 27(!!! – seriously 13 major release). And type in terminal:
    sudo apt-get install opera-stable
    it’s ok, installing from repository, but removed opera (12.16). Why?
    i just want to testing new opera.
    Thanks for your work, good luck.
    P.S. I apologize if this question has already been asked

  • Daniel Stewart

    To get flash player working download flash (tar.gz file) from Adobe here –, unzip it and move the to /usr/lib64/opera/plugins OR /usr/lib/opera/plugins depending on your install. (Note: You may have to create the plugins directory, you do this from the command line by sudo mkdir /usr/lib64/opera/plugins). Restart Opera.

  • asd

    Sad. I use opera on other devices (phone, tablet and PC with Win)
    Still waiting for opera 32 bit for my older netbook which I use every day.

  • Archy

    I have been using Opera under Arch Linux for years and believe it provides the best browsing experience. When Opera decided to pause Linux development, I stayed with 32-bit 12.10. Then some websites (eg. zoopla) changed and are now incompatible – I added chrome to my browsers. As more websites become incompatible with 12.10, I will use chrome more frequently until I no longer use Opera. Today I noticed that 64-bit Opera was being supported under Linux, great but this requires twice the memory. One of the strengths of linux is its ability to run effeciently on older hardware. Am I really being encourage to port to another browser because it is too difficult to provide a 32-bit version?

  • Cornelius

    Why does Opera on buntu not save my preferred window size? This is annoying. I’ve the same problem on two machines (home&work).

  • agent008

    Hello, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but here goes! I have a problem with Opera on openSUSE 13.2 Doesn’t matter if it is opera-stable, opera-beta, or opera-developer, I installed all from your repo. My computer is part of a Windows Domain via samba and winbind; the user name is in the format DOMAINuser (note the forward slash), UID is 10000. So, when I run opera as that domain user, it just hangs and does nothing, no output is presented if I run it from the command-line and I always have to kill the process. If run from a local (unix) user, opera runs fine. Wonder if this can be solved? Thanks

  • wLEKIN

    opera in ubuntu cannot sync with my mac desktop, windows notebook and samsung s6 edge

  • selva

    How do we reopen a closed window? I’ve seen that in the Opera for Windows, but the option is not showing up in Opera on Ubuntu.
    Also, is there an option for saving all open tabs as a session? I thought I’d used this on my Window machine, but I can’t find it on the Linux version.
    Details:Version:30.0.1835.88 – Opera is up to dateUpdate stream:StableSystem:Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (x86_64; Unity)

    • David Parker

      Yes, just dig through you configuration options and you will see it.
      Files -> Settings (or Alt-P) and select:

      On startup
      Open the start page
      Continue where I left off
      Open a specific page or set of pages Set pages
      Delay loading of background tabs

  • ohcomeondude

    Opera crashes my computer (totatl lockup) If I try to move the opera window on the desktop. This computer uses the nvidia 340 driver. All other Chrome based browsers function normally.

  • Manuele Cusumano

    I’m on Debian Jessie. Is there a system wide configuration file?

  • Banire Adekunle

    Still dont know why opera is not functioning well for me

  • Ozwald Shagpants

    Same as windows and mac. Bullshit. Netflix doesn’t work, I even have pipelight/silverlight installed ubuntu 14.04

  • Stefano Balocco

    Still waiting for the linux version… 🙁

  • Richard Gordon

    How do I minimize Opera’s window in Ubuntu 14.04? I don’t see a minimize icon anywhere and it won’t right-click minimize like other browsers. Thanks.

    • Wolf Baginski

      Still the same with Ubuntu 16.04 series, and the only program without the usual min/max/close button-triad at top-right. I use an xfce version, and there’s a panel button for each open program. Ordinary left-click switches to that program, right-click brings up a menu with these options. Seems stupid to change these core-UI functions.

  • Stefano Balocco

    Still waiting for the linux version of Opera Mail.. 🙁

  • Filipe Morgan

    It would be extremely pleasing if Opera for Linux had the same UI as the Windows 10 version. Are there any upcoming UI updates? Unfortunately, Opera’s UI for Linux, as is, looks extremely ugly.

  • David Parker

    I run Xubuntu and keep all software updated.
    I consistently purge older versions of Xubuntu.

    Opera is my preferred browser because it is compatible with DOTVPN and Firefox is not.

    However, Opera consistently locks Xubuntu. Firefox does not.
    Sometimes Xubuntu will recover if I wait for ten minutes or more.
    Most times Xubuntu cannot recover from an Opera lockup and the only recourse is to switch off the power and reboot. Sometimes after rebooting, Xubuntu checks the disk, most times it does not check for corrupted files.
    Sometimes I can have seven or eight tabs open in Opera, sometimes only one or two, the behavior is erratic. Not always, but often if Juno email is open in a tab, Opera will lock Xubuntu

    How can I diagnose what is causing the lockup?
    How can I check to see if some process is hogging memory while Opera is loaded?
    How can I identify the process that is causing the lockup and kill it when my mouse is frozen along with everything else?

    David Parker

  • Nissanka

    I installed opera for my SuSE Linux.
    How do I open it?
    I don’t have the icon.
    I just followed the instructions.
    I allowed ‘ark’ to open the file.
    It did open.
    How do I fine the browser?
    Please help me.

  • Nissanka

    The above is the name of the file.
    I asked ‘ark’ to open it.
    It did work.
    Where is the icon or browser?
    I don’t have an icon.
    How do I open the browser?

  • Nissanka

    My computer is 64bit one.

  • Nissanka

    I always go for 64 bit programs.

  • After Blink change, on each release Opera gets worse…. downgrading to pre-WebKit.