When I think back on moments, I can see them. That’s my way to remember. It’s the same for how I find things on the internet. All those videos, pictures or songs that I’ve discovered are visual memories for me.

Today, we introduce a new feature to Opera. A feature I’m personally very excited about. It’s bookmarks, but with a twist.

Here’s the twist: Visual bookmarks
Bookmarks in other browsers save website addresses – you can organize them in folders, and you can edit the titles. That’s easy. But, making it look good too is what we do at Opera. And, this is how it looks:
You can now start using bookmarks in Opera 25 for computers.

Using Opera bookmarks
Click the heart to bookmark a site. Take a look at how it works:

We hope you are as excited as we are with the new visual bookmarks in Opera for Windows and Mac. Thanks to everyone who tried the bookmarks in the beta channel and gave us their feedback. And, please remember that Opera for Linux is available in a beta version.

We’d love to hear from you about this new feature. Join in the discussion, below!

Download Opera 25:
Opera 25 for Windows
Opera 25 for Mac
Opera beta 25 for Linux

You can also take a look at the Opera 25 changelog.

BTW, we also fixed the poodle, take a look at the security group’s post for more details.

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Zhenis, thanks for the info, and congrats to the Developers on the first Opera stable 25 for Mac and Windows!

    • Hi! You are welcome. I hope you enjoy it.

      • L33t4opera

        Yes, I really enjoy it, it’s quite cool, and nicely evolving from version to version 😉

        BTW: what are the changes in the latest Opera beta for Linux?

        • It is getting more stable. That’s why it is in beta channel.

        • Arjan van Leeuwen

          The beta build linked here includes exactly the same features and fixes you have in stable build for the other platforms, but the platform as a whole has not been tested enough to mark it as stable yet.

          • L33t4opera

            Hi Arjan, thanks for your reply, and explanation, I appreciate it 😉

  • Martin Suchan

    Is it possible in Opera 25 to display the bookmarks in Bookmarks Bar on the left side, just like it worked in Opera 12, or is this just a different look of Speed Dial?

    • No, it is not possible to show the bookmarks bar on a side.

      • serp

        Will that be possible any time soon? In era of widescreen monitors, It makes no sense to have “horizontal only” bookmarks bar. One of the reasons I don’t use it.

      • Why not, exactly?

        • MozPri

          Because it’s to easy.

        • Herr Pietrus

          Because it’s horizontal and shows only a few bookmarks and folders, and also because it cannot be easily hidden and opened

          • Are you replying to me? I think you’re confused. A sidebar is not horizontal and can hold all your bookmarks, just like in Opera pre-Blink.

          • Herr Pietrus

            I thought that your question was directed to serp 🙂
            “It makes no sense to have “horizontal only” bookmarks bar. One of the reasons I don’t use it.”
            I haven’t noticed disqus indicator.

          • Yeah, Disqus is a mess. It’s very hard to follow a nested conversation.

            I think Martin wants a proper sidebar, not just the Bookmark Bar, on the side. That’s what many of us are asking to come back. Opera refuses to do it, which is pretty incomprehensibe to me. It’s not like the screen width is hardcoded in the browser, so why wouldn’t they reimplement such a simple and useful feature?

    • Spideymang

      Hi, you can install Tidy Bookmarks plugin till the opera staff try to fix or add this freature by default.

      Hope this tip will be useful for you

  • Sidney Moraes

    Thanks Opera devs 🙂

  • eXzentrik

    With Opera 25, all my bookmarks with a “&” in the title have now a “&&” in it. Example: The folder “Hard- & Software” is now “Hard- && Software”. Renaming doesn’t work – it keeps the “&&”. So I have to replace the “&” with a “+”.

    • eXzentrik

      Here’s a screenshot.

      • Thank you @exzentrik:disqus!

        • Dmitry Kirin

          I also encountered this and wrote here. It’s strange that the bug didn’t reproduce for others who tried it then.

  • “But, making it look good too is what we do at Opera.”


    • Tommy

      The only thing they do… sadly.

  • Ondřej Zástěra

    Well, these are nice, but Opera remains useless for me until you bring old features like bookmark nicknames or robust mouse gestures back.

    • Bohemian Ghost

      For the nicknames, you could just edit the bookmarks and add any name you want.

      • Ondřej Zástěra

        Thanks for help. Unfortunately, it does not work the same way as in Presto Operas. Your solution works only on the level of

        link suggestions in address bar, which is not precise enough. This is what I am talking about: http://www.markschenk.com/various/o8intro/screenshots/addbookmarks.png

        • hundred.or.zero

          I agree with you.

        • Bohemian Ghost

          The nickname would come up in bookmark search too.

          I assumed you wanted to give a nickname to a page, like you would give Opera Web Browser the Nickname “OWB” and then search for it in the address bar or in the bookmarks search. Is there a further reason for bookmarks nicknames, that I don’t know?

          I think I’m not understanding the further functionality that you would want.

  • Ra-Mon

    Is Opera 25 resistant to Poodle SSL v3 attack ? Hos to disable SSL v3 support ?

  • Bookmarks! Hey is there anyway to drag a bookmark say in the root directory directly into a sub folder of a folder? Without having to drag it into the parent folder first? If not, I think some type of tree structure on the left side would help! My current workaround is to put everything onto the bookmarks bar and drag stuff where they belong that way.

    • Yes, we are aware of this limitation. Working to improve in the future. Good, that you have figured out a workaround for you.

      • Thanks for the reply! I am really liking this new bookmarking system and can’t wait to see what else is planned.

      • Another good workaround it to use CTRL+X, CTRL+V

  • Davey126

    Yikes! I like the the revamped bookmarks/speed dial but still some work to do on the UI:
    – left side navigation between SD and Discover works as expected but once you select bookmarks returning to SD requires mousing up to navigation bar (ugh!)
    – given the smaller SD tiles need ability to display more than 11 columns on high resolution monitors
    – need option to display web snip on SD tiles. Many of my tiles now look similar. I understand the Coast metaphor but it doesn’t work for everyone
    – need option to display group name below SD folders; yes – hovering brings up the name but requires additional navigation and is awkward on touch devices

    • I assume you are talking about new start page… don’t you?

      • Davey126

        Correct. So much potential but need to balance beauty with efficiency. Also, BM tiles need to be smaller (like speed dial) or resizable as I’m quickly running out of screen real estate without creating folders. I can visually scan much faster than clicking.

      • Davey126

        Also, can’t seem to add page directly to speed dial via heart without first creating (and subsequently deleting) bookmark.

        • Think of a speed dial as a “flag” you put on a bookmark. Like: “This bookmark is so important that I want it to appear on Speed Dial”

          • Davey126

            Hum – have to work with that awhile…going to take a change in mindset. Previous Opera iterations have put SD front and center with BM secondary; that’s the way I roll. To make this work need a quicker way of navigating to bookmarks without inadvertently adding a new BM which the heart does. At present I have made BM page a pinned tab which is not ideal.

          • Yes, I would agree that the way to bring up the BM is not perfect yet. We are working on making it better.

          • plague

            While you’re at it, work on enabling a way to _not_ add a bookmark directly when clicking on the heart button, or atleast do like Chrome, add a delete button in the heart-popup.

          • Rafael Luik

            Please, for the sake of sanity. DON’T.
            We don’t want to duplicate and manage our links in two places. Your logic doesn’t consider our reality as users and gives us a worse product/solution.

            You ruined it. Why!????? :'(
            cc/ @zhenisbeisekov:disqus

          • Thanks for the feedback. We will reevaluate it.

          • Lacedaemon

            Somewhere in a previous blog post I’ve read someone saying “you are lost”. I hope I’m not offending you but you are making some decisions lately that are out of any logic and you keep going from left to right and vise versa constantly. Please stick to sanity. 2 icons, one for SD and one for Bookmarks as it was in the beginning with Opera 15. Forget Heart Menus, forget One Icon Does All and whatever other crazy things you are thinking please.

          • plague

            Two buttons, one for bookmarks and one for speed dial.
            Makes sense, is logical, is user friendly, is not cluttered.
            Why not do it?

          • I understand that this is somewhat different from the philosophy we gave you when you suggested SD as a replacement of bookmarks. Now that we brought bookmarks back it will take some time to find an optimum responsibility distribution between Bookmarks and Speed Dials. We basically rely on your feedback to get this right.

            In my opinion, SD should not be the place to keep hundreds of links. They should be “shortcuts” to stuff you want to visit often, stuff you want to keep links to but open infrequently should be in bookmarks. Am I wrong?

          • plague

            Not wrong.
            However, the issue of not being able to add a page directly to speed dial from the heart button/menu is still valid.
            If I want a page on speed dial, I do NOT want it in bookmarks aswell.
            Bookmarks will be filled to the brim as is anyways so that extra clutter is completely unwanted.
            Thus, having the heart button always place a bookmark (whether you want the page in SD or not) that you cannot delete without going into the bookmark manager is making peoples lives harder, not easier.

          • Well, we have to figure this out. We heard the request for “one single storage for urls” many times. This would be it. Speed Dials just being a flag on top of bookmarks.

          • plague

            Well, just use a filtering method then.
            Whenever a url is placed in speed dial, it’s not visible in bookmarks, and vice versa.
            They are still stored in the same place, but the UI for bookmarks and SD filters their respective lists based on flags.
            Ofcourse that could be made optional even on a per-url basis if needed.

          • rufu2

            > Obvious filtering solution; put a flag for speed dial, a flag for bookmark, a flag for stash or any other place you might want to show a url.

            I like that idea!
            (except that “bookmark” should be the standard, not an flag, I think)

            But I would not mind seeing the urls with “speed dial flag” also in the bookmarks. I could sort an url in a logical place and then mark it as a speed dial. Then I would like to find the url also in the folder where I put it, even if its on speed dial, too. Of course, customization is best, so if there were an option to hide “speed dial” flagged items from the bookmarks “view”, that would make everyone happy.

          • plague

            the “flag” is just a variable used behind the scenes. It would not necessarily be visible.

            If you select that you want an url on the Speed dial, it will get that flag automatically. If you select that you want the url in Bookmarks, it will get that flag automatically.

            The url will have different flags for Bookmarks and Speed dial, so you can choose if you want it in either place or both places or none of them. It’s all completely customizable and the user wouldn’t even know that those flags exist, it would simply “just work”.

            I do filtering like that in my programming projects all the time.

          • rufu2

            Exactly, that’s what I was thinking about. Well explained!

          • Rafael Luik

            This is NOT “one single storage for URLs”. You did the exact opposite, now I’m forced to store the URL in two places (bkms and SD) when I want to add it to only one place, the SD.

            And you introduced a new level of micromanaging if I want to keep things tidy.

          • Lacedaemon

            It doesn’t take time, you just do it the Opera 15 way. 2 icons for 2 different things, problem solved, no whining from anyone, and you move on to something more important. Enough time you ‘ve already lost with 3 different variants of which this is the worst possible…

          • Herr Pietrus

            I’m trying but I can’t. SD is SD, Bookmarks are Bookmarks. I don’t need some ages from SD in Bookmarks… because I have them in SD. The won’t disappear from SD, so why should I keep them in SD?

            I know that there is a way to add page directly to SD – via RMB menu… but you’ve accustomed us to that nice separated icons in the address filed… 🙂 Can’t you let us use RMB for adding pages to SD? 🙂

          • Lacedaemon

            This is a wrong thought from the beginning, no one thinks like that. How many SD items are coming from Bookmarks, SD items are much much less than Bookmarks.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, i think and i’m sure another ones think the same. I’ve already suggested that SD could be part of bookmarks and i’m pretty sure that it wasn’t an original idea of mine.

            SD can be seen as bookmarks to which you want quick access.

  • alayli

    Am I missing something to create subfolder. If sub folder doesn’t exist in final release of O25, I’m not so sure Opera’s future.

    • Go to ‘My folders’ and drag-and-drop folders there.

      • alayli

        Thanks, bu I think I should able to see left panel in tree view. And also moving drag-n-drop to create subfolders in left panel should work.

  • rpsgc

    I dragged a bunch of bookmarks to the ‘Unsorted bookmarks’ page. Opening the Opera menu and going to ‘Bookmarks’ only shows a dozen or so of those bookmarks. What’s the point then? I don’t want to open a full page just to see the bookmarks! I’d just use Speed Dial then. I mean, come on Opera, you can do better than this.

    • What would you expect? Why don’t you use a folder for them?

      • rpsgc

        Because clicking the Opera menu, then the Bookmarks entry, then ‘My folders’, then the folder I want, then finally the bookmark is really fun, productive and fast, right?

        Not to mention if that folder has sub-folders. Ugh…

      • plague

        I think the main issue here is the inability to put “your” folders directly in “unsorted bookmarks”. You _have_ to put them in “My Folders”, which means to access them, you need to click Opera menu->My Folders->(list of folders), instead of Opera menu->(list of folders). Could you provide _one_ good reason why having to click through “My Folders” first is a good thing? It’s a completely unnecessary extra step.

        • I guess it is mostly because of the limit of the visible bookmarks.

          • plague

            With limit, do you mean how many unsorted bookmarks that will be visible in the Bookmarks menu? As in, it’s a menu-length versus monitor resolution issue?
            To me, that just makes “unsorted bookmarks” a bad concept. You should have kept the “stash” concept, make the “stash” a folder in Bookmarks and put all bookmarks by default into that folder. That would free up space and remove the argument against allowing “my” folders in the Bookmarks root folder. That way, everyone wins.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          But what would be the meaning of have a folder in something called “unsorted”? 🙂

          • plague

            Click on the Opera menu (top left corner of the browser window), now open the Bookmarks submenu. Why oh why must I continue to yet another submenu (My Folders) before I can actually start browsing through my folder structure?
            It would be much much more logical if my folder structure was listed directly in the Bookmarks submenu. Like in _every_ other browser.

            Also, in the Opera menu, the Bookmarks submenu has nothing called “unsorted”. Sure, behind the scenes it’s the “unsorted folder”, but it’s not visible for the user in that menu. Thus making it even more illogical to not be able to put folders in the actual Bookmarks menu (having to put them all in the My Folders submenu).

          • Leonardo Gomes

            So the solution could be “My Folders” being the default place/folder for the bookmarks manager.

          • plague

            sure. doesn’t matter what they call it.
            As long as you can add custom folders to the root of the bookmarks menu/manager.
            It’s the mandatory extra folder level that’s annoying and completely illogical and unnecessary.

    • Herr Pietrus

      My folders definitely should be placed in bookmarks menu directly under unsorted bookmarks and bookmarks bar entries without any additional level! And bookmarks menu should be accessible via main bar button… and that menu should work in the same way as neater bookmarks extension works 🙂

  • Mr. Operaniac

    What problems do you encounter when bringing 25 of Linux to stable?

    • Marcin Mitek

      We want to keep it in the beta for a little bit longer and stabilize it. That’s it.

    • At least is more usable than Dev and it is not forgotten.

  • mkkrosky

    Thanks for the release, finally HTML5 Video on YouTube. Your slight visual changes for OSX Yosemite are also welcome.

  • useruser

    I want screenshots back in bookmark’s thumbnails instead of site names!

    • We have chosen this implementation to avoid performance issue during the migration from stash to bookmarks.

      If you go to the websites, click one more time on heart, you are able to select the preview image.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • useruser

        thanks for the answer

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Still you’ve imported them into a text file (Bookmarks). I was surprised to see it sized at 58 MB. Why didn’t you use an SQLite database for that? How does a decision to store images as base64 even come close to implementation?…

  • Rob Segal

    Thanks for the new release.

    Is it possible to search bookmarks from the address bar? Seems like the address bar searches speed dial and history, but not bookmarks. I hope this will change.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to delete a bookmark using the heart button and to add to speed dial using the heart button without also adding to bookmarks.

    • Luis Alejandro GordilloMorgado

      I was about to post this! Please give us the option to add to speed dial without having to add to the bookmarks.
      For the moment, a workaround is to add the site to the speed dial right clicking on the page, then “Add to speed dial”

    • Lacedaemon

      Well since Stash is Bookmarks now you can enable opera://flags/#stash-suggestions and then it will work. Only with latin characters though.

      • Rob Segal

        Hmm..thanks. I can’t figure out what’s happening here. With that flag enabled, it’s definitely searching some of my bookmarks, but doesn’t seem to be searching all of them, at least not very well.

        • Lacedaemon

          Hmm yes it appears it can search only the items that were before in Stash but not bookmarks added after that (at least so it does in the dev version) :/ So I guess we must wait for it.

  • Shadess

    Please tell me if I have the bookmarks as a list instead of thumbnails, the images aren’t still being saved? I have a ton of old bookmarks from opera 12 I’ll bring over and that’d be gigabytes of images for no reason. I’ve used stash as a bad replacement for bookmarks and the stash.db file is 1.72 GB big already with nowhere nearly as many “bookmarks”. Waste of space.

    • If you chose no image, no image is used, so you have a fallback with text.

      • Shadess

        Hmm. Yeah so 1 extra click for every time I want to save a bookmark. I distinctly do not want an image of the page saved ever by default. Let us select the no image as default pretty please?

  • nicks

    Thanks for update! Finally stable and bookmarks 🙂 New looks of speed dial is very nice, good job!

    • pidgin

      agree, beautiful!

      • Herr Pietrus

        It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!
        … hopefully, they will change it soon…

  • Your Name

    Failed… update failed… error…
    Man, this doesn’t look good.

  • Your Name

    Also, since I can’t update shit, can you tell me if it’s any good?
    But not you regular bullshit – the truth, please.
    Cause 24 kind of sucked: it seemed to do a lot of stuff except opening pages or updating extensions. So it was rather unusable.

  • Eric83

    One minor but annoying issue with the Linux beta: When Opera opens, it doesn’t fill the screen but is rather in a partly minimized mode. I haven’t found a way to change this. I don’t have that problem with the developer version.

    Otherwise, I like the direction Opera is taking. Finish your work on sync and let me change the location of tabs, and I might again make Opera my default browser. Although I still prefer Firefox’s customizability and lower memory footprint, Opera is significantly faster.

  • Jorton

    Incidentally, I deleted one speaddial folder. Is there anyone who can help me get it back?

    • Yourself… you got a back up, right?

      • Jorton

        Unfortunately, no…

      • Jorton

        Unfortunately, no.
        I was trying to transfer a speaddial folder to the new bookmarks.

  • SQL

    Is there any possibility that Opera would support EME? Would be nice, you know? 🙂

    • You read our blog, so you will know as one of the first, if we start.

    • Lacedaemon

      There’s that flag there in flags, so it doesn’t work hm?

  • breccian

    Is there any option in this version to prevent Opera from scaling with the Windows DPI setting? When the change was introduced in Opera 24, I had to switch to Firefox on my laptop because Opera became frustrating to use with everything so large. I was hoping there might be a flag or something in Opera 25 to to fix the problem (ideally something more reliable than a flag on a shortcut).

  • [828586]

    step in right direction, but not everything is working as intended for example cant force Opera to generate thumbnails for bookmarks items, multi select is useless because drag and drop is not working as should, still not fully customizable, can’t figure out purpose of “other bookmarks” items in this folder seems to be placed randomly

  • zshello3

    Wait, no H.264?

    • Davey126

      Works for me.

  • Tueksta

    Apparently opera has no idea what people usually bookmark. It’s not pinterest-stuff with fancy pictures, but boring old news-sites and jira and homebanking-websites…

    • Davey126

      Yup – describes 85% of my sites. Especially ugly are extension shortcuts (get the cryptic extension ID) and local IP addresses. Not far behind are tech blogs (including Opera’s own) and non-commercial sites. Obvious solution is ability to customize thumbnail beyond what is offered under the heart button.

    • Wolf-2

      – It seems, that I no usual “people” (like so often in this forum, when someone write, what people “usually” do.
      – I don’t get the problem. There is a list view without “fancy pictures”.

    • that’s why there is links only view. and this setting is for each folder. So you can keep jira boring stuff in one folder and pinterest like shopping list in another.

      • Lacedaemon

        Does this apply to the alternative Speed Dial as well?

      • Davey126

        No, no! I believe you are saying is users need to adapt to the tool vs designing a flexible tool (within reason) that meet their needs. Why should I have to keep related bookmarks in separate folders for the sake of presentation? Silly on every level.

        • No, he is not saying that that. You can choose list- or grid-view on a per-folder basis. So you can have the gridview for your shopping list with nice images of items you want to buy and another folder with boring jira links displayed as a conventional list. I believe this is the “flexible tool (within reason) that meet their needs” that you asked for 🙂

          • Davey126

            Thanks. Response made me smile (in a good way) as it technically meets the requirement. That said, I think you can tell by the majority of feedback that users want a somewhat different approach. Having to think/organize to the tools capabilities/limitations really isn’t the best long term solution.

      • jules

        ohhh! i am currently exploring the new features just now and i see this. it’s a great idea, i think (since i bookmark a lot of non-picturesque boring stuffs as well).

        thank you for this update (especially the bookmark update)

    • kokolo5

      What is your problem ? You can view it as a list. My parents for example need the images, my mother uses them for recipes, it’s practical for her and she can find them very quickly.

      • Tueksta

        I don’t have a problem with this feature, it is really nice for some use cases. The problem is, that opera focuses on completely wrong things – the priorities don’t reflect the old fan-base, but rather the new mass market they try to attack.

  • Jay

    Apparently this Opera also introduces a new font rendering engine called DirectWrite. I have no doubts it is amazing for High DPI screeens, but for those that turn font smoothing/clear type disabled, it introduces blur to crisp looking fonts.

    Quick way to disable the functionality: go to opera://flags/ find section called Disable DirectWrite and set it to true. Boom – crisp fonts. Well, at least as long as the content isn’t animated and the web page uses something system/default (like Arial).

    • Davey126

      Interesting. Default was ‘disabled’ for me and font rendering was terrible in O25 (especially noticeable in gmail). Enabled and all is good. I do use font smoothing/clear type so obviously varies by install and config.

  • Martin Falke

    Ok good job but …
    please give us the preview images in the “New Speed ​​Dial” back!!!

    • Could you please provide me a scenario, when it is so important? I ask because I saw many people struggling to find content they want, because SD preview images were too small.

      • Zik

        Images in bookmarks are small too, but in bookmarks manager we have images.

      • Rob Segal

        One problem that I have is that some of my speed dials have no image or just some seemingly random image or icon that I don’t associate with that site at all. This is only a problem for me on a few sites, but it’s a real problem.

        I would like the option to change the image that SD generates, if not to a preview image like before, then at least so I can type in the name of the site and have it display like the others.

        • Tallián Balázs

          Just go to the websites, click one more time on heart, and you are able to select the preview image, you can find better, than the automatically selected. But I agree it would be cool if you can choose some user definied image.

          • Rob Segal

            As far as I can tell, this doesn’t work for speed dial, only for bookmarks.

      • Just add multiple pages from one domain to speed dial and you know what everybody is talking about… 😉

        • Rafael Luik

          Geez there’s no way @zhenisbeisekov:disqus can’t see that problem, it must be some kind of joke with us.

          • Lacedaemon

            Welcome to New Opera Asylum. We wish you a pleasant stay….

          • I mean your scenario, not mine.

      • SQL

        Mostly the fact that the colors chosen for the icons are HORRIBLE. (Opera desktop teams blog is somehow associated with yellow, which by no means seems like Opera)

        I had a weird idea about maybe having some sort of Tab Preview for the speed dial pages too. Like mouse over an icon and it shows a larger screenshot of the page.

        • Zik

          But screenshot of the page will cover all speed dial.

          • SQL

            No, maybe half the size of tab preview i thought.

        • Herr Pietrus

          Don’t have such ideas, they may come true!

      • Luis Alejandro GordilloMorgado

        Having the option to use a screenshot in the bookmarks would also be nice. When I think of “what page I was looking for” I think of how that page looked, not the logo or some random name…

      • SuuperTommy

        Example when you have a folder for eBay-stuff. Like mine, where I have different stickers I’m interested in, and I can quickly and easy find the one I’m after just by looking.

        • SuuperTommy

          But not so easy when you have 50 like these…

          • on SD you can keep ebay, and it is most probably already there. And the links, you have mentioned, could be easily kept in new bookmarks.

          • SuuperTommy

            But I want to have them on speed dial.

            Also, there is hundreds of other scenarios not involving this specific eBay example. Don’t you see the problem with 50 colorful blocks for the same domain? That is the point. Why can’t it be a choice, like you offer in the bookmarks manager?

          • The important question is: What is the difference between Speed Dial and Bookmarks? If Speed Dial is for keeping links to mainly “domains” like ebay.com, but not to ebay.com/product/dumptruck then it makes sense to create a tile that represents the domain. If Speed Dial is also for “links”, then it doesn’t. But if Speed Dial is also for “links” why do you need Bookmarks?

          • SuuperTommy

            I understand your point and I agree somewhat, but let’s say you’re on a forum with several sub-forums. And you have 5 favorite sub-forums that you visit daily and like to display via Speed Dial. Then you get five identical tiles. It’s not pretty nor useful.

            Are there any limitations for not offering your own chosen image for SD as you do for bookmarks?

          • No, there are no limitations. It’s just that the new Speed Dials are an experiment that was developed at the same time as Bookmarks and the teams hat not much time to see both features working together.

          • SuuperTommy

            Thank you, thorben. 🙂

          • Jedy

            I suppose the moral of this is a web browser will get used by somebody any way they wish to. There shouldn’t be any ‘instructions’ that tell people how best to use it.

            I for one accept SD/BM as an experiment and hope they can improve over time.

          • This is kinda true for almost every product.

            But IMHO the moral is that user interfaces are developed in a co-evolution with the users.

          • Herr Pietrus

            Because it is for speed, and very very often used links? Damn, it’s not an April Fools day! People from the company who invented SD dare to write such comments?!
            And no, I’m almost never use SD for “links”, but recognizing websites by thumbnails it’s easier. You know that there are people who use SD for different pages than Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and Allegro?! Not every website has fancy logo! Damn!

          • I started needing bookmarks when Speed Dial started to behave all sluggish.

          • Lacedaemon

            But you gave an answer to that by yourself in another post of yours, it’s pretty clear to everybody what SD and what BMs are for. SD for everyday use and BM for “to read later”, “collecting useful links in categories” and archiving.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Couldn’t SD be a part of the Bookmarks, like a Bookmark’s folder to put those pages you want quick access to?

            I think it would be interesting.

          • Mayhem

            Or the other way around. If Opera will make list view of certain speed dial folders, new bookmarks manager will be useless.

          • pedralm

            Well for me the purpose of the Speed Dial is the same as the one in your phone (hence the name?).
            You have an extensive bookmark/contactList, and then, of those, you have a shorter list for quicker/regular use – the Speed Dial.
            So for me what is on the speed dial is the same as the bookmars, be it domains, links, whatever… I just want them there because I visit them more regularly than others.
            Speed dial for more regular, Bookmarks for less regular (archive).

            That being said I still wait (still!) for Presto-like bookmark functionality, with search (not inside the toolbar!), added keywords (no, editing description text like what you added now is not the same!) and not this Pinterest-like thing you are marketing (even in the video it totally mimics Pinterest).

            So stop being Pinterest/Chrome/Facebook/etc and become OPERA.
            ps: still using Presto at home, but ChrOpera at work because of better proxy handling.

          • Davey126

            It seems severals Mods are suggesting ‘workarounds’ in an effort to change users to their way of thinking. That in itself should raise some yellow flags. Specific to the OPs request the hybrid SD/BM model needs some work. One should not be forced to use one over the other (due to lack of functionality), be stuck with dozens of similar looking tiles that are impossible to differentiate or have pages tagged as bookmarks when when you really want them in Speed Dial. Would have been ok in developer/beta but should not have been rolled out to Stable channel in its current state.

          • I think it’s a rather negative way to interpret mods trying to help users with workarounds as an “effort to change [their] way of thinking”.

            Let me give you an alternative interpretation: When a mod that is involved in the development process suggests you a workaround, he probably came across the same problem and had to find a solution for himself. Meaning that he is aware of the problem and there is a good chance opera is already trying to solve the problem.

          • Herr Pietrus

            “Meaning that he is aware of the problem and there is a good chance opera is already trying to solve the problem.”

            We hope so. But that particular problem has simple and obvious solution.

          • Like I said a few times, this is just a symptom of the not fully solved new relationship between Speed Dials and Bookmarks. We have some idea in mind but user interfaces have to co-evolve with their users, so it will take some time until this will be figured out to the point that everybody thinks it makes sense.

          • DataZByteS

            You could just let people deside if they want screenshot/icon/or their own image. That will solve issue for everyone.

          • When you look into the details almost nothing is “simple and obvious”.

          • Davey126

            Fair point. Mods have been offering suggestions – I should have looked at it that way. It is unfortunate more dialog around SD/BM did not come out in the dev/beta releases (perhaps it did). Frustrating when a stable release comes out and up-ends your way of doing things.

          • Lacedaemon

            That’s nice but a developer shouldn’t struggle with its own designing faults in the first place. Some things in the browser were and are still very poorly designed. Sorry to say it like that but this is the truth…

          • > an indication of designing something with the least amount of resources possible
            I don’t want to be impolite, but I don’t think you have any idea how much work it is to design, implement and test software 😉

            > after the initial demonstration of the new […] bookmark manager […] what exactly got improved

            This is not how our development process works. We release something as an experiment in our developer channel. Only while they are in the developer channel will new features see functional changes. All the time we test it ourself and listen to ever source of user input we can get. This version is then released to the beta channel. Here only bugs will be fixed no new functionality added. When then — after about six weeks — the feature is considered stable enough — meaning there none but very minor bugs left — AND we at Opera consider it useful and an improvement over the status quo, will it be released to stable.

            This all means that any improvements to bookmarks that happened after the beta release are not in this stable release. We are constantly working on bookmarks, so many design glitches we heard about here will eventually be fixed. But then again, think about this process:
            We hear about a glitch. We investigate the cause and identify the problem in the big picture. We brainstorm possible solutions and try to balance them with solutions for other glitches we have. We make prototypes, drawings, designs to test of the solution will actually improve it. This will at least take 4 weeks, possible months. Then, we start implementing the solution. Let’s say this takes a week (very fast) and it can be released to the developer channel immediately. So even in a best case scenario, doing it right will take five weeks, not enough to make it in the same developer release.

            Bookmarks have improved functionality since the initial release! There was – for example – no way to “speeddial” a bookmark. But for a new feature you will first focus on just making it bug free before you add anything new.

            Hope this helps a bit!

          • Lacedaemon

            Thanks for the lengthy post, I quite know how your streams work, that’s why I was against moving the bookmark manager to the beta stream since I thought many trivial and simple things were still missing and should have been already adressed beforehand. I don’t find it rational to make just a small change in the dev stream (to give you the most common example: move multiple items to a folder, instead of one) and then having to wait for it for 2 months until it hits stable. Or in the next stream replacing “Shift+Del” with “Del” and having to wait again 2 months. That’s why I said more recourses should be allocated in the dev stream, it’s just too little. Cause when it hits the beta stream, it is too late.

          • Herr Pietrus

            Damn, man, that trolling isn’t even funny…
            I’ve got some pages in SD that don;t have their icon and tile color is totally different from page layout…

          • We also got the color complaint a lot internally. We have a few ideas to make it better. But before we start improving too much we wanted to learn a bit better how people would like the new tiles, hence this experiment.

          • Herr Pietrus

            OK, so please, communicate such things more clearly…
            But I’m still think that you don’t have to invent the wheel again…

          • Well, there is probably tons of interesting information we have … we can not possible put it all somewhere. And then it would be too much to read 😉 We are not hiding it, as soon as somebody asks or complains, we give it away 😉

          • Herr Pietrus

            It seems that sometimes a bit too much whining is needed 😛

          • Lacedaemon

            Well, nobody really answered why Shift+Click on a SD Folder does not open the included links in a new window, like the thumbnails do, even if I asked for that about 300 times already, so this is your chance 🙂

          • plague

            Not to be rude, but no you don’t give it away as soon as somebody asks or complains.
            You never answered any of the dozens of questions of why you don’t/can’t/won’t provide the same choice of thumbnail for the SD as you do for the BM?

            It’s the obvious, simplest and probably trivial solution, as you’ve already implemented it for Bookmarks.

          • Not true, I wrote a few comments about his. I said it’s one of the ideas we are thinking about, but there are conceptual problems with this that result from the unanswered question what the relationship between SD and BM is. And we never said we won’t do it, we just also never said we will do it.

            Almost nothing is trivial if you want to get to a 98% bug-free level. We will just not go for a solution without having enough confidence in it. And getting confidence takes some time.

          • Nekomajin43

            And what if want to store weveral ebay pages on my speed dial? Should I use another browser?

          • Well, how many browsers give you Speed Dial? 😉

            It was a bold move to not have bookmarks in a new browser. We thought it could be the right thing. It turns out it wasn’t. We gave you bookmarks back. In the meantime, Speed Dial was the replacement of choice. IMHO it’s natural that there will be a phase where we have to find out what the new distribution of responsibilities between the two will be.

            Imaging for a second you would have no experience with Opera so far and you discover (no pun intended) bookmarks and speed dial. Would you really put 20 eBay pages in speed dial?

          • Herr Pietrus

            No, I won’t, but I don’t use eBay, I don’t even use Allegro so often to have it in SD, I have there for example isap… still no fancy logo with paragraph sign… 🙁

          • Nekomajin43

            There are speed dial extension for firefox and chrome. 🙂

            Look, I know there is a lot of work ahead, and I mostly like the path you started to walk a few versions ago. What I don’t like is the way you treat some issues. You have an algorithm to capture the page, right? Then why don’t you apply it to the speed dial too? You always say that the screenshot is too small etc, but you see that the generated text also has flaws. So we have two bad solutions, but you force us to use one of them, instead of giving us the choice.
            I think you understand what I’m talking about. You don’t have to solve all the problems with one solution. Give us options, and we will be happy. And you will be happy too, because you don’t have to spend that much time to find that magical ultimate solution every time you implement a new feature.

          • The text you talk about is just a fallback. The new Speed Dial will try to create nice tiles that include the logo of the domain you or adding.

          • Nekomajin43

            Should I show you my speed dial or do you believe that 50+% of my speed dial entries has the fallback text? You know that the internet is not just social sites and news portals. Even some of your sites don’t provide the right icon, so I have to see the fallback text.
            And you did not answer my question. 🙂

          • P0lip

            “Well, how many browsers give you Speed Dial? ;)”
            Most of browsers have an extension, which contains more features than the Speed Dial in Opera, but I like Opera’s one more. It’s really cool. Obviously it has some quirks, but it’s at its early stage, so I’m sure it’ll be fixed sooner or later.
            I want to pinpoint you aren’t fair. I mean when we say something is missing, you always respond “install the extension”. You tell us it like it (the extension) was a benefit of Opera. Sadly, it works only in the one way. I’m not saying it’s dumb you are proud of your product, because I’d be it too. It’s about being fair. You say “which browser has xyz feature?”, but when we answer “Firefox or Chrome or something else” you always advise us to install the extension to make everything work like a charm. In my opinion, it would be way fairer, if you say “we have xyz feature built-in without installing third party stuff”. I hope I was clear. Have a nice day.

          • Jedy

            ‘Would you really put 20 eBay pages in speed dial?’

            The thing is, there’s the option to group pages together in folders on Speed Dial. If its only to be used for quick access to commonly visited pages then the folder feature isn’t needed and it needs to be simpler. This only encourages people to ‘put 20 eBay pages in speed dial?’.

            Speed Dial imho should be a front end to Bookmarks and the integration you’ve achieved so far is better than other browsers, some that need a plugin.

          • reflected11

            That’s true but some of would rather have them on speed dial. It’s the users to decide how they want to use a browser.

            Anyway, the bookmarks just show site names for me as well.

      • Herr Pietrus

        That scenario was repeated thousands of times here, don’t treat us like fools. SD preview images are too small on smartphones, not on huge PC monitors, or even laptops, for God’s sake.

        Why are you trying to suggest that you know better what WE need? If you remove old SD and don’t give us previews we’ll have to use SD extensions if they work on Opera…

        Oh, Zik explained it clearly
        “Images in bookmarks are small too, but in bookmarks manager we have images.”

        • Lacedaemon

          SD preview images are too small on smartphones, not on huge PC monitors, or even laptops, for God’s sake.

          Sorry… I had to do that, it’s really frustrating.

          • Herr Pietrus

            But not when it comes to bookmarks, remember it! 😀

      • Nekomajin43

        You have an algorithm that let the user choose an image, a logo or a generated text for the bookmarks, right? Why don’t you implement it to the speed dial as well to provide the same choice? Why is it important to know the reason? You have the tool, you just have to use it elsewhere, and everyone will be happy.

        This is the most annoying stuff since you’ve switched engine. You don’t have to understand every user. Give us options, alternatives, and we are smart enough to choose what the best is for us.

        • Herr Pietrus

          No, we are not!


          • plague

            Yes, we are.
            Just because there _exist_ users that aren’t, doesn’t mean _everything_ should be locked down for _everyone_.
            Or do you think we should get rid of cars too because some people are unfit to drive?

      • Lacedaemon

        I like to read forums of different games…

        Please come down to earth… please… T_T

        • Lacedaemon

          The left one is the webpage of a sport radio station, the right one is the one with the radio player where you can listen to it… do you need more?

          • And probably another good one.

        • This is a really good use case where the tiles break down. Thanks! It’s a case that would actually fit to the new usable of Speed Dial I had in mind and still breaks. I will make sure that the people working in the experiment see this screenshot. Thanks again.

          • nstuff

            This is the old 12.x version speed dial:
            The buttons are large, it’s incredibly clear which is which and hard to miss. I think a superior version of this would give me a choice of icon or snapshot. If I choose snapshot, it should auto attempt (like 12.x) to show me a good snapshot, however, I should be allowed to edit that and zoom/scroll to an area of the website that would fit best. Since the site changes all the time, but the basic structure normally doesn’t, this will allow me to pick a specific area of the site that will be quickly and easily identifiable.

          • kokolo5

            Dfferent colors, note in the field and special symbols should solve the problem. Hope you guys at Opera solve it soon (:

          • Mon

            I think that the “old” size of the tiles in Speed Dial is better to show thumbnails. The new boxes are not suitable for that.

        • kokolo5

          I like the new coast algorithm, but that is a real problem, it looks exactly the same. Dfferent colors, note in the field and special symbols should solve the problem. Hope you guys at Opera solve it soon.

      • Mayhem

        It could be moved to bookmarks, but WHY.

  • Zik

    I have problem with PDF: it always open with print dialog.

    • plugin or default one?

      • Zik

        Default. And I have no default programs for PDF.

    • reesmichael1

      What operating system are you on?

      • Zik

        Windows Technical Preview x64.

  • Octavio Rios

    Nice patch guys! On another note, could you pleeeease just change the “folder” icon from the bookmarks bar to the one in the bookmarks manager? It’s so ugly XD. Cheers

    • You the yellow one?

      • Octavio Rios

        Yes, the yellow folder icon. It looks like an old windows xp icon XD

        • Sounds interesting. I don’t promise, but we will evaluate your idea definitely.

          • Herr Pietrus

            Yeah, it must be evaluated, and discussed, it’s so complicated… How someone can think that yellow folder icon doesn’t fit to gray Opera’s layout?!

          • plague

            Unfortunately that’s how alot of companies operate. 🙁
            Reminds me of a scenario that perfectly describes how developers _should_ do:
            “Mere hours after a forum member mentioned that one of the game’s camera effects left her unable to play sections of the games due to an uncommon eye condition, a Runic developer patched in a user toggle for the option — at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning, no less.” – Gamasutra on Runic Games Torchlight

            That’s _one_ person having issues with only certain sections of the game due to an uncommon eye condition and _still_ they patched in an option, on a sunday morning.
            That’s how a developer grows a fanbase.

          • Well, that’s how I’m usually reacting to user feedback to my extensions, but:
            1. there are times when you do not have the resources available to do so
            2. that’s not working for bigger companies. Decisions need to be made by staff different from those programming it. That takes time.

          • plague

            Exactly. Your point #2 is the entire problem.
            That’s how you lose a fanbase, that’s how software becomes crap. Case-in-point Windows Vista.
            You know how complicated it was for them to design and implement the little Shut Down menu on the Startmenu?

            Endless meetings, discussions, etc, by non-programmers. Taking so much time, that by the time they had a decision and an implemented function, it was no longer compatible with the rest of the sourcetree, so they had to go back to the drawingboard, again and again and again.
            The resulting menu was _not_ what they wanted, but it was what they ended up having to do, due to that insane process.
            If that’s the model Opera is operating at these days, I fear it will only go downhill from here on.
            For major things, sure, fine, do the whole endless staff meeting thing and discuss it before implementing it.
            But for smaller, obvious, things, there is simply no need and locking developers with a ball and chain is not going to produce the best quality software. (I’m a developer, btw)

          • I get what you’re saying, but if you’re a dev you also know that Opera is using Scrum-techniques (rapid release cycle).
            Vista was developed in times where agile development didn’t play a noticeable role. That’s no comparison.

          • plague

            True, but a rapid release cycle does not demand staff meetings for every new feature request.
            I work with rapid release cycles aswell and we only discuss things that we deem have a significant impact on the rest of the product, meaning if it requires large changes or would take a long time to implement.
            Otherwise, we just do our jobs and keep on programming, implementing what we feel is right or needed.

            I really do believe the best approach is just allowing the programmers to do their thing.

          • Octavio Rios

            Yes! Thank you!

          • ayespy

            On MY bookmarks bar, I prefer the yellow one. I would, in fact, prefer it throughout. Grey depresses me.

            Perhaps users could get a choice. I could live with the loss of the yellow folders, but it would be just one more step to making Opera look exactly like every other damn “new” piece of software, conforming to the current minimalism fad.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            I like the yellow one, because the entire boormark bar and internal pages, except SD, are currently so XP-ish, or at least, not Metro-like. If it all turns Metro, I guess I’m gonna like a minimalistic flat icon for folders.

          • Octavio Rios

            Btw, now that i got your attention, there’s an issue with youtube videos not reproducing properly. As soon as the video starts you can hear the audio but the video is black, you can solve this by scrolling up or down, but it’s pretty annoying to do that for every single video.

  • SLR

    Adding a page to speed dial also adds it to the unsorted bookmarks. Why?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not Happening here.

      • Davey126

        Depends on how you create the speed dial. Using the heart icon always adds page to bookmarks. Right clicking page and selecting speed dial from context menu doesn’t.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          The heart icon is for add to bookmarks only atm. The option to add to SD was removed.

          • SLR

            Press the heart button, hover above the upper right corner of the thumbnail, you get an add to speed dial button.

            Hidden buttons are all the rage these days

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Didn’t know about that. Thanks for the info.

  • I like the new opera upgrade page 🙂

  • duhduhduh0

    Anyone come up with a button for Stash? or ‘Unsorted bookmarks’ ?

  • iG0Lka

    I can’t install the new version because there is no link to the offline installation file!

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, here you go: for Mac, and Windows, and for Linux (beta version).

  • Luis Alejandro Gordillo Morgad

    Are speed dial extension supposed not to work with the new speed dial? Are they being deprecated?

    • technology is there, but we have not reached all the developers yet.

      what exact SD extensions do you miss?

      • Luis Alejandro GordilloMorgado

        Outlook for speed dial (my extension), Gmail for speed dial and, rather surpringly, Opera’s facebook speed dial.

      • Luis Alejandro GordilloMorgado

        Seems my answer wasn’t posted :C
        I’m missing outlook for speed dial (my extension), gmail for speed dial and Opera’s own facebook for SD extensions.

      • Luis Alejandro GordilloMorgado

        Third try… for some reason I can’t post… outlook for SD (mine), gmail for SD and Opera’s facebook for SD.

        EDIT: Testing if comment got through…

        EDIT 2: Weird… for some reason I couldn’t see my comments. Deleted the previous ones.

      • cgebhard

        Are some of them already working? Is there a way to see compatibility with new speed dial in extensions catalogue?

      • Luis Alejandro GordilloMorgado

        is there any new info on this matter? People complain that my extension doesn’t work with the new SD and there’s nothing I can do about it without info on the changes needed.

        • Luis, could you please provide a little bit more insight? What SD extensions do those people miss?

          • Luis Alejandro GordilloMorgado

            For example Opera’s very own facebook for SD doesn’t work. In particular, my extension Outlook for SD doesn’t work.

          • Luis Alejandro GordilloMorgado

            Do comments here need to be approved before appearing? I answered your question though I can’t see my comment now.

          • Luis Alejandro GordilloMorgado

            My extension Outlook for SD and Opera’s facebook for SD are not working.

  • God

    I want Stash :C

  • Lacedaemon

    Thanks for what? You haven’t listened to anything we’ve keep saying for 3 months…

    Told you (fanboys) they would not improve them… not in dev, not in beta and certainly not in stable. Congratulations.

    • And you keep ranting. Everybody keeps doing what he/she can do best…

      • Lacedaemon

        Yeah ranting is that you can’t move more than one bookmark at a time, the simplest of things that was pointed out 3 moths ago…

        • Believe it or not, but there’s a bunch of improvements planned because of the feedback everybody in here provided. Only because you can’t see things yet doesn’t mean it’s not happening.
          But I see your point. That’s why I didn’t delete your comment in the first place.
          Anyhow, please don’t make me…

          • Lacedaemon

            Well if that is so, it certainly is not the way to promote it… Thanking the beta and dev users and presenting the same version that was introduced many months ago is an oxymoron.

          • Lacedaemon

            Apart from that, Bookmarks is still in an unfinished state and it shouldn’t be presented to the average user yet, because when the average user will try to select more than one bookmark and sees it’s not possible to do anything, or pressing “Delete” to delete it and it won’t work either (who will think about pressing Shift+Delete” instead of the simplest thing that it’s on his keyboard: “Delete”), it’s more than certain that he will not try it again in the future -whenever and if that will be implemented- so who will be at a loss here? Both him and the browser. Lack of discoverability -> lack of features -> word of mouth -> searching for alternative browser.
            Except you will be doing an extra introductory page again after an update that states the above explicitly, which is not the best as Opera ASA already knows. Most people don’t like to read, they like to jump into action.

          • Herr Pietrus

            Is it happening? Really?
            When we will see some effects? We’re not telling about completely new features but only about some essential improvements. I’m still using Opera and believe in it but it’s harder and harder to believe that you’re really listening to your most faithful users… 🙁 Will Opera be only a stop on the way to using Chrome?

          • Izer0

            Seems like Pine Bookmark extension (with some modification) I used for months. I hope you will do your maximum best… Question – why is chrome.processes API disabled in opera?

          • plague

            The thing is, he’s not wrong.
            Even if there are improvements planned in specific areas us longtime users have long asked for, or given feedback on, no one is communicating _anything_ about _any_ of it, until your post right now.
            It’s the complete silence for months and months that is causing the rants.
            If you have ever fell like you’re trying to talk with a brick wall, that’s pretty much what it feels like for us when it comes to these matters.
            A simple “chill, it’ll come in a later version” or “yeaah, that’s not happening” would suffice.
            But when it comes to answering _anything_ about whether _any_ features asked for from Opera 12 (for example) will _ever_ return in _any_ form, there’s complete silence (despite the fact that Opera Blink was promoted as a primarily “under the hood” kind of change when announced, which is faaaaar from what actually happened).
            Do you really expect long time Opera users, that are trying to give feedback, trying to help, to not feel frustrated when they are continuously ignored?

          • I know how you feel. I’ve been exactly where you are a few months back.
            I always wanted and still would like to see Opera being a bit more communicative. That’s why I often tell people about what’s happening to bugs they reported in order to at least shine a bit of light on what’s happening.
            I am, however, just like all of Opera’s employees, bound to non-disclosure-agreements.
            Everything one of us says needs to be wisely considered so we can’t be held reliable afterwards. e.g. imagine one of us promising / stating feature X is coming and then unforeseeable issues arise and it needs to be dropped. People tend to get mad about “broken promises”.
            Also, we can never say “feature Y is NOT coming”. It may not currently be planned, but if users, you, are requesting it a lot, it’s probably gonna be added sooner or later. Bookmarks is the best example of how Opera listened to y’all shouting 😉

            Maybe that helps at least a bit to understand why we are expressing ourselves that vaguely and not giving clear answers.
            Rest assured, that we (mods, volunteers as well as Opera’s devs) are reading and considering every piece of feedback that you guys provide in here. And although we most often can’t give you immediate feedback, your requests are an important part of prioritization of features both in development just as those to come.
            I know we do appear deaf sometimes, but we’re listening. Always. Promised!

          • plague

            I figured that it was nda-related.
            However, we’ve had Opera devs coming here and saying things like why should they bother spending time and effort in here when all people do is rant and complain?
            Since you are well aware that the ranting and complaining is caused by the silence from Opera devs, that itself is caused by the nda’s. I think it’s very unfair of those devs to put the blame on the users.
            The users here don’t know, they don’t receive any information or confirmation on pretty much anything. They are largely completely ignored on most issues. Ofcourse they are going to be frustrated.

            I thank you for trying to improve the situation and I understand that it’s not an easy thing to do.

            I just wish the higher-ups at Opera would see how it’s incredibly counterproductive to just keep silent about _everything_.
            That’s how you loose a fanbase, how you loose users.

          • Well, as said: devs are kind of trapped in the middle between company interests and user interests.
            Company says “Shut up!” users say “Speak up!”. They can only loose.
            And honestly, I wouldn’t react to comments either anymore if I only got yelled at by rude users who are just venting their frustration unfiltered.
            Devs are people bound to rules. And they are doing a great job.
            We just need to get the atmosphere in this very blog straightened out. If everybody would start being a bit more polite and patient (I know it’s hard and you/we’ve been left alone in the dark for quite some time) to each other, things surely would get better soon.

          • plague

            Yeah, but am I wrong in thinking that the devs are allowed to say whether they are allowed to say anything?
            If so, they could simply state that they cannot comment on this or that due to their nda?
            People aren’t so rude that they wouldn’t understand when explained to them why certain things can’t be answered.
            Silence is not the answer.

            Your explanations here have confirmed what I suspected and that helps a bit with the frustration. I still want answers to my longstanding questions, but atleast now I know for sure why they haven’t been answered. It helps, even if it’s not completely satisfactory.

            If more Opera developers would follow your example and answer in a similar manner instead of just ignoring certain questions or comments, I’m sure the atmosphere would soon become alot better around here.

          • Well, I guess it’s a choice between 1. answering questions with “I can’t answer” and 2. keeping developing.

            Solution number one just doesn’t have any obvious gain while solution two will actually show you what’s going to happen sooner.

            And again: There are just too many users right now that won’t settle with “I don’t know” anyway 😉

          • plague

            Yea but you can always sprinkle in solution #1 here and there and thin out the hurd a bit… win-win 😉

          • You’re kicking at an open door 😉

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I guess that they could bring back the old “When it’s ready” answer some questions. 🙂

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Ok, i can understand your point but there is one think i really don’t get:

            Why so-called long time Opera users keep saying that Opera should answer the users and tell when feature X or Y is coming whenn they should know that Opera (almost) never spoke about upcoming features or on what they were working on during its 18, 19 years?

            And those so-called long time users should also know why Opera usually never revealed release dates (of features, versions, etc) to users: because, unfortunately, many people wouldn’t be able to understand that things can change and would begin to “charge” Opera if they couldn’t release something on a certain version or date after have said that something would be released on that version/date.

            Being a 16(?)+ years Opera user, i think that they are communicating better know than in the past.

          • plague

            I’ve been using Opera daily since Opera 6.
            I remember for example Haavard used to post quite alot on the old forums until the change to Blink.
            I’m not necessarily talking about them releasing info _when_ a feature will arrive. I’m talking about more generally being involved with the community and answer questions. There is a clear difference now compared to before. They are much more silent now than before, in my opinion. And I do think it’s fair to ask _if_ certain Opera 12 features will ever come back in some form since the change to Blink was promoted as a primarily “under the hood” kind of thing. That implies that the rest of the browser would basically remain the same. Which is clearly far from what actually happened. So those questions are valid.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I’m talking about more generally being involved with the community and answer questions. There is a clear difference now compared to before.

            May be, they don’t use “When it’s ready” like they used before. 🙂

            But what should they answer? And what they used to answer before that they aren’t answering nowadays?

            So those questions are valid.

            I never said they aren’t. What i’ve questioned was that long time users (or better, long time Desktop Team blog followers) should know the (lack of) answers for those questions.

          • plague

            I don’t know. I just think that any response is better than no response.

            When people feel ignored, they get frustrated. If they get a response, good or bad, they atleast tend to not feel ignored.

            Also, since the move to Blink was promoted as a primarily “under the hood” thing and with the result being far from it, I don’t think an explanation is too much to ask for.

            Maybe they really thought it was gonna be an under the hood change and then found out it was pretty much impossible to do that.
            Maybe they always planned on replacing the entire thing and start from scratch.
            Maybe they decided that customizability is not a good thing (blasphemy).

            I don’t know, but whatever happened, it’s not what they initially promoted it as to their existing users and thus people were (and some still are) shocked and wanted answers. There’s nothing strange in that reaction whatsoever.

            I know the employees can’t do anything about that, but _something_ happened at Opera (the company) before or during the switch to Blink. _Something_ changed. Big time. I don’t know what and why, but the complete silence is still causing a lot of frustration. Opera (the company) is not what it used to be.

            But when you make such a radical change to the product, that is arguably the single most important piece of software on a computer aside from the OS, without any explanation whatsoever (I’m not talking about the rendering engine here), people _will_, understandably, get pissed off.

            It’s not rocket science, it’s human nature.

            If you don’t want to deal with the fallout, come out of the shadows and actually address the concerns of the users, that for all intents and purposes, are their customers.

            Now, just to point it out very clearly:
            I _do_ appreciate very much the work the developers put into the product.
            I _do_ like most of what’s so far been put into new Opera Blink.

            BUT, it’s still mostly a Chrome clone and I was using Opera Presto becuase of what Opera offered that no one else came even close to offer. All the UI innovation, all the customizability, the speed, the built-in features like M2, etc. And yet it had a smaller footprint than even Firefox, which offered none of it without third-party extensions.

            THAT’S Opera, THAT’S why people loved Opera. Fine, switch rendering engine for compatibility’s sake, but if you throw out the rest you throw out what makes Opera Opera.
            If they plan on reintroducing the missing features in some way further down the line, awesome, but we have no way of knowing that. Maybe it’ll never happen. How are we supposed to know?
            A simple, “yes, that’s the plan” or “no, not gonna happen” is all it takes. That is not too much to ask for.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            A simple, “yes, that’s the plan” or “no, not gonna happen” is all it takes. That is not too much to ask for.

            Ok, but the problem is that things (can) change and what is planned today may turn into something that not gonna happen tomorrow and vice-versa.

          • plague

            So saying nothing at all, just to cover their ass, is somehow better?
            Sorry, but I highly disagree there.
            Ofcourse things can change. But we’re _still_ talking about basic features that had been in the browser for over a decade! An answer to those concerns is simply not too much to ask for and it baffles be that some people think it is.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It’s not about being better or worse, it’s just how things work in the real world (of business). You can’t simply say something just for saying because it can affect your business.

            What should they answer? “Ah, we don’t know yet” or ” ?We are stil evaluating”? Or maybe the old (and gold 🙂 ) “When it’s ready”? What?
            People would be satisfied with those answers? I bet they wouldn’t.

            Even if they answered “Ok, we are planning to do it”, people wouldn’t be satisfied. And some would start to ask for it on every single release.

            If the answer was “No, we are not adding this” then people will start asking “Why? You have to add this” and would start to ask for it on every single build released.

            So no matter what they say, no matter what they answer, there always be someone complaining.

            And even basic features can change and is also something subjective because what is basic for an user may not be basic for the other.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Maybe they decided that customizability is not a good thing (blasphemy).

            Well, customization can be good (and useful) when you know what you are doing and know how to deal with it.

            If it’s not the case then customization can turn into a trouble as lots of comments here and/or posts on the forums used to show.

            I was using Opera Presto becuase of what Opera offered that no one else came even close to offer. All the UI innovation, all the customizability, the speed, the built-in features like M2, etc.

            Akk those features and innovations that led to lots of complains when they were added just like when they were removed.

            It’s not easy to please everyone. 🙂

          • plague

            No, but what defined Opera _was_ those features, the customizability and the speed.
            If you used Opera, _that_ was what you expected, _that_ was what you wanted.
            If you wanted a Chrome-like, simplistic, locked-down browser, hey there just happens to be one available that is called Chrome.

            However, with Opera 12, they started offering both, and pretty damn well if you ask me.
            You still had all your customizability, yet the default settings and UI were simple to use, simple to understand and worked well. It was not confusing for beginners and yet it was extremely customizable for those who wanted that.

            So it is certainly possible to have both, and Opera proved that.

        • cgebhard

          You could use Ctrl-X of >1 bm and Ctrl-V in the destination folder as a temporary workaround until they improved bookmarks manager.

  • Does anyone else have problems with pop-ups? They never seem to get blocked.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No problems here.

  • niknoliktwiddle

    So, what have we here?

    1) Visual bookmarks = visual representation of websites IS important.

    2) Speed dial without images = visual representation of websites IS NOT important.

    This is Opera. Fom Day One Till The End.

    • Herr Pietrus

      You hit the nail on the had.

    • Keep in mind that the new start page is an experiment, because we think it has advantages and disadvantages we are not enabling it by default, but let people play with it and give us feedback.

      The new startpage tries to create a visually nice icon representation of a website, not a link. So it will hopefully find the Opera logo on opera.com and convert it to a nice, recognizable tile, which again is a visual representation of opera.com and pages on this domain.

      • Herr Pietrus

        Ok, I understand that automatic logo finding is crucial for not advanced users and for… “wow effect”, but I’m afraid that there will be still many websites with no/really ugly logo. So I’m afraid that you won’t escape from necessity of letting us choose our own logo…

      • Venolin Naidoo

        I like it.
        The new speed dial is good.
        I prefer the icons instead of site templates.
        Looks so much neater.

      • NIBB

        I liked the new startpage after 3 minutes already. Its visually more appealing and clicking to the left makes more sense than on the top for the 3 basic options, not to mention they are bigger which makes them easier to click.

      • Keith W Peterson

        I like it.
        Is there an import option as of yet?
        I can’t seem to find one, not that I have looked all that hard.

        I would make Opera my default browser if it handled bookmarks.

        As it is, I use it mostly just to test websites I create.

        I also, personal opinion, think the bookmark image/tiles could be a tad smaller. I agree with others that there should be an ability to reject the default image for a bookmarked website, and choose one of our own liking if we choose.

        Interested to see how the bookmarks evolves in the future.

        • Marcin Mitek

          We introduced importing in developer channel, you might want to download the Opera 26 develper and check it for yourself, import options are available in opera:settings -> Browser section.

      • Mayhem

        Tries and fails.

      • life-fulfilled

        I do not like the use of logos, there should be a choice between this and the snapshot. The logos are boring, plus I have many sites that do not have logos. Also, what if you have many links to the same site, how can you tell the difference between the links when they all have the same logo?

      • dqdb

        Logo detection is a nice feature, but you should provide an option to override it. Two examples:
        1. I have two speed dials entries for different areas of a site. Thumbnails are different: I can easily decide which one I need. Now the two are the same: I have to hover the mouse to select.
        2. I’v added three sites of a Hungarian IT portal to Speed Dial: “prohardver.hu” has a generated red tile, “itcafe.hu” has a logout.hu logo, “logout.hu” has a prohardver.hu logo.

        One additional request: you should provide either trash (like in old times), or a confirmation dialog (like in old times) or both of them before deleting Speed Dial entries or bookmarks. One accidental click (delete icon on a bookmark instead of edit, or Delete command in context menu instead of edit in Speed Dial), and your data is gone.

        • Nekomajin43

          Do you see @thorbenb ? That’s what I was talking about.

        • Lacedaemon

          Yes a peaceful feature can’t coexist with such a destructible one in a menu. It happened to me before it’s just a mis click and bam.. gone

      • Mon

        And what about SD extensions?

        You think about the people who use them?

        Why change something that works fine to something less useful?

        I do not understand.

      • netmain

        unless you’re willing to add at least a title or the URL of a given website thumb, the new start page is a huge waste of time! also, the “group dials” need titles!

      • Nadia Alexander

        why don`t you experiment with alpha and beta versions instead?

        • This is an experiment wether uses like it or not, not if it works well together with other features or in the sense that it’s not stable. You can turn it on and off. There is a button that invites you to try it out. You can go back at any time.

          • Davey126

            The default setting (at least for me) was disabled. I had to make an overt choice to try the new start page and can instantly toggle between the two with no loss in functionality or prior configuration. There is nothing wrong with this experimental approach. While I personally don’t care for the new start page as currently presented the exposure does not harm mainstream users in any way.

          • Tomasz

            It does harm users who used stash, which is replaced by bookmarks, but the functionality and purpose of both differ. Secondly, there’s no way to add a link to speed dial without adding it to bookmarks. Why to duplicate them? It doesn’t make sense for me. Thirdly, in bookmarks view, the only way to toggle between it and speed dial is to go back, where it should be some button or tab to toggle between them and missing stash (saved for later links).

            Overall it’s nothing good about it compared to the old bookmark panel at the side, where I could just open it with a shortkey and drag the tab directly to the folder, without leaving a page and opening new tab.

          • Davey126

            I was responding to the new start page (which is optional) but I agree with your comments regarding the demise of Stash, default behavior of adding links to bookmarks and navigational immaturity of the Bookmarks UI. The first two will likely get fixed in time; not sure Stash will ever make a permanent return. In O25 there is a flag to disable the new bookmark system which will restore Stash – at least for now.

          • Tomasz

            I am afraid so, that’s why I wrote another longer comment about it, hoping it will reach moderator.

            Where exactly can I disable new system?

          • Davey126

            In address bar type “opera://flags”, , search for ‘bookmarks’, disable and then restart.

            (I haven’t read your longer comment yet…soon)

          • Tomasz

            Ok, thanks for that. I disabled it for now, at least until bookmarks interface will mature. Probably, I should be more patient too.

          • Luap

            but it does make sense… because a speed dial entry is in fact a bookmark. It just differs in that it is a visual bookmark rather than a txt based bookmark.

            But for me, I’m still on 12.x because of the lack of bookmark functionality. I have thousands of bookmarks. And YES, I AM obsessive compulsive… but so what? It works for me… except now an increasing number of websites no longer play nice with version 12.x

      • Tomasz

        Yes, there is an option to switch between new and old style, but Stash is gone and I can’t turn it on! First you gave us a great way to save links for later, then transformed all into bookmarks without an option. They are not my bookmarks, they are links for later. How I am supposed to separate them now? Eventually, I can make a separate folder for them, but ‘temporary bookmarks’ would be more distinguishable. It’s well explained here: https://forums.opera.com/discussion/1853644/feedback-on-changings-to-the-stash-page-new-version-25/p1
        You took side panel from us before, along with a lot of other nice features, now stash.

        So, please don’t tell us we can turn it off and on, we don’t have the option. There is no way to save anything to speed dial without adding to bookmarks. And when I delete link from speed dial it still stays in bookmarks. Maybe you want to keep things simple, but why by decreasing functionality and experience and by killing features?

        New tiles with logo are ugly for me and anything but recognizable, when I have more than one bookmark from the same domain. Logo is indeed a representation of domain, but not a particular page/bookmark. A screenshot-like picture seems to be better choice for that purpose, but maybe I just need more time to get used to it.

        Opera tries hard to be innovative, but I think it experiments in the wrong place. Overall, last updates decreased functionality of the browser. Such ‘experiments’ only shows a lack of any plan and strategy or that developers’ visions are inconsistent, at best.

        Another time we were forced to change our habits. For the time being, I stopped to add any links to anywhere, just waiting until it’s settled. Do you think we don’t have better things to do than playing with Opera and reorganize our browsing and bookmarking time after time? It’s not fun at all and we don’t have time for such experiments. We need a tool, not a game nor toy.

        Before we had simple but functional handy side panel. This was the reason I switched to Opera for! I could just open it with a shortkey and drag the tab directly to the folder, without leaving a page and opening new tab. If you want an experiment, why not to take the best functions of both bookmarking ways and connect the old with the new? We could have a good old side panel for a quick access, with the option to expand it to a new tab with the visual bookmarks.

        I don’t say the new bookmark are all wrong. Just I don’t want to spend more time organizing bookmarks in separate tab, but I need quick access to them.

        Give it a try and let the users to choose. And please, give us something for ‘saved for later’. Do a survey about such important features and then stick to one established track and strategy, instead of experimenting all the time at the cost of our time and patience. There is nothing wrong with admitting that sometimes experiments goes wrong.

        • AlexBrtn
        • t0ken407

          I loved stash (even though there was no real bookmarking) and thought it was a great idea. Sad that they took it away. I now use a chromium extension for the functionality that Stash provided (toomanytabs). It always worked well for me on Chromium and easily fills Stash’s shoes. Still…would’ve been nice to have that functionality natively vs. an extension, but, hell, it would’ve been nice to stay with the Presto engine as well so I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

      • Name the advantages it has over the current Speed Dial. Brainwash us about how it became obsolete.

        • I don’t know how to brainwash

          • Luap

            well that’s an honest reply anyway. : )

    • Denyer

      The new bookmarks system is superb, you can choose to have the funky logo, or select from a bunch of thumbnails. Excellent IMO.

      Now, if they can extend that to the new SpeedDial, and have thumbnail views update on a periodic basis like Opera12 did ? Perfect.

      Cmon guys, they’re getting there!

      (List view is still a bit chunky and O12’s panel implementation still feels superior, but it’s progress.)

  • Cyrris

    So I am cautiously optimistic about the direction we’re heading in here but there are a couple of issues that mean I’ll be holding off on the new Start Page, and also the new Bookmarks implementation, until they are fixed.

    1) I can’t see any way to import my speed dial entries to the new bookmarks system. Back when Opera 15 was released, I tried to follow your new philosophy and changed my Opera 12 bookmarks to Opera 15 speed dial folders, while using the Stash for more transient things. This means it is Speed Dial, not the Stash, which is the main section which needs an import option to the new Bookmarks system for me, and I imagine, some others. Given that Start Page entries added via the address bar Heart icon are now also created as bookmarks, it makes sense for this logic to be followed through. The Start Page really should function as a bookmarks folder for all intents and purposes of bookmark management.

    2) Start Page/Speed Dial folders are now very difficult to use when they are full of auto-generated coloured squares, and there is no title until you mouse over. I understand the coloured tiles may be temporary, but even if the thumbnails were good, a folder really needs the hover title to be there all the time, not when hovering, as this wastes my time figuring out which folder I want. This is less of an issue with regular Speed Dial/Start Page entries, as more and more sites have meaningful icons of sorts, but would still be good as an option there too.

    Thanks for keeping at it, thanks for the Linux version progress, and perhaps I should step up my involvement in the Dev and Beta versions in future as I’m not sure you’re getting enough feedback on issues like the above.

    • Yes, would be nice to move some folders from speed-dial to the bookmarks now.

    • You have to options:
      1. Open each of your Speed Dials and bookmark it, then recreate all the folders and put all the newly created bookmarks inside those folders, one by one.

      2. Show the Bookmark Bar (it still exists), create the folders one by one, open your Speed Dial folders and drag your Speed Dials one by one into each folder, then Open the Bookmark manager and either manage the bookmark folders from there or move them to a new location, which will delete them from the Bookmark Bar, you can’t have both the Bookmark Bar and the BM Manager, unless you repeat the process for each, since you can’t move Speed Dial folders to the BM Bar either.

      Tedious, counter-intuitive and stupid to the limit.

      Oh, and make a back up of your profile, you can expect Opera to delete all of your bookmarks without a warning and before you know, you’re in front of those 4 default-empty-as-Opera-developer’s head-useless-folders.

      • Izer0

        Or do same game with an SQLite administration tool and export/import it between speeddial/stash and bookmarks. But this is for advanced users.

  • LoverOfLife

    Meet new Opera stable, with hybrid speed dial! This is like a car with 2 boards with no options and fully uncustomizable. Dislike!

    • Mayhem

      Yeah, I like how Speed Dial and Bookmarks Manager have the same functionality.

  • FB George

    For god sake let us delete folders.

    • Davey126

      You can – click “My folders” header on left then hover over target folder. A right click option on the folder would be better.

      • FB George

        Thanks for letting me know.

      • SLR

        I was expecting a right click menu too. Thanks for the info.

    • ayespy

      You can also delete folders using the Opera menu. Near the top is the “Bookmarks” entry and from that you can hover your way to the folder you want to delete, right-click it, and delete it.

    • Herr Pietrus

      But folders can be deleted…

  • Mister

    What about fonts? They are now fuzzy. In the 24th version, this was not.

    • Cyrris

      You can toggle the DirectWrite option in opera:flags to make some progress there.

      • Mister

        Yes, it works)

  • rabe85

    A little bug: In O-menu i don’t have the right click option “open all bookmarks”, if there are only sub-folders in the folder where i right-clicked. There must be one bookmark in the folder to have the option enabled. It ignores that there are a lot of bookmarks in the sub-folders.
    The best would be to have two right click options. 1. open all bookmarks (from this and all sub-folders) 2. open all bookmarks (only from this folder without any sub-folders).

  • I LOVE IT! Now I can finally uninstall Chrome 😀 But one problem through: Opera’s synchronize doens’t work, and this is a BIG problem! FIX IT!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Sync will probably come with Opera 26. You can download and install the latest developer build to check it if you want.

  • lassekongo83

    Yay. Finally HTML5 video player on YouTube. Thanks!

  • Zin

    Wow, a change that nobody asked for, AMAZING, now i know what all the USERS must wait for http://tinyurl.com/lm9cdhs

    • ayespy

      Actually, a number of people have asked for visual bookmarks and a bookmark manager, though I could probably count those whom I have seen ask for both on one hand.

    • Herr Pietrus

      Such additional feature like visual bookamrks isn’t bad if it doesn’t replace the old one e.g. lists of bookmarks, completely. Fortunately, we’ve got bookmarks manager again and we can chose how we want to display them.

  • Love the Re-newed bookmarks and folders. Next up will be making the speed dial nicer looking again. Thanks!

  • morfox

    Hello, this is my first post since myopera is closed. I´m sad about this new way of bookmarks… What about the webiste-thumbnails in Speeddial? What about fast swiching between Speeddial and Bookmarks? I think users should be able to choose his own way of bookmark-style. I don´t like the new “visual bookmarks”. I am so excited about that, so i created an account to tell it to you.

  • Izer0

    Neverending processes still continue http://www.softpae.com/opera.avi (DNA-28034) … so Opera neverending memory eating still continue. 🙁 Guys, enable chrome.processes or use kill process in Opera, it is relatively easy. 🙁

  • Kiyoko Kisaragi

    may I still request the feature for speed dial: press ctrl+# and go to your first 9 links without clicking with a mouse?the speed dial screen without this feature is just like a bookmark collection displayed in a speed dial fashion..

    second, the new start page does look nice, but I can go to ‘bookmarks’ from default ‘speed dial’, and not verse visa. this is not very convenient and I hope this is not designed on purpose. glad that you still have an option to go back to the old start page.

    also, is there a way to not show the ‘discover’ icon at all? I (and perhaps lots of other people) never use it.

    • Damear Dadabayev

      I’d give this ten up-votes if I could. Perhaps I should log-off here and add a guest vote.

  • Jorton

    Could you please make the speed dial and the bookmarks exchangeable?

    • what do you mean by ‘exchangeable’?

      • Jorton

        For instance, we can move the pages in speed dial to bookmark.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        I’m just going to add: We can move bookmarks from SD to BM bar, but we can’t move folders. And that would be very useful, for example: save current session as a group on SD -> drag and drop the group to a folder in bookmarks like, “My saved sessions.”

      • Jorton

        For instance, you want to move pages in speed dial to bookmarks.

  • Łukasz Janik

    thanks. the new Manager is still not finalized, is lacking features and options. How to add pages, it cannot directly choose where you want to add.

    • ‘it cannot directly choose where you want to add.’ – I don’t get it. You can choose a folder.

      • ayespy

        Only among the first-level folders in the “home” folder.

      • Izer0

        How I can bookmark page if I have about 40 – 50 folders in bookmarks? Why you do guys everything so complicated. Opera 12 has good and easy to use bookmarks.

      • Łukasz Janik

        Unfortunately, you cannot

    • ayespy

      You can choose, but only to a limited number of first-level folders.

      • Łukasz Janik

        damage 🙁

      • Leonardo Gomes

        What would be that limit? Here i can see all my first level folder but i have just a few of them.

        • ayespy

          The limit would be, they have to be at the first level of the “My Folders” folder – UNLESS – you are already in (and using a bookmark from) some other folder – in which case that folder and its immediate senior will be available.

          Obviously, tree view navigation from the heart menu would be optimum, and if the Opera devs are smart, they will implement it

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Ah, ok, I thought of it as a limit of the number of folders that would be displayed.

  • ayespy

    So it appears one cannot bookmark to hierarchical folders except within the bookmarks bar, and then by dragging only – which for MY purposes is just fine, but for others is going to be an irritation.

    Also, it’s not possible to bookmark the startpage (though, due to importation of bookmarks I do have a startpage bookmark in my imported bookmarks) – which got me to thinking: Startpage should just be a standard special bookmark folder, which cannot be deleted. You could delete all its content if you wanted, never use it or whatever, but if you DO choose to use it, it should a) be able to receive new bookmarks after the same method as any other folder, and b) should accommodate hierarchical folders like any other.

  • I like distinct symbols for some bookmarks, but not always, so the option for website screenshot (or domain logo) should be the first visual option, not the last.

    And I want an option that the domain logo in visual bookmarks uses not the top level domain, but my description/name! And the option to show this name in the new start page like in the old one.

    The workflow of the bookmarks/speed dial is still not good – sometimes context menus, sometimes not. And as a poweruser in Opera 12: I have many bookmarks with additional description text. Sometimes I don’t recall the bookmark name, but some keywords and can search for them. Not possible anymore :-(.

    And most important: You have to search bookmarks from the address bar!!!

    As always: You did so many things right in Opera 12! Just finetune them and don’t try to re-invent dumbed down versions. I breaks my heart…

  • ayespy

    Now that we have the option to select this or that thumbnail when we FIRST create a bookmark, that same capability needs to be included when we EDIT a bookmark. I realize that means that when you select “edit,” you would have to be activating a script that calls up the page in the background, on top of everything else, but it would save having to delete and re-create every damn bookmark just to get meaningful thumbnails you can live with.

    • cgebhard

      There’s actually no need to delete a bookmark and re-create it. Just open the bookmark and change the image in the heart menu.
      I know, still a bigger effort than what you asked for, but at least you save the step of deleting the bookmarks.

      • ayespy

        That doesn’t seem to work here. You’re going to have to explain better. EVERYTHING I could do which could be interpreted as “open the bookmark and change the image in the heart menu” either duplicated the bookmark in a new location, failed to offer an option to change the image, or offered me a new image but saved nothing.

        • cgebhard

          Okay, so here is what I am doing atm:

          – open bm manager and locate the bookmark that I want to “pimp” with a picture. (say http://www.acde.fgh/ijk/lmn)
          – click on it so that it loads in a tab
          – since it’s already bookmarked, the heart icon is already red, so when I click it it isn’t re-saved to another place
          – I change picture to my liking (no confirmation/saving needed)
          – when I go back to bm manager there the bookmark is with the new picture

          this works for me

          • ayespy

            Yeah. Only works here if it’s a bookmark I created using the heart menu in the first place. If It is an imported bookmark or one created from the old speed dial + bookmark bar system, etc., the image is not saved – I assume because the hook to the associated image is not a part of the bookmark that was created by another method.

          • cgebhard

            I see. That does seem to be a problem then. Did you import them via the chrome-workaround? Have you tried importing them via the importer of Version 26 and then copying the database to 25? (maybe this way the association to an image is made)

          • ayespy

            These are ones that I imported directly from 12.x into Dev26 when its user-operated importer was rolled out, and which were subsequently synced to this version via XMarks (as direct import and direct sync are not available in Stable25 et prior).

          • cgebhard

            Okay, I’m out of ideas now, sorry. I hope they’ll have a look into this to make import/transition to the new bm manager as comfortable as possible.

          • ayespy

            Hey – I’m a hardy sort. I’m still with Opera, right? I can work around ‘most ANYTHING. Many of the impressions and advices that I post here are because I know how helpless many average users are in the face of tech that is less than idiot-proof, and how many advanced users will settle for nothing less than infinite options for all aspects of the UI and function of a browser.

  • Aldo Fregoso

    Sync, Sync, Sync, Sync, Where is Sync????

    I prefer Opera over Chrome, but the lack of Sync is killing me.

    I already lost the stash I had, because my employer changed my PC and I completely forgot to back them up, since at this point I take sync for granted, because every other browser (including Opera 12) has sync…

    • Nekomajin43

      Next version.

    • Herr Pietrus

      In developer… it’s starting to work. 🙂

  • djka555

    Шрифт каким-то хреновым стал, как откатить?

  • What happened to the fonts? They seem to be different than they used on some sites. Is there a way to bring it back to default or is this new default?

    • ayespy

      Disable directwrite in your flags

      • Yea….. It is disabled. I never turned it on to begin with.

        • Davey126

          Don’t know if you saw my reply. Try enabling DirectWrite. Cleared up my font issue with O25.

        • ayespy

          Obviously a system-dependent thing. Some people have to turn it off, others have to turn it on.

        • ayespy

          Of course, one has to remember – this is a backwards flag. Enabling the flag disables DirectWrite and vice versa.

    • Tibi

      Go to chrome://flags and “Disable DirectWrite”. restart the browser after this.

    • Davey126

      In my case I had to ENABLE DirectWrite to clean-up blurry fonts. Best try it both ways. Don’t forget to restart Opera for changes to take effect.

  • I need no fancy, but USEFUL!!

    • Herr Pietrus

      Fancy-schamcy! Uugh!…

      • Did you miss that much of the pic? It features folders, search, close button, available without leaving the page, is resizable, you can open all folders in tabs, or all folders in private tabs, even the damn scroll works without having to click on it so you can see more items withoug leaving what you’re doing.

        Not merely a side panel.

      • Wilson Oruma


    • yah, side panel is really useful and pretty accessible. I used them a lot back then (9.x ~ 12.x)

      And it is supposed to be easy to develop : inject opera bookmark page tab into current tab (like Opera Soundcloud extension which hovers in any tab)

      but nah, even tab stacking is far to be implemented, what am I hoping for… I think I’ll have to just enjoy this “Chrome – Opera Skin”. It’s still ok. *coughing*

    • Anders Gustafsson

      Wholeheartedly agree. The new bookmarks is better than the old, but still not as good as the side panel in Opera 12. Basically, what I want is:
      a) The tree view
      b) The search bar

      • Kamen Minkov

        The nickname and description fields are invaluable in some cases.

      • Tommy

        Opera developers are trying to reinvent the wheel for the n-th time. It’s just weird that they are the only group that don’t see how lame the new Opera is.

    • FF Bookmarks are fancier than Opera Blink :v

      • You mean their animation? It’s pretty neat

    • Tomasz

      Why not to take the best functions of both bookmarking ways and bind the old with the new. We could have a good old easily accessible side panel with the option to expand it to a new tab with the visual bookmarks.

      Opera tries hard to be innovative, but I really don’t get it why it still is so reluctant to listen its users! Opera, give it a try and let the users to choose.

      • floief

        Excellent!! You’ve got me thinking…bookmarks in a sidebar with folder tree for organization…and…small window viewer at bottom that would bring up a snapshot of the bookmarked site!

    • Arizu Boadicea

      A mi no me aparece eso. 🙁

      Con estos nuevos cambios, no puedo copiar los marcadores del “acceso rápido” a las carpetas de “marcadores”. Tampoco hay registro del “acceso rápido” en los archivos del sistema. No puedo guardar los “marcadores” como archivo “html”. Y no puedo sincronizar con el “OperaLink” 🙁

      Entonces, ¿cómo le hago para importar los marcadores a otro navegador o guardarlos html. O copiar carpetas enteras del acceso rápido a los marcadores? ¡No me gusta! Tampoco me gusta el formato de logos, me gusta como se veía el formato de captura de página.

      En fin… 🙁

  • Łukasz Janik

    the opera turns on, like always, in a small window.

  • djka555

    Help please. After upgrading to Opera 25 font on the pages became more bold and blurry. Please tell me how to fix it

    • Tibi

      Go to chrome://flags and “Disable DirectWrite”. restart the browser.

  • Tarlouf

    Yes! Finally the bookmarks bar is back. Great.
    25 it s half a Opera browser half a Chrome lite. (13-24 are Chrome lite)
    bring the tabs thumbnails back and we ll finally have a real opera browser ♥

  • This became typical of Opera in my work.

    • FF does the job. Ok, hours differ a bit as I couldn’t work both screenshots the same time.

      • Guest

        It’s not uploading.

  • Łukasz Janik

    Please change back to the path of the program files

  • Clayton

    I dont like it!! I wanna go back!! Please tell me how??

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What you don’t like?

      • Clayton

        I dont like the new speed dial display. I dont like the side bar. I dont like that stash has been removed after i found a use for it. Bookmarking stuff is more annoying. It gave me an option to “Try” it so i thought i might as well. In an instant it changed yet i cant go back as easily. So rude. Also what is the point of discovery? If you wanna find stuff use google, if you want random stuff use stumbleupon.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You can use the old style Speed Dial and, afaik, you can also keep using Stash.

          To return to the old SD, just click on the “Go back to old start page” link on the bottom right of the new start page.

          Stash should come back if you disable bookmarks on opera:flags.

          • Clayton

            Thanks. Disabled bookmark manager and disabled experimental start page in opera://flags and its all normal again =)

    • Izer0

      Read above how to revert back to 24.

  • Jorge Barrera Castillo

    muy bien opera siempre innovando, queda muy lindo, auque como dicen algunos, deberia tener por lo menos la opcion de elegir entre un preview de la pagina o un icono como esta ahora..saludos!!

  • Gabriel Cardenas

    Problem discovered by displacing the menu does not disappear (Top Stories in this picture)

  • Pesala

    There is nothing to get excited about here, and it doesn’t seem to work. Images are not added to speed dial. In Opera 12.17 I have my own home-made custom thumbnail images.

    Listen to your users. Provide nicknames, speed dial Ctrl # shortcuts, and customisation of menus, keyboard shortcuts, and mouse gestures. No matter how pretty it is, if it’s not as functionally useful as Opera 12.17 or earlier, then I am never upgrading.

  • MarkusMK

    1. In the Bookmarks Bar there are no more generic icons on pages without favicon if the bookmark is in a folder.

    2. Bookmarks and Folders with “&” in the Name are shown with “&&” in the Bookmarks Bar everywhere else is all ok.

  • After using this a bit at this point I feel like you should just remove “Speed Dial” and leave bookmarks as starting page. I liked the old implementation and I can get used to this one. However, having both speed dial and bookmarks seems redundant. The “Unsorted Bookmarks” could just be renamed to “Speed Dial”. Problem solved.

    • Herr Pietrus

      No they can’t. Stop posting such idiotic ideas, they can think that we want that…

      • Nobody cares about your shitty opinion. Get back to being irrelevant.

        • Guys, really? C’mon. You can do better than this!

          • You have got to be kidding me. You deleted my comment but his that is offensive towards me is not deleted? What a joke.

          • You just didn’t get that it was ironic ^^
            Read it again 😉

          • Oh i see how it is. So you are just going to abuse your power as a moderator, okay.

          • He just disagrees with you. It’s his right just as it is yours to post your opinion.

          • No he offended me. I don’t know if you edited the comment or him, but it was edited.

          • It was inappropriate, yes, but yours was, too.
            I removed what was inappropriate (your comment didn’t have any value that’s why I deleted it entirely).
            Can we settle on this now?
            This is no offence agains you. Relax.

          • Nice double standard you have here. Both comments should have been removed. Yet, you only removed mine. So you are abusing your power as a moderator, unacceptable.

          • He’s got a point in there: He disagrees and it’s a valid comment. His rudeness was inappropriate that’s why I removed that. C’mon, step up. Nobody’s fighting you, especially not me.

          • Alright, I guess I will just tell people on here to stop posting their ideas if I disagree with them. Thank you.

          • Do that if it makes you feel better ^^
            But do it in a polite way and don’t spam the whole blog, please ^^

          • It doesn’t make me feel any better. And you certainly should not feel good about posts like that. But it’s alright, everyone has their double standard when it comes to the rules.

          • It’s actually a moderator’s job to stop abuse, which I’m guessing he also did in this case.

          • So he is not doing his job then.

      • Nobody cares about your opinion. It is just as irrelevant as you are.

    • GameCube

      You can set “opera://bookmarks/” as your start page. Of couse I also think it’s redundant and would prefer a sidebar but it’s a lot better than Stash and I hope it’s going to improve. Now, just change Discover and make it a RSS feed or similar. I would love to choose what to read even though it’s nice to have something from a different source from time to time.

      • Oh, nice. Thanks for this. I was going to see if I can actually remove speed dial completely and use bookmarks as the start page. However, I do like Discover, is there a way to place that into bookmarks too?

        • GameCube

          I don’t think so.

      • Actually that doesn’t work for me. If I set opera://bookmarks/ as the start page I lose all my previous session.

        • Davey126

          Not a great workaround but you can pin the bookmark page which is compatible with retaining previous session. You’ll also have to middle click (or use some other method) to open bookmarks in a new/different tab. Like I said, not great but serviceable for some until a better solution is baked into the product.

        • GameCube

          Weird, it works for me.

    • You can since O24 set Bookmark Manager as startup page, if you don’t know how to do that, go to settings, it’s the first option at the top.

      In my case I use the Smart RSS reader, as now that is all this browser is capable of doing right for me.

  • hundred.or.zero

    Missing bookmark keywords badly. For example yt for youtube.

    • Do you mean nicknames?

      • hundred.or.zero

        Yes nicknames.

  • vanessa

    What happened to Sync? And … how do I import my old bookmarks that are stored in my Opera Link for years for the new Opera?

    • Try the developer channel. If nothing terrible happens Sync will be included in Version 26.

  • cgebhard

    Could you please consider changing the tab-context-menu entry “save opened tabs as speed dial folder” to: “save opened tabs to bookmark folder”?

    Since the new speeddial is designed to have one entry of a domain only (more entries from the same domain look identical) that would make more sense for saving opened tabs to e.g. “Reading list” or “shopping list”

    • Consider it considered 😉 People at Opera actually had the same comment internally.

    • Herr Pietrus

      No, thumbnails in speed dial would make more sense…
      At least for me it’s easier to access my “sessions” from SD.

      • If you save a whole session it will be in a folder anyway and I assume you will “resume” the session by opening the whole folder? May I ask why you need screenshots then? I would assume that then a title on the folder “14.10.2014 22:44” would help most. If you would need just a more visual representation of the folder, the colorful tiles of the Speed Dial experiment can’t be that bad for this purpose.

        • Rafael Luik

          Most of the times I just open a couple of pages from my saved sessions. Many pages are from the same website, and they’ll be indistinguishable with the new SD. May I ask you where have you been while I repeated to the death SD folders are better than legacy sessions because of that and its drag and drop manageability??

          Of course this is very similar to a bookmarks folder now, but when I open a new tab and can open my sessions or start a search right there with no additional clicks, that’s wow. Clicking bookmarks first is an useless additional step when SD covers my case. And more, you’ve made it a mess to add pages to SD without adding to bookmarks first!!! And you removed the indicator I have the page in the Speed Dial only (the heart button will be gray)!!! So… You want to change it for the worse. x.x

      • Speed Dial already has thumbnails, it had always have them.

        • Davey126

          The new start page does not have thumbnails – only visual icons

        • Herr Pietrus

          That’s right, I’ve thought about the new/experimental one 🙂
          But I agree, including both options is (almost) always better 🙂

    • Including both options would be even better, no need to disappear what we already have.

  • Joe438

    I really like the new bookmarks feature. It looks beautiful and is easy to use. It is like speed dial on steroids. The new visual aspect to bookmarks is a really great improvement that I am happy to see right before the launch of bookmarks to Opera Stable.

    I have one question about the opera.link aspect of the bookmarks. It appears that the bookmarks are coming from the old storage location for bookmarks and when I change the bookmarks in my browser they are not synced with the old Opera servers. As I understand it there are new Opera servers that are being used for the upcoming new version of Opera sync.

    Is there or will there be a way to transfer the bookmarks to the new Opera servers and only use those?

    All in all I am very excited about this change and have recently made Opera Stable my default browser. Keep up the great work!

    • We are glad you like visual bookmarks 🙂

      It sounds like you already have the bookmarks form Opera 12 in Opera 25. If that is the case there is basically nothing you have to do but wait to only have your bookmarks on the new Opera Sync servers. When Sync arrives in – hopefully – Opera 26 the bookmarks you currently have will be synced to the new servers when you active sync. You can then forget about whatever you had on the old servers.

      • Izer0

        Why page is automaticaly bookmaked somewhere when I use CTRL+D, even if I push ESC to cancel operation?? Where is OK button?

      • Joe438

        Very exciting to hear 🙂 I will be keeping an eager eye on the new Opera Link feature in Opera 26 or whenever it is ready to be released.

  • Alex Parker

    Still that black square. Just happens less often. Do not say it’s fixed. Do. Not.

    Non-pepper flash (, win7 x64, cleanest Opera install possible.


    • Mayhem

      Happens to me from time to time if page with flash video has been opened in a new tab.

  • Erikas Tranauskas

    does anyone have some problems with clearType? After this update, some of the websites (Facebook as example) fonts became a little blury.

    • ayespy

      Try switching directwrite in flags to whatever status it is NOT right now (on or off) and people are reporting that fixes it.

      • Erikas Tranauskas

        mmm, sorry but where exactly I can find that setting?

        • paste “opera://flags/#disable-direct-write” into your address bar and press Enter

          • Erikas Tranauskas

            very nice, thank you, it helps 🙂

        • ayespy

          enter “opera://flags” in your addressbar and then use the search function at the top of the sidebar to search for “directw…” and then click to change the status of that flag.

  • skybluedream

    Why did you remove the stash feature you fucking morons!?? If I wanted my Stash content to be displayed in bookmarks why the FUCK would I put it into stash?? You ruined this fucking browser! It was perfect. You ruined it you fucks!!! :@

    • Watch your tone, please!
      You are addressing people after all!

      • SuuperTommy

        I think posts like this should be deleted without warning.

        • Well, he’s got a valid point. Sacrificing Stash for bookmarks is an issue. I will delete comments if they only contain rude flaming without actual critique. I don’t make people shut up. Instead, I’m trying to educate users to express their opinions in an adequate way. Feedback is important. As is a polite atmosphere.
          I’m truly hoping we can get there…

      • skybluedream

        I am sorry I got frustrated & carried away

        • btw: you can get Stash back by disabling bookmarks ( opera://flags/#bookmarks ) 😉

  • skybluedream

    I used to put eBay listings & other shopping sites in stash & it was saved in a big image & the price snapshot of page was taken. I could then come to know if price changed or not. Now that you made the icons so fucking small & converged Stash with bookmarks you fucking ruined this!! How the fuck do I go back to v24? It just won’t let me anymore!!

    • Izer0

      Close opera. Disable opera update tasks in Scheduled Tasks (in Control panel) to disable automatic updates. Restart PC. Backup you Opera profile folder, it is somewhere in C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Stable (Opera Stable folder) Rename your Opera profile folder (Opera Stable folder) to Opera Stable2, … then uninstall Opera 25, install Opera 24, do first run, close Opera, rename newly created Opera Stable profile folder to Opera Stable3 and rename Opera Stable2 back to Opera Stable. Run Opera 24. Do not open about page because Opera will start update to 25.

      Another way … if you still have C:Program Files (x86)Opera24.0.1558.64 folder, disable update tasks like above, restart PC, then open installation_status.xml file from C:Program Files (x86)Opera in Notepad, replace string “25.0.1614.50” with “24.0.1558.64”, rename 25xxx folder and your launcher will start with Opera 24. Do not open About Opera page 😉

      • skybluedream

        Thanks a lot I did this & am back to v24.

  • Izer0

    25 sec to load unsorted bookmarks (stash)? Sure? I suggest you to rewrite bookmark manager as native (pepper) plugin, easier to do multiple drag&drop, lower memory consumption, very quick. And second suggestion is to rewrite download manager as native pepper plugin to support true resuming, not one implemented in current Opera. JavaScript is not useful for all things…

  • Mahmoud Hilaly

    tabs and everything is still BIG .. any way to slove that ?!

  • skybluedream

    Just make the bookmarks aka Stash..snap when you bookmark a page bigger please. Like before it saved big snap of the page & you could enlarge it. Don’t really care about the start page it wasn’t dynamic. Flat icons will do but just for the stash/bookmark page give back full page snaps

  • noritu

    I was so excited until I found out this is useless. It makes the experience LESS visual, and I still can’t synchronize my speed dial bookmarks.. Frustrated…

    • Sync is part of Opera 26. Hang tight.

      • noritu

        Will I be able to sync the Speed Dial (to be specific)? And when does this version come out?


  • How to import bookmarks from Opera 12.16? (I still have the files)

    mmmm more bits

    • Have a look at the forums. It’s explained in depth there.

      • Kinda found it, tho not easy to move things around (in folders) trying to get the imported bookmarks -> imported bookmarks (yes it is a folder in folder) folder out

  • pumpernikiel

    I must say I do like the idea behind new bookmark manager but there are a few loose ends.
    1) There’s no possibility to set a screenshot of a page in speed dial. Ideally I’d also like the possibility to set up my own images as a representation of speed dial entries.
    2) Let me get rid of Discover. It’s between Speed Dial and Bookmarks. At least let me move it to the bottom.
    3) Let me delete “Unsorted bookmarks”, “Bookmarks bar” and “Imported bookmarks” folders.

  • reflected11

    I wasn’t sure where to give feedback, and I don’t care for people to see my stupid start page but take a look:


    The old one is much easier if you have several of the same website speed dialed, as it shows a representation of that website at the time it was speed dialed. Instead of some smart phone looking icon that just says the website name. We’re on desktop computers!

    The speed dial is a major reason I use this browser over competitors please don’t screw it up for me. At least always have the option to use the dial in the same manner as the old one.

  • Altmann78

    Well seems like the integrated pdf viewer doesn’t work for me! And i don’t have any pdf viewer extension…

    • ayespy

      I tried the integrated viewer VERY briefly. I kind of hate it, because I am too used to the flexibility and options inherent in the PDF-XChange viewer plugin, which works perfectly in all browsers as well as on the desktop, and lets you do lotsa lotsa things.

  • Bob

    With the new change, every website’s font have changed. Also, everything written in bold is now extremely bold, it makes it stick out too much.

    Another problem is that the wikipedia search has gone back to my native language instead of English as I want it to be. If I could change the standard search engines this wouldn’t be a problem, but I can’t use ‘w’ to search in English Wikipedia. How do I change that?

    And thank god Opera finally has got bookmarks. It is one of the main features of a web browser.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      About the fonts issue, try disabling directwrite on opera:flags.

      • Bob

        And about the fonts, thank you, this completely worked!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Regarding search engines languages, open the file Local State in a text editor and look for these lines:

      "location": {

      "country": "br",

      "country_from_server": "BR",

      "timestamp": "1414767738600000000"

      Change ‘country” and “country_from_server” to US, UK or another english speaking country.

      • Bob

        Thanks for your reply. Where do I find this Local State? Could not find it in my Opera folder.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It’s in Opera’s profile folder. Check Menu > About Opera for the path.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It’s on Opera’s profile folder. See Menu > About Opera for the path.

          • Bob

            Now, would you look at that, it worked! Thank you so much, you are a life-saver!

  • Is it me or this version crashes a lot! I have seen the message Opera recovered from a crash more times today than ever!

  • Jovo Vazdusic

    Is there a way to revert to previous version font?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Try disabling directwrite on opera:flags.

  • I like it! Now Opera 25 become my default browser. 😀

  • Why Opera for GNU/Linux still being in beta channel?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Afaik it was already answered earlier. It’s just needs more work and isn’t ready for Stable yet.

    • Because we deserve better.

  • mikox

    I am more happy with the old Speed Dial. It has website screen-shot on each Speed Dial that improved my experience on OPERA. I’ve been using OPERA since 2005.

  • Daniel Strong

    I preferred the stash over bookmarks. If you guys want to bring bookmarks back I think it should be an optional thing, I much rather would just have a single list of screenshots (the stash) and scroll through them to find the page I want. I was quite happy to give up organizing links in to folders and all that.

  • M. Corbet

    Opera Gmail and Outlook.com Speed Dial Extensions cannot be added to the new Speed Dial Page. Otherwise the new page looks and works great for my needs. I will not use the new page though until I can put my Gmail and Outlook extensions on it that show me how many unread e-mails i have.

    Mid-2007 iMac/Snow Leopard

  • XypherCode

    I wished there was a proper bookmark import feature like with Chrome at least via HTML file. I have hundreds of bookmarks and I really don’t want to manually add them to Opera.

    • ayespy

      It has it in Ver. 26

      • XypherCode

        Thanks for the tip! I have Developer installed but had no idea it was already implemented.

  • Andreas Hobel

    1. I dont like the new Speeddial without images and “Gmail on speed dial” doesn’t work.

    2. Opera doesn’t remember, when it was maximized. – I want it maximized.

  • sgrandin

    Bells and whistles before a modifiable toolbar, ability to tab bar on bottom and real print module. Maybe by version 150?

    • print preview is already there in 124 versions less 😉

  • Indera Sadana Wibawa

    how about speed dial on left side browser

  • Albert MassTek Fahriyev

    I noticed today after my update that something terrible happened to my font view. As a web-developer I was shocked. It not the way I can do my sites via Opera. Just say what did you do to fonts. I can’t actually read 11px Tahoma or Arial. In FF or Chrome it’s okay.

    As for new speed dial and bookmarks, I’d be more happier if bookmark button did not send me to a different page. It would be better if it could work like an old one – as a tab, not as a link. Still using the old SD. New is still too bad.

    • ayespy

      This is a function of directview. Go into the /flags and turn it on or off, whichever your instance of the browser wants.

      • Albert MassTek Fahriyev

        Oh thank you soooo much, Mr.

        It’s called DirectWrite font rendering system. I turned it off. Everything looks good now.

        • ayespy

          You’re right. DirectWrite. My bad.

  • Joe Cunningham

    About a month ago I made Opera my default browser and thus far have not regretted that decision. That being said, I hate the new Speed Dial because I like to design my own thumbnails and add them using an SQL browser. Please do not take away this ability. I understand the point behind your attempt at attractive generic thumbnails as opposed to screenshot thumbs, as most people will not know how to customize like I am. The solution that would best serve would be to start with a screenshot, but provide a means to swap the image when the user goes to edit the thumbnail. Currently, you can only edit the title text under the thumbnail. Allowing additional personalization to speed dial will boost its use as a start page. Also, the new thumbs are big ugly squares. Please retain the sleeker rectangles.

    One other item. I am used to making links in my bookmarks bar that have no name, just the favicon. This was possible yesterday. Today with the update my succinct little icons are followed by the whole freaking URL. I found a workaround by putting a single space in the bookmark’s “name” field, but I’d prefer that links in the bookmarks bar become closer together rather than more spread out. Ideally, they would be closer together than they were before the update, like an ever-present mini speed dial.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts and thank you for all your hard work on what has become the superior web browser.

    Joe Cunningham, Minneapolis MN

    • ayespy

      Hm. I had no names on my bookmarks bar icons, and I still have no names, just as before.

      I initially implemented this with Bookmarks Favicon Changer (because I had two bookmarks bar bookmarks with no favicons) but now every time I sync or move bookmarks files, the icon-only format remains, no labels, no probs.

  • The fact that no thumbnails with a large number of pages a hard thing to find ..
    Perhaps a better solution would be a hybrid.
    Most visited or manually attach to SD
    But the SD would be connected together with bookmarks

  • Fuck niggers

    Did you fucking kikes HAVE to remove stash? It is the perfect replacement for Apple’s read later list.

    • Did you HAVE to be rude? Please watch your tone when you’re addressing people. I fixed that for your now.

      • Marcin Mitek

        I removed it. EOT.

  • Alexei Vinidiktov

    The new bookmarks are unusably slow. Very very very very very slow. Can’t scroll them at all. I’ve got lots of bookmarks, and Opera chokes on them.

    I’m using Opera on Mac OS X 10.9.5.

    • How many bookmarks to you have in the folder you can’t scroll?

      • Alexei Vinidiktov

        I have thousands of bookmarks in the ‘unsorted’ folder. Now I want to sort them, but I can’t.

        Is there a way to find out the exact number of bookmarks in a folder?

        And one other thing. I can’t switch the unsorted folder to the thumbnail view.

        • Well, we are aware that the view will break down with thousands of bookmarks. But internally we were not able to find a single person with more than 800 bookmarks in one folder. This is why we fixed it by only allowing listview with more than 512 items at the moment. We are working though towards a more performant implementation.

          • Alexei Vinidiktov

            I’m looking forward to it.

          • Alexei Vinidiktov

            I’ve just updated my system to Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and now the bookmarks performance is *much* better. Not smooth, but usable.

  • Saxo Miko Mola

    What about the yr.no weather extension? It’s no longer in Speed Dial 🙁

  • Erikas Tranauskas

    maybe it’s not because of the update of Opera, but I have some problems with Gmail now. It’s not loading in normal mode, if I refresh it a few times it loads, but still it’s impossible to use the mail, there is no inbox emails shown and I can’t click on any button. How could I fix it? It works on other browsers. Deleting cookies, search history etc. didn’t helped. Btw gmail loads perfectly in html mode.

  • FZ10000

    Well, it it`s up to me and my way…. then… my way is:
    Not necessary by default, let it be optional.

  • Orion

    Are you kidding me? You guys think that visual bookmarks are more important than synchronizing your bookmarks etc between your devices. Please fix Opera Link asap. Or at least enable an option to export our bookmarks. This is getting ridiculous…

    • Relax. Sync is part of Opera 26.
      And yes: If Opera didn’t implement bookmarks, there was no way you could possibly sync them to other devices ^^

      • Orion

        Sorry for my aggressive tone, I didn’t mean to sound like that, but it was just frustrating to find out that once again the sync issue wasn’t fixed. My apologies.
        Thank you for the info. Looking forward to the new release, then.

  • name siname

    Need to do to open a bookmarks in right, as Speed Dial. Че мозги то парите! И накуя нужна вторая экспресс панель,только с превращением картинок в список? Те же яйца только сбоку. И из-за картинок в экспресс панели браузер долго загружается при старте и много памяти жрет. Сделайте чтобы вместо картинок тупо текст написал сам и все

    • Zik

      Calm down. Зачем так агрессивно?

    • English only in here, please!

      • Shion

        Dude even photoshopped for you and you still don’t understand. No wonder you’re having hard time answering to people’s demands.

        “Bookmarks” button “jumps on another page”, but this dude asks for it to be opened “inside a right frame” just like “Speed Dial” and “Discover” do.

      • Izer0

        He want to be left bar with icons to speed dial, discover and bookmarks still visible even if you open bookmarks.

  • SebBot

    Guys, love the new Start screen. It looks great.

    But there are some issues in this release that I’d like to point out to


    1. There is no way to go back to the speed dial or discover page once you go into the bookmarks page(apart from pressing the speed dial button on the menu bar, but that really breaks the flow). Maybe you could do something in the veins of what I’ve suggested in the pic.

    2. Lack of a single click solution to add a page to speed dial. The flag for disabling the heart menu is removed. Pressing the Heart icon adds the page to bookmarks, and then you get an option to add the page to the speed dial as well, which, forgive me for saying, is just ludicrous. Why would anyone need the page in both speed dial and bookmarks. It just doesn’t make any sense! Please bring back the add page to speed dial icon in the title bar. It was an amazing feature, and it really escapes me why you would want it gone.

    It really seems that you guys are extremely wary of utilizing horizontal screen space. But in this era of widescreen monitors, you should’nt be.

    P.S., is there any way to remove the damn “Go back to previous start screen” option in the lower right corner of the screen. It’s really getting on my nerves!!!

    • Lacedaemon

      About the latter if you don’t like the alternative startpage you can go to opera://flags/#experimental-start-page and disable it. (It’s what I did.) Doesn’t work the other way around though.

    • L33t4opera

      There is no way to go back to the speed dial

      You can press “Ctrl+Space”, or “Alt+Home” on Windows/Linux, or “Command+Home” on Mac.

      Lack of a single click solution to add a page to speed dial.

      Just press “Ctrl+B” on Windows/Linux, or “Command+B” on Mac.

      Please bring back the add page to speed dial icon in the title bar.

      If you can live without the Bookmarks Manager, go to the address bar, and type opera:flags#bookmarks, press enter, then select “Disabled” from the drop-down, and restart the Opera – after that you can select add/remove page to/from Speed Dial/Stash/Bookmarks Bar from the Heart menu.

  • SebBot

    Oops!!! Sorry name siname. Didn’t see your post.

  • Clayton

    Not sure if this was added today or if i missed it but if you don’t like the new start page the is a page fold in the bottom right hand corner letting you go back to the previous style….thank goodness. However the bookmarks are still messed up.

  • Shion

    Somewhat nice and somewhat not. Far from comfortable. Current issues would be:
    – No subfolders. And UI looks like they’ll never be. But many would prefer to have them, me included.
    – “Speed Dial”-“Bookmarks” connection is one-sided – you can send bookmark to speed dial, but can’t other way. Had a hard time moving them one by one.
    – I miss stash with it’s one-click add/remove.
    – Adding bookmark is a one-way ticket. Once hearth-button (or CTRL+D) is clicked, the bookmark is added. Usually there should be an “OK” and “Cancel” buttons, don’t you think?
    – Separate button for “Add to speed dial” would be nice.
    – Pls make bookmark thumbnail to scroll faster or without animation. It’s SLOW.
    – Can’t find a “disable download-popup” option. Still not there yet?
    – METRO SQUAREZ. TOO MUCH METRO SQUAREZ. At least round them up a little.
    – An option to DISABLE (not “adjust”) Speed dial and Bookmarks animations would be nice. All this swinging takes time and distracts.

  • Dionysaur

    Does it really make sense that the bookmarks bar is now completely seperate from normal bookmarks? Shouldn’t it just display all existing bookmarks & folders? This is quite confusing. Up until now I had all my bookmarks organized in the bookmarks bar and in folders within it and I want to keep it that way. But right now it feels really detached from the new bookmarks system: I can’t use the heart icon and I also can’t drag bookmarks TO the bookmarks bar folder, only OUT of it. Is that a bug?

    The way it is now, the new system doesn’t seem to a real improvement over the old system for me. Every one of the three parts (stash, speed dial and bookmarks bar) seems to be even more detached from one another now. I wish the Speed Dial was just another folder within the bookmarks folder, and that the bookmarks bar wasn’t using a seperate system at all, but would just display all my bookmarks and folders. And the bookmarks bar really shouldn’t need its own “+” buttons. Now if I want to bookmark a page, I have to decide whether I should use the heart icon (but then I won’t be able to move it to the bookmarks bar easily) or the + icon in the bookmarks bar. For now, I think I’ll simply ignore the heart icon altogether and ONLY use the bookmarks bar exclusively. That way I have a simple system that I can use in a coherent way and I can simply create a folder called “Stash” in it for more temporary stuff.
    It still does feel quite weird & I hope things will be improved in future updates so that everything finally “comes together” in a useful way.

    • Nekomajin43

      The bookmarks bar is a subfolder in the bookmarks.

      • Dionysaur

        Indeed, my bad. It’s still confusing though, it’s not always shown directly in the heart icon menu & I have no idea what it depends upon.

  • sbs73000

    Hi !

    When I delete a Speed dial entry (but keep it in bookmark manager), it can’t be accessed by typing its first letters in the address bar. Is it a normal behaviour ? If so, it’s a little bit annoying…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Afaik, yes, because there is no option to show bookmarks suggestions on address bar yet.

      They would need to change opera://flags/#stash-suggestions, if Stash is really going to be removed, or add a new one.

      Maybe in the future.

      • sbs73000


        So, at this time, bookmark manager is useless (but good looking, can’t say anything about that) for me.

    • Guest


  • Lenny

    Its one bigger step in the right direction, but their is still a lot to do, even only for this new feature.
    Some example:
    1. deleting folders and creating subfolders
    2. changing bookmark thumbnails afterwards
    3. options for selected bookmarks, especially moving in folders
    4. shortcut support: ctrl+a , ctrl+ left mouse , shift+ left mosue and such things

  • Ashish Shrivastava

    Cut them some slack guys, at least the bookmarks are back in Opera there are bound to be improvements for sure in the future, I also got used to the opera 21 style interface and this new one took a while getting used to but it’s a good one and distinctively unique and fast (the specialty of Opera and the reason why I never shifted away from it). I also have about 1000 bookmarks still out there in my opera link account waiting to be synced back into new opera someday and for this very reason I still have a copy of opera 12 in my PC but I have also developed a equally fascinating speed dial collection of about 200 websites and I don’t want to lose that either. We should try to adapt as well

    And for those who are fretting over speed dial tiles, it’s not like you can’t even work a single bit around with the new system. Just see what I did

    Just organize your speed dial into folders, and then rest of the work hovering ver them can do easily

  • name siname

    When the default scale is 90 – video window curve shows the size of the video

  • John

    Speed dial looks like Windows 8. Now i have to read the tiles. Horrible.
    Bookmarks: this is the way i would see the speed dial map. This works well.

    • ayespy

      I have to say – I really do hate the Win8 “live tiles” look SO badly that my Win 8.1 x64 desktop has forgotten what a live tile is, and what that interface looks like.

      I suppose it’s fine for some people, but especially as an implementation for speed dial – the whole point of which is RAPID visual differentiation, this particular iteration of the “simple blocks of color” idea is, to my taste, painfully bad. There has to be a better way.

  • Where is the bookmarks online sincronization?
    All the others have it… Opera, with another new version againa, is failing here tremendously.
    Just saying…

    • Nekomajin43

      Next version.

      • I hope so. In the meanwhile i’m going back to other browser…

  • fgt228


  • kokolo5

    Love the bookmarks, coast-featureand new start page.

    The icons are not in colours like site themes. And give us a real side bar which we can open at any time (:

  • Fhury

    Thanks for the new build.
    Why did you remove stash when it is complementary to bookmarks? Please add it back to the top “menu” (speed dial, discoer, bookmarks, stash) .
    Why does the “menu” (speed dial, discover, bookmarks) disappear when you click on bookmarks?

    • kokolo5

      I also think that it should be able to open the side menu any time. Like in Windows 8 with the charms bar (:

  • kokolo5

    Why the traditional logo of Youtube dissapeared in new start page ?

  • Izer0

    Small note: I am still disappointed the way Opera goes. I was hoping Opera will use native plugins for that important functionality like bookmarks manager, download manager, to save memory and maintain high speed, including of high speed of development (it’s hard and memory consumptional to do everything in JS), this way everything is slower and bigger, development time is high. Guys spend lot of times to overcome limitations of this style of development (JS) instead to forward development. Maybe in Opera 250 😉 Good Luck… and fix neverending processes bug.

  • Morden

    Not that I’m a fan of the speed dial in any way (just give me the bookmarks from Opera 12), but why tiles? It’s the ugliest way to represent and organize anything.

  • Евгений

    Return the normal fonts !! In version 25, the text unreadable !!

    • ayespy

      why come to the blog if you’re not going to read it? The solution is listed over and over on this post.

      • Евгений

        Yeah, asking me to run on all PCs of friends and organizations for which I have set this browser, and disable the DirectWrite?
        Thank you, will have to go, only Opera on them will no longer be

  • Philip

    The fonts are blurry since this update. It seems there is a problem with clear type. This makes opera unusable for me.

    • Davey126

      In address bar enter “opera://flags”. Search for “DirectWrite”. Toggle setting (enabled works for some, disabled for others). Restart Opera.

      Please search blog before posting…solution has been documented many times (of course it would be better if we didn’t need this workaround but problems occasionally slip into new releases).

  • hubga

    “making it look good too is what we do” …

    You just kill it more and more. Why does it matter how it looks when it is totally useless. I use browser to look at pages, I don’t want to spend half of my life listing through visual bookmarks …

    • Izer0

      They still working with users with 25 bookmarked pages. Advanced users disabled reporting to Opera, so they does not know about our needs 🙂 And developing with JS is worst – you must working on two sides – some functions for API in native code and then an GUI in JS (that implements lot of “proxy” stub between native and DOM & scripting interfaces) 🙂

      • kapsi

        “Advanced users disabled reporting to Opera, so they does not know about our needs 🙂 ”
        Aren’t you the suckers.

  • Razvan Dragos

    Every few seconds i get crash after crash. Look here: http://s22.postimg.org/e2hprvl9t/crash.jpg

    Not even 1 minute pasts and every page crash. If this will continue i will use another browser cause is frustrating.

  • New SD sucks, please abandon this idea or better explain your intentions.

  • Guest

    Not that I’m a fan of the speed dial in any way (just give me the bookmarks from Opera 12), but why tiles? It’s the ugliest way to represent and organize anything.

    There’s only two things I need to make opera my default browser again: Tabs on the bottom and a bookmark system that works like this:

  • Nekomajin43

    After a day of use, here are some remarks from me.

    It would be good to open the bookmarks manager within the same page as the speed dial. If you can’t do it because of technical difficulties, you should add the sidebar to the BM to make it look like it was opened in the same page.

    The speed dial logos are fine. IF there are logos. The fallback text system is horrible. Please provide the same choice that we can use to add bookmarks.
    Also, there are some icons that have rounded corners and the tile has white background. It looks aweful. Please, adjust the background color of the tile to the background color of the icon.

    The heart menu acts a little strage. It seems like it chooses the offered folder randomly. Every time I want to add a new bookmark, I get a random folder at the bottom of the heart popup. And it is not the last selected one.
    Also, please provide a one-click solution to remove the bookmark via the heart menu! And a solution to add the bookmark to any any-level folder, not just the top-level folders.

    In the bookmarks manager, there should be a tree structure in the left folder list. Just indent the subfolders and make them collapsable.

    Oh, and please fire the hungarian translator! Half of the UI strings are mistranslated and gibberish. It looks like it was translated with Google Translate. I reported this problem via the bug report wizard and I reported it here several times in the last few months, but nothing has changed.

  • Biohazard

    NIce this is good 😀

    • ayespy

      Off-topic, since this is the Opera 25 post. But while we’re being off-topic, I find a tabs drop-down unacceptable. It is not permanently displayed, and it covers page content when it is displayed. Vertical tabs need to be persistent and NOT cover any page content.

      • Biohazard

        you’re right 🙁

  • kapsi

    Please make it so entering bookmarks page doesn’t leave the start page. I hate this.

  • Kristin Kretzschmar

    Finally the bookmarks are back – and visually more appealing than ever^^

    But how do you create sub folders within existing folders?
    I want the navigation part on the left side to be as neat as possible but I need quite a lot of folders…

    • Nekomajin43

      Just create a top level folder, and move it into any other folder.

      • Kristin Kretzschmar

        Thanks – found it^^

        I hope they implement the tree structure in one of the next updates

      • Easier would be right mouse click and new folder or something.

        • Nekomajin43

          I agree.

  • Jedi

    ok, visually is nice. But when select favorites, i can’t return to select speed dial, for example. Another problem, how can i import or export the favorites from or to a html file? thanks for new version. 😉

  • Simon Lauren

    Thank God Opera Moderators are reading. I love Opera & recently have been shifting all of my speed dial & stash items over to Mozilla Firefox (To run their bookmark manager alongside your browser 😐 )

    I came to Opera, because its better than Google Chrome. This is the only thing i miss. Simple Folders, Drag & Drop relocation of items.

    The Key Is Simple..

    Images for Speed Dial & Bookmarks,
    or Images for Speed Dial.

    why should BOOKMARKS have the picture superiority effect
    instead of SPEEDDIAL.

    I Love the folders & would hope to be able to keep my items in Opera.
    Just please sort out this backwards images/screenshots on bookmarks instead of speed dial please, after that i seriously have NO complaint.

  • justme

    This version crashes every time I paste a URL into the address bar. Going back to the previous version.

  • Nicolás

    Im having problems opening this site on opera 25 on w8.1 http://www.solomid.net it works fine on ie11

    • Davey126

      fyi – works for me on w8.1 x64

    • Works fine here.

      Windows 8.1 64-bit

  • justme

    This update crashes every time I paste a URL into the address line on my Mac. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Xoreli Silva

    New Opera Bookmarks Manager Is poor. The Bookmarks manager in Opera 12 is the best. To Big Bookmarks list, the windowed Style is bad (no resize option), and the current list style is confused. Where is the sort, export, options ? and the tree view is best to list style in big bookmarks collection. Please do not destroy the best browser !

  • Андрей Крылов

    It can be deleted only by one. folder is not ierarchic. both reason make new as useless as old.

  • Prevedovich

    Opera has unworkable bookmarks, unworkable themes, and almost no settings. Is there ANY feature that Opera added to the Blinkopera that is workable and leads the market? It took one year to add bookmarks and it is such a userUNfriendly experience. May be it looks nice, but… usability like it was the first project of a student.
    Sorry guys, but it is UNPROFESSIONAL

  • John Peterson

    The bookmarks page looks beautiful but now, to save a page in Speed Dial, when you click on heart, automatically saves on bookmarks too. Before was better, you could save the page in Speed Dial or bookmarks separately.

  • Harry Teasley

    So, you want people to try your browser, but there’s no bookmark import? Uh, ok…

    • ayespy

      Import is in Ver. 26 – already on the assembly line.

      • What about exporting to HTML or any other known bookmark format, e.g. for Firefox? I would like to update my outdated bookmarks there with the current Opera bookmarks.

        • L33t4opera

          What about exporting to HTML or any other known bookmark format, e.g. for Firefox?

          Hi, you can export them in two ways:
          1. Launch the Opera, and install the “Bookmarks” extension, in the “Bookmarks Settings” select “Bookmarks”, and press “Export” button, select the path, and press “Save” button, close the Opera. Launch the Firefox, and press Ctrl+Shift+O, click “Import and Backup”, and select “Import Bookmarks from HTML”, then select the path to your bookmarks.html file (it will import all bookmarks to the root folder, it will not remove the existing bookmarks),
          2. Download, unpack, and install the “Transmute” portable (free version) for Windows, and launch it, under the “Source” click the “folder” button, and select the path to your Bookmarks file, then under the “Target” select “Firefox Json” from the drop-down, and then click the “folder” button, and select the path, to the directory where you want to save the file, click on the input field on the right of the “File name”, and enter “bookmarks”, and press “Save button, then click “OK”, close the Transmute. Launch the Firefox, and press Ctrl+Shift+O, click “Import and Backup”, and under “Restore” click the “Choose File”, then select the path to the bookmarks.json file, and click “Open” button, and click “OK” (it will replace all of your current bookmarks).

        • ayespy

          You can also do it right from operamenu/bookmarks. Just hover to the folder you want to delete, right-click, and delete.

          • You mean directly in the new grey sidebar? I tried that as the first intuitive method, and it did not work, as right-clicking did not open anything for me (on Windows XP here).

          • ayespy

            No, not from the grey sidebar – from the drop-down menu of the “Opera” button in the titlebar. The top “Bookmarks” entry in that menu (the one with no heart in front of it) allows you to hover bookmark folders in the tree, layer by layer.

          • OK, now I’ve found it, thank you. Somehow I overlooked it till now.

  • ayespy

    One machine and one install at a time, I am disabling XMarks extension and preparing for the advent of Opera ver. 26 bookmarks sync.

    PROBLEM, however: It is not possible to select whether you want to sync up, down, or bidirectional. The only option is that Opera adds everything in one copy of the browser to everything in the other copy of the browser, causing a flood of duplicates and unwanted “new” folders and bookmarks in places where you already deleted them in your most current/relevant/default copy of the browser – necessitating sometimes HOURS of cleaning up and deleting surplus bookmarks. Please GIVE US A CHOICE of browser->server, server->browser or bidirectional. Save us a few hours of work and pain, eh?

  • Vladimir

    Update is terrible!

    1 Opera has become more of a slow down due to the large consumption of memory.

    2 Continuing climbs a prompt to switch from one panel to another express !!

    3 did not fix a bunch of previous errors.

    4 Do not give users full control over the rapid panel. How to replace the search engine in the express panel ?!

    5 Why did not you want to unlock all the settings for the user ?? After pressing a combination of (up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A) problem and unnecessary! Take it away! Most people are not even aware of such a combination of keys and can not configure Opera for themselves !!!

    6 There was an error while installing the Ukrainian version of Opera. In Opera there is no dictionary to check the spelling of the Ukrainian language, it automatically is added, you need to add it manually. Tested on different computers with different systems from 20 to 25 versions of Opera !!! Make a choice of dictionaries at once when installing Opera. Two modes of installation Opera – fast installation and sampling. In a custom installation to give users a choice of dictionaries and other parameters, such as Opera and synchronization settings, import bookmarks from other browsers.

    7 When downloading files without a certain Rosemary, the server does not provide information about the size, the icon (arrow) at the Opera does not even show that loading. – scr 1

    8 in the download section, add the function of removing records of the downloaded file with samimm download the file. As in the other does have a function (to delete the record and file or delete a record, and file leave) – scr. 2

    • Vladimir

      9. Forgot to add. Correct translation in Ukrainian. Very, very many mistakes. The translation is not faithful and spoils the view of the browser!

  • This new visual bookmarks works the same way Speed dial works make them both fusions 🙂

  • PS: the new Speed Dial is for touch screens and the other old one is for PC work.
    So keep them both.
    I for one use the image one works more better to know same sites with different images.
    The new one shows only same sites like a copy so it is hard to know which is which…

    • or make the bookmarks size from big to medium and small ? 🙂 and make is more spaced like speed dial… I mean do not waist any space….

  • pedralm

    It seems that everything the user base requests anew or identifies as problematic, not user-friendly, requiring drastic change, a step backwords, needing closeness to Presto-like, etc., is faced by the Opera team with that “you’re holding it wrong” kind of posture…
    Please recognize mistakes and be willing to take steps backwards. We are all waiting for the functionalities that brought us to Opera in the first place and slowly assist as unwanted and unpolished things are brought forward in the release pipeline…
    We *want* a bookmark manager like Presto had (why we loved Opera presto), not a Pinterest interface (why I hate this “beta” update) .
    We *don’t want* this new Speed Dial tiled textual view, at least give an option – oh how configurable Presto was… (why we can leave Opera). And what happened to dial extensions?

  • morfox

    On my pc Opera dosnt remember maximized window. After closing Opera it starts as a normal window (not maximized). AND: Opera ist very slow and sluggish since Version 25.

  • antonio

    what have you done to this browser? this version is so much faster than the previous ones.

  • entername

    Did u have sales of tiles in Norway ? The new speed dial looks awful , sites are hard to find on it . This tile thing has already failed in win 8 . Now u want to bring it back in Opera desktop ?! That speed dial is only good on phones and small tablets , looks disgusting on desktop . Back to stone age ?

    • pedralm

      Indeed. Could be a nifty thing for that Coast. But definetely not here.
      Visual regonition is so much faster than text reading…

  • Fleder

    Dear Opera Developers,

    i am please to see that you have taken a step closer to making Opera usable for me again. But instead of tweaking little things and changing big stuff, please concentrate on making opera really usable for your fans that came to Opera because of those features.

    What i am talking about is a really good bookmark editor and more.
    – I am not able to sort more than 1 bookmark fast.
    – I can not select multiple bookmarks and drag them somewhere, some place.
    – I have no fast bookmark drop down menu.
    – I was not able to import old bookmarks from Opera 12, i had to import them into Chrome and then overwrite the bookmark files in my Opera 25 Version (really?!). I mean, if you choose to finally implement bookmarks, please do it right and don’t leave all the necessary features out, because you want to rush the release. We really waited long enough for this standard feature to finally return. A few days more would not hurt us.
    – There is no way of changing the search engines that are standard. I really never ever used yahoo, so please let me delete those search engines, so i can use “Y” for YouTube or such. I know it is possible to delete them from the source files, but this is not user friendly at all!

    I mean, Opera was really my kind of browser, because you let me do what i wanted to do with it. You let me change it the way i wanted, so i could work with this browser the best possible way for me. THAT is why i use Opera, that is what made you special. We really do not need another Chrome or Firefox, what we need and crave for is a browser that lets the suer decide how he wants to do things and how they should look.

    Please be that development team again. We need you!
    Best regards, Mitch.

    • pedralm

      I think their video demo really shows the flaw.

      They are “browsing favourites” like shopping for amazon/Pinterest. And their example has like 10 favourites.

      What happens when you have 100? 1000? Do they expect us to look at favourites like a trip down to memory lane? No! We know we have it, we search for it, we don’t scroll until we find it! That’s what Presto was so good about: you could text-search them not only for their title but for optionally included keywords/meta-words, and that’s what made it so powerful…
      Sure, at some point it can be nice to have visual hints, but only added value, not centric.

      • Izer0

        Yep, this is why I don’t understand, why opera guys does not use native plugins for development base functionality, everything could be 10 steps forward with less memory consumption and better handling. Bookmarks can be done in version 17, probably they can use code from Opera 12. This way Opera will be fully usable in version 250… I have more than 5000 bookmarks in Opera 12 and more than 4100 new bookmarks in Opera 25 stash, try to load this huge bookmarks in new bookmarks manager and probably sort it. Huh… So I am thinking now to made my own native bookmark manager with extension to Opera and with content indexing to be closer to Opera 12 bookmarks manager. I am not satisfied with way Opera development go in this things 🙁

  • exefex

    The new grey side bar should not disappear when users click on “Bookmarks”, so that they can easily get back to “Speed Dial” or “Discover” (whose usefulness I still haven’t discovered).

  • paor ludi
  • Евгений Смирнов

    If you while opera is actve move the mouse cursor and press ALT+TAB to switch on other window the opera menu popups on top of other window.

  • Stępień Janusz

    Opera 25 blokuje stronę addons.opera.com.Jest komunikat:”Your connection
    is not private”.Proszę o pomoc.
    Opera 25 blocks addons.opera.com.Jest page message: “Your connection is not private”.Please help

  • Metal Fan

    Doesn’t work “hide from address panel” option for extensions.

  • Uteki

    Thanks for the new version!

    There is problem with DirectWrite font rendering, which I think Opera got it from Chromium anyway.
    It rendered CJK fonts weirdly, and it turns everything in Thai font into a bunch of boxes, which also happened in Google Chrome 64bit.

    P.S. I think this is known issue for Chromium

  • obiwan2208 .

    Cute! A very visual way to store bookmarks, but with ±600 bookmarks I still need 2-3 folder levels and a solution to import .ADR bookmarks, be built-in solution or an external tool.

    You’re going in the right direction: Recovering the Opera’s hallmarks, but adding new things.

    • Rafael Luik

      You can have both already.

      • How to import them? I don’t found anything 🙁

        I’ve played a bit with bookmarks and although have to be very careful you can, thanks…although no indication that there are subdirectories below. I like the the option for thumbnail or coast style.

        Opera Chromium is winning scores, for now I’m not so angry as before. I say the same as before: @Opera you’re going to right direction

      • How to import bookmarks? I have not found anything :’-(

        I’ve been playing around with markers and it’s true, thank you … but you have to be very precise. The bad thing there is no indication that there subdirectories below.

  • raczg

    I cant delete the bookmark when viewing the page, I need to open the bookmarks – browse – then delete.. please add a remove from bookmarks button to the heart icon. (well give it back)

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, if you mean to copy/move them from one folder to another, so after you select multiple items, press Ctrl+C to copy, or Ctrl+X to cut, then navigate to the folder to which you want to copy/move them, and press Ctrl+V (or Shift+Insert, or middle mouse) to paste them – for more details please have a look here.

      • raczg

        Thanks! Since there is no dedicated button or anything else, i didnt know this can work, but does.. 😀 thanks again for sharing.

  • Opera doesn’t autocomplete from Bookmarks, only from Speed Dial, so no point for me in using Bookmarks because when I start typing something in the addressbar it will only look for it in the Speed Dial and History, so any entry from Bookmarks I must replicate it as a Speed Dial entry, my other option would be to select a folder and get all in that folder opened in tabs or a new windows, something I already can do with Speed Dial folders.

    I also noticed I can select several bookmarks, but then I right click and select open in new private window or in tabs, this stup*d thing will only open the one link I right-clicked!! No point in multiple selection either… this is all BS.

    If I delete History (which is very recomended for security and privacy reasons) I’m f*cked!! I’m stuck then with Speed Dial, therefore no need for Bookmarks, you guys are not paying any attention at all to what we’re saying or you mistake us all for Apple users, and I’m starting to think even those are in need of a better solution.

    Every new version I get more and more what you meant when you said it was intented to be simpler… for simpletons!!

    • Lacedaemon
      • I know but that day you were talking about BIG changes, changes that can or can’t one day become a reality, hopefully they will.

        But here I’m taking about something that Opera already does, Devs say you don’t need both Speed Dial and Bookmark Manager, which makes sense but also it makes sense to be able to switch over from one to the other. So then you guys provide us a similar experience in both, then we can choose between using SD or BM, but as far as it goes now, I can’t switch to BM because it is in a very inmature state, as I HAVE TO use the mouse to navigate trought it, with no alternative input.

        Also it seems kind of a logical step that if it already autocompletes History and Speed Dial, Bookmarks should be considered, every other browser does it.

        But I’m gonna cross my fingers that they listen to the other thing you said that day about the new improved BM in O26.

  • Dave

    Two separate menu options called Bookmarks in the browser I’m using right now (marked Opera 25). I’d prefer just one, so I can hit Alt-B and select one of the many bookmarks I have stored in my personal memory (i.e. my brain).

  • eXzentrik

    Since Opera 25, the browser does not start maximized anymore. No matter which startpage I choose. Instead, the browser window looks like on the screenshot below. I have to maximize the window after every restart.

  • When I set the Bookmark Manager as start page I get a blank page until I refresh, I reported this since O24 Dev, back then I got in response that it was an experiment.

    Is it still one?

  • OperaFan

    Apparently Opera Stable updated to 25 and lost all my bookmarks from 24. WTH Opera!?

    • OperaFan

      God this is depressing, I really don’t think I can trust Opera with my data anymore.

    • ayespy

      Didn’t change my bookmarks AT ALL. What is atypical about your setup?

      • OperaFan

        Um, nothing? I saw the “try the new start page” on my speed dial, went to use my bookmarks, and they are gone. Opera link does not at all reflect the bookmarks I had in Opera 24. Sadly it also overwrote the backup file. I knew there was a reason I switched to Chrome. Reliability. Truly, sad that I cannot trust Opera anymore.

        • ayespy

          Something like what you are describing doesn’t just randomly happen – especially “also overwrote the backup file.” Something VERY much out of the ordinary happened on your machine. Of course Opera Link doesn’t reflect anything related to Opera 24 – the content on that server came from your old Opera 12 version, and has not been changed since then.

          I have been routinely updating Opera, all three streams, on three different machines (Win 8.1, Win 7, XP) and nothing has ever happened to my bookmarks. If you blame Opera for this, I think you’re well wide of the mark.

          • OperaFan

            Thanks for the help. Your advice has been very fruitful.

          • ayespy

            Odd. I didn’t give any advice. And you didn’t ask for any help – merely condemned Opera for something there’s a good chance it didn’t do, and said you could no longer trust it. Further, you provided no info – like what type of install you have (free-standing, typical, alternate folder), what type of system you are on, how you accomplished your update – nothing. In other words, your initial comment added nothing that would help, guide, inform users or developers.

            Had my wife said what you did, I’d have sat down at her machine and recovered her bookmarks, or showed her what happened to them.

            Can’t do that with you – not in person nor remotely, because I know exactly nothing about your set-up, your history with the browser, how you “graduated” from a working 24 to a 25 that you believe has no bookmarks – nothing.

            If you’d like some “fruitful” advice, I’d be more than happy to try to provide some. But first you gotta give me something to work with, and indicate you actually are going to try to use Opera, not just abandon it as “not trustworthy.”

            Like – do you have another browser that has your preferred collection of bookmarks in it? Are your bookmarks saved ANYWHERE? What platform are you on? Have you found the “bookmarks” and “favorites” files and their backups and journals in your profile folder? Is there any data in them? Etc., etc.

            If you’d like a productive discussion, I’m ready to have it.

  • Shion

    Hey, hey wait. This “experiment”… Will I lose all my current bookmarks on next update!? How do I back them up?

    • eXzentrik

      Copy the file “bookmarks” from your Opera profile folder in your backup.

    • ayespy

      No, it won’t. Back them up anyway.

  • UMaster 7

    * speeddial bookmarks discover: is now a horrible, as once you visit your bookmarks, you loose the header of the start page and cannot go to discover and only via “back” button or shortcut ctrl + leftarrow.

    * suddenly the flag option for coast speeddial thumbnails is gone 🙁 This is a great option, especially if you got a small screen and a lot of items in your speeddial.

    * on another PC I installed the new Opera with bookmarks (final) a few days ago, I cannot hide the google search box in my speeddial. Advanced options do not show this option anymore… On my laptop it’s still there (installed first chromium Opera and upgraded all the time till today)

    * when will hiding extension symbols in the address bar be possible?

    * also the flag option to disable heart menu and bring back the to symbol (speeddail and stash heart) isn’t there anymore. Why? Would work with bookmarks also. At the moment I get only a visual hint via the red heart when a site is added to bookmarks, but not when it’s just in speeddial.

    * is it possible to deactivate the heart menu completely and only use the right-click menu to add websites to speeddial and/or bookmarks?

  • icetom

    the new startsite is horrible because the automated generated tiles do not at all resemble the actual colors used on the sites. this is very confusing and competely destroying what speeddial was intended for – fast overviews of the actual sites. I immediately switched to the old speeddial again.

    how can i deactivate that slider on the page that says “switch to new startpage”? its annoying

  • duhduhduh0

    Will there be any chances to make the navigation on the left a little bit prettier? It looks and feels very amateurish. Doesn’t really fit well.

    The Coast like speeddial entries are pretty, but is there an option to choose between the two? I kinda prefer the old speed-dial size thumbnails with the new coast-like design for SOME of my entries.

  • Jacek

    Suggestions in address bar should also comprise results from bookmarks, likewise they do of speed dial

  • Stępień Janusz

    Dziwne, opera 25 blokuje stronę addons.opera.com.Jest komunikat:”Your connection is not private”.Help!

  • IMaysky

    Hello. How to make so that the opera starting in fullscreen mode?

  • Scribe_uk

    Well using my netbook, I’ve tried the new Start page and it is really ghastly – I hate it!! The thumbnails look like Windows 8 Metro, and I hate the side-bar – I want my Speed dials in the middle of the screen, and not pushed over to one side. In fact If that replaces the old Speed dials permanently, I will have no choice but to uninstall Opera after many many years of loyal use.

    So now on to the bookmarks. The thumbnails are a nice idea as a novelty, but I very quickly changed to the list view, which I find is hard work to use – pointing to a folder doesn’t open it. I have to zoom out a lot to see more than just a few, and if one is viewing a website, there is no easily accessible bookmarks button – I either have to go to the start page to see the heart button, or open the main menu.

  • duhduhduh0

    where is the 64bit version?

  • AlexBrtn
  • Dovelove

    I,m probably the only one but after going through Kaspersky not understanding my problem that I was proved correct on AFTER we went up three levels in support and new program IS 2015 ( unknown to me they were using me as a beta tester in background). I THINK all problems are solved now so system seems stable. All the security updates on Win 7 64 is causing havoc with certain programs would be my GUESS.

    This Opera version crashes my program after it is halfway through loading…doesn’t even give me time to check what might be going on. Might be eating up memory but have FF with MORE tabs and NOT having problems.

    On top of that I can’t go back to Opera until they come up with a workable bookmark…tired of guessing what tabs I have or hovering etc. Miss the 12.16 Presto when I had my OWEN names and lookup database with my own tag words and folders. I still haven’t even TRIED to import those bookmarks cause I don’t want to lose them or corrupt.

  • Cryio

    On html5test.com, I’m getting either 484, 504 or 508. Why is it inconsistent ?

  • nicks

    I would like to report that this site http://www.kinoman.tv sometimes hangs or freezes for few second when loading or logon

  • d25

    New opera 25 alway open in window mode. What I must do to open it in maximized every time?

  • Andrew Cornforth

    Ok, Forgive my laziness, but i can’t be bothered to trawl through comments for multiple releases to see if this has been mentioned before… If it has, I’m sorry, and please consider this a plus one 🙂

    I do like where the visual bookmarks is heading, however, i have identified a few things that could do with tidying up to make usable as a daily driver:

    Multi Select in Bookmark manager:

    Absolutely necessary for reorganising large collections of bookmarks, currently cannot do anything with selected bookmarks (i.e drag to folder, delete, add to (folder in) speed dial), action still only applies to the single bookmark.

    Visaual Preview Icon detection:

    Icon detection is nice for sites like amazon, ebay, facebook etc, where most users will have only one bookmark to the site, however, I agree with previous comments that power users will want optionally to use their visual bookmark preview image on the speed dial also.

    What about changing the preview image? currently have to open bookmark, then click the heart to access choices of preview image. Would be nice if we could do this from the bookmark manager / speed dial also.

    Finally, will opera be disclosing any info to web designers how to give opera an ‘obvious choice’ for preview images, and speed dial icons?? As a bonus, how about a way for a site designer to suggest a colour for the default representation (domain name on coloured background) ……

    Folder List:

    Again with reorganising, the folder list needs to be a tree that auto-expands when you drag a bookmark onto a folder containing subfolders, try moving a bookmark from ‘unsorted’ to a nested folder several layers down, you’ll see why this or another solution is necessary 🙂

    Finally, i wonder if this new speed dial panel interface is gearing up to be extendible ??!?

  • useruser

    Hiding icon of extension in address bar doesn’t work?

    Windows 8.1 64-bit

  • Arizu Boadicea


    No se pueden copiar los marcadores del “acceso rápido” a las carpetas de “marcadores”. Tampoco hay registro del “acceso rápido” en los archivos del sistema. No se pueden guardar los “marcadores” como archivo “html”. Y no se pueden sincronizar con el “Opera Link”.

    En el menu contextual solo se pueden ver los marcadores, no se puede copiar, mover, crear o lo que sea desde ahí.

    Y para qué entonces, mantener el “acceso rápido” si luego no puedes mover los enlaces a los marcadores. Hay q abrir enlace por enlace y guardarlos de nvo.

    Tienen idea de la cantidad de enlaces y carpetas tenía ahí y me tocó abrir uno por uno para guardarlos en nueva carpetas recien creadas en los “marcadores”. Es un desgaste de tiempo y energia. ¡Muy arcaico en método!

    Insisto ¿cómo le hago para importar los marcadores a otro navegador o guardarlos html. O copiar carpetas enteras del acceso rápido a los marcadores?

    ¡No me gusta! Tampoco me gusta el formato de logos, me gusta como se veía el formato de captura de página.

    Entiendo que está pensado para el uso de smarphones y tables. Pero para pc’s es ¡nada funcional!


  • cgebhard

    I ran into a problem with printing of googlemaps. Only the interface-text is printed, the map area stays white (see screenshot).

    The only way to “fix” this was disabling hardware acceleration, then printing was possible again. The machine is a Windows 7 Professional x64, with an nVidia Quadro K2000M (latest drivers)

  • Sometimes loading the new speed dial takes some time. When trying to browse a website, while speed dial is still loading then Opera is crashing here.

    I couldn’t reproduce it in Opera 26, because it finishes loading speed dial too fast.

    • Unrelated to extensions. It is also reproducible here with all extensions disabled.

  • db

    I experience a lot of crashes since todays update.
    When i upload a file in Protonet or other webpages using a lot of JS, my Opera crashes to desktop (along with all tabs)

    Problemereignisname: APPCRASH
    Anwendungsname: opera.exe
    Anwendungsversion: 25.0.1614.50
    Anwendungszeitstempel: 543e186b
    Fehlermodulname: opera.exe
    Fehlermodulversion: 25.0.1614.50
    Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 543e186b
    Ausnahmecode: c0000005
    Ausnahmeoffset: 01636605
    Betriebsystemversion: 6.3.9600.
    Gebietsschema-ID: 1031
    Zusatzinformation 1: 5861
    Zusatzinformation 2: 5861822e1919d7c014bbb064c64908b2
    Zusatzinformation 3: d1d9
    Zusatzinformation 4: d1d94a13d3609d6b740644c12508f581

    • I see crashes on memrise.com (of that tab in this case). For example when watering items.

  • Mariuxszas

    Thank you for this update. Speed dial is the most comfortable i have ever had in any browser. And thank you for comfortable bookmarks. This is just what I needed.
    Yours forever,

  • Guest

    Hi guys! I have a issue to report, I don’t know if here is the correct place. In this last update (Opera 25 with visual bookmarks) I have been expericing problems with the memory management: after 1 or 2 hours browsing in the web and with about 20 tabs opened Windows alerts me that It are insufficient memory to continue working, that is weird, because I have 8 Gb of RAM and when I check the task manager the RAM is about 80%. I don’t exactly how much RAM is using Opera, but when I close it my RAM goes to 60% (that is about 1.6 of RAM :S, I hate the multiprocess of chromium ¬¬). This is so annoying because after a while Opera is restarted… and the notification doesn’t appear again in about 2 hours… I know that i have many tabs open, but I used to prefer Opera because his memory management, and now, I need to have a lot of tabs opened because I am exams season in my collegue.

    Here is a snapshot of my computer (sorry but is in spanish).
    These are the features of my PC:

    OS: Windows 8.1 pro
    CPU: Inter core i7
    RAM: 8 GB
    DD: 1TB
    GPU: Nvidia Gforce 755m

    • Davey126

      I too have noticed individual tabs can suddenly consume a ton of memory when displaying certain sites (eg: google maps) for an extended period – but it isn’t always consistent. This seemed to start with O25 although I can’t be 100% sure. I checked for corresponding behavior in Chrome 38 which I believe uses the same version of chromium but it’s hard to reproduce given the time delays involved.

  • Cesar

    Hi folks! I have a issue to report, I don’t know if here is the correct place. In this last update (Opera 25 with visual bookmarks) I have been expericing problems with the memory management: after 1 or 2 hours browsing in the web and with about 20 tabs opened Windows alerts me that It are insufficient memory to continue working, that is weird, because I have 8 Gb of RAM and when I check the task manager the RAM is about 80%. I don’t exactly how much RAM is using Opera, but when I close it my RAM goes to 60% (that is about 1.6 of RAM :S, I hate the multiprocess of chromium ¬¬). This is so annoying because after a while Opera is restarted… and the notification doesn’t appear again in about 2 hours… I know that i have many tabs open, but I used to prefer Opera because his memory management, and now, I need to have a lot of tabs opened because I am exams season in my collegue.

    Here is a snapshot of my computer (sorry but is in spanish).
    These are the features of my PC:

    OS: Windows 8.1 pro
    CPU: Inter core i7
    RAM: 8 GB
    DD: 1TB
    GPU: Nvidia Gforce 755m

    • Cesar

      Sorry for the repeated snapshot, this is when I close Opera,

    • Cesar

      And this is when re-open Opera:

    • Lacedaemon

      fuck chromium

      yep, that is the truth. That is ******** chromium… 3 GB’s for a couple of tabs. I know, it’s pretty disgusting…

      • Davey126

        Really? Nice tone.

        • Lacedaemon

          Yep, OP is right and everybody knows it, so what’s the problem? Does the truth hurt you so much or are you just prude?

          • Davey126

            Sigh…moving on.

          • Lacedaemon

            yep, best move.

    • Davey126

      My guess is you may have virtual memory disabled which is why Windows is warning you about insufficient resources as commit levels rise. All modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera) can suddenly consume tons of memory with many tabs open. Just look at the support/complaint forums for any given browser. Usually one or two tabs are the culprit even on ‘clean’ systems with few extensions or plugins. I’m not going to speculate why this happens…sucks that it does. Enabling virtual memory (if it is currently disabled) will at least allow you to continue for awhile without restarting your browser – although various pages will be temporarily written out to HDD/SSD potentially slowing down your system. Obviously does not address the core memory management problem which may or may not be Chromium related.

      • Cesar

        Hi! I have it enabled, actually, I have a 24 GB SSD caching, I think is enough, isn’t it?
        Maybe, as you said, it can be an extension, maybe I should disable almost all extension to make tests.

        • Davey126

          24GB is more than enough :). You probably had a comitt level approaching 30GB. Yikes! Might want to fire up Opera’s task manager to track down the culprit. You’ll have to enable advanced options to get access to the developer menu where task manager is located.

  • PaulC

    I have been using v12 for ages, not liking the new “chrome” approach, but this release is a lot better. To me, Visual bookmarks are new and I think I kind of like them. I’m just glad bookmarks are back, but I would love it even more if the “nicknames” feature was restored – I loved that and used it a lot along with the sync feature (using browsers on more than one device in several places means this is essential to me also).

  • Vishnu

    Make the transition from speed dial to bookmarks page seamless like when we switch to discover page. For that I think the left strip should be moved to top so that bookmark bar gets enough space. Currently if I click bookmark icon on left I have to hit back to return to speed dial. I want it to behave like discover icon.

  • Vítor

    I miss that “Tab & Search” feature from Chrome.

  • Junaid Ahmed

    It is the slowest browser I ever used in my life. It takes 10 seconds to show its start-page after opening. When I click any link outside browser it takes about 20-30 seconds just to start loading. It was always slow for me since version 18 but not this kind of slow. A clean uninstall(using third-party uninstaller) and reinstall didn’t solve it.

    • Gojic Milos

      I completely agree. When you come to the point where you have to buy a ssd and 4gb of ram just to cold-start browser fast enough and open a few pages, you know you’re doing something extremely wrong. I know that most of abysmal startup performance/memory usage/unresponsiveness comes from using blink-webkit, but honestly, it’s hard to believe devs can’t do anything to improve performance on low-end configurations. If i was a lead dev. i would let them code and test it, one week before every release, on these new low power single/dual/quad cpus from intel/amd and/or older lga775/am2 machines with 2gb of ram… Funny, and kinda sad thing is really, that IE11 eats Opera alive on these machines… Ah well… back to work. hf gg

  • LoverOfLife

    How to autofill (autocomplete) form data (username & password) on Opera android ? Please (without LastPass)

  • Anona Mouse

    The bookmark tiles are… TOO BIG.
    Enable a way to resize the tiles, like Windows does with image thumbnails.

  • Sheryl Heart Chislett

    yep the new update sucked so much, made my stash book marks, took it all out and reinstalled opera 23 and had to stop it auto update easily enough by waiting for the update to pop up and deleting auto update files under process tree in task manager. the bookmark update made my customized theme totally un-visible and looked totally awful. the stash and speed dial of opera 24 didnt need an update or skin change, the new skin is horrid and takes away a techi’s fun of customization. thank god for knowing how to remove the auto updater. now that old version is reinstalled works great as it use too. the new update wasn’t even allowing youtube vids to play. the update is crap. opera 23 is best and only need sone tweak, to adjust cache sixe and update optional. people shouldnt have silent updates . it silently update dit self till i stopped its update at start up now and removed autoupdate files so now it cant. so haha. glad i’m technically inclined. becuase opera 25 takes away all the fun opera 23 had and i hate it and will never use it.

  • Erica Nehrling Meador

    thank you opera for better bookmark management!

  • Emanuele

    I was thinking… why simply don’t add the POSSIBILITY (not an imposition for all users, not a default setup… only an option) to disable images in Bookmarks (where “they are useful as an asshole on my elbow” (cit.) )

    You could add a generic option in “power user” settings to globally disable it, AND a “no image for this” option when the user save a site to bookmarks (for example in the heart widget where we scroll the available images)

    I say this because, apart the fact that users like me don’t need at all this feature, visual bookmarks are a BIG problem on

    – “old” systems (where old is becoming very very relative these days)
    – setup with lots (thousands) of bookmarks

    Disabling visual bookmarks (ie NO IMAGES ARE SAVED AT ALL in the database) could solve the problem of slowness of the browser … and cool people could continue using their Visual Bookmarks as long as they want… all win, you’re happy, we’re happy. 🙂

  • Dog Almighty

    I think that a problem here is that Opera now has several good functionalities with both pros and cons, and what needs to happen is to weed out the pros and put them into use. here are a few suggestions:

    1) There needs to be more functions to rearrange the visual bookmarks. At the moment you can bookmark a site, and while doing it choose a folder the site goes to. But what about after that? It should be possible to divide visual bookmarks in one folder into sub folders. One can currently do that in the Bookmarks bar, but not in visual bookmarks. So if I have a hundred colourful visual bookmarks in the “Travel” folder, that’s a lot to scroll through. So I should be able to add sub-folders into the “Travel” folder (e.g. Europe, Asia, etc.) so that I could divide the one hundred visual bookmarks into them. As I said, this possibility exists in the Bookmarks bar, which is good, and it should therefore be an option in the visual bookmarks section too. At the moment when arranging the speed dial icons, one can just drag and drop them on top of each other creating folders. That’s practical and a definite pro. Why not use the same system in the visual bookmarks?

    2) The visual bookmarks look good, that’s a pro, but the Bookmarks bar lacks this visual appeal. And when I press Ctrl+Shift+B to see all the visual bookmarks, I can see the “Bookmarks bar” folder, but those bookmarks will not have beautiful images. Proposition: It should be possible to change the pictures in the visual bookmarks after they have been saved, and this should be possible also for those bookmarks in the “Bookmarks bar” folder.

    3) The new speed dial and its lack of pictures is weird. In the comment section under a September blog post one of your staff member said that you have determined that there are more benefits to this new look compared to the downsides. I struggle to see how that’s possible. The possibility to change the pictures should be there. If changing pictures is considered a great new idea for visual bookmarks, why can’t the same be the case for the speed dial icons? And the speed dial icons must have the titles visible without one having to move the cursor on top of them. It’s very annoying to have twenty speed dial icons with the same picture, and then one has to move the cursor on top of each of them to make the titles for them appear.

    Now that you have both the speed dial, visual bookmarks and the bookmarks bar, I urge you to really take a good look at the benefits of each of them and add these pros to each of them, if you intend to keep all three functionalities, so that they become practical, quick and visually appealing to use. Why should for example the visual bookmarks suffer because they lack the practical functions that for example the speed dial has?

  • M T

    I like new visual bookmarks.But each of them is too big.

    I don’t like new start page which has logo and coloring website thumb.

    Old one is good.

  • Shion

    There is a problem with “filedetails”-popups on Steam community site. Ex. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=329579369 – sometimes popup doesn’t appear and page becomes blocked. If you re-enter the page url (ctrl+e enter) after that – popup appears by itself right after the page is loaded (why!?). And if picture-popup happen to appear it appears cropped – about 1/3 at it’s original height.

    Don’t think it’s an extension problem, as previous Opera version with same set of extensions didn’t have such problems.

    • Lacedaemon

      Confirmed. Problem is, the same happens in Stable and Opera 12.17…

  • knuthf

    Where are “Session”?
    You can drop all pictures in bookmarks, the world spins without them, but

    Once upon a time we had a browser where we could search and find, hold it all in 27 or more open tabs, and when we had to move on, we could “Save Session” and get on with the other thing – “Open Saved Session”, and resume work with Facebook, Youtube and the rest. Now I can save 27 tabs as “Bookmarks” – there is a slight difference here, somewhat related to Object-orientation – I do not want Fortran and Cobol back!

  • Bandes



  • FF upset me so I switched to Opera initially liking it better than Chrome and (without saying) IE. However the lack of desktop/mobile sync almost sent me back to Chrome. Now this screwy “lack of visual” bookmarks…

    Seems like I’m still haven’t settled on a browser. Any suggestions?

    • Damear Dadabayev

      Opera 12? Pretty well integrated with Opera Mini on mobile.

      • Are you suggesting going from Opera 25 back to 12?

      • “We’re working to improve synchronization and make it more integrated with our next generation of browsers.

        Building from scratch means that syncing isn’t compatible with Opera versions 14 and higher … yet.”

        So I need to return to 12 or 14 from 25? Sounds like a great plan.

  • Joquita for Disqus

    On Opera 25, I have folders which include a “&” in the name, like “Downloads & Reviews”. In the bookmarks bar (on the top) you will see two “&” always, “Downloads && Reviews”, although you type only one “&”. On the other hand, if you click in the bookmarks “heart” on the left in the start page, you will see the same folder correctly named with only one “&” in the bookmarks manager.

  • Damear Dadabayev

    Just switched from old faithful 12.17 to Opera 25, and here’s my two cents:

    – After what you did in Opera 15, version 25 is surprisingly good (took only 10 steps ahead just to get close to where you were before that giant leap back you took abandoning Presto);
    – Speed dial took some time to sort out to get to my preferred view. Now if you could only add the one little but pleasant thing, Ctrl-1..Ctrl-9 shortcuts – I really miss them.
    – Opera Link – still missing, I guess it will come in Opera 26 or 27. In any case, 25 seems to have imported my bookmarks and passwords and search engines, which is Ok.
    – Cycling tabs in recently-used order – found under opera://flags – hurray!

    Now the negatives:
    – How do I get rid of the big fat ugly Yandex search field on speed dial? I always disabled it first thing on all new Opera 12 installations (since search is available from the address field), but it doesn’t seem to be around in either opera://config or opera://flags.
    – Another thing I had heavily customized is the search engines. And I am still somewhat disappointed as I can’t edit/delete default search engines. E.g., yandex always has been under ‘x’ for me, now I have two (one under ‘y’, the other under ‘x’). I know I can just use x and not y, not that I use yandex anyway. I just don’t want to have engines I don’t use (like rambler under ‘r’ or translate under ‘s’. Also, during import somehow some of my custom engines doubled (like zaycev.net was under ‘z’ and ‘zaycev.net’, etc.) – looks really weird.

  • UMaster 7

    no direct title editing of bookmarks via heart menu possible 🙁 Have to go to bookmarks page and edit it there via pen symbol button…

  • L33t4opera

    New update – Opera stable 25.0.1614.63 for Mac and Windows 😉

    • Shion

      Added some bugs to bug report wizard, hope some of them are already fixed in this build.

  • requiser

    This just screwed my bookmarks since before. Now i cant see my old bookmarks. But what even more annoying is that when i go to an address that i bookmarked its still shows as a red heart. But the bookmark is not there. Then i tried to unbookmark the site and it doesnt work.

  • Bagus Javas Heruyanto

    i LOVE SO MUCH the new bookmark system. I was in FF. But because of the need of DevTool, then.. switched to Chrome. I need other browser to have fun reading, researching, etc. Trying IE 11, and.. leave it. Feels not comfort.

    I ever use Opera +/- version 17. But then leave it because of Stash. Love the stash, but MISSING the bookmark. and what’s the surprise?

    Yes.. today i come back to Opera for bookmarking, searching, reading.. and.. got the NEW BEAUTIFUL BOOKMARK system. Love it so much. You designed it great. It’s comfort for eyes, and not boring. Really comfort for great reading, and researching time.

    Thank you Opera team, please keep this beautiful and comfortable bookmark system. You can keep back the Stash for few people that need temporary visit. BUT always keep this new amazing bookmark system

  • Bagus Javas Heruyanto

    Congratulation Opera Team,

    i love the design of the new bookmark window.

    but, Opera still have to repair the bookmark BAR. I can’t create nested folder directly. I have to make a folder on main level, then drag it manually into desired folder.

    And for the bookmark WINDOW, it feels not good when accessing nested bookmark folder :/ . I have to click them manually. In my opinion, the need for bookmark is for management & speedy access.

    (currently, I use Opera 26)

  • Adolf pache

    vendrá el beta para 32 bits linux? tengo 2 laptop y un pc con 32 bits una con mint 17 otra con xubuntu 14.04 y la ultima con debian

  • Menelmacar

    Now that bookmarks are back, how about adding back bookmark metadata (so that keywords make relavant bookmarks show up as you type in the addressbar), reimplementing panels (Bookmarks, Downloads, Open windows/tabs, Page Links, Page Info, Notes, History, custom panels); tab stacking; decent element inspector/dev tools more like Presto’s Dragonfly.

    I keep trying Opera Next every few months, hoping it approaches the old 12.x functionality and customizability. It still hasn’t.

    (There’s a reason that the knowledgebase article “Make Opera your own — customize it” hasn’t been updated since Opera 12 — there’s not much UI customizability to speak of now.)

    For the moment I’m still just staying at 12.16, but it increasingly has slowness/stability problems with sites (e.g. the WordPress 4.x.x backend).

    Something to consider: Your usage statistics likely never fully captured the behavior of more advanced users, who were doubtlessly the folks most likely to DISABLE usage reporting (perhaps unwisely, in retrospect!). The backtracking on bookmarks certainly seems to support the notion that the user disappointment with bookmark management wasn’t something you were expecting when you were originally planning Opera Next’s priorities based on raw usage reporting. Perhaps that should serve as a wake up call to be a little more cautious in interpreting the raw usage data.

  • macfreek

    I just switches from Chrome to Opera today, and must say that I find the bookmark functionality in Opera rather poor, despite the nice looking visual bookmarks. It is just that is lacks what I consider basic features, like (1) the ability to add my own folders directly in the top level of the Bookmarks menu; (2) the option to move (drag) multiple (sub)folders at the same time from one folder to another folder; (3) the missing feature to store all open tabs as bookmarks in a new folder; (4) the missing feature to open all bookmarks in a folder as tabs in a new window.

  • Akash Ranglani

    Wonderful list of resources! We, at GoCinchy are trying to make “The Ultimate Bookmark Manager” on cloud Visit http://www.GoCinchy.com for more details! 🙂

  • Draconian9054

    Cool. Going to give Opera a try.