Changelog for 20

20.0.1387.91 – 2014-04-02 – blog post

  • DNA-17503 Off-Road mode doesn’t work on some ISPs
  • DNA-17666 Auto-update prompts for credentials and then exits immediately
  • DNA-18177 Rename “Compression mode” to “Opera Turbo” for Russian language

20.0.1387.82 – 2014-03-20 – blog post

  • Update chromium to 1750.154.
  • DNA-17823 Fix invalid dereference in autofill code.

20.0.1387.77 – 2014-03-13 – blog post

  • Update chromium to 1750.149.
  • DNA-16648 Adblock not working properly when opening pages in new tabs
  • DNA-17548 Crash on startup in >extensions::OneShotEvent
  • DNA-17556 download callout items won’t open
  • DNA-17722 [Windows] Tone down mixed content graphics

20.0.1387.64 – 2014-03-04 – blog post

  • TRN-391 [ko] opera:settings is totally unusable

20.0.1387.59 – 2014-02-27 – blog post

  • DNA-15729 [Win] New window opens as a blank region on screen
  • DNA-16264 The “start up” tab is blank just remains the “speed dial”, “stash”, “discover” buttons, the search shortcut on the top right and the background image

20.0.1387.53 – 2014-02-26 – blog post

  • CHR-2109 Update chromium to 1750.117

20.0.1387.51 – 2014-02-25 – blog post

  • DNA-16784 Inconsistent style of downloads
  • Properly set valid_data_store_ member in PartnerContentService during update – in the same way, as during first run.
  • DNA-16969 Crash in opera::BrowserWindow::IsQuickAccessBarVisible
  • DNA-16683 netinstaller restarts download on regaining connection after network failure
  • CHR-2084 Update chromium to 1750.112.
  • DNA-16663 Opera crashes in >extensions::ProcessManager::UnregisterRenderViewHost
  • DNA-16534 [Win] Fixed problem with too dark fullscreen dialog.
  • DNA-16752 [uz] Network Installer is not translated in Uzbek
  • DNA-16241 [Win] When input field is focused Ctrl+Shift+V works as Paste and Go
  • DNA-16580 tab.openerTabId is undefined when a new window is opened from a tab

20.0.1387.37 – 2014-02-18 – blog post

  • DNA-10703 Inconsistent style of downloads
  • DNA-13709 Translate strings for Opera 20
  • DNA-15879 Feature usage toolbar buttons misplaced in new windows
  • DNA-16106 Loosen requirements about MUID’s segment validity.
  • DNA-16109 [Win] Not possible to select second and some more links from Recently Closed, when the list is scrollable
  • DNA-16156 Dragging Speed Dial thumbnail from folder out of the window breaks Speed Dial
  • DNA-16502 [it] [de] [ja] [af] [es] [fy] [ru] [sk] [el] [nl] [es-419] [be] Net Installer: text cut off on button when cancelling download
  • DNA-16507 [Win] Net installer languages are missing
  • DNA-16523 Crash in >extensions::WebstoreInstaller::StartDownload
  • DNA-16611 Canceling drag of thumbnail from two children folder to another folder breaks Speed Dial
  • DNA-16647 Net installer appears to give up too quickly on failed network connection
  • DNA-16682 chrome.webNavigation.onCreatedNavigationTarget never sent

20.0.1387.30 – 2014-02-11 – blog post

  • DNA-11657 CAT: Crash in opera::ProgressButtonView::OnDownloadUpdated
  • DNA-13709 Translate strings for Opera 20
  • DNA-15790 [Win] Too little spacing between buttons in dialogs
  • DNA-15940 Maintenance – remove 1.7mb of unused images in desktop/common/resources/shared/images/
  • DNA-16095 Extensions aren’t installed if launcher.exe is in symlinked directory
  • DNA-16103 Move chrome.tabCapture to developer stream
  • DNA-16286 Inline installation dialog doesn’t show name for localized extensions

20.0.1387.24 – 2014-02-04 – blog post

  • DNA-15441 Address bar not focusable on startup
  • DNA-15450 An edited partner speed dial is reset after upgrade
  • DNA-15772 [Mac] Let Out the Monsters (New DMG Background)
  • DNA-15890 Wrong thumbnail position when dropping a link to an empty speed dial
  • DNA-15929 [Mac] Enable #DragTabsToQuickAccessBar flag by default
  • DNA-16158 Update DMG background image resource
  • DNA-16181 Enable native DnD flag for all streams
  • DNA-16203 Change URL used by netinstaller to the one of the production AU server

20.0.1387.16 – 2014-01-31 – blog post

  • DNA-13446 [Win] Normal windows reopened from “Recently closed” becomes Private
  • DNA-13709 Translate strings for Opera 20
  • DNA-15376 Devtools window placement setting is missing
  • DNA-15535 [Win] Dragging maximized tab between monitors is not possible
  • DNA-15614 WebRequest receives events for omnibox suggestions.
  • DNA-15739 Speed Dial suggestions hidden but clickable
  • DNA-15820 Update EULA
  • DNA-15843 Renderer crashes after closing tab
  • DNA-15844 “New *” Dock menu entries disabled
  • DNA-15854 Manual extension update button for changed permission never removed
  • DNA-15923 Enable extension blacklisting flag on all channels

20.0.1387.9 – 2014-01-27 – blog post

  • DNA-8152 Add context menu to the search field in Speed Dial folders
  • DNA-9167 Multiple clicks on Speed Dial suggestions can add duplicate items
  • DNA-14649 When opening a link with attachment in a new tab, a new tab opens with “Loading” title
  • DNA-15211 Deleting all private data should have option to delete autofill data
  • DNA-15452 Crashes after mad round of clicks on extension toolbar buttons
  • DNA-15523 Dropping file onto the empty area in start page does not open the file
  • DNA-15742 opera://flags/#allow-insecure-content flag broken
  • DNA-15579 Before unload dialog always have a “reload” button
  • DNA-15750 Tab Modal enabled should still have onbeforeunload (confirm navigation, confirm reload) app modal
  • DNA-15813 Let .url files dropped on empty region of speed dial be handled in the default way

20.0.1387.2 – 2014-01-23 – blog post

  • DNA-12431 “Make Opera my default browser” on settings page should identify stream (Next/Developer)
  • DNA-14199 thumbnail generator don’t mute html5 sounds / videos
  • DNA-15159 Discover – return to same position after opening article
  • DNA-11374 not clearing session cookies
  • CHR-952 Update ICU data files for Opera specific locales
  • DNA-11547 Don’t display ‘opera://favicon/*’ in permission dialog when using permission
  • DNA-15556 Move chrome.proxy to stable channel
  • DNA-15412 Move chrome.downloads API to stable
  • DNA-15425 Download button isn’t restored in private window after disabling extension with chrome.downloads.setShelfEnabled(false)
  • DNA-15377 Rearrange Mac Main Menu Items – WP1
  • DNA-15539 Rearrange Mac Main Menu Items – WP2
  • DNA-15487 [Mac] Encoding Menu – WP2
  • DNA-15537 [Mac] Encoding Menu – WP3
  • DNA-15439 Allow disabling crash handler on Mac (OPERA_CRASH_HANDLER_DISABLED=1)
  • DNA-12245 CAT: crash in BookmarkNode::SetMetaInfo
  • DNA-12702 [Win] Submenu should be bold
  • DNA-12839 Opera crashes in >opera::MenuItemView::GetMenuItemByID
  • DNA-13546 Speed Dial is sometimes deleted when added to a folder containing extensions only
  • DNA-13705 Crash when closing tab when camera/microphone indicator quickly changes its state
  • DNA-14002 Crash in Macro from WTF::StringImpl::destroyIfNotStatic
  • DNA-14455 Drag threshold is too big for speed dial items
  • DNA-14814 Tabs hibernation: restoration content editables’ contents
  • DNA-14817 Tabs hibernation: automatic background tabs suspension.
  • DNA-14818 CAT: Crash on Pickle with 20 dev.
  • DNA-14972 Backward/Forward buttons middle click implementation.
  • DNA-15007 Bookmark folder drop menu closed on adding to speed dial and deleting bookmark
  • DNA-15086 CLONE – Opera crashes in >opera::MenuItemView::GetMenuItemByID
  • DNA-15119 Dragged tab detached view is displayed above the folder drop menu
  • DNA-15121 “Add search engine” popup doesn’t close after changing address or closing the tab
  • DNA-15227 When a download is paused, it is impossible to start the same download from the link
  • DNA-15266 [Win] Inconsistent badge on page auto-refresh when address field modified
  • DNA-15267 Wrong position of the download popup on Mac when away from the edge of the screen
  • DNA-15290 opera:startpage#discover does not switch to discover on the startpage itself
  • DNA-15305 Can’t remove developer extension after changing it’s id via ‘key’ field.
  • DNA-15326 Navigation buttons on the startpage turns black when clicked
  • DNA-15332 [Win] Tab Modal Javascript Dialogs, with App Modal option – bring tab modal for webpages, keep app modal for addons WP1
  • DNA-15335 [Win] Dragging an item out of the expander causes the expander to temporarily disappear
  • DNA-15336 Add a feature flag to switch “Use big Speed Dial thumbnails” on and off for A/B testing
  • DNA-15341 [Win] When a bookmark is dragged out of expander, the expander closes and there’s no access to it
  • DNA-15342 [Win] Sometimes when moving the QAB item, other item is stuck at the expander (not returning to previous position)
  • DNA-15343 CLONE – Ctrl+F1 does not work if “Find in page” bar is on display. Does not switch tabs on releasing Ctrl key.
  • DNA-15407 Downloads button in tab bar is always visible
  • DNA-15413 Opera tries to renew an invalid token
  • DNA-15419 [Win] System buttons too close to the right border
  • DNA-15423 Runtime Exception running component builds on Mac
  • DNA-15431 Back/forward buttons active when SD/Stash/Discover is opened through the OMenu
  • DNA-15435 Opera crashes during delayed page change with inline installation dialog
  • DNA-15443 Enable inline installation by default
  • DNA-15453 keyboard navigation / scrolling doesn’t work well in Discover
  • DNA-15454 [Win] Tab Modal Javascript Dialogs, with App Modal option – bring tab modal for webpages, keep app modal for addons WP2
  • DNA-15469 Can’t open .html files in browser from downloads manager
  • DNA-15471 Opera crashes in >extensions::ExtensionHost::render_view_host
  • DNA-15474 Crash on loading URL after closing “Confirm navigation” dialog
  • DNA-15475 [Win] Tab modal JS dialogs (alert, confirm, prompt) have double click protection
  • DNA-15476 [Mac] Revert JS Dialogs to Tab Modal (and retain App Modal code)
  • DNA-15494 [Win] QAB folder dropdown sometimes is persistent when a tab is detached, hovered and reattached
  • DNA-15495 Download callout is not closed after 2nd click on Downloads icon
  • DNA-15496 Strings for a downloads in progress dialog
  • DNA-15506 Dotted border around address field when focused
  • DNA-15514 Start page is reloaded in creating a new tab
  • DNA-15515 New tab is opened in clicking SD button while on a page
  • DNA-15516 [Win] Crash when dragging a tab to expander avoiding touching the bookmarks bar
  • DNA-15520 Wrong image for the pressed state on the popup blocker button
  • DNA-15524 Favorite GUID duplication risk in case of corrupt Sync server data
  • DNA-15558 Call FinishVerifyAllExtensions from VerifyAllExtensions
  • DNA-15563 UserScriptMaster should activate only after extensions have been initialized
  • DNA-15565 [Win][qab] Expander menu persistent in multi-window Opera
  • DNA-15583 [Win] Create a drop menu for add button on QAB
  • DNA-15589 Port tab_contents_iterator avoid modifying chromium code
  • DNA-15607 [Mac] Bookmarks Bar – Open All in New Window/ Private Window does not work
  • DNA-15616 [Win][QAB] Dragged tab is displayed below any 2+ level folders
  • DNA-15617 Power (KONAMI) setting for custom speed dial size doesn’t work.
  • DNA-15619 Search provider not reset after navigation.
  • DNA-15622 Opera crashes when trying to remove synced item from extensions folder
  • OPAU-332 Crash when closing browser in PrivateWindowsSmokeTests.testPrivateWindowCookies
  • TVSDK-4166 Pass mime-type down to UVA backend
  • TVSDK-4241 Jenkins builders can’t build master due to gn requiring too recent a GLIBC version

20.0.1380.0 – 2014-01-13 – blog post

  • CHR-1613 [MemUsage] Use SharedBuffer::getSomeData for JPEG input buffering
  • DNA-13768 [Win] Navigation buttons should be shown on the left side of the window in RTL
  • DNA-15087 crash in OperaMainDelegate::InitializeResourceBundle
  • DNA-15192 With one or few tabs, impossible to drag and drop an item on the right side of + (tab bar)
  • DNA-15197 Extensions nativeMessaging API crashes the renderer
  • DNA-15209 Dragging rightmost bookmark onto expander button in bookmark bar has unexpected outcome.
  • DNA-15230 It’s possible to drop URL on opera menu
  • DNA-15270 Clean up NSString conversion usage
  • DNA-15280 [Windows] Inline installation dialog for extensions should have ‘Install’ instead of ‘Add’ button
  • DNA-15284 Localized Yahoo SD entry should be used in Germany
  • DNA-15304 Extensions-related issues introduced by CHR-1746
  • DNA-15311 DCHECK in ContentSettingsHandler: Trying to read an unregistered pref: settings.privacy.drm_enabled
  • DNA-15312 Revert string changes for pages showing broken padlock icon.
  • DNA-15334 Turn “Use big Speed Dial thumbnails” on by default
  • DNA-15340 String for “Preload Discover content when needed”
  • DNA-15348 [Win] Network Installer: failing download with flag –internal-error

20.0.1376.0 – 2014-01-09 – blog post

  • DNA-10060 Opera package is always redownload after triggering update on Mac
  • DNA-10706 After reloading page while editing Address Field input is not handled properly
  • DNA-10979 Clean up extension_manifest_keys
  • DNA-12496 opera_autoupdate process changed to unnamed process on Maverick OS X 10.9
  • DNA-12728 Add/Edit Bookmark Dialog should be AppModal
  • DNA-13149 search engine tool sometimes miss favicons
  • DNA-13995 Enable chrome.tabCapture for O20 next and stable channels
  • DNA-14123 [Win] Speed Dial preview is transparent
  • DNA-14202 Crash in opera::TabDragController::GetTargetQuickAccessBar
  • DNA-14219 Some crash logs have empty lists of modules
  • DNA-14436 Bookmarksbar folder could open when page badge is dragged onto it from above / below
  • DNA-14450 Downloads dropdown should show time left to complete
  • DNA-14480 [Win] Popup windows look odd.
  • DNA-14490 Crash on adding first expander element by dragging to last position
  • DNA-14519 Weird crash on startup in >extensions::P8AlarmManager
  • DNA-14547 Uninstaller should use the language set when installing
  • DNA-14598 Bookmark bar acts strange after dragging bookmarks between windows.
  • DNA-14599 Crash with Turbo2 in TurboCacheSynchronizer dtor
  • DNA-14600 Bookmark bar has magic expander menu.
  • DNA-14609 Zoom level of Speed Dial extension influences its other pages (e.g. options) and vice versa
  • DNA-14643 Tab cannot be dragged into BookmarkBar expander
  • DNA-14656 [Mac] Adding bookmark to bookmarks bar expander don’t preserve order
  • DNA-14661 Can’t drag bookmark from a folder in bookmark bar’s expander menu.
  • DNA-14671 Make a opera:flags flag for enabling Turbo v2 – WP1
  • DNA-14672 Bookmark bar bookmarks disappear when dragging address text onto them.
  • DNA-14675 CHR-1696 reintroduces DNA-7518
  • DNA-14676 Disable extension Google Cloud Messaging API
  • DNA-14678 Change our whitelisted extension IDs to the hash values
  • DNA-14691 Add ‘Follow’ campaign SD entry to speed dial folders
  • DNA-14710 [Win] Download pop up doesn’t have border
  • DNA-14711 Extension Speed Dial thumbnails in adapt mode are generated with wrong size when normal mode is set
  • DNA-14773 Refactor FavoriteNode
  • DNA-14799 [Win] Remove from Speed Dial at address field needs double click
  • DNA-14809 Dropping text from Notepad++ onto tab bar causes a weird no-text tab to appear
  • DNA-14810 Dropping text from Notepad++ onto QAB causes crashes Opera
  • DNA-14813 Tabs hibernation: extended lazy loading
  • DNA-14822 Dragging a speed dial tab over QAB changes the cursor to drag plus
  • DNA-14026 Session importing doesn’t work on IE11
  • DNA-14833 [win] Dotted border appears around address field
  • DNA-14846 [Win] Encoding Menu – Add the menu WP1
  • DNA-14853 Tampermonkey extension blocks browsing
  • DNA-14867 [Win] Dragging text from notepad++ and dropping onto address bar leaves the dropdown open
  • DNA-14875 [win] dragged tab stays on page if update dialog shows up
  • DNA-14877 [Win]‘For quick access, add your bookmarks’ is not redrawn when dragging a badge over QAB
  • DNA-14887 [Win] Arrow cursor not changed to plus in QAB folders
  • DNA-14892 Remove the Rocker gesture flag
  • DNA-14893 Can’t drop bookmark bar folders after dragging them.
  • DNA-14920 Phantom item when opened a folder by drag and left the bookmarksbr
  • DNA-14923 Dismissing the bookmark add dialog by Esc does not remove the bookmark
  • DNA-14966 [Win] Needs double hit of F11 to enter Fullscreen
  • DNA-14970 [Win] Encoding Menu – Add the menu WP2
  • DNA-14990 Bookmarksbar expander closes when items are rearranged in it
  • DNA-15009 Regression: ‘Folder name is too narrow when Folder has a long name but it is empty’ (DNA-11991)
  • DNA-15040 Inconsistencies between badge and tab drag on bookmarksbar
  • DNA-15050 [Win] Opera crashes when trying to drag the tab
  • DNA-15051 [Win] Focus stays in Address Field after opening a bookmark
  • DNA-15075 Quickly fiddling with bookmark makes the dragged bookmark placeholder visible
  • DNA-15078 Very insidious crash when making circles with dragged badge / bookmark on many folders
  • DNA-15085 Extension event pages are inactive on first load
  • DNA-15086 Opera crashes in >opera::MenuItemView::GetMenuItemByID
  • DNA-15094 [Win] Support for various DPI settings WP3
  • DNA-15121 “Add search engine” popup doesn’t close after changing address or closing the tab
  • DNA-15127 Addressfields on all tabs gets focused after addressfield is focused on at least one tab
  • DNA-15149 Remove use of address book API as source for auto-complete data on Mac (uunwatend dialog)
  • DNA-15156 Update speed dial content in Norway and Sweden
  • DNA-15158 [Web UI] Add Menu items for Speed Dial, Discover, Stash
  • DNA-15185 Move to stable channel
  • DNA-15187 Loading a favicon for a bookmarked site crashes opera if the bookmark exists both in normal bookmarksbar and expander
  • DNA-15192 With one or few tabs, impossible to drag and drop an item on the right side of + (tab bar)
  • DNA-15196 Give more detailed error message for mismatched ID during inline extension installation
  • DNA-15198 [Mac] Replace “O” with magnifying glass – basic implementation WP1
  • DNA-14715 [Win] Replace “O” with magnifying glass – WP1
  • DNA-15204 Bookmarks move too far when dragging a link across the bookmark bar.
  • DNA-15207 crash after closing last window
  • DNA-15199 [Windows] Repacking script broken after buildbot changes
  • DNA-15210 [Mac] Repacking script broken after buildbot changes
  • DNA-15228 [Mac] Encoding Menu – WP1
  • DNA-15231 Adding UUID to the uninstall survey URL
  • DNA-15246 Option + Delete on selected text in address field don’t delete the text
  • DNA-15254 opera_updateinstaller linking error

20.0.1353.0 – 2013-12-17 – blog post

  • Update to chromium 1726.0
  • CHR-1100 Add UPNP web-ui for desktop when remote debugging a device
  • CHR-1115 Integrate DirectFB compositor code into master
  • CHR-1725 NPAPI plugins leave artifacts when clip rectangle is empty on moving plugin window
  • CHR-1727 Replace lookup table in libjepg_turbo with intrinsic functions to reduce footprint
  • CHR-1729 [Aura] Use system specific RenderTheme instead of default one.
  • CHR-1730 Crash in various accessibility methods on dragging bookmark bar elements
  • DNA-8914 Back and forward drop-down OnMouseRelease broken when hovering the favicons of the entries
  • DNA-11222 Every button in OMenu requires 2nd click to be exectued when Opera is in RTL Mode
  • DNA-12539 Collapsed Discover dropdowns
  • DNA-12750 Not all of the items become grayed out in deleting browsing data
  • DNA-13337 [ua] [sk] [hu] [ro] [hr] [fr] [pl] [nb] Multimedia setting ‘Default’ for microphone not translated
  • DNA-13486 the ask about usage statistics text doesn’t have ellipsis effect
  • DNA-13612 Missing outline for focused native controls
  • DNA-13765 Folder escapes to position misaligned with the currently open folder when dragging onto drop menu
  • DNA-13888 [Win] Buttons in dialog after clicking Cancel in Net Installer are show in OS language
  • DNA-13897 A/B testing framework
  • DNA-14000 Renderer crashes with >extensions::UserScriptSlave::InjectScripts
  • DNA-14073 Ctrl+Q as “show previous tab” on Windows should be removed
  • DNA-14077 Speed Dial extension scaled to 70% look bad
  • DNA-14136 Add support for feature flags to the installer. (second and last part)
  • DNA-14204 Number of speed dial columns depends on window height when scrollbar appears
  • DNA-14215 Opera hangs if it cannot migrate passwords from Presto
  • DNA-14257 [Win] Network installer O20 – External/internal URL for test purpose.
  • DNA-14258 Crashloop after changing the settings to open one page on startup
  • DNA-14299 Add test for handling Turbo server HTTP 503 response
  • DNA-14390 Opera crashes after removing folder or one more item from bookmarks bar
  • DNA-14399 Add test for checking multiple requests to Turbo server
  • DNA-14400 Folder name can not be edited when the folder is open
  • DNA-14401 chrome_imports/extensions/common/permissions/api_permission.h kDownloadsInternal is disabled
  • DNA-14402 Crash in >ObserverListBase::RemoveObserver
  • DNA-14408 Speed Dial extensions don’t draw on first load
  • DNA-14411 Introduce FavoriteTree and iterator-based FavoriteCollection interface
  • DNA-14414 [Mac] Crash if a download is removed before the popup is shown
  • DNA-14415 Text in badge is not displayed properly
  • DNA-14426 [Win] Long title on tab is not faded but with ellipsis
  • DNA-14427 Keep clang version matching the current build branch
  • DNA-14429 [ru] “Sozdat'” is abbreviated to “Sozd.” without need
  • DNA-14438 Failures in ProcessExtensions from chromedriver_unittests
  • DNA-14466 [Mac] crash with DownloadItemObserverBridge::OnDownloadRemoved
  • DNA-14470 Crash in various accessibility methods on dragging bookmark bar elements
  • DNA-14471 DCHECK triggered by downloads popup being closed
  • DNA-14475 Crash when playing with Quick Access bar.
  • DNA-14476 Missing tab favicons during update
  • DNA-14477 Crash in QAB after rearranging items in folder and starting drag on the divider
  • DNA-14478 Bookmarks removed from bookmark bar when favicon updated while dragging.
  • DNA-14498 tab drag&drop to attach it to a different window doesn’t reclaim window focus
  • DNA-14520 Popup teskeng.exe shows when uninstalling Opera
  • DNA-14541 [Win] Not possible to ‘allow’ microphone access after selection from devices dropdown – button disabled
  • DNA-14543 [Mac] “More bookmark” menu on bookmark bar opens even when the “More bookmark” button is hidden
  • DNA-14551 Speed Dial scrollbar doesn’t change its height when searching
  • DNA-14559 Exception when quickly opening and closing windows
  • DNA-14569 Implement the “speeddial.size_mode” manifest key
  • DNA-14597 Speed Dial extensions don’t always zoom down when the “small thumbnails” setting is on
  • DNA-14601 [win] Inconsistent corners on bookmark bar links – reg from DNA-13777
  • DNA-14658 Use proper version number in UA string presented by netinstaller

20.0.1346.0 – 2013-12-10 – blog post

  • Update to chromium 1712.2
  • CHR-1567 HiDPI support is now ON by default.
  • CHR-1642 [MemUsage][BinarySize] New compacter domain database.
  • CHR-1656 crashes renderer
  • CHR-1659 [aura] Crash on closing a maximized window on main display
  • CHR-1675 Reduce footprint of registry controlled domain table
  • CHR-1676 Added API for MemoryAllowanceCallback
  • DNA-4760 Artifacts in SD after deleting a folder
  • DNA-5101 Weird stuff on main page
  • DNA-6452 Speed Dial item appears when being un-foldered during search
  • DNA-6568 Overlappling elements on speeddial when window has small width
  • DNA-7501 Help URL for autofill
  • DNA-7549 Keyboard scrolls SpeedDial when folder is opened
  • DNA-7569 Deleting an item from filtered SpeedDial view leaves an empty place
  • DNA-7733 Opera Stash Extensions API
  • DNA-7888 Scroll bar in speed dial folder display with two rows of content
  • DNA-7922 SD edit dialog wrong position after search
  • DNA-8282 Off-road mode should have “What is Off-road mode” page when it enabled for the first time
  • DNA-8363 Drag-and-drop Speed Dial thumbnail *exactly* in its place leaves it in position:fixed
  • DNA-9219 Speed Dial Ctrl+F focuses wrong search field when folder is opened
  • DNA-9568 Labels not right-aligned in detailed page-info pop-out
  • DNA-9660 Releasing both mouse buttons at the same time shows context menu when FlipForward on Windows
  • DNA-9846 When typing in address field and clicking return before any autocomplete has appeared opera does not “load” page/search
  • DNA-10008 Dropping extension on Speed Dial folder gives it wrong position in second window
  • DNA-10910 speed dial context menus need to be adjusted for RTL UI
  • DNA-11154 start page renderer crash on windows
  • DNA-11375 Drag and drop not supported file type to Opera results in file:/// downloading
  • DNA-11586 Dropping tab on the right half of first monitor creates window on second monitor
  • DNA-11651 CAT: Crash in opera::BrowserWindowWin::Observe
  • DNA-11839 Bookmarks do not always have a favicon (regression/modified behavior from 12)
  • DNA-11850 Split desktop_common
  • DNA-12093 Make preferences more common
  • DNA-12227 Opening a new window, the caret is at the address field but unable to input any
  • DNA-12269 Speed Dial has different numbers of items per row for the same width
  • DNA-12338 Confirm Cmd-Q before quitting (if enabled)
  • DNA-12353 [Windows] Opening a folder on qab, bookmark cannot be added at first trial
  • DNA-12479 Regression from DNA-5963 Paste and go feature not available after starting Opera with empty clipboard
  • DNA-12587 URL hint stays in place while window is moved (sometimes) [win]
  • DNA-12618 Taskbar progress bar error state does not reset when clearing downloads
  • DNA-12781 Settings | Advanced: Use smaller speed dial thumbnails
  • DNA-12784 Disabling extension should close all background dialogs
  • DNA-12868 Document not focused when changing tab
  • DNA-12926 Various code tries to set context more than once
  • DNA-12970 [Mac] Opera Next crashes after downloading an update
  • DNA-12986 desktop_common_unittests keeps creating child processes and never stops
  • DNA-13103 + Add Page is not visible when long QAB list
  • DNA-13387 Page Action icons need more margin.
  • DNA-13394 String issues with “Configure commands” section on opera:extensions
  • DNA-13427 view-source of popup opens in same window (without a tabbing interface)
  • DNA-13440 Crash in opera::NotificationDelegate::SetResult
  • DNA-13444 [aura] Text cursor in address bar context menu
  • DNA-13451 CookieHeaderTest.testHeaderCookiesetTestAfterRestart from cookie_test fails on Mac
  • DNA-13453 Automated tests for inline installation
  • DNA-13513 Crash in >TemplateURLService::NotifyTemplateURLChanged
  • DNA-13515 Wrong mouse pointer is shown when dragging tab
  • DNA-13516 Tab is not transformed back to normal drag tab after dragging on QAB and dragging back
  • DNA-13547 Font is gray after changing tab and going back to tab
  • DNA-13550 Left arrow in address bar not working when address is focused and selected
  • DNA-13574 Fix IDS_THEMES strings for Opera 19
  • DNA-13588 Improve the stash screenshots
  • DNA-13600 When dragging a Speed Dial to the Bookmarks Bar or Desktop it does not always return to its original position
  • DNA-13603 When dragging a Bookmark out of the Bookmarks Bar it does not always return to its original position
  • DNA-13608 missing search favicons after upgrade issue requires more complex fix
  • DNA-13609 Some Speed Dial extensions don’t draw their thumbnails on installation
  • DNA-13617 [Win] Add accessibility name for inline installation dialog
  • DNA-13621 Read-only popup windows should not display sliding toolbars
  • DNA-13625 Link “More about this error” on crash pages links to irrelevant page in help
  • DNA-13631 Mark IDS_EXTENSION_PERMISSION_LINE as translateable=”false”
  • DNA-13632 Mark IDS_FLAGS strings as translateable=”false”
  • DNA-13663 [Mac] Dragging a tab over the QAB does not match spec.
  • DNA-13667 Text shadow in theme created by creator is black when black font is chosen
  • DNA-13674 Add “title” property to the Stash API
  • DNA-13695 Not possible to load image from opera://stash-snapshot/?url= on extension page
  • DNA-13697 Tabs size is resized immediately when close tab with middle click
  • DNA-13699 A CSS-based fix for scrollbars in speed dial extensions
  • DNA-13704 Extension icon unittests fail on Goth
  • DNA-13706 Opera freezes after dropping tab on bookmarks bar while transformation animation is in progress
  • DNA-13718 Crash in StatsTabHelper::DidNavigateMainFrame (NOTREACHED)
  • DNA-13720 OOM crash with 1000 themes
  • DNA-13734 Close icon on tab freezes on hover state after hovering it while holding link
  • DNA-13735 There should be no shrink animation if Speed Dial tab is dragged over bookmark bar
  • DNA-13763 Crash in AutoUpdaterTest.NoUpdate from autoupdate_unittests, due to uninitialized StataService
  • DNA-13771 Add textdirection value to the HTML of Stash and Discover
  • DNA-13774 Static initializers in Opera for Mac
  • DNA-13777 QAB dragged item has rounded corners on Win8
  • DNA-13780 Allow dropping of tabs onto QAB drop folders
  • DNA-13782 [Mac] Dragging a URL from one window to QAB in another window opens dialog in the first window
  • DNA-13783 Settings | Power User: Width and Height of speed dial thumbnails
  • DNA-13787 Opera crashes when clicking item from context menu of extension popup
  • DNA-13790 Download popup progress indication – wrong units
  • DNA-13793 Miscellaneous string fixes for Opera 19
  • DNA-13795 Opera crashes when adding bookmark directly into expander on last position
  • DNA-13817 [Mac] It’s possible to drag bookmarks bar item and move it together with Opera window at the same time
  • DNA-13818 Crash in BufferTrackerTest.Basic from gpu_unittests
  • DNA-13821 Don’t compress the netinstaller during packaging
  • DNA-13823 [aura] Crash at start-up with extension
  • DNA-13825 Block the “What’s new?” welcome page on upgrade
  • DNA-13830 Regression in CommandLineAPITest.testDefaultAdditionalSwitchesList from commandline_api
  • DNA-13831 Fix GYP_GENERATORS detection in
  • DNA-13836 Fix IDS_EXTENSIONS strings for Opera 19
  • DNA-13840 Turn on -Wglobal-constructors for some common targets
  • DNA-13844 [aura] Pages stop scrolling after a video is started and stopped [Win]
  • DNA-13845 Opera is recording AutoComplete information in private browsing
  • DNA-13848 SingletonLock should be excluded from Time Machine backup WP2
  • DNA-13849 Clean up dragging cancelling in bookmarks bar
  • DNA-13850 Fix a memory leak in QuickAccessBarController
  • DNA-13852 Address Field Option + Left/Right don’t behave like regular text field in OS X
  • DNA-13859 Right-clicking on the URL bar doesn’t restore full URL for selecting (as left-click does)
  • DNA-13870 Mac – Read-only popup windows should not display sliding toolbars
  • DNA-13874 ResourcePrefetchPredictorTest is too slow
  • DNA-13875 WebRequestConditionAttributeTest too slow
  • DNA-13877 Fix all suspected leaks found on Mac
  • DNA-13881 start page renedere crashes – fix mistake when reverting commit
  • DNA-13887 Merge net_resource_provider and move to common/net
  • DNA-13891 Pinned tab transformed to QAB link is very narrow
  • DNA-13893 Can’t drop links to Speed Dial
  • DNA-13894 [aura] [win] Session saved incorrectly when restored window set to maximized and settings modified (eg bookmarks)
  • DNA-13903 Speed dial buttons no long respond to Keyboard Enter Key
  • DNA-13907 Half of main menu items are disabled
  • DNA-13915 Allow images with url ending in :large to be used as themes
  • DNA-13938 Missing context menu when right-clicking in text fields on speed dial edit.
  • DNA-13944 ZipImageReaderTest can’t find test data
  • DNA-13946 browsertests crash in >TemplateURLService::Shutdown
  • DNA-13979 Opera crashes on inserting iframe with app url scheme as url into background page of extension.
  • DNA-13990 Have test framework initialize ExtensionBrowserClient
  • DNA-13994 Port API
  • DNA-13996 Change name of button in extension inline installation dialog
  • DNA-13998 Opera crashes with std::_Tree::find/content::PAVRenderWidgetHost::V?$_Tmap_traits::?$_Tree::find
  • DNA-14001 Opera crashes in >extensions::TabsGetSelectedFunction::RunImpl
  • DNA-14006 Horizontal scrollbar in SpeedDial during transitions to fewer columns
  • DNA-14016 Window name for login window is ‘Invalid certificate’
  • DNA-14020 Move slow extensions tests out of the default-run smoketests
  • DNA-14024 Crash in base::DefaultDeleter
  • DNA-14026 Session importing doesn’t work on IE11
  • DNA-14028 Third party extensions removed before installation
  • DNA-14035 Miss placed mini thumbnails at the start of a add-to-folder animation
  • DNA-14062 Folder is too big with small thumbnails
  • DNA-14075 [Rocker Gestures]Using FlipForward/FlipBackward in one cycle(holding LMB or RMB) is not working
  • DNA-14078 Enable native DnD flag by default
  • DNA-14079 [aura] Mouse pointer at task manager does not change its shape
  • DNA-14083 Simplify the system to define features’ default states
  • DNA-14092 Port the chrome.downloads API
  • DNA-14107 desktop_common_browsertests.exe crash in >opera::FavoriteCollectionImpl::Shutdown
  • DNA-14112 [Mac] Drop tab as a new window can cut a section of the window on Mavericks (10.9)
  • DNA-14113 “Window with no dimensions” assert for initial preloaded Start Page
  • DNA-14114 Dragging Speed Dial thumbnail from folder for the second time causes a wrongly positioned thumbnail in second window
  • DNA-14115 Assert in URLRequest::OnCallToDelegate() in Turbo mode when server responses with HTTP 503
  • DNA-14120 Aura: URL hints in the pseudo status bar are often not displayed
  • DNA-14130 The network installer isn’t signed anymore during repacks.
  • DNA-14131 Fix framework bundle path override
  • DNA-14137 [Mac 10.6/10.7] No items in main top bar Opera menu
  • DNA-14142 [mac] Opera crashes on inserting iframe with app url scheme as url into background page of extension.
  • DNA-14152 Error “[undefined] (extensionSettingsSuspiciousInstall) is not a string” on opera://extensions
  • DNA-14153 Download events don’t work
  • DNA-14154 Background pages of extensions don’t start at browser start
  • DNA-14156 Ghost of Speed Dial extension in a folder where it been
  • DNA-14157 Take in translations for O19
  • DNA-14161 The height of pseudo status bar is double with Chromium 33 builds
  • DNA-14164 Opera crashes on closing tab with attached devtools
  • DNA-14169 Crash when closing Opera with detached DevTools window
  • DNA-14170 “speeddial” permission not added implicitly in Speed Dial extensions
  • DNA-14171 Add chromedriver tests to tests target
  • DNA-14179 Fix leaks in CreateMUID() in
  • DNA-14188 Fix copied extensions module dependencies
  • DNA-14190 Fix extensions issues introduced by CHR-1621
  • DNA-14197 Crash in MessageLoopTestTypeDefault.PostTask from base_unittests
  • DNA-14201 Revert of DNA-11839
  • DNA-14206 Create automated tests for chrome.downloads API
  • DNA-14209 Download icons not available
  • DNA-14235 [Mac] Dropping a tab thumbnail can create a main menu on the wrong screen in Mavericks (10.9)
  • DNA-14239 chrome.downloads.removeFile doesn’t send callback
  • DNA-14240 RenderViewHostImpl doesn’t send resize ACKs for BackgroundContentsHosts (i.e. speed dial extensions)
  • DNA-14242 Help for Rocker Gesture and Advanced shortcuts don’t have proper links
  • DNA-14387 Random extension related build failure
  • DNA-14394 Crash when clicking on dialogs
  • DNA-14396 Enable three browsing_data unittests
  • DNA-14397 Turn on wexit_time_destructors for input
  • Alexey Ivanov

    When Opera will import bookmarks? When!!!?????


      And when bookmarks can be put on the side!?

    • Shacha GC

      seriously i have like 2000 bookmarks dont ask me why but opera need to bring back the bookmanager with a way to import are old bookmarks from opera 12 with the bookmarks.adr files

      • Павел Шут

        There are extensions that can do this.

        • Alexey Ivanov

          Use extensions to implement the basic functionality of any normal browser? Absurdity…

          • Josh Robertson

            Well then, why don’t you wait longer then…
            If you want your bookmarks that desperately, download an extension.

          • docwho

            any suggestions?

  • weddige

    And still no configurable short cuts/mouse gestures :-(

  • Foresland

    Tab switching with mouse weel+RMB???

  • Shacha GC

    do u have any plan to bring back the recycle ban like feature for the tab when u close them u can u have a list to get them back again

    • Josh Robertson

      Right click tab bar > “Reopen last closed tab” to open recent tabs in order that they were closed.
      Also, Opera > “Recently closed” brings up a full list of recently closed tabs from the session.

  • oic

    the lack of a bookmark importer remain the major reason why most people are not using opera 15+ yet. Its not an easy migration. An importer that allow you to import a html bookmark file etc

  • oic

    feature request: please allow us to drag speeddial folder to QAB. You currently allow speed dial bookmarks to be dragged to QAB, would be nice if we could do this for an entire speedial folder as well

  • Travis

    DNA-9846 When typing in address field and clicking return before any autocomplete has appeared opera does not “load” page/search

    Will/Can that be moved up to 19? That’s a huge bug in >18.

  • Habl

    Please take aoutohide bookmarks bar. And hide bookmarks bar when clicking on bookmark. And hide bookmarks bar when enter after input address bar.

  • Kiên Trần

    I am now unable to download anything with Opera Dev 20, no ‘save as…’ dialogue appears. Yes, I checked “Ask where to save…”, and in the download location there’s no trace of that file I wish to be there

  • David Metcalf

    I’m still wondering about DNA-8657 (the full rocker gestures from 12.x, scrollwheel + richt-click for tab cycling). Is this going to return? Could we get an update on this?

  • Josh Robertson

    *looks about*
    Gah, still no sight of a Linux version.

  • Thomas Sawyer

    The changes of the address bar made it buggy again. When I open a new window and start typing in the address field, the cursor moves back to the beginning of the text box and ruins the input text.

  • Intrépido

    OK Boys, time to accept that you need bring back bookmarks and complete mouse gestures…

  • Guest

    DNA-13783 Settings | Power User: Width and Height of speed dial thumbnails
    You’re going the wrong way.

    Give us ability to change SD size like in Windows 8
    Small, Default, Wide, Big

    Small – for sites that do not generate useful screenshots.
    Default – for sites that generate some useful screenshots or for extensions
    Wide – for extensions that give us information as text (News Portal or RSS Feed)
    Big – for extensions that give us information as image (Kinopoisk, Bing images, Youtube for speeddial etc.)


  • Thorsten

    No bookmark manager -> still using 12.x (and Chrome more and more often…)

    • PaulW

      Yep. Looks the same as O 19 so I’ll give it a miss and stay with Opera 12

      • Rarilmar Nulefner

        Same here… I’m on 12 and chrome while downloading the new Opera every new version just to discover they can’t implement basic stuff like Bookmarks… realy I can’t belive the idiots that still defend them and say “just downloat a bookmark extension” At this point I truly belive not even Opera development team still uses opera on they’re free time…
        Post made from Opera12

      • DD64

        I’m still on 12, too. And to be honest, currently, i see no reason to use another browser. Opera 12 works mostly fine for me. Sometimes i use IE10 or Firefox if a webpage isn’t working properly. Opera’s “open with…”-feature is very handy :D

  • syplex

    Two big bugs still exist which keep angering me greatly.

    1. CTRL+F inline search bug.
    * Make sure you have several tabs open
    * Press CTRL+F on a page
    * Leave the inline search up, and press CTRL+TAB to change tabs
    * Bug #1, you can’t change tabs, but notice the tabs change color like they are being highlighted
    * Press ESC to close the inline search. Now press CTRL
    * Bug #2, Opera instantly switches to another tab! This bug hits me ALL THE TIME because the inline search doesn’t go away unless you close it. Switching tabs via the mouse and clicking in the content area doesn’t get rid of it.

    2. Random resizing of page. I am not sure what causes this, but it happens every day or two to me. I think it has to do with a problem in registering the CTRL button. I think what happens is I bring up an inline search or press CTRL+TAB etc and then scroll inside of a page. Opera somehow thinks that the CTRL button is still pressed and instead of scrolling it resizes the page. This usually results in the page being shrunk down to nothing, and angers me greatly.

    And one request.

    Request: Make page zoom apply ONLY to the current tab. This was the behavior in older (12 and earlier versions) and makes sense. I don’t need to zoom often, but when I do it is because a specific page is small. It is incredibly annoying to zoom in so I can read a page and then change tabs to another page but everything is giant and unreadable, so I have to zoom out, then go back to the first page and can’t read it again. It appears Opera tries to be smart about this and doesn’t zoom different domain names, but this behavior is still undesirable.

  • Inquisitor

    Lots of improvements for ‘Stash’, ‘Speed Dial’ and ‘Bookmarks Bar’, but not a word about a proper Bookmarks feature. Must be way down on the priority list, I guess.

  • A. R.

    Notes is a must have feature, let it be advanced or power users, but it’s a must have.

    People do stuff in the internet, use web services, where they have to take notes – notes that they use repeatedly, are handy to have straight in the browser, rather than going to dig some notepad file…

  • A. R.

    Hey BTW, check out great browser extensions for Opera 15+

    – HTTPS Everywhere
    – Disconnect (ver 2)
    – AdBlock (Edge or plain AdBlock, (AdBlockPlus sold out))

    And perhaps Ghostery as an extra, but Disconnect is open source and not close to marketing sector like Ghostery is.

    And about Notes, EverNotes or similar isn’t good as they can spoof ur notes. Notes in Opera 12 are great! I hope to see Notes feature in new Opera too.

  • A. R.

    Oh, and Tab Stackin is a must have!