Opera 20 for computers: bookmarks bar and Speed Dial customization

Opera for Windows and Mac makes browsing the web beautiful, efficient and fast.  We’ve now come to version 20. You can update Opera automatically, or download it.

Here are the highlights of features that we’re introducing with this version of Opera:

Drag and drop Speed Dial entries to the bookmarks bar

See? Just pick it up, drag it and drop it. Just like that. On the bookmarks bar. That way you can access the site even when you’re not on the start page.

Drag and drop a website to your Speed Dial or bookmarks bar

It also works the other way around. You can drag a website and drop it as a bookmark or as a Speed Dial entry.

More menu items

We added shortcuts from the main menu to Speed Dial, Stash and Discover. That way you can go directly to any of them without opening a new tab.

More Speed Dial customization

We added a new feature to the advanced settings. Today, Opera uses quite large thumbnails to display Speed Dial entries. You can disable this and get a much smaller size. This feature is for the minimalists out there, or those with a lot of Speed Dial entries. Note that we are still enhancing advanced settings, you can find more already in developer stream.

This is how your Speed Dial can look like with small thumbnails:

There are a host of other improvements to make browsing safer and snappier:

  • Improved screenshots for Stash – goodbye blurry images!
  • Performance improvements for loading themes.
  • An advanced setting to confirm exit when using Command–Q on Mac.
  • A broken padlock badge in the URL bar, if the site’s certificate is not valid. This is a “proceed with caution” indicator rather than an red alert.
  • Inline installation of extensions. This makes it easy to install security-vetted extensions hosted in the Opera add-ons store, but without leaving its associated site, thereby reducing friction.

If you want more technical detail, grab the full changelog.

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