Another Opera Developer build is out of the door. You have been waiting for it while we worked on stabilizing Opera 19, but it’s worth the wait. This changelog contains a bunch of fixes. Want to see if the bugs that bothered you are now resolved? Install the updated Opera Developer desktop browser and give it a try.

PS: What you see here is the start of the next Opera Next.


  • Clearing of session cookies when quitting Opera
  • New chrome extensions API – chrome.proxy and chrome.downloads
  • JavaScript dialogs have changed

Known issues:

  • Broken extension pop-out windows on Windows


Full changelog.


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  • inDigazzZ

    Known issues:
    Broken extension pop-out windows on Windows
    Why? oO

    • Emil Huber

      Please fix this…

    • Software is complicated. We are definitely aware of and working on it. Please use Opera or Opera Next for the browsing you depend on every day.

      • inDigazzZ

        No thanks.
        You really think that those who follow for updates of this blog are using the final version as the main browser?
        Here already throughout 3 years, i’m always install the latest builds (as soon as they come out) and use it in daily work.

        I just got used that critical bugs are eliminated quickly, but not critical can be corrected over the years.

        • Well, I actually AM using Opera 18 now since later version are unusable on my display :/

      • TerDale

        Common guys… OK, Opera Dev is targeted to beta testing, but for users to alpha test, it must allow using, at least, some essential extensions, of which some display a popup!
        This is the 3rd update in a row with this known issue… I guess that most alpha testers will (already have?) switch back to O or O Next to work. And, as such, they will no longer be able to report issues faced in O Dev. So, this should be flagged as critical and fixed promptly if you still want users to help you testing your alpha version.
        Don’t you think?

        • Opera Developer is for the adventurous; not the faint of heart.

          • kaka_karl

            Daniel, he’s saying that there are many of us who would like to use Opera Developer, and we would love to report bugs and other problems so they can be fixed early. But Opera Developer is so broken in such basic ways that we can’t even use it for a minimal level of browsing. We can’t give it the proper testing that it should be receiving. If you guys fix the core issues, like these extension problems on Windows, and the lack of Linux releases, we can all work together to make Opera better in a much more effective manner.

          • “Not intended for daily browsing” means that even the basics wouldn’t always work on Developer. #managingexpectations

          • kaka_karl puts it perfectly; yes, we know there will be issues, but the spirit of a tester is, the heck with the problems, I’ll find them, and I’ll enjoy the new features.

            But, what new features? It’s rather problems, problems, problems, at the lower levels. It simply takes all the fun out of the testing and makes your possibly most advanced and loyal users mad.

            Doesn’t help that (as far I understand) there’s no clear roadmap as to what is to be expected, what the goals are…

      • Pedro Costa

        You don know that it doesn’t even work on Next right? That and the chrome.proxy api which is supposed to have been implemented on Next. I think they are connected thought, because I can’t use proxy based extensions anymore, since the extensions broke.

  • Emil Huber

    Panda Cloud AV recognized the crashreporter.exe as potential virus.
    I set it as exception…

    • Thank you for letting us know about this. We will follow up.

    • Marcin Mitek

      I filed one false-positive request to their support system, but it seems that it doesn’t work too well on their side (and I did it after we got first reports about this, last week). We will let you know when this is fixed on their side.

      • Nekomajin42

        I reported it last time to you, but I didn’t have any problem this time.

        • Marcin Mitek

          I have it installed on one of the test machines, and last time only net installer was the issue for me. Maybe some strict set of settings inside Panda Cloud AV causes it.

          • Nekomajin42

            I’ve used the built-in updater, none of the installers, and I have factory settings in Panda.

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the update, Maria 🙂

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    This version is not really of interest for me, because I still can not open the (left) context boxes of my extensions, to see, what Adblock and Ghostery filter out and what I should probably unlock.

  • Nekomajin42

    I don’t think I’m alone if I say I want to see new features in the developer builds, not just a bunch of fixes. You’ve managed to implement speed dial size and encoding menu since v19?! Come on…

    • Opera 18 was supposed to get released yesterday and this build would probably have been O20’s first Next-snapshot. So you shouldn’t expect new features for 20 anymore.

      • Spot on, Mr Spock. 🙂 Though, it was Opera 19, not 18. This will soon turn into Opera Next 20 and Opera Developer 21 will be out not far behind.

        • Who said Opera 18? 😛
          Will chrome.notifications-API make it into 21? I’m still looking for a good way to implement one feature of Download Control and I can’t think of anything better than a notification…

          PS: Isn’t there a limit of 1 gay guy per topic? O:)

          • Support for notifications in extensions is likely to arrive shortly after we add support for web notifications.

          • Is that a yes…? 😀

          • chrome.notifications != W3C notifications.

          • Sure. But that doesn’t answer my question.

          • But the mechanism for displaying a notification to the user can be reused.

          • Paweł K.

            can You give a “support” for the bookmarks? 🙂 or maybe we are too impatient?

          • Desktop notifications would be awesome – at last a noteworthy new feature! However, did you really have to break extension notifications till then? Those are really important… Like saying “web browsing won’t be available till we incorporate the latest web standard”…

          • Rafael Kafka

            Please bring desktop notifications, i really need that for twitter, gmail and facebook. Opera is nearly perfection now!

          • Its in the pipeline. You can test it by visiting opera://flags

      • Nekomajin42

        That’s why I waited with this comment. I had hopes of something new before it goes to Next.

        Now I really hope that they develop major functions in the background, because if not, I don’t know what they are doing between two releases. And it’s OK, that building major features (like vertical tabs, bookmark manager, custom shortcuts) takes time, but there were several small requests (like full URL, rearrange extension buttons, confirm quit, ask before update), and those could be implemented step-by-step.

        • Well, you don’t know what they had in their sprint backlog. Those feature have to make it in there at the beginning of a development phase. (Un)fortunately you can’t just squeeze stuff in like you want to… 😉

        • Hm, mostly we were all on a long holiday break between 19 and 20. As were many others, I suspect. 😉

          Look in the change log for more details. There is more going on, but it is not mentioned in the blog post until it is at least nearing a usable state.

          • Nekomajin42

            I get the holiday stuff, and I don’t want to be impatient. I’m the one who calms people down on the hungarian fan site. But you should implement more of those smaller things continuusly, because it helps to calm the crowd down, and most importantly, it gives us a more comfortable browser quicker.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I think it’s the new pace of Opera’s development: one step at a time.

      Also, not everything is visible. There are always new flags.

      • Nekomajin42

        It would be good if we don’t have to go through the whole flags page every update hunting for new bits of features.

        • As mentioned elsewhere: It is not mentioned in the blog post until it is at least nearing a usable state.

          Though, the PR Machine may offer more insights.

          • Nekomajin42

            But if it shows up in the flags, it is ready for some kind of testing, even if it is turned off, isn’t it?

            Anyway, a sort by name / date option would be useful in the flags. It would be much easier to find new flags if we could sort them by initial date (or build number).

          • It means that someone internally have started to push code to that area of the browser.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          But part of the fun of using Developer builds is to find out what is new on opera:flags. 🙂

          • Nekomajin42

            I like to look for new stuff in the settings, but the flags is too dry for me. 🙂

    • minj

      Boo hoo. We have no linux version since forever.

    • Eroticus

      Yep ! Opera please add cache change support . i got ssd and i want to improve his life and system speed ! thanks

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      Wow. So much likes 🙂

    • Евгений Смирнов

      What about Show/Hide Images button in tool buttons panel?

      • ViVidd

        Frustrated after updating to 20 from 12 🙁 total bottom bar is missing which is very useful to load cached image and save some bandwidth

        • Евгений Смирнов

          Developers do not take our opinion into account for now. Firefox with “ImgLikeOpera” plugin solves the problem.

  • helsten2

    No, still not fixed …

    Two small bugs – still there … (also reported in previous developer versions):

    1. If you open opera:stash (as URL), the page is displayed left aligned without theme.

    2. If you navigate to Discover from the Speed Dial screen (using the Discover button), click on one of the articles (to read it), go back to Discover (using the Back Arrow button) and then click the Stash button – you end up with a blank screen.

    Request: Would be nice to be able to reorder the stash items (drag&drop)

    • 1. The URI is opera://startpage#stash (#discover, etc.) We will hide the internal URL you tried using in future releases. PS: You can find these things in the main menu now.

      Reordering stashed items manually? or sorted by another order than date added?

      • helsten2

        Thank you for quick feedback.

        That takes care of no. 1

        No. 2 is still think valid, right?

        Reordering stashed items manually, yes (drag&drop). In next build?

      • Nekomajin42

        1. I think it’s a waste of space to have all three in separate rows in the main menu. Having them in one line as buttons would be better. Something like the zoom line.

        Stash: The old Opera would have countain both…

        • Or something like, you know, the buttons that are already in the Speed Dial top and require the same number of clicks to get into as they need being in the main menu cluttering it. @Aeyoun:disqus

  • Since HiDPI went back to drawing board, DNA-15651 isn’t gonna be fixed in 19 or 20, is it?


    Nope, still no bookmarks on the side…

    • kaka_karl

      There’s still no Linux binary, either.

    • ViVidd

      Frustrated after updating to 20 from 12 🙁

  • In Preferences file, I had the F6 button assigned to “SwitchToRightTab”: [ “F6” ], while the original action moved to F2 – “FocusAddressbar”: [ “F2” ].

    In this build both buttons do the same – they both act as FocusAddressbar. So this is a new.. bug.

    • This is not really supported yet. Support for custom keyboard shortcuts may come — with a UI — at a later time.

      • hspdion

        +1 for this feature to be added. I.E.: Coming from Opera 12, I really miss being able to simply hit ‘h’ to set focus into the address bar text field.

  • Emanuele

    about tabs hibernation: is it a feature that will go in the Chromium core or will it be strictly related to Opera?

    However glad to see such kind of attention about the big problem of REAL performances of the browser (not those showed by stupid synthetics benchmarks)

  • btw, would you mind implementing minimum_opera_version-key for extensions?

    • This is currently handled by the extension catalogue. When uploading, you can choose what stream to deliver the extension to. That also acts as a minimum version number.

      • But AFAIR they will not be propagated to the next channel when Opera is, correct?

        • It should be tied to the current version of the streams and not the streams themselves. This could be somewhat unclear from the admin site.

  • helsten2

    Just went to

    The page will crash if I click any link …
    (no problems in previous builds)

    • Delete cookies and restart. Does this resolve the crashing? If not: try the cache.

      • helsten2

        No, still crashing (deleted both cookies and cache)

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          No problems here doing this. W7x64.

      • helsten2

        I finally tried to disable JavaScript on and then it works fine!

    • blackcoder

      No crash here.

      Windows 8.1 x64

  • inDigazzZ

    1. Maximized window blocks Windows taskbar, Magic panel – top right corner, and switching beetwen apps – top left corner. Problems at Windows 8.1 – at Windows 7 there’s no same problems

    2. When opening bookmark folder – list of bookmarks scrolls down after hovering mouse.

    Scroll up mouse wheel scrolls up list of bookmarks but moving mouse causes scrolling down.

    • al_ghul

      I got the same, it was also in previous update…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      About #1, no problems here.

      • If you have the taskbar set to auto-hide, the problems exist.

    • Marcin Mitek

      1. Maximized or fullscreen? Because it’s working for me when maximized.

  • aehdhadh

    Are there any plans on an option to remove the white gradient on speed dial? Dark backgrounds look completely awful because of it. Surely the text could be made white to compensate?

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      Still waiting for this option 🙁

  • Edith Gran

    Would it be possible to provide some more updates of missing features of the Opera 12-era that we have yet to see in either next or developer?

    My small, but significant to me, pet functions would be tab stacking and various mouse button sortcuts (right click + scrollwheel & hold right, click left etc).

    I have no idea what timeline I can expect for those features to return, or indeed if they ever will be.

    • kaka_karl

      You make a very good point. The communication from Opera regarding these missing critical features has been very poor. When Opera 15+ first was announced it was understood that there would be missing basic features. What wasn’t conveyed properly was that we may be waiting a year or more for these basic features to be added back again.

      The features you mention aren’t minor. They were the kind of features that brought many of us to earlier versions of Opera in the first place. Bookmarks are also critical. Linux support is also critical.

      We need to know when these features will be supported. I’m frankly getting tired of playing the waiting game, and I’m very close to switching to Firefox or Chrome. I really don’t know how many more months I can wait. Opera 12 is getting outdated, but I can’t move to Opera 15+ because they don’t support Linux. It puts me in a position where the only option I have is to switch browsers. Once I do that, it will be much harder for me to switch back to Opera again, if I even ever try to.

      • Onaj Tamo

        You remind me of myself a month ago.Right now I am using Chromium.The fact that there is no Linux version is sad.And look,they lost most of their Linux users.Let’s not forget that linux users were usually Opera loyalists.But yeah,I don’t care that much anymore.

        btw. apparently it was said that we should not expect Linux builds until march.Which is even more sad.

      • Paweł K.

        I think they want to destroy the opera. can google wants to take over part of the opera in the browser market?

        • Vux777

          I think they want to destroy the opera.

          More likely they want to be main choice of Mac users. I don’t know why, I just have that kinda feeling that they targeting Apple platform

          • Paweł K.

            10 percent of the market share? or maybe 15%? 😉 Ahahah if it’s true they are funny.

  • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

    Can you guys create two versions of Opera for Desktop? I mean Opera with and without Opera Mail?

    • odinuv

      That has been definitely abandoned long time ago, my advice: use thunderbird – after few weeks fiddling with extensions, it does work pretty good

    • Tomáš Pavlík

      No mail in new Opera. Not now, not ever. And if we’ll see some kind of miracle and Opera ASA implement mail into new blink Opera, they will surely not maintain Opera without it. If you use Windows, use emClient or Thunderbird [or separate mail client from Opera Classic]. If Linux, try Pidgin or Empathy.

      • senna_4ever

        i would like to see the mail client again, but this very work for it now… someday in the future, maybe

  • MDavis Crashes now on page load.

    • Delete cookies and restart. Does this resolve the crashing? If not: try the cache.

      • MDavis

        Tried both. Still get the Page Crashed Error.

        • helsten2

          Same here …

        • odinuv

          Same here

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          No problems here. W7x64.

          • MDavis

            Mine is also W7x64.
            No extensions.

        • No problem.
          win7 x64
          clean install

    • blackcoder


      Windows 8.1 x64

    • MDavis

      I did some experimenting and found a couple of things.
      1. If I block javascript to it doesn’t crash.
      2. It only crashes on the main page.
      3. A real strange thing is I can google a story at fox news and it will work. I can then edit the url bar down to and access the main page that way, however if I refresh the main page it crashes again.

      • Opening the second link in your comment seems to crash both the fox page, and this opera page.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It crashed here too but only after i click on a link.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Confirmed. Crashes the current page even if the link is opened in a background tab. Win7x86.

  • Holy cr@p, extensions popup still broken? You must be kidding…

  • In google spreadsheet press F2 (edit cell ) then Esc. After than nothing work by keyboard — neither F2, arrows etc.

    • Works here. Win7 x64.

      • Hm…

        The same conf — w7 x64. Clean install. I press F2 than ESC. After than F2 or arrows don’t work. 🙁

        • Ok, now it did it to me as well. You need to click on another cell for the keys to start working again.

          • But if I use Firefox or Chrome — no problem.

  • Mike

    “JavaScript dialogs have changed” — what has changed?

    • From the changelog: “bring tab modal for webpages, keep app modal for addons” and “Tab modal JS dialogs (alert, confirm, prompt) have double click protection”.

    • This actually only makes sense if you know that this changelog was supposed to be for the first Next-build and thus summarizes all changes during Dev-stage.
      In Opera 15 – 19, dialogs originated directly below the address bar, remember…?

  • ruovwayri

    adblockforopera dropdown box is clear ( no content )

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Please read the known issues.

  • Tell me, please, How can I enable secret setting. ab left-left right-right. I don’t remember 🙂

  • Mathieu

    When on a site playing media ( in my case) and trying to close the tab with ctrl+w, the dialog buttons mention reload options instead of closing the tab.

    • I’m getting this message too.

      Oddly though, opera seems to be stuck half in french for me. The window frame & buttons are english, but the body of that message is french.

      Windows 8.1 x64

      • Mathieu

        Same here, mine is in Dutch though where you have French. All language related settings in Opera are set to English, but I do have a Dutch OS (W8.1 x64)

      • x a

        This is, what Opera shows instead of alert(message) modal alert dialogs, if an author of a site triggers such an alert in the handler of a window.onunload event.

        I think, this is done to protect the user. The message displayed is composed of the message the author wanted to be shown in the alert he had in mind, appended with a localized version of ”Are you sure you want to leave the page?“ and the two specially labeled buttons.

  • I’m seeing loads of pages keep crashing. In the past it was just the odd site, but now youtube consistenly crashes, and reddit and tumblr inconsistently crash.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No crashes here so far.

      • From what I can see in the comments it seems people are either having quite a number of crashes, or no crashes at all.

  • MDavis

    Are we ever going to see a return of the /. shortcut to I miss it 🙁

  • DNA-14972 Backward/Forward buttons middle click implementation.

    Also works in the Reload button and with Ctrl/Shift modifiers, I love this! In Opera 15+ you implemented a bunch of things that some users have been asking for in the forums for some time.

    • escruting

      what does this change do? I feel like Opera should really improve their changelogs, i should be able to know what a change on a changelog does just by reading it (or atleast have a notion of it).

      • Maybe hard to believe, but these are actually the cleaned-up logs.

        • escruting

          It seems the bug description is the same as the one wrote by the user who reported it. Sometimes they have bad grammar or the dscription is confusing.

          Also, i feel like the addition of chrome.proxy and chrome.downloads is something important, and yet, i dont know what they do or what could Opera do with those API/libraries.

          Its true that this is a post about developer version, but then the changelogs on Next and Stable are just copy-paste from the developer changelog.

      • It looks as if these things let you middle-press the back button on the toolbar, and have the resulting page open in a separate tab.

    • kaka_karl

      But Opera 15+ has also dropped many far more important features that many Opera 12 and earlier users had come to depend on, like bookmarks and Linux support. I’d gladly give up this minor navigation change just to be able to even run these new versions of Opera on my Linux systems.

  • cgebhard

    Maybe a specialized problem, but using Opera on a touch device (e.g. Windows 8 tablet) raises some questions:

    1) Is there a way to make mouse gestures work? When you long press in Windows 8 it triggers a right-mouse-down instead of a completed click. Apparently Opera instead “reads” it as a completed click, because it’s not possible to draw a gesture afterwards (or at least nothing happens)

    2) Will pinch-to-zoom be supported some day? Would be nice for zooming a whole website or e.g. in googlemaps.

    I tried the flags “Enable touch events” and “Touch optimized UI” but neither of them helped.

  • knoelli

    I think I found a small glitch when editing an existing speeddial entry (for example to update the url to reflect the current paging): After clicking the address field and pressing “END”-key to get the cursor to the end of the URL, the field looses focus (no cursor anymore) and the contents are not scrolled to the end. This is not the usual (and expected) behaviour for input fields.

    System: Win8.1/64, Opera 20.0.1387.2

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Confirmed!! W7x64.

  • Alexander Mardari

    Oh so worth the wait. Amazing bunch of fixes! It’s been over 1.5 years since the development on the new Opera started, and we’re still missing most of the functionality you promised. Since there are so many who write to this blog now, could someone please issue a statement on this matter?

    Will side-tabs or something like Tree-Style-Tabs be ever available in Opera? If yes, can we have a rough estimate?

    • Dark Magician

      1.5 years??!

      • Alexander Mardari

        My apologies, it’s been only 8 months. Still, a status update would be greatly appreciated.

  • Stephen Turrell

    Please implement a keyboard shortcut to toggle the bookmarks bar.

    Hate the hassle posting comments just wasted an hour learning that I have to enable third party cookies globally , setting an exception for didn’t work

    • cgebhard

      i think you have to set the exception for the thirdparty site (, instead of the firstparty ( that worked for me.

      • Stve

        Thanks for the tip works for me as well

    • al_ghul

      this, like in presto version, should be a customizable shortcut option…:( I wish they bring it back…

  • Stve

    Opera is still blocking the taskbar when maximized.

    • Which taskbar?

      • The Windows taskbar.

        • ricksper

          Has not happened recently. But it did a couple of builds ago. Win 8.1

          • For me it’s been happening for several versions, not builds. This bug is also present in some versions of chrome, as I recall.

  • trex279

    So, has the linux version of Opera been permanently abandoned?

    • blackcoder

      No, but don’t expect anything before march.

  • AlexBrtn

    plugins no open

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Known issues:
      Broken extension pop-out windows on Windows”

      • AlexBrtn

        Thanks. Sorry, badly I understand English, I didn’t see directly.

  • alayli

    Looks like dragonfly will never be exist.

  • Dj Mirco

    Hi, could you please post the flash 10 support, my computer is old and the flash 12 is too heavy for my pc.

    Please! : (


    Salve, per favore potete inserire il supporto al flash 10, il mio computer è vecchio e il flash 12 è troppo pesante per il mio pc.

    Per favore!!! 🙁

    • L33t4opera

      You can download one of the versions from Flash Player archives, unpack it, and run the appropriate installer for your operating system (Windows, or Mac). You should be aware, that in some cases, you need firstly to run uninstaller for the currently installed version.
      Notice: you can find the uninstaller for each version in each of the archives.

      • Dj Mirco

        Dear user, thank you for the answer.
        Sorry for late reply.

        Dear user, my problem is another one, I in addition to a specific version of the Flash Player 10 or 11 because I can not go, my computer is old and can not do it.
        To this I say, ’cause Opera does not read any previous versions of Flash Player?

        I have uninstalled and I put back the version that I was better, but I’ve always had problems, Opera will set a more advanced version of the Flash and I’m not forced to use the software.

        I want to fix this problem: ‘(.
        I want to use work: ‘(

        Caro utente, grazie per la risposta.
        Mi scuso per risponderti in ritardo.

        Caro utente, il mio problema è un altro, io oltre a una determinata versione del Flash Player 10 o 11 non posso andare perchè, il mio computer è vecchio e non ce la fa.
        Per questo dicevo, perche’ Opera non legge le versioni precedenti del Flash Player?

        Ho disinstallato e ho messo di nuovo la versione che mi andava meglio, ma ho avuto sempre problemi, Opera avrà impostato una versione più avanzata per il Flash e io sono costretto a non usare il software.

        Voglio sistemare questo problema :'(.
        Voglio usare opera :'(

  • SkyWarriorBR

    Developer 21 next week? (:

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Probably….not. Most certain 19 Stable, maybe first 20 Next.
      But…who knows.

  • Vux777

    it would be nice to have right click enabled on “find in page” box

    (this affects all build so far)

  • Emil Huber

    PDF.js crashes for me all the time.

  • Vux777

    off-road 2 servers down…only HTTPS traffic is working
    (old off-road works fine)

    • Vux777

      no more ツ

  • DoctorJellyface

    Hmmm… thanks.
    Can you implement drag-drop of Speeddail folders to the bookmarks bar?
    Also: is the sync of the bookmarks bar coming soon? Thanks!

  • Another problem I found: in Feedly, clicking on a category (sometimes; much more often when using shift+J) changes to that category, but no contents.

    With all the issues, I’d say the last two builds have been a trainwreck. Yes, I know this branch is *supposed* to have issues, but making the program unusable and introducing huge bugs is not a step forward…

    • Sometimes it takes a few step backwards to find the right way forwards.

      • Easy answer.

        I’ve participated in many beta/alpha product tests, never have I seen such fundamental flaws creeping in.

  • Vux777

    I’m on mobile net, and when downloading something with Opera, all my surfing gets slowdown to the point of page freezing.
    Seems like that downloading with Opera Blink takes over all network resources, but not reaching the speed cap (around 600 kb/s)

    That is not the case with other browsers. This afternoon I was downloading with old Opera Presto some AV software, parallel to Op-presto, jDownlaoder was also downloading something from YT, and I was surfing without problems in Opera Blink.

    But When I downloading something with new Opera, I can’t load any new page until download is complete, even if download speed is around 80-100 kb/s. I understand that mobile networks are more sensitive especially to latency, but …old Presto is way superior compared to new download logic/algorithms/whatever ツ

  • vinczej

    “Broken extension pop-out windows on Windows”

    Because of this “small problem” can’t I use regularly the builds above 1353. 🙁

  • Vux777

    Commenting on FB is bugged.
    After hitting enter, text stays in comment box

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Confirmed! I saw this happening but didn’t pay attention.

      Another bug with Facebook: when I open a photo in full screen, it is shown shifted to the right and below the middle of screen. i.e. the same way Youtube videos were shown not long ago.

    • Mathieu

      Confirmed. Win8.1 x64.

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      Confirmed both Windows and Mac. Annoying.

  • _artem_

    bring back download extension while not-downloading, I use it to see which episodes I downloaded last… so I can easily know which episode is the next to download… bring that shit back!

    you better add chrome notification API – pushbullet isn’t usable in opera (it’s quiet usable but you can only send notifications, you can’t get notified of them and message mirroring doesn’t work… because opera isn’t able to show notification)

    • download extension while not-downloading

      What’s that?

      And thanks for being gentle. 😉

      • _artem_

        second screenshot, last icon (I call it download “extension”)… it was shown always starting from opera 15 I guess… but since last two (or three) builds it’s only shown in a download session (when something was downloaded…) read it as: I download a file… while it’s downloading – this “extension” icon is shown, when download is finished – this “extension” is still shown… but when I restart opera – this “extension” isn’t there… (first screenshot). And I have to press CTRL + J or open downloads page from Opera-menu… that’s absolutely not usable for me… I want to open this extension (pop-out) and see which file I downloaded days before… (let it be episodes of a tv show/series) and I see that I downloaded season 5 episode 6 and so I know which one I already downloaded… and I just download the next one I haven’t downloaded before 🙂 I hope you get what I mean

        • Vux777

          it’s not an extension, it is a native Opera download manager (simple, but still…)
          and it should behave like that, visible only when you downloading something and after download until you clear download list or until end of the session
          you can access your downloads from O menu >> downloads if you don’t see UI button and your downloads will be there if you didn’t clear them

  • RX-3200

    Please write to us how many more months you are planning to catch up with Chromium browser clones and to become with them as equals ?
    and in general, are you going to start to overtake at least them, to say nothing of Opera12 ?

    your “fast development cycle” – is annoyingly slow

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Opera is not aiming at clone any other browser, so asking about when Opera will be like browser A, B or C makes no sense.

      Also, there is no “fast development cycle”

      • RX-3200

        if you do not understand the question – no need to say in reply the basic things (or what do you think those) with clever look
        nobody needs your flood

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I understood perfectly that you are just another one who tyhinks Opera is just a Chrome clone and, therefore, needs to have the same features (and bugs too?) and that now tries to change what was said to lloks like as a “good guy”

          • No, actually he said something that, if not the complete opposite, at least was in the very opposite direction. You din’t understand his tongue-in-cheek tone.

          • RX-3200

            what kind of nonsense – stop flood here

            Opera at the moment – it’s not a clone of Chrome
            now Opera has not yet grown up to this rank, because Opera still can not too much that can Chromium clones

            and whatever you may think there – Opera gets bugs from the Chromium engine on par with all the Chromium clones

          • Leonardo Gomes

            “Please write to us how many more months you are planning to catch up with Chromium browser clones and to become with them as equals ?”

            Well, this sentence clearly says that you think Opera is just a Chrome clone and just behave like it or, at least, that you want Opera to be another Chrome clone.

            But i will follow your advice and stop feeding another useless discussion.

          • RX-3200

            you write absolute nonsense, by telling me what exactly I had in mind
            me differently know better what exactly I had in mind
            I’m glad you decided to stop writing your nonsense

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It’s not nonsense and you keep saying the contrary will noy change anything.

            I decided to stop the discussion because it would be just a waiste of time and energy to get no benefits.
            Specially because you are just repeating and already used strategy of trying to change what was said and attacking the others.


          • RX-3200

            you were once told that you do not understand the question – you did not draw any conclusions from this

            you continued and continued to write your nonsense over and over again without making any conclusions, even after you were told that you write nonsense

            you a bot?
            the second time you promise not to flood more here – lol

            PS: nonsense – is a word-replacement the proposed Google-translator, so not under a delusion on this point

          • Leonardo Gomes
          • RX-3200

            funny motto, given that
            all those who have eyes – see that
            actually troll here – it’s you

            yes, it is you who have never tried to answer the question, and you just flood this question with your nonsenses

            thanks for the picture – hope now no one will respond to your trolling

          • Orhin

            While i am not an Opera User.. i use Firefox – but i know still the feeling that the browser one is using is turning into a cheap chrome clone.

            Opera as Firefox too both where filled with awesome customizability features – Both Browser companies have changed that against a chrome styled Design is more important as compared with functions concept, both inspired (forced?) by Google.

            Planned a while ago to switch to Opera too, but so far what i have seen and have heared, its quite shocking that Opera has decided that a Design is more worthy as customizability.

            Both, Mozilla AND Opera have as it seems no own ideas anymore instead of jumping onto the Chrome train because they feel that they become irrelevant over time if they don’t.

            And that is utterly sad, that both Browser organizations, which rocked quite heavily the boat in the past are now only second class Trend followers instead of first class trend developers.

            Nothing more to say to this topic!

      • kaka_karl

        Regardless of what Opera’s aim might be, they’re still in a cutthroat competition with other browsers.

        Other browsers are offering bookmarks and Linux support, while the latest versions of Opera still do not.

        In reality, Opera has no choice. If their browser doesn’t support these critical features soon, then those of us who have been patiently waiting for them will have to move on to another browser that does offer them.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, Opera already offers bookmarks through the bookmarks bar. And you even have the possibility of using a extension to handle your bookmarks.

          In other times, instead of keep posting the “where is bookmarks”mantra and/or that Opera should have it just because other browsers have ,people would be discussing about new ways of “bookmarking” a page and about the reasons why the other browsers still use the old system.

          • RX-3200

            no extensions are not able to replace the integrated system of bookmarks and bookmark manager

  • Opera for Linux will be released with the same actual level of development of Opera for Windows(currently version 19) or wil be released with just basic and unusable features (like Opera 15)?

    • Tomáš Pavlík

      Good question…

      • You are a sincere person, stay well…;-)

  • Is it only for me that saving a file is very problematic in the last two builds? half the times clicking on a file does nothing; other times it takes a looong time for the download dialogue to appear…

    [EDIT] must be an extension I’m using…

    • Vux777

      yes, save dialogs are very slow…

      • Thanks for confirming…

    • x a

      Clicking on a download link and file save dialog not opening (”Ask where to save each file before downloading“ checked in settings) here is caused by FreeDownloadManager and its Chrome-aimed attempt to hook download functionality. Disabling that ”Chrome integration“ in FDM fixes the problems for me.

  • Is it normal that I can’t use mouse gestures on crashed pages, or on top of toolbars? You could use them anywhere in old opera.

  • meh

    After instaling this update, Opera became very CPU intensive. While loading a page the mouse pointer starts lagging. W7x64

  • Vux777

    Why Opera is creating those ssdpfxxxx.xx.xxxxxxxxx files in profile folder with 1kb in size?
    In 3 days there is already 46 of them. They somehow related to extensions?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I have only one file ssdfp8820.33.2110682565 while 24 tabs are open and 14 extensions are installed. W7x64.

      • Vux777

        they are some sort of junk extension info (leftovers from installations)
        Dev’s, why are you polluting my clean profile folder? ツ
        don’t be lazy and clean it up 😛

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          As far as I can see it stores parts of my system state and my last activities.

          • Vux777

            in my case, it is a list of some extensions in every file

            …probably those who changed something in local storage

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I have only one file like this here.

  • escruting

    CTRL+T, type something that results on a website you already visited, use down arrow to move to that site and press enter.

    Its returning the search result of the word you typed, not the website you selected.

    This happens because inexplicably the row selected changes to the google search instead of the one you selected just before pressing enter.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Have you tried to reload the (empty) page and then do it again? I can’t reproduce this problem. Today I had another problem with typing parts of my stored speeddials and then move the arrow down to select one of them. When I went down, suddenly the results changed, so that I could not select the one I saw before. After reloading the (empty) page the problem was gone.

      • escruting

        It’s happening everytime, Opera Next 19 and Dev 20. You have to type and wait (just a second, but enough to notice and break the “browsing flow”) if you dont want it to happen.

        I’m sure you have a lot of pages visited with the word “opera”. Open a new tab and type “ope” and immediately start going down with the arrow, while you are going down the results will change and return the selection to the first result, and if you pressed enter it will return the google search result (because its the first result and it will be selected when you press enter).

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          No, not here. It opens exactely what I selected. Maybe it has something to do with one of your extensions? Unselect them all and try again and then activate them one by one.

          • escruting

            It still happens if i disable all the extensions.

            Maybe its happening to you but i didnt explain it correctly xD.

          • Vux777

            I also can’t recreate that behavior.

            Whatever I choose from drop-down ominibar menu, Opera opens it correctly

          • escruting

            Speed is what recreates this behaviour.

            On your screen capture, immediately after you write “ope”, go down to the third result, if you do it quickly it will return to the “ope” google search result. And if you do this as quick but without paying attention and pressing enter, it will load the “ope” search result intead of this blog post.

          • Vux777

            nope…using two hands (one typing other on down arrow)
            and can’t recreate that….maybe something on your side is making selection choppier so that accepts only first on the list

          • escruting

            I restarted opera and its not happening now. Weird.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Hmm, here if i type “ope” in the address bar it autocomplete to “”

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve faced this problem in the past but now things seem to be working fine here.

  • Dziple

    Can you make Shift + Enter for .net, and it would be nice if you can hit only run when you download :))

  • Martin

    My recently closed tab is scrolling back to the oldest tabs automatically.
    Anyone else has this problem?

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Wow! Two new versions. A new Dev: and a full version:

    I’m very curious if some of the important bugs are fixed (and if they will delete my posting again).

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Yes, and a new 20 ist out, but this comment will be deleted like the others before. 🙁

  • L33t4opera

    New update for the Opera Developer 20.0.1387.9, and the change log, and official announcement.

  • Taras

    Поверніть ключик в оперу це була ваша фішка яка тепер пропала.

  • BjörnB

    I still can’t find any information about pinch-to-zoom?! Without it opera is totaly useless and a big no no for me and most of the ultrabook/touchscreen users out there…

    • Vux777

      I did a small extension that may be useful for quick zooming even on small screens with touchscreen. Just tap left border of the screen.
      It is called quickeZoom

  • MANIAK_dobrii

    Show full URL? Select text in links? Smooth scrolling on mac? Image info?

  • Swen

    What about OPEN button in download dialog ? (missing feature from opera 12)

  • Wanja Gayk

    As a die-hard Opera user I’m pretty disappointed by the slow progress and the faint shadow of the glorious 12.16 browser that this so called next generation Opera browser seems to be.
    Opera 12.16 is still way better than Opera 20 in my humble opinion, not according to the speed, but according to the features. I have all my mails in Opera 12.x and I’d hate to install a second, external application that I have to start separately (yeah, I know that autostart exists) and that doesn’t sit in the same tab.
    And history navigation mode 3 was a blast – on some sites you simply can’t go back and find things that you entered in some forms, because they reload and it’s a major PITA, history navigation mode 3 was not only blisteringly fast, it allowed you to get the stuff back that you’d lost, because of some site loading failure, own stupidity (pressing the wrong button) or bad website design (an “info”-link that would take you to another page and a forced reload on the back button).
    The old sidebar in Opera 12.16 was a blast, just push the mouse button to the edge of the screen, click and you got either your bookmarks, history, mail, downloads or notes. Hard to work efficiently without that. Opera 20 is still not there and I’m getting more frustrated day by day. Really, it can’t be THAT hard.

    The new mobile Opera is also inferior to the classic, I have made different attempts in using it, but flash wouldn’t work, it was slower than the classic browser I got plenty of crashes and glitches – not to mention the hopeless attempt to create a small screen rendering that could match the classic Opera mobile.

    What on earth is your product management thinking?
    I was really excited when I heard about the change to a new rendering engine, but to me the result is a major disappointment so far.