Been a while since I made a blog post, so I have something special for you today. Opera 20 goes to developer stream today. As you may know, the developer stream is where we try things out; some of them don’t make it to the Opera Next stream, others do, depending on their stability and general bugginess, so thanks in advance for trying them out and for your bug reports.

Opera 20 developer is available for Windows and Mac.


  • Extensions chrome.downloads API (DNA-13993)
  • Drag tabs onto the bookmarks bar (DNA-12485)
  • Confirm exit when using Command–Q (DNA-12338) (Mac only)
  • Improved stash screenshots (DNA-13588). No more  blurry scaled snapshots, hopefully (NB: we haven’t tested every URL on the Web)
  • Improved drag and drop between Speed Dial and Bookmarks Bar (DNA-12723)
  • Performance improvements of theme loading (DNA-12816)
  • Settings | Advanced: Use smaller speed dial thumbnails (DNA-12781)
  • Settings | Power-user: Width and Height of speed dial thumbnails (DNA-12781)

Full changelog.


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  • NoName

    I have no favicon in any of my tabs now
    Edit: After a few minutes of use, they started to appear again.

    • IllusionMH

      Almost same here., after update from 19 dev
      No favicons on tabs.
      All favicons from Bookmarks bar are gone
      They didn’t apper after even few browser restarts.
      Win7 x64 SP1

      • NoName

        I also restarted several times without luck.
        But they appeared after waiting with Opera open.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    The link to the full chsngelog leads to a “oops, can’t find it ” page.

    • That is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

      • Petter Nilsen

        Should be fine now.

    • L33t4opera

      The link opens up here without a problem.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Seems ok now.

  • L33t4opera

    Congrats on new Opera Developer 20, thanks for the info Helge, downloading and testing 😉

  • Sunny

    damn just missed being first one to comment >.<

  • I tried changing the sizes of the speed dials, and I made sure to keep the width:height ratio the same, but any SD extensions that have images in them seem blurry when the size of speed dials is increased. Anyone else seeing this?

    [Edit: I restarted opera, and now all I get are blank grey squares in place of SD extensions]

    • alex_shpak

      yes, thumbnail images are resized, and original resolution is kept intact. We’re looking into ways to make it better.

      • OK. It’s still very good to see the option, regardless of this issue.

  • Sierra

    History page is always empty.

    • RichardWalkman

      And Clean history never ends….

  • titilambert

    No Linux… 🙁
    Ho ! I have an idea !

    Dear Santa,
    I was very nice this year and I would Opera for Linux in my Hard Disk
    Thanks !
    PS: I will make some cookies for you

  • Cjcr

    There are still no options for handling tabs :'(

    • bruce lawson

      we’re working on them. With a release every weeks, stuff that’s 90% ready gets into dev builds. Bigger tasks take longer to get to that threshold.

      • Cjcr

        Good to know that you guys are working on it. Thanks for reply

    • David_Gould

      Get the Easy Tab Manager extension.

      • Cjcr

        I’m sorry, but I’m not refer to those kind of handling. For example, I want to open all the tabs on the right side (and I no want to use an extension because I saw how it works and it move the tabs when is loaded … that’s is a cr*p)

      • senna_4ever

        the options of that extension are interesting to have an idea of tab handling

        i use it but if opera develop something built in and better, i will leave it

      • Tams80

        It’s not very good. For features so ingrained in the browsing experience like tab management I’ve never found an extension for any browser that works well.

        The same goes for speed dial. Even the in some respects limited new Opera’s speed dial is far better than any of the extensions/addo-ons.

  • minj

    No Linux?
    Nothin’ to do here..

  • Niyawa

    Power-user: Width and Height of speed dial thumbnails

    Today is a good day.

  • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

    Nice changes log!

    And I am starting to frustrate about bookmarks 🙁 ,I am not even able to use bookmarks bar. (No way to import my bookmarks, bookmark importer greyed out).

  • NoName

    When a window is restored from a private window, the window is restored as a private window.
    I have lost my entire session a few times this way 🙁

  • RB

    Developer stream is hitting v20, and still no Linux? It’s so ridiculous at this point that all you can do is laugh.

    • David_Gould

      Not really. Progress is remarkably slow on the Windows version too.

      • RB

        “Slow” is more progress than “Nothing”.

  • pajousek

    So, I have a problem (it happened with the previous build as well, but I was hoping it was reported by someone and fixed)… the sync for search engines worked, but now when I try to search something, it searches “%s” string instead of the thing I wanted it to search.

    The address for the search engine is “http://slovnik.seznam.cz/?q=%s&lang=en_cz”, which looks OK to me.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Not confirmed, or I’m doing something wrong: added the search engine, works OK; synced it to Next, also OK.

      • pajousek

        Sorry, forgot to add one probably important detail — the engine was migrated via sync from old Opera.

      • pajousek

        Were you able to confirm the situation described in the other comment? (The engine was created in the old Opera).

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Just tried to create it in 19 Next and sync to 20 Dev. Works fine. When I try and guess how I could make this not working, I only think of copying the search url incorrectly, say, with a url encoding, %25s instead of %s.

          • pajousek

            Old Opera as in Presto one, not Opera 19.

  • iwod

    Will there ever be Tab Overflow?

    • bruce lawson

      We’re looking at tab handling at the moment, but it’s too early to say what’s in and what’s out.

      • iwod

        Please at least make it an Advance option for the near term. The browser is simply unusable with more then 15 tabs opened.

        • David_Gould

          I have 108 at the moment.

          Use Easy Tabs Manager.

      • Emanuele

        I give you an hint: TabStacking, maybe enhanced* with something like the Firefox Panorama feature 😉

        * enhanced doesn’t mean “substituted by” , just to clarify 😛

        Jokes apart, I think that building from scratch it could be possible making something really interesting merging in an unique and coherent vision stuff like the old Windows panel/menu, Tab stack, FF panorama, (MDI ? … well, I try 😛 ) and even sessions … the main limits are your fear of the average user’s skills and, of course, your imagination 🙂

        • David_Gould

          If you mean this:

          Simply grouping tabs a la Opera 12 was better.

          • Emanuele

            what part of “enhanced with” isn’t clear enough?

            thank goodness I tried to explain my idea, specifing that “enhanced” and “substituted by” aren’t the same… I can’t think what would it happen if I didn’t -_-‘

  • pseudo555

    Favicon are missing in tab bar…

    • confirmed. Win8.1 x64

      • Wolf-2

        Confirmed (Win 7, 64). Restart solve the problems and bring favicons back.

        • Not fixed over here. Restarted multiple times (even restarted the whole machine to make sure everything got closed)

      • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

        In my case restart fixed the issue.

        Same platform

        • IllusionMH

          Tried to close opera, and all opera.exe processes. Doesn’t help

    • Alex B

      Confirmed. Win7 x64.
      Restart doesn’t help.

      • pseudo555

        Confirmed, favicon are back now.
        Restart doesn’t change anything.

  • dim

    fonts color still messed up http://imgur.com/Q4sgZhX

  • Thanks so much for chrome.downloads API 🙂

    Here’s something to test it with: http://christoph142.wordpress.com/2013/11/28/download-control/

    • Emanuele

      now I hope to see it enhanced with lot of features 😛 (DownThemAll replication could be possible?)

    • bruce lawson

      Thanks to you, Chritoph – it was your post to the Opera 18 blog post on dev relations’ blog that got this prioritised.

      • <3 u guys

        • bruce lawson

          <3 u too. But let's stop now – it's ages til Valentine Day

          • Doesn’t matter, I’m born on Valentines day -> 142 😉
            So there’s always time for some luv 😀

          • senna_4ever

            all i need is love <3 beatles

      • I know that you guys are implementing Opera-specific APIs, but do you also consider extending Chrome’s?
        Cause I got a method in mind that would be great to have, but which chrome.downloads doesn’t offer…

  • Martin

    What is the motivation behind showing the last 4 dials within a group over the first 4?
    In my case I use the first 4 dials more than the last, so I prefer to see them on the Speed Dial.

    The custom sized dials are a nice addition in my use of the Speed Dial, however for a low resolution screen I’d like to be able to adjust the margins as well.

    I like using groups on Speed Dial, however at the moment the second row of groups feel the best since the group is opened on the same row.
    Would it be possible to open groups on the same vertical position?

    Thanks for the customization!

    • alex_shpak

      logic behind showing *last* 4 dials is that when you drop a new item on the folder — then you see it

      • x a

        The problem is, that this (and the slot-taking +-button) makes it even harder to continue using SD as what the name suggests and as what it was intended to be, when Opera introduced the feature under that very name: ”SpeedDial“.

        What makes a speed dial tableaux efficient and fast, is the fact, that it maps information (ie fast access to web sites) to an area in the 2d Opera start page canvas.
        (Here you recognize, that a SD better should avoid the requirement to be scrolled – so the +-button wastes a useful slot in the info matrix –. It also should avoid moving the tiles around unnecessarily.)

        Aiding the process of finding the link in a known area are optical hints as color and patterns. Now always showing the last 4 mini screenshots in SD groups changes the visual appearance of that group each time you add a site to the group. That conflicts with the purpose of a SpeedDial, according to my opinion.

        • Vux777

          I couldn’t agree more…
          In new Opera, the whole visual experience is downgraded from Presto
          -Stash is cool feature, but anything else than minimum hight list is useless (too many info and colors/designs, scrolling 20+ parts!! of the pages makes me sea sick)

          -SD should always have customization in a way that scrolling in not needed (size, number of thumbs in a row, space between thumbs…)
          -and SD groups are …well, not so cool
          It’s two lvl SD. I would be more happy with real SD groups/tabs (more SD’s, like switching SD->Stash). It would be better that Stash is organized like SD groups (in the form those groups are now), so that we have some sort of organization in stash, and keep SD clean

        • Martin

          Exactly. I lost a dial because the group was larger than 4. I needed to check all groups to find it again.
          I find it strange that I need to be reminded what my last addition was. I much prefer consistency.

  • Emanuele

    Very bugged build, isn’t it?

    1. Very high hard disk usage here after the update (Win7 x32)

    2. impossible to close (if you close it all the processes will not be stopped. I’ve to go in the task manager to kill them all, and I find also a crash reporter process too … I tried several times before reporting it here) … I think this is related to the first problem

    3. no favicons in tab bar

    This after a five minutes of testing…

    • bruce lawson

      it is buggy, yes – it’s a dev build, and the first in the cycle at that. Features may come, features may go. We’ll iron out the worst bugs based in your reports (then take it to Opera Next which may still be buggy but is feature complete) so thanks for posting them and keep them coming,

      • Emanuele

        I was not complaining but only highlighting the fact that this time the new build is really buggy and reported some problems, nothing more 😉

        • bruce lawson

          got it, just making sure anyone else reading this realised that dev builds != stable builds.

  • Павел Шут

    Any chance to see full URL in the address bar in a this version?

    • bruce lawson

      Not this version, but certainly on the roadmap.

      • Павел Шут

        Thanks, much awaited!

      • cgebhard

        I’m totally fine with short URLs in everyday browsing, but now a huge part of the URL bar is just empty. Have you got any intention of using this space with some UI elements or will it be possible for users to put something there? (e.g. placing the tab bar next to the URL bar)

        • Emanuele

          They leave that space empty because now you’ve to put there lots of extensions’ icons since now the clean browser is still featureless 😛

      • wheany

        And where can I see this roadmap?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You (We) can’t, it’s Opera’s internal roadmap.

  • Onaj Tamo

    I don’t need bookmarks I need a Linux version.

    • bruce lawson

      thanks, but that’s not really a bug report. We know about the requests for a Linux version. It’s been mentioned before.

      • Onaj Tamo

        Yeah,I wonder how many times more do people have to request it so you actually make one.Yes I also know its been said nothing before March,but why wait so long?I suggest writing a blog post just for explaining why do we have to wait so long for that.

        • David_Gould

          “Yeah,I wonder how many times more do people have to request it so you actually make one.”

          How many times do people need to tell you before you’ll stop asking?

          • Onaj Tamo

            That is irrelevant.I won’t stop asking until a Linux version of Blink Operas is present for me to use/test.

          • David_Gould

            You seem to be under 2 significant delusions.

            1. That Opera Software owe you anything. They do not.
            2. That annoying them will make them want to do what you want.

            There’s a 3rd less-significant one:

            3. That you’re actually missing something. If you’re a significant user of FB and Google sites, you are. If you need a particular Chrome extension that works under Opera Blink, you are. Otherwise, you’re not.

          • Onaj Tamo

            Actually yes I use FB, youtube and G+ every day for at least an hour.I prefer G+.Of course I know they don’t owe me anything.But I wan’t to be able to tell my friends that Opera is good for them,provide Opera developers with free marketing,but I can’t do that until I get a Linux version.

            And you yourself are under delusion that:
            1)Your comment did not make me laugh when in fact it did.
            2)That I care about your comments when in fact I don’t.

            And I am sure that not mentioning a Linux version every now and then could make them forget about it and never releasing one.

          • David_Gould

            “And you yourself are under delusion that:
            1)Your comment did not make me laugh when in fact it did.”

            You are under the delusion that I had such a belief.

            “2)That I care about your comments when in fact I don’t.”

            Again, you are under the delusion that I had such a belief.
            However, your long reply contradicts you.

            “And I am sure that not mentioning a Linux version every now and then could make them forget about it and never releasing one.”

            Interesting delusion that Opera Software don’t have a business plan/roadmap for Opera, and the one I already mentioned — that your annoying comments would make them more inclined to produce a Linux version rather than less.

            BTW, the reason there’s no Linux version is that Linux distros create a mess of UI standards and it takes a while to accommodate all that.

            Nonetheless, I hope a Linux version remains forthcoming, and that your annoying comments don’t put them off.

          • Onaj Tamo

            There is no reason for them to make it if people stop requesting it.

          • David_Gould

            So what you’re saying is that a Linux version has no value to Opera Software.

            I think you’re shooting yourself in the foot there.

          • Onaj Tamo

            No what I am saying is if the users won’t tell them they want one they won’t have a reason to make one.You know,rule of free trade.

  • Saskatchewan

    I’m trying to switch to Opera Developer as my main browser and leave Opera 12 as a backup one. Although there are many small and bigger issues, not being able to select text in the middle of a link seems to be the most annoying one.

    • rufu2

      It is possible, but it is user-unfriendly: Start your click just above or below the link, while the mouse pointer is still an arrow, and then drag over the part you want to select. It takes way too much precision, IMHO.

      • Saskatchewan

        Yes, I read about it somewhere, but one thing is the precision and the second thing is that it will not work with multiple-line links.

        • rufu2

          You are right about the multi-line thing. Also I found if there is text in a styled box element that has a link, it is not possible to select only a part of it because the box is always in the way.

    • Chrome extension “Fine Link Selector”. Best of both worlds.

      • Saskatchewan

        Thank you! There’s one small problem – I can’t start selection inside a link and end it somewhere else. Anyway, it’s the best workaround for now, but I feel that there has to be a native solution for it.

      • Vux777

        and today I was thinking ” why they don’t improve that damn link selection”

        my idea was on long click to activate feature, but this will do

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    The new possibility to change the size of the speed dials is a funny game. 200 x 150 is bigger than 230 x 170 (standard) but 150 x 100 is smaller. But the limit of number of speed dials is always 7 (here on my 1920 x 1080 system) except I edit the preferences file. And this big border is not necessary. Beside that it would be nice to have another choice to kill the big “+” button. Thank you.

    • bruce lawson

      thanks Ralf. Out of interest, why the hate for the bug + button? (I have no thoughts on it one way or another)

      • Vux777

        sometimes its just [+] button in last line and unnecessary creates scroll bars
        that’s just one of the things
        there are many other ways to add page to SD

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        It’s not a hate. I just think you can do it better. As Vux777 said, sometimes the space could be organized better, you don’t need such a big border and the button is absolutely unnecessary. You have a context menu key (some people use the right mouse button for it) to open a new speed dial entry.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        The [+] button is similar to the main search bar: there are better ways to do their tasks. However, I admit it might be wise to keep the [+] for novice users, just to make at least one way of customising the SD obvious. There should be an option to hide it, the same way we can hide the search bar, which I, however, don’t do because not everyone using my PC is comfortable with searching with the address bar, asking, “Where’s my Google.” Same thing about the [+].

      • Cryio

        It’s because people’s OCD’s. We want everything clean and organised. The [+] button sometimes makes the scroll batter appear or just messes with our perfectly arranged dials.

        Please please please, just give us the option to hide it if we want to.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          I just found a great use for that button: since it forces the vertical scrollbar, one can roll the SD page up and down, to see if it’s alive or simply for relaxation. 🙂

      • I agree on adding an option to remove that blasted [+] button… I really never need it. I set up my New Tab Page and organize it perfectly in a 4×3 grid, so in my 4×3 or anything with a perfectly filled grid, that + button sticks out on the bottom and makes it scrollable or just vertically off-centers it and personally I hate it… It’s a great Idea to have it there for new users, but for us who have the perfect and most efficient setup for ourselves we don’t need it.

      • I removed it long ago from previous Opera versions.

        The thing about speed dial, is that I almost never add any speed dials. I have my default setup 6 cols x 5 rows, which never changes.

        If one speed dial is no longer used, I edit it. I keep one or two blank that just open my Home page.

        So the [+] button is just a waste of a slot.

        • Right-click, Add new dial is still there in Opera 18 too.

      • I also do not need it and do not think it is usefull for many users. If a power option for this, would be better.

  • hylik

    Please add the “Show as Tab” option for popups windows like in chrome

    • Emanuele

      Better: rebuild a full MDI GUI as it was in Opera-Presto… Add this in the to-do list (even for Opera 30, but add it) and work on it please 🙂

      Yes, I know this will never happen, but IMHO MDI is one of the biggest regression on Opera-Chromium over Presto

    • Saskatchewan

      I would go further: simply display all popups as tabs (in the same window).

  • Евгений Терентьев

    Make, at least a temporary “Wine” version for linux users. Because now there is some problems with bcrypt.dll and opera doesn`t work on wine. Pls.

    • There’s no Wine version of any program in the world, install Wine and try to install Opera as you would any other program.

      If it doesn’t work report it to Wine devs, don’t be such a noob.

      • Евгений Терентьев

        Teamviewer for Linux? I mean configured and packaged wine prefix with installer to deploy it in system.

  • Carlos Gómez

    And the classic menu bar (you know, File, Edit, etc.)? Many of us rely on it and we would really, really like to get it back as an option.

  • IllusionMH

    Extension button has rounded corners when it is hovered, but doesn’t have them when active.

    Can anyone confirm?

    Win7 x64 SP1

    • Not over here. Win8.1

      • IllusionMH

        Thanks. I will try clean install. Forgot to mention that this is after update

        • I doubt that a clean install will fix this. Sounds like a operating-system-dependent issue.

    • Vux777

      confirmed (same system)
      when pressed, buttons are squarish
      maybe it’s intended 🙂

  • I wish you guys updated Next. HTML 5 stuff is all broken. Youtube videos are messed up and other HTML5 stuff just crashes ; Really annoying.

    • bruce lawson

      can you be more specific? Which HTML 5 stuff is all broken? Got a URL we can investigate?

      • Yes, open any youtube video in HTML5 they are all chopped in half weirdly. https://www.runescape.com/game?html5=1 HTML5 version of runescape crashes.

      • Tüütlüm Ohaya

        Are u serious ? I can’t believe it, so many users have wrote it and you don’t noticed that ??? Almost all Youtube videos only works in 360p with Opera. In every other browser youtube HTML5 videos works with all resolutions. This is going now for weeks with Opera, nobody of my friends is using Opera at the moment.

  • Dark Magician

    I expected more impressive changes.

  • Chas4

    In Opera 12.16, there is an option to disable all application animations for Opera, can the (Blink based) Opera get that also?

    side note, I have sent in a lot of crash reports for Opera Mail (on OS X), I am hopping that those get fixed & it gets; Sandboxing support, 64 bit, and XProtect support (plus 3rd party antimalware support)

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Thanks for the build! I can even see my ticket in the changelog and some translation improvements! 🙂 Drag-and-drop between the SD and Bookmark bar is also awesome and very much useful! YouTube video seem to be working well now, not misplaced, as before.

    Also, while reading the changelog, I couldn’t help laughing at, “DNA-14035 Miss placed mini thumbnails at the start of a add-to-folder animation”—I wonder who was that miss, and if it was good or bad that she placed her mini thumbnails to animation. 🙂

    My wish list for the future is now this:

    – Bigger height of the address bar, set by an option, because I might be a minority with this request.

    – Show keyboard shortcut keys in the context menu, to make the UI look more consistent.

    – Right sweep with right mouse button to open link in a new background tab. It’s the only mouse gesture I ever used in O12.

    – A New Folder button in the Bookmark bar’s folders. There is a solution to this one, but it would be better to have the direct way.

    – An option to keep Opera in the background when it is running and receiving a request from the operating system to open an url. Reason: suppose, I read a mail message and there are multiple hyperlinks which I want to open. Currently, Opera is brought forward whenever each link is opened. I want to suppress that, to click all the links and switch to Opera only after that.

    – A fix to popup window blocking. I’ve captured the following situation: I click a link with the middle mouse button, Opera blocks a new window and opens a new tab with the ad page. The blocked window is the page I wanted to open. (The ad is blocked by my firewall, so it’s not a significant issue for me.)

  • Nekomajin42

    The SD resize option is a good feature. But as others said, it would be good to be able to change the margins too. And a context menu item would also be good to quick-access the start page options in the Settings. Anyway, I’m happy with the resize.
    (In the future, it would also be good to be able to change the tile sizes one-by-one. Then we would be able to build a speed dial similar to the Windows Modern UI where you can have bigger and smaller tiles. So we would be able to set smaller tiles for the site thumbnails, and bigger tiles for live-content extension, for example.)

    Speaking about the drag-and-drop animations, I like it. It looks really good. But I’ve found a bug, or missing feature. When I drag an item from the bookmark bar, a transparent placeholder appears on the speed dial. But when I drag an item from the speed dial, there is no sign on the bookmark bar. A favicon-size placeholder would be good.

    And what about this confirm on exit feature? I don’t use Mac, so I don’t get it. It only asks for confirmation, when you want to close the browser with a key combo?

  • Operalino

    Not sure if it is a bug or I just don’t find the setting, but the SpeedDial Buttons don’t get updated any more for me since Opera 15+. Even hitting the reload button of Opera doesn’t reload the content. Only right click a single Button allows me to reload it.

    Am I missing something?

  • Does anyone have any good bookmark manager UI extensions they can suggest? It’s the MOST important missing feature for me so if anyone has any nice implementations or a bookmark importer I’d be very thankful to you.

  • Ghirahim

    Can I hide that HUGE Google search bar? If not, when?

  • DataZByteS

    Favicons appear to be delayed, took good couple of minutes to load up, but looks ok on consequent launches..New tabs also OK after this initial loading.

    Question about themes: is something like extending the image from speed dial into the tab area is in the plans?

    And are there plans to merge speed dial and bookmark data? Seems a little inconvenient to have two sets of bookmarks.
    Perhaps add a folder to bookmark bar called Speed Dial?

    And still waiting on visual tabs and tab stacking! Haven’t heard anything about for a while, any new info would be good.

  • yrwenkuw

    The toolbar buttons don’t give any visual feedback, neither on hover nor on click (OS X 10.7.5).

  • Will DNA-9846 be pulled back into the 19 release? It’s a pretty big (and quite irritating) bug.

  • Does anyone know if Opera has an open bug reporting system like Firefox’s Bugzilla or Chrome’s crbug.com? There’s only this one-way simplified reporting wizard and a portal which seems like staff only.

    Just jumped in to try out the new Opera one or two weeks ago and found it weird that I don’t have a place to search, track, or even view existing bugs.

    • reesmichael1

      Your perception is correct. The lack of an open bug tracker has been a common criticism of Opera for many years. My understanding is that it’s closed because Opera has many corporate customers with confidential data in the bug tracker.

      Many people here do keep track of bug numbers, and if you ask an employee on this blog, you’ll often (although certainly not always) get a response about its status.

      • Huh. Maybe they could go Google’s way then. AFAIK they still keep some important bugs private, but crbug.com makes lots of the rest available (not necessarily editable, but at least detail and stuff are visible) to users.

  • EUREKA found a good bookmark import solution, don’t have the UI but ill see how this goes considering the actual bookmark UI isnt as needed as importing almost 1000 which would be an insane manual task.

    Used the Xmarks Bookmark Sync extension but duplicated the “Other Bookmarks” folder on the chrome side into a folder on the bookmarks bar, then select copied them all the “Other Bookmarks” into the duplicated folder on the bookmark bar(QAB).
    Installed the extension both on opera & chrome, synced from Chrome to Opera and it imported all my hundreds of needed and valuable bookmarks into Opera 20.
    The “Other Bookmarks” folder is a little out of place AND it actually synced into Opera hidden “Other Bookmarks” folder you can’t normally access but any chrome extension that manages local bookmarks will see that so you can either delete them or keep them there. I choose to delete them for now.

    SO Import close to 1000 bookmarks = Solved for me, now for a nice UI but now that i have them all i can manage them from the QAB for the most part.

    • ayespy

      This is exactly what I did.

      Works a treat. And with a bit of organizing and the favicon changer extension so that I can use the QAB with favicons only and no labels, I have nearly total bookmark functionality.

  • Alacran

    Please fix the HTML5 mess on Youtube, a lot of videos don’t show any higher than 360p, cannot choose the resolution when the video itself is in fact 720p.

    • Seems to be a bug for me too.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        It’s a bug, they are working to fix it.

        • @disqus_9fGnbrWXwM:disqus @heavensrevenge:disqus @disqus_WZtx4u7zWJ:disqus I think it’s YouTube’s fault not Opera’s.

          • Alacran

            It is Opera that bugs, please try the same link in Internet Explorer and you’ll see that video is also offered in 720p and 1080p.
            This is again the tradition of buggy Opera, sadly the devs won’t even comment on it.

          • Nope, this is Google’s tradition of not delivering content properly to Opera users.

          • DD64

            And I though that was the reason they switched to Chromium. And now it seems they have the same problems (site compatibility)

          • They still have “OPR/xx.x.xxx.xx” in the UA-String.

            Also, switching to Chromium doesn’t force Google to deliver HD WebM…

          • Sn3ipen

            Does it have anything to do with the codec beeing WebM instead of H264?

          • Alacran

            Don’t know, have not looked at that but it may as well be so.
            Anyway it seems that the bells are ringing at Opera, there is now a blog post about the issue.

  • zeum

    1. Speed dial screenshots would be nice. Kinda silly to show just a logo and have to load a page to see if its updated instead of just glancing at the icon.

    2. Panels – come on already!

    3. Ability to relocate tab bar to bottom of screen – Start button and taskbar are on the bottom, makes it more ergo for some of us that got used to the real opera customizations a decade ago. (Look at a heatmap for PC mouse and see all the wasted scrolling to the back buttons people do)

    4. ctrl+z to reopen closed windows

    5. ability to turn off “stash” feature.

    6. integrated email.

    • 1. Agreed. No need to reload the page, uses less RAM, and looks better
      2. Maybe one day. Don’t hold your breath.
      3. Yes, especially relocate to the side for widescreen.
      4. Ctrl Shift T is not as easy to use as Ctrl Z. Customisable shortcuts is clearly the only way to please everyone.
      5. Unlikely, and no point really. Just don’t use it.
      6. No chance in my lifetime. They said it will take a complete rewrite, and for something that a minority use I don’t ever see that happening.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      About #3, it would be nice to have (visual) tabs on the left/right.

    • David_Gould

      “Ability to relocate tab bar to bottom of screen”

      Yes, and the address bar. Where they should be. Where captions on pictures are located. Where Opera had them until FF got so popular, Opera felt they had to copy its bad conventions.

  • zhnujm

    I think its getting a bit weird that the gmail page is still not working correctly…
    The whole “More” menu is still missing.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      If you mean the one that has “mark as (un)read”, “mark as important” and so on, then it seems to be working here.

      • zhnujm

        nope, not the “more” at the top of the page, the one on the left side where you can access your trashcan,spam, and much more.
        its simply not there in opera.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          on the left here i see:

          Sent Mail
          All Mail
          My folders/labels

          Don’t see a “More” button and or menu.

          • zhnujm

            maybe the menu differs from country to country or from the amount of options.
            here’s a picture that shows what’s missing.
            I think you replied there also.

            all mail,spam,trash and so on is for me hidden under a “more’ sub menu that opera15+ does not show.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Have you checked with extensions disabled, if you are using any? And what about with the default theme?

          • Vux777

            same here
            it’s not country thing because ….
            Opera Dev 20
            Opera 12

        • josemuk

          Same problem here. I noticed this recently because I almost never use the gmail page so I have to use Opera 12.16 just to check the spam folder.

    • alex_shpak

      yes, it’s a known issue, it was reported to us 13 times, and we’re working on it. In the meantime, you can use this extension: https://addons.opera.com/ru/extensions/details/user-agent-switcher/?display=en to trick gmail into thinking you’re using Chrome.

  • Bruno Machado

    Download Chrome Extension doesn’t work anymore. W 8.1 – x64

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No problems here.

  • OperaFTW

    Will there be a comeback of the status bar, please? It is way more comfortable to use the zoom in the status bar of Opera 12.16 than to use zoom via Opera Button. And, yes I know there are shortcuts but the status bar solution is way better.

    • Nekomajin42

      A static status bar would be good. With zoom slider, pointed URL, sync state…

      • Emanuele

        or, simply, a good graphic toolkit that supports all the customization of Quick (moving everything everywhere, add/remove/change commands, create chain of commands, simple .ini file editing with an awesome fallback support for all the stuff you don’t touch, and so on…)

        sadly I don’t expect this will happen…

    • SLR

      Nothing beats the zoom slider of Opera 12. I don’t understand why hide everything in the opera menu.

      • Ctrl + Scrollwheel is much better.

        • Tams80

          It’s less fine-grained. Anyway, surely it’s better if we have the choice and I’m sure those of us who want it already know about the shortcuts, yet still don’t like them as much.

          • it changes zoom in 10% steps — exactly the same as the slider, but it’s a lot easier to use, especially since my status bar is hidden in Opera 11.64, and there is no status bar in Opera 18.

            More choices is one thing they are trying to reduce in Opera 18+ to keep it simple.

          • Emanuele

            especially since MY status bar is hidden in Opera 11.64

            My status bar is active and full of buttons, but I let other users to do the same or not based on their own choice 😉

      • Scribe_uk


  • Bruno Machado

    Can’t install Opera extensions too…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve just tested here with a random extension and could install it without any problems.

      • Bruno Machado

        Works now. Thanks.

  • escruting

    Opera Dev 20 stays signed into my account in Sync everytime i launch it. But this is not happening with Opera Next 19, its always logged off when i launch it.

    Can anyone help me?


    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess it was due to s bug, so msybe it’s was fixed on Opera 20.

      • escruting

        It didn’t happen with O19 Dev so i dont think its a bug that got fixed.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, it happened a lot here with Dev 19.

  • Ghirahim

    “This plug-in is not supported.” Anyone?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Which plugin? If it is happening on a page or a set of pages, it would be better if you provide some links so people can check them.

      • Ghirahim

        Flash. I get “You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash …” on YouTube. This video for example is in HD but I only get 360p.


        Also on several sites with videos I don’t see videos at all. I just get that “plug-in is not supported” message.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Not getting that message on Youtube and can watch the video at 1080p

          Try removing and the reinstalling Flash to see if it works.

          • Ghirahim

            Yup, it works now. Strange.

  • Thomas Sawyer

    The changes of the address bar made it buggy again. When I open a new window and start typing in the address field, the cursor moves back to the beginning of the text box and ruins the input text.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not happening here.

      • Thomas Sawyer

        You have to start typing RIGHT AFTER opening a new window (Ctrl+N). If you wait a while before typing, it doesn’t happen. There was a similar bug like this one before, but it affected the search.

        • rufu2

          Not confirmed with my system
          O20.0.1346.0 Win7 64bit

  • Dear Opera Desktop Team: my polite post concerning about Opera 18 and the polite replies from gentlemen Dmitry Kirin was deleted. Thank you for polite mods and the polite “new policy of Opera”.
    BTW, I think this post will be politely deleted too…

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I saw your post as awaiting moderation at some point. I thought it was some Disqus glitch and ignored it. At least, I didn’t see anything impolite or excessively whining in your post.

      • I don’t understand WHY my post was deleted. Give me reasons… 🙁

        • Vux777

          I think it’s Disqus
          I’m getting all sorts of glitches (moderation, triple size font, couple of my post strangely disappeared <- probably because of extension that mess with Disqus cookies…)

          • If it was only a Disqus issue, all right, no problem. Thank you by your attention Vux. 😉

          • Vux777

            yw 🙂

  • xxx9876

    You planned to adding sorting into folders speed dial and dark theme (or working themes for UI)?

  • Tüütlüm Ohaya

    Are there plans that Speed Dial can auto focusing on a
    websites Logo ?

    • Vux777

      not sure that feature will come soon (if ever)

      there is a patch that does what you want, but doesn’t work in this build (at least didn’t worked for me)
      If you want to customize your Speed Dials, you could load thumbnails.db file from your profile folder in applications like Navicat for SQLite (30 days trial, more then you need)
      and edit every thumbnail as you wish (just drag&drop your img on image area and after you done for all(?) of them, “begin transaction”).
      Later (with new builds) you just move your thumbnails.db to new profile and make small edit, if you changed something (eg. new dials…)

      end result

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Inline search does not position the page view correctly on this page, though it definitely finds text in the underlying invisible div and cycles through its occurrences.

  • rpsgc

    What in Oblivion possessed you to change the default Wikipedia search from English to a localised version in O19 Next & O20 Developer? I don’t want to search Wikipedia in my language, I want it in English!

    Bad enough that you don’t let us change those search engines, now you do this without so much as a peep? Opera, please.

    • x a

      May I suggest (and shamelessly promote ;)) my XenoWiki Wikipedia omnibox search extension? Perhaps you like it (despite by default you’d have to type one additional letter – ”wx“ instead of ”w“ as search prefix).

      • rpsgc

        I see. It has become clear now. The conspiracy is unfolding before my very eyes.

        They did this so more people would use your extension. Crafty.

        • x a

          Yay. 😉

          Honestly. Isn’t it quite reasonable to think it was the best option, to offer people their local wikipedia variant by default?

          And of the requests to allow for editing the default search engines and their prefixes have been plenty in this blog. They have been heard. Opera employers stated multiple times, why that has not been implemented yet: Malicious software specifically targeted to change default search engines to redirect them to bad sites are their stated reasons.

          (By the way you can hack your way by modifying the “Web Data” SQLite database in your profile.)

          • rpsgc

            Reasonable? Well, not really considering that while one could easily create a new search engine for their localised version of Wikipedia (which I did in previous versions), you cannot edit the default search. Yes, I know I can create a new one for the English version but ‘w’ is so much more convenient.

            And seeing how poorly translated, edited and lacking in information the localised articles are, it was quite inconsiderate of them to do that without prompting the user (yes, asking the user what he wants, what a novel idea). Because I’m sure no one asked for this change.

            But then again, why am I surprised?

  • LoverOfLife

    Why on pinned tabs, “close tab” is disabled ?

    • So that it cannot be closed by accident.

      • LoverOfLife

        What accident can happen when i right click on a pinned tab and i want to close it without unpin it ?

        • The concept of pinning tabs is different in Opera than in other browsers. In the old Opera it’s still called “Lock page” in the shortcut commands.

          The idea is that you pin a tab because you do not want to close it, To close it, unpin it (unlock it)first.

          • Emanuele

            but that concept was logic when the pinned tabs behaviour didn’t consist in the actual “app tab” (in that times a pinned tab didn’t move to the left corner and show only favicon) …. but now that the new pinned tabs are, really, app tab, you should be able to close it with less steps IMHO

      • LoverOfLife

        Google Chrome can do that

  • jeremi360

    ;when Opera will comeback to linux desktop 🙁 ?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not in the next three months at least.

  • moto0000

    still, no grupping tabs and hide [+] on SpeedDial option 🙁

    • bruce lawson

      we’re looking at tab handling at the moment. Nothing in builds yet, though.

      • Nekomajin42

        Any news on tab stacking? Dead feature?

  • Jorton

    hide button for bookmarks,

  • Springer

    Still got this bug;
    When i try and open a folder from the QAB/Bookmarks Bar, and choose to ‘Open all in a new window’ – only the first bookmark from within the folder opens in a new window, the rest open in the current window…This also happened for me in 19.0.1324.0 & 19.0.1326.0

  • Jorton

    Could you please add a hide button for bookmarks. A clear UI is always good to many people including me.

  • http://www.linuxjournal.com crashes the tab for me. It loads enough to show the final/laid-out page and just before or right when it’s done loading it crashes, just so you know when.

    • reesmichael1

      Confirmed here, on Mac OS X 10.9, using this snapshot. Interestingly, I opened it in a background tab from your link, and it crashed the tab on the Desktop Team Blog as well.

    • Carson Coyote

      Confirmed here, as well.
      Windows 7 x64 SP1

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It also crashed this page.

    • Confirmed.

  • nimuchan

    Thank you very much!!

  • Harakiri Tabasco

    There are two issues in the last few versions.

    a. There are no custom scrollbars in Gmail, like they used to. Logically they should look the same as they do in Chrome.
    b. When I log into Gmail, and visit Youtube afterwards, I need to click the sign in button on youtube as well. This is not the proper behavior. In every other browser logging into Gmail, logs you into the other Google services as well.

  • Diogo Neves

    When watching youtube videos whith large player and 480p there is always a delay of 5 seconds that doesn’t happen in chrome! It’s realy anoying…

  • Vitor Moreno

    New release is welcome but it comes with new bugs. For now I’m not able to install a theme, the button stuck on installing text.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      That’s what developers builds are for: bring new festures snd new bugs. 😀 😛

      • Vitor Moreno

        I know that, I’m only say whee I found a bug. Otherwise this have a impressive changelog!

  • inDigazzZ

    – DNA-13783 Settings | Power User: Width and Height of speed dial thumbnails
    You’re going the wrong way.

    Give us ability to change SD size like in Windows 8
    Small, Default, Wide, Big

    Small – for sites that do not generate useful screenshots.
    Default – for sites that generate some useful screenshots or for extensions
    Wide – for extensions that give us information as text (News Portal or RSS Feed)
    Big – for extensions that give us information as image (Kinopoisk, Bing images, Youtube for speeddial etc.)

    example: http://screencast.com/t/5gN7yLfvI

    • nanana1

      I actually prefer to set my own Width and Height of speed dial thumbnails than some definition of “Wide”, “Big” ???

      • inDigazzZ

        The best way will changing size of each cell by stretching, but developers certainly will not give us this opportunity.

    • rufu2

      I like your mock-up.
      If this were done well, it would be perfect for Win8 and tablets, but also useful for normal mouse use. Ideally, the grid would fill the whole available space and scale the items accordingly. So, no fixed sizes but relative sizes. The smallest unit is 1, then you could have SD sized 4 units, 8 and 16 to make the grid as in your example.

      I really think the Speed Dial page should NEVER scroll, unless there is an option to explicitly turn on scrolling. The default should be to use the available space and scale everything down, if there are many dials.

  • AwS

    i dont get it.. why on earth would you have a set size speed dial? why not use the scaling thing like the old opera had?

    the new operas seriously waste screen space…

    98%+ of the changes are related to chrome/ium being updated.. is there 1 developer working on opera desktop? (cant be more than 2)

    • Yeah like you see they work only on this:
      “Performance improvements of theme loading (DNA-12816)”
      They now do not work on the engine any more so no more speed for Opera like they have always been the first now they have changed this you will need to adapt to a slow engine…. without features to only extensions…. Look at this link for more info: https://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2013/07/04/the-vision-behind-opera-15-and-beyond

      • bruce lawson

        “They now do not work on the engine any more so no more speed for Opera”

        I’m happy to be able to contradict you here. We have a team (that I’m part of) devoted to improving Chromium and Blink. One facet of this is memory use and speed.

        • Well this is good because the speed and the memory is a real problem in Chromium for now like I see…. and things are not improving for now at least. I will see in the future how they good they will fix this problems and If they could make it more faster at lest than your older engine Presto. 🙂

      • L33t4opera

        With all due respect Teodor, but you are misinformed in this regard. Just read the information from this link: Opera Software upstreamed commits – “Upstreamed commits in Chromium: 111, Blink: 322”, and the Opera’s contribution, in this month only: Chromium 4, Blink 40.
        So as you can see, you you’re wrong, and therefore would be nice, if you stop spread false news. You can find more info regarding this here: Chromium issues reporter Opera.

    • Dark Magician

      They said that they are working on it.
      I’ll hold them to their word.

  • bricky149

    “CHR-1642 [MemUsage][BinarySize] New compacter domain database”
    I’ve been seeing these ‘MemUsage’ fixes lately. Are they reflected in Chrome too (I can’t find anything with “CHR-1642”) or just Opera?

  • Sten

    What about BOOKMARKS MENU ??? When is it coming back ?
    That should be as one of the main things in browser !
    Thanks for all hard work with previous line of browser (Opera 12). There is probably NO other browser with so many options build in.
    I use a lot tabs side by side option and bookmarks menu !
    One other thing it would be great to have settings for speed dial organizing (e.g. by name, by number or free like desktop icons) and possibility to easily disable x (delete) button.
    Theme function should be rather called wallpaper since it only change picture in back ground …

  • Dark Magician

    Not sure if it happens in new dev still. But in latest Next, there is a big memory leak. Even after closing tabs, still draws huge amount of RAM. Also I just had Opera. using CPU over 70% doing absolutely nothing. Then I tried to close Opera, but there was still one process running, and wouldn’t close (still using CPU a lot). Task Manager couldn’t kill it, so I had to log-off. And now it’s back to normal.

  • Dmitry Dmitriev

    Regress – password manager doesn’t works on some sites.
    Bug with crashes opera during drag bookmarks to folders not fixed.
    (all for mac version)

  • Bruno Machado

    Bring back address bar drop down arrow.

  • Wanja Gayk

    Still no integrated mail client, still no reason to upgrade from Opera 12.x.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There won’t be an integrated e-mail client.

    • Sorry but it will not get back.

  • Opera is going ever more slower than never it has been and probably version 20 is more slower than 18 for sure….
    And here is my new tests now there ever more bad at loading from updating Firefox, Opera and Google to new versions.

    And my tests is:
    1st Internet Explorer v.11 test time=2seconds load (fastest) sys up -2s from 4s win
    2nd Opera Stable v.12.16 test time=8s load (well good) sys up1 -1s up2 -1s win
    3rd Firefox v.26.00 test time=8s load (no full support) +2s older v.25.01=6s
    4th Opera v.18.00 test time=27s load (going more slower) +7s older v.17.00=20s
    5th Google Chrome dev v.33 test time=37s load (the slowest) +9s canary 33s older v.33=28s

    The wins are from the update of the windows. s=Seconds of loading
    up1 and 2=Update more per times to the newer Windows and the newer drivers of the graphic card.

    • bruce lawson

      Teodor, I’m not sure how your repeated comment about “will not test Opera 20” is helpful. Please, keep your comments to the topic in hand. Thanks!

      • Sry I was not showing that I was posted it in the first place I have deleted my last post yes is not helpful if i repeat my self 🙂
        Well I don’t think that testing the speed of Opera 20 is any more relevant now because the speed is going the wrong way. And the seconds is more and more by new versions…. this happens because Opera is not any more there engine inside…. 🙁
        And presto by time will just be ever more speedier….

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Presto will not come back and act like a child repeating the same mimimi all the time will not change anything. Neither being. cynical.

          So behave like an adult (i will assume that you are one) or do a favor to all of us and leave this blog.

          • Dark Magician

            He can’t.

          • Leonardo Gomes


          • Dark Magician


            I meant he can’t stop or act as an adult.

  • Probably Opera 20 will load ever more bad 🙁 and I will not test it…
    And here is my new tests now there ever more bad at loading from updating Firefox by 2 more seconds, Opera by 7 more seconds and Google by 9 more seconds of loading all are to the most newer updated versions.
    And my new tests is:
    1st Internet Explorer v.11 test time=2seconds load (fastest) sys up -2s from 4s win
    2nd Opera Stable v.12.16 test time=8s load (well good) sys up1 -1s up2 -1s win
    3rd Firefox v.26.00 test time=8s load (no full support) +2s older v.25.01=6s
    4th Opera v.18.00 test time=27s load (going more slower) +7s older v.17.00=20s
    5th Google Chrome dev v.33 test time=37s load (the slowest) +9s canary 33s older v.33=28s
    The wins are from the update of the windows. s=Seconds of loading
    up1 and 2=Updated to the new Windows and the new drivers of the graphic card.

    • Dark Magician


  • I have error in google spreadsheet. I press F2 to edit cell and then press Esc.Now I cannot move select by keyboard arrows. Who can confirm?

  • Just an idea, but you know what would make an extraordinary power user setting?

    Give us a text field for custom CSS for speed dial, stash & Discover that gets used in addition to default stylesheet like MyOpera works (worked) 🙂

    We could easily hide buttons and search fields, adjust columns, borders, margins etc. then 🙂

    • It is an interesting idea and maybe can be usefull. Otherwise all our requests will take more time and job for them . +1

      • it’s pretty simple to implement (1 textarea in settings and 1 line of code in speed dial head), almost no influences on maintenance, but a huge plus on customizability 🙂

    • Nekomajin42

      Now this would be awesome.

    • Saskatchewan

      I already thought about this: instead of making a theme with INI files, they could allow CSS – even if it’s a limited subset of it.

      Unfortunately, changing the spacing between dials wouldn’t be so simple, because they use absolute positioning for them.

      • Haven’t had a closer look at its source code yet, but what’s hindering you from changing positioning?

        • Saskatchewan

          Even after changing the position of a dial, drop events are still working with fixed positions. This means that if you want to create a folder, you would have to drop a dial in the place where another dial is supposed to be, not where it is.

          • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

            Yes, I happened to know this when I was working on Better Dial +, extension.

          • Nekomajin42

            But the program uses some kind of offset value to calculate the position of the tiles, which should be editable with a form. So if a text field with regular CSS does not work, a form with given properties could work.

        • dqdb

          Thumbnail spacing is hard-coded in opera.pak to 32 px vertically and horizontally also in JS code.

  • Just for an info that Photobucket link coy doesn’t work with 20 dev + 19 next but O18 works.

    Go to page: http://media.photobucket.com/user/Photography-2009/media/Stunning%20Pictures/–Golden-autumn-nature-reflection-nature-landscape-Autumn–forest—-trees_large.jpg.html

    Try to click direct image link right hand side on page.

  • rufu2

    Thank you for the new build. I’ll be testing, but slowly, since I still am way more comfortable with O12.16
    The list of things that I’m still missing:
    – Panels (bookmarks, windows, downloads, links, info, history, notes)
    – Mail (Ok, I know, it won’t be back. Still, I am using O12 with M2, and I will miss it in a future O20+)
    – Setting a custom search as default.
    – Middle click on tab bar for new window.
    – Setting a proxy other than the system default.
    – Full URL in address bar.
    – The ability to customize everything (including turning off things) 😉

    One bug is bothering me:

    Click-to-play for flash content does not work with some layered content. This is most obvious on vimeo.com

    What I like is the bigger developer base for the blink engine and the related extensions. Also, of the new features, I think “Stash” will be very useful some day. A RSS reader could be merged into “Discover”, IMO 🙂

    Overall, I still believe you are on the right track. I just wish that it won’t take a few years to get back to the functionality of O12…

    Thanks, Rufus

    • Well for link they are working on and for notes they will not make any more this unique feature…. read this: https://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2013/07/04/the-vision-behind-opera-15-and-beyond

      • rufu2

        Thanks for the link, I read that when it was written and had forgotten some of it. I’m happy that not all of it is set in stone: Opera brought back bookmarks, when they first thought a simplistic extension would be good enough.

        Notes aren’t that important to me, but if the side panel(s) make a comeback some day, it would be nice to have notes back, too.
        And I meant the panel that shows all the links that are on the current page — are they working on something similar?

    • senna_4ever

      mail could back but would rebuild it from zero

    • Yes, the custom default search option is something I am really missing too.

      I also agree that a native RSS reader in the browser would be fantastic. If “Discover” could consist of only RSS feeds that I could specify, then I would probably use it much more. Right now for my reader, I use the Smart RSS extension by BS-Harou along with his RSS Detector extension.

      Notice, Opera Developers: I do not use Opera Mail for my feeds anymore. It is so much more convenient to have it in my browser. Can you hear me hinting at something? Yeah, it’s the Opera Mail issue again. IMO, if you are going to go through the effort of maintaining a mail client, then seems sensible to create something that is truly unique. Now that Opera Mail is a standalone program, I might as well go open source and use Thunderbird.

      One last thing for now: I would appreciate if support were added for custom speed dial tiles. Right now, it seems like only big-name sites have a custom tile image. As a web developer, I would like to define how my site appears in the speed dial.

  • Out of topic: Download Control 1.0 alpha 2 is available for testing 🙂

    You can give it a spin to see what the new downloads API can be used for 😉

  • rufu2

    Drag tabs onto the bookmarks bar — when I drag a tab into a folder on the bookmarks bar, the tab loses its place and gets pushed to the right, to very end of all the tabs. (Windows 7, 64bit)

  • Vux777

    there is a bug with gif’s
    it plays once, and then just skips from first to last frame in circle

    • rpsgc

      Yes. I even get that with 19 Next.

  • Marcondes Afonso

    music still not playing at our site syncoriginals.com 🙁 pity asked many many times . pls?

    • Can confirm. Works in IE, not in opera dev. And if it works in IE and not your browser, you know there’s a problem. ;P

      • Marcondes Afonso

        txs for testing it out Léon,

      • Dark Magician

        Confirmed problems should be upvoted.
        Upvote like I did.

    • hkeye

      your site can only work with IE-engined browsers. For Firefox, Opera, Chrome, you need to use extension. Search IE tab in Google webstore. An extension with a name of ie-tab-seamless may be a better choice (it does not create a new address bar)

      • Marcondes Afonso

        wrong hkeye, it does work well in all of the above. just not playing the music operas ( all ) . txs v much 4 your input anyways

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Sorry, but I have to disagree with you. I can confirm the mistake in Opera and I can play all clips in naked Google Chrome and Firefox. Without any extension. So the intolerance seems to be on Opera’s side.

        • Marcondes Afonso

          yxs 4 testing it our Ralf. we work on operas, all our emails ( still on opera ) some of us using 12 – others on the standalone app. Opera help the little guys :)!

          • hkeye

            Sorry that I have make a wrong generalisation on website behaviour before actual testing. There are still many websites that can only work in IE. That is why I made such mistake. Sorry again.

  • Does anyone notice page loading problem sometimes in Facebook. Sometime page is not scrolling exactly or just for me?

  • Dark Magician

    Disqus comments here often don’t load properly.

  • Elwetana

    What I am really missing in new version of Opera is handling of download. In the Opera 12 I was prompted if I want to Run/Open or Save the file. When I choose the former, the file is saved to a temp folder and deleted when I exit Opera. If I choose the latter, I am prompted for the folder where to save the file.

    Now in Opera Next, by default all files are saved to the Downloads folder. This can be changed so that I am prompted for the folder where to save it, however, the old option — just save it wherever you want and delete it when you feel like it — is not present.

    • Dark Magician

      I asked for it multiple times. First they said it’s a ”design” choice.
      Than that Chromium is the problem, because it lacks the ability, unlike old Presto.

    • I’m working on this in Download Control 🙂
      It’s one of the reasons, why chrome.downloads API got implemented 😉

      deleting files however is buggy in current API 🙁

  • btabke

    I opened this build on Microsoft Surface Pro. Touch gestures only partially work . Pinch-to-zoom or swiping-to-scroll neither work. (v12.x works fine)

    >bookmarks import

    > bookmarks on side

    >real bookmarks

  • Martín Balzarini

    Why don’t you enable the Bookmarkrs importer in the Next and Developers versions of Opera. I would love to be able to use them and have my bookmarks..

    • ayespy

      You can import them to Chrome or Firefox and then use the xmarks extension to sync them to Opera.

      • Martín Balzarini

        Not any where near to ideal, agree??

        • ayespy

          Not optimum, I guess, because a new user is going to look all over for the import function. But since I do this ONCE in the life of a browser, it’s not an ongoing issue for me.

  • pureocean

    I have a suggestion:

    If any download link clicked as new tab (from context menu) in Opera 12, the download link can opening a new tab. The most sensitive spot: The download link complete can display in adress bar.

    For example:

    1) clicked “Open in new or background tab” from context menu when mouse pointer over the “download” button in http://www.dvbsupport.net/download/index.php?act=view&id=270

    So, Opera12 will be display the redirected download link in adress bar of new tab.

    But Chromium-browsers (new Opera included) can’t support this feature. The download links not display in adress bar and not selectable from adress bar, only directly open the save folder window (if actived is “ask where to save file before…”).

    Is it possible the feature can adding to Opera 20 or next?

    I’m sorry, my bad English.

  • rufu2

    Just a question: Can you make Stash remember the position on the page? There are tons of long pages today, and it would be cool to use Stash as a marker where to continue reading. The screenshot is made at the position where I click on the heart, but clicking the stash item takes me back to the top.

  • Vux777

    about “Site preferences” flag…
    I believe it holds zoom site specific settings, right?
    Is there any other use of it? maybe in future some actual preferences like in presto?

  • oic

    Anyone getting random youtube clips playing in the background for a spit 1 sec. I don’t even have those youtube clips open or on tab

  • Bug? When the speed dial is extended beyond the page, and there is a vertical scrollbar, pressing the middle mouse button to open a dial instead scrolls the page.

  • Hi guys!
    Is it me or a Gmail bug? On the left menu (Inbox,Sent,All…) I can’t click the “arrow” to show the tags hidden…well…there’s no arrow in other browsers, or Opera versions.

  • inDigazzZ

    When you’ll give us normal text selection (like in Opera Presto)???
    Chromium’s text selection so awful, detestable, lousy, filthy etc.

  • Der Herr Nick

    Me dears,

    I tried to download an mp3 file from this site: http://not-safe-for-work.de/nsfw079-die-gruene-elke/

    But as I have VLC plugin installed, the browser always starts to *play* the mp3 file when I press the ‘Download’ button instead of at least letting me choose to *save* it at a place of my choice. So can you please consider making a download dialog box that lets me choose between ‘save’ and ‘open’? Thanks!

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Another sugestion to speed dial (I think, it was already said in one of the earlier Opera blogs):

    I think it would be a good behaviour, if typing the name of a speed dial folder into the address-/searchfield would show the complete list of URLs of all speed dials in this folder.

    At the moment we can type parts of the URL or of the description to show up the list and we can solve this problem by giving “index names” to the descriptions (like the image management of a photo software), but if we could see the whole list of urls of the complete “group” (folder) that would be a great help for people who don’t want to use a “bookmarks bar” and just give the speed dials a better benefit.

    • bruce lawson

      thanks Ralf, interesting idea

    • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

      +1, seems productive and nice!

  • D M

    Still no Linux, FreeBSD, or Solaris Opera! Where is it gone?

  • Is there a way to prioritize autocomplete based on SD entries, rather than history entries, I’ve seen the absurd that I start typing an address of web I have in a Dial and Opera first look for it in history, and as it doesn’t find it, it suggest a Google Search, instead of the Speed Dial entry.

    And even if it is there, it gives priority to history over SD.

    • The address field currently doesn’t recognize SD entries by URL, only by URL, maybe that’s what’s affecting your usage. (I reported this as DNA-10082.)

  • Паша

    Fix this already!

  • Паша

    Are you going to return “Description” for bookmarks?
    I have too much valuable search-keywords in this field…

    • Izer0

      100+ for Description! And search in description in “bookmarks” (QAB is not bookmark manager).

      • Паша

        Yes, that is what i am talking about!

  • Izer0

    Uf .. problem with Save As persist, sometimes is hidden, can be closed by ESC, but impossible to show it until restart Opera, or (sometimes) until show Save As in an another application, very confusing!!! Some screenshots here:

    1. list of windows from winlister, you can see 2 save as dialogs, the first one can’t be closed, second one appear in list, but is hidden somewhere because has focus and can be closed by ESC


    2. Save As dialog forced to show by WinLister command, that is how it is appear – no controls, impossible to close by ESC, no button works, can’t be closed by Close command from WinLister, nothing work. Sometimes closed, when another Save As in Opera is properly closed (but nobody know, when this proper Save As is opened). Absolutely confusing behavior 🙁


    • Leonardo Gomes

      No problems with “Save As” so far. Any especial situation that may triggers the problem?

      • Izer0

        Absolutely I have no idea. Save as working in all others applications including Opera 12.16 at same time, only there is a problem. I have about 120 – 150 tabs, but only few loaded (lazy loading), lot of free memory… I am programmer and have deep system knowledge, but I do not understand, why this happens. Maybe an hook in Opera, maybe memory leak after lots of opened and closed tabs/pages, I don’t know…

    • Dmitry Kirin

      They say it’s not a problem of any particular application, but the OS window management. See the following link and the last but one comment there, try decreasing the registry key ForegroundLockTimeout to almost zero, that might help bringing the dialog to foreground instantly. Haven’t tried it myself, though.
      HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktopForegroundLockTimeOut

  • blu2

    Why two clicks to open the download ( some people will not check it ) ? Make it like on Firefox Nightly, one click and it open very smoothly.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    “Last Week” and “Last Month” on History (opera://history) show entries of this week and this month.

    Anyone else seeing this?

    • I confirm this! It’s happening in Opera 18 Stable too.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Confirmed. Though, technically, it is indeed ‘last week,’ from now minus 1 week to now.

  • beBoss

    Not working well with Mega.co.nz -> “Download as ZIP” fcuntion
    Some files/folder are missing from the zip archive! With chrome, there is no problem!

  • raphah

    the the fuck is bookmarks? it’s version 20! i am waiting for this in that build

    • bruce lawson

      Settings > User interface > Show the bookmarks bar.

      And next time, please, no swearing. It’s discourteous,

      • raphah

        I dont want bookmarks bar, I want bookmarks button

  • syplex

    (I posted this on the Changelog post, but meant to post it here)

    Two big bugs still exist which keep angering me greatly.

    1. CTRL+F inline search bug.
    * Make sure you have several tabs open
    * Press CTRL+F on a page
    * Leave the inline search up, and press CTRL+TAB to change tabs
    * Bug #1, you can’t change tabs, but notice the tabs change color like they are being highlighted
    * Press ESC to close the inline search. Now press CTRL
    * Bug #2, Opera instantly switches to another tab! This bug hits me ALL THE TIME because the inline search doesn’t go away unless you close it. Switching tabs via the mouse and clicking in the content area doesn’t get rid of it.

    2. Random resizing of page. I am not sure what causes this, but it happens every day or two to me. I think it has to do with a problem in registering the CTRL button. I think what happens is I bring up an inline search or press CTRL+TAB etc and then scroll inside of a page. Opera somehow thinks that the CTRL button is still pressed and instead of scrolling it resizes the page. This usually results in the page being shrunk down to nothing, and angers me greatly.

    And one request.

    Request: Make page zoom apply ONLY to the current tab. This was the behavior in older (12 and earlier versions) and makes sense. I don’t need to zoom often, but when I do it is because a specific page is small. It is incredibly annoying to zoom in so I can read a page and then change tabs to another page but everything is giant and unreadable, so I have to zoom out, then go back to the first page and can’t read it again. It appears Opera tries to be smart about this and doesn’t zoom different domain names, but this behavior is still undesirable.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      The question about zooming has been around for a while on Chromium forums. It is a Chromium feature that zoom levels are set and remembered per host, not per tab or url. As far as I understood, there was no significant use cases identified for the latter. As for the per host strategy, it’s rather logical, as one does not have to set the same zoom from one page to another within the same host. Most websites are likely to have the same design across all their urls, and if it looks unreadable on one page, it will look the same on other pages at the same host. (Of course, this logic may fail on sites with multiple design patterns, like WP or LiveJournal.)

      • syplex

        Well, I find the zoom per host to be undesirable and confusing. I am using Opera on several computers, but one is a media center hooked up to a large TV. I often need to zoom in on pages to read certain text or make it look right and it is so annoying to have my other tabs screwed. I don’t think I’ve ever needed the zoom to match between hosts. It only needs to be a per-tab setting.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          That’s a good point. Indeed, per host zoom level does not allow zooming a page to see tiny details and have another page on the same host under a normal zoom. I think Chromium developers have been solving a different task: to make browsing experience smooth and reduce the necessity of (re-)zooming pages as much as possible. The per host strategy does it the best, because of uniform design of most sites. Looking over tiny details is more of a task for accessibility features like screen magnifier. You can try alternative ways, like pressing 6 on a zoomed-in page, to revert to the standard zoom, right before returning to a ‘reading’ page on the same host.

          • syplex

            But there is no keyboard available most of the time on my htpc. It is usually sitting in a drawer or near the computer in case I need it but I should be able to easily browse with the mouse without having to change zoom levels etc frequently.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Oh… You must be opening the Opera menu everytime you want a page zoomed. Inconvenient in itself, and per host zoom level adds to it. Btw, now I know what the zoom slider in the status bar was for in O12…

          • syplex

            Yeah the zoom slider from O12 would be incredibly helpful in this case!

    • Unable to reproduce but #1.

      • syplex

        I can reproduce this on every computer I have. Open several tabs and try again. Although maybe it is an OS-specific issue. I am using Windows 7.

    • Jin

      About #1:
      I very often have the following problem, which is keeping me from using Opera as default browser indeed. And maybe this has some connection to #1:

      1. Open 3 tabs.
      2. Open the following urls on the tabs you opened in step 1, and let them completely load. (Actually reproducible with any combination of urls. But let’s take them here just as samples.)
      – Tab 1: http://www.youtube.com
      – Tab 2. mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/
      – Tab 3: http://www.golem.de

      3. Now select either Tab 1 (YouTube) or Tab 3 (golem.de).

      4. Wait around 30 seconds.
      5. Switch the tabs in order of 1 > 2 > 3 > 2 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 2 > 1 or 3 > 2 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 2 > 1 > 2 > 3.
      6. Tab 2 (Gmail) takes over the view of Tab 1 and Tab 3.

    • rpsgc

      Bug #1 is fixed in this build.

      Are you using O20 Developer?

      • syplex

        Bug #1 was not fixed in this build. I am using O20 developer. The bugs (#1 and #2) are still present even in O 20.0.1353.0.

        • rpsgc

          I’ve tried it with both builds and I can’t reproduce it.

          I can ctrl+tab between tabs just fine.

          • syplex

            You can ctrl+tab to switch tabs with inline search open and in focus? Try putting a few characters in the find box. Doesn’t work for me on either build, on any of the three computers I have them installed on.

          • rpsgc

            Yes. It just works on my end.

          • syplex

            Ahh I think I figured out why you can’t reproduce it. Enable the “Tab Cycling” flag (#activation-order-tab-cycling) and restart Opera.

          • rpsgc

            Indeed. You were right then. I wonder how long it will take them to fix it.

  • helsten2

    Two small bugs (also reported in previous developer version):
    1. If you open opera:stash (as URL), the page is displayed left aligned without theme.

    2. If you navigate to Discover from the Speed Dial screen (using the Discover button), click on one of the articles (to read it), go back to Discover (using the Back Arrow button) and then click the Stash button – you end up with a blank screen.

    Request: Would be nice to be able to reorder the stash items (drag&drop)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Both confirmed here.

  • L33t4opera

    By the way: why the “Drag tabs onto the bookmarks bar (DNA-12485)” is not mentioned in the change log for this version? I see the “DNA-12485” only in the change log for version 19.0.1324.0, but there it is marked, that this feature is available only on Mac.

  • L33t4opera

    By the way, why the “Drag tabs onto the bookmarks bar (DNA-12485)” is not mentioned in change log for this version? I see the “DNA-12485” only in the change log for version 19.0.1324.0, but it’s marked, as feature available on Mac only.

  • I know that you’ve disabled users allowing their own custom search engines to be set as default, you’ve provided good reasons for that. But what about allowing a “power user” advanced option, allowing users to set their own search engines as the default, given they will be more likely to be able to correctly handle the issue?

    • They can’t because the exploit happens in the configuration files, if the setting is present no matter how hidden, without hijacking protection it can be exploited.

  • Izer0

    Lots of memory leaks here, image files rendered incorrectly in opera … maybe this is why Save As not working properly on heavy used Opera:


    System have 12GB RAM, 8GB used, so lots of space…

    • senna_4ever

      wow, so big o_o

    • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

      +1 for “image files rendered incorrectly in opera” bug!

      H/W acceleration off

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve noticed the problem with images display. Don’t happen always but happens sometimes.

      About memory usage i haven’t noticed major problems so far.

  • Rinne Tensei

    DNA-14059 is killing it.. it is since O12 and nobody notices.. fix it or else you will never be able to equalize opera with firefox or chrome.. it is a basic bug that sometimes new tabs open via an anchor to a different site doesn’t load the extensions actually (unable access active extension memory from from prev. tab or simply unable to reload them) eg: adblock, abine donot track me, ABP, Poper blocker etc.. the new tab ends up showing ads, javascript popups ..

    • If nobody notices this bug, why does it even matter?

      I don’t know why everyone thinks his pet bug is killing Opera or preventing it from competing with other versions.

      Perhaps you would like to give us an example link where this bug occurs, and a proper description?

      • Rinne Tensei

        here’s the link, see yourself.. you’ll notice the bug when you click download button 🙂

        • Vux777

          my previous comment disappeared, don’t know why -.-
          anyway, I visited that link, clicked download button and it took me to another page (with playback and download, didn’t tested tho)
          and all my extension was working (ghostery, adguard, violent monkey…)

          • Rinne Tensei

            Ya thats the bug.. were all of the ads blocked.. did you get the count of blocked ads on adblock ?? now refresh the page and you’ll know what I’m speaking 🙂 The bug is that opera shows the extensions are active but they don’t actually load, they’re just icons on the context of that page..

            update # adguard somehow blocks the ads but still it is not fully loaded as its not showing the count and add disconnect it will make the bud disappear but still both wont show the count.. it is well evaluated with ABP, ADblock

          • Vux777

            I tried with ghostery and adguard enabled and disabled. This is what I get with:

            enabled Ghostery & Adguard
            (badge shows number of blocked ads, ghostery blocked social buttons…) and also after refreshing couple of times

            disabled Ghostery & Adguard

          • Rinne Tensei

            well ya after refreshing it will show but just after clicking download it wont.. as I told in the prev. reply

    • Celeborn1

      +1. Adblock does not work properly.

  • Rinne Tensei

    and now this site identify opera as mobile browser


  • Mat M


    Nice to see the progress there 🙂

    https://www.wunderlist.com/ & https://www.wunderlist.com/#/start/lists/inbox are broken

    https://www.wunderlist.com/en is ok

    Even when clearing cache and nav data.

    @Opera: I love stash & speed dial new deal. Better than QAB for me. Just missing F2 to replace Ctrl-T 🙂

  • Gruia

    oh god. I am so depressed with the way Opera went. I paniked a little after installing this version. Thank god I could reinstall 12.
    Where is the Mail , Feed
    Where is the customisable tab bar, where are all the configuration options. -_-

    I see no way in transitioning to the new version. It wasnt enough that Opera Next went Chrome style.. now we dont have an Opera anymore

  • senna_4ever

    the opera dev still has problem to download files in filepost

    • Leonardo Gomes

      And it still works here.

      Click on “low speed download”, wait for the countdown (around 30 seconds), dialog with a captcha to be entered appears, link to download is shown.

      Check if you don’t have nothing blocking something on that site.

      • senna_4ever

        that’s fine now with the last update

  • There is a problem with video playing (Stable / Next / Dev), eg http://vimeo.com/80796564 – full screen, with HD, does not play smoothly.

    Core 2 Duo, 2.1 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Win 7
    In Chrome 31, Firefox 26 and IE 11 works fine.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Here it looks the same on all browsers. W7x64, i5-4670k, 3,4 GHz, 16 GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX650.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I’ve got Core2Duo 3 GHz, 3.2 GB RAM, Win7x86. The video plays rather smooth, except for sharp pauses where the authors intended to show how they worked with the scenes and rendering. However, Opera eats ~40-50% CPU during the playback, while IE takes only 10%. I’ve noticed the playback in Opera being that slow, and there have been some complaints from others before.

      • You have right. I checked it. The problem is much bigger than other browsers CPU usage. :/

  • Dark Magician

    I’m bored, and I need new build before you go to vacation for the holidays. 😀

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I’m sure bugfixes and maybe a little surprise will come.

  • Dark Magician
    • Ralf Brinkmann

      You can’t click or they don’t play? I’ve tried some out, they all play. So we need examples. And have a look what your Ghostery blocks. Or your Adblocker. Which one do you use and which lists?

      • Dark Magician

        Can’t activate them (some of them, while others work).
        Same thing happens on Discover page in Next.
        Didn’t test Dev enough to know if it’s there also.
        Ghostery and AdBlock active, but they have no effect on it.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve tried a few ones and didn’t notice any problems.

      • Dark Magician

        Like I’ve said, completely random. Now video which couldn’t be selected, now works.

        I didn’t even restart Opera.

  • Tams80

    Are there any plans for more tab management? I’m thinking tab stacking and tab groups, with each group having a tab (like Sleipnir 4). Having a separate page with visual tabs like IE9 would be useful as well. Visual tabs that can be resized like Opera 12 would also be welcome.

    Is there any way that UI could be condensed a bit? Opera 12’s UI takes up a little less space, but it’s noticeable.

    I’ll just throw in the obligatory want for proper bookmarks as well.

    As it is, I can’t use this new Opera as an everyday browser, even though I do like it. it lacks far too many features.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      As said sometimes, they are working on tabs handling but there is nothing to be released to the public yet.

  • DD64

    Are there any plans to do something about this: http://puu.sh/5nzy6 ?
    Maybe as a power-user-feature.
    Including the fact i cannot use my middle mouse button to open a new tab.

  • Eddard Stark

    So, um this is kinda weird. Not sure if it has been discussed before…I was viewing Youtube vids in Opera Next (19) and was only being given 360p and default as choices.When I open the same vid in Chrome, I got the higher resolution options again (720p, 1080p etc) any idea why?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Known issue, they are working on it.

  • Kurt Zon

    waiting for “Even more in twenty four”….. 😀

  • Ralf Brinkmann
    • L33t4opera

      Hi Ralf, do you mean “plenty” in 19 next? 😛

  • Daniel Kit

    Side tabs!
    Please add the ability to put the tab bar on the side of the window like the old Opera!

    • Daniel Kit

      Also, any chance of getting something like the Links panel?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      IIt probably won’t come with this version but may come in the future.

  • L33t4opera

    New update for the Opera Developer: 20.0.1353.0.

  • Vux777

    just a note
    since MyOpera is shutting down,
    there is new community,
    check it

  • alexvoda

    I don’t even know why I still come here. All I see is updated chromium, minor fixes and people complaining in the comments about things Opera 12 did but these new versions don’t.
    Maybe I just come here hoping to see some very improbable good news about open sourcing the Presto based Opera.

  • xoex

    just these?? what are you doing there!? it’s just some drag and drop!

  • nsg18

    Hi, are you planning to add proxy support within the browser, like the opera used to have? where one can set up proxy servers settings within the browser without having to add system wide?

  • Pendor

    Well, now is working without any problem html5 + css3, tested on desktop! http://www.rap4ever.net