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Been a while since I made a blog post, so I have something special for you today. Opera 20 goes to developer stream today. As you may know, the developer stream is where we try things out; some of them don’t make it to the Opera Next stream, others do, depending on their stability and general bugginess, so thanks in advance for trying them out and for your bug reports.

Opera 20 developer is available for Windows and Mac.


  • Extensions chrome.downloads API (DNA-13993)
  • Drag tabs onto the bookmarks bar (DNA-12485)
  • Confirm exit when using Command–Q (DNA-12338) (Mac only)
  • Improved stash screenshots (DNA-13588). No more  blurry scaled snapshots, hopefully (NB: we haven’t tested every URL on the Web)
  • Improved drag and drop between Speed Dial and Bookmarks Bar (DNA-12723)
  • Performance improvements of theme loading (DNA-12816)
  • Settings | Advanced: Use smaller speed dial thumbnails (DNA-12781)
  • Settings | Power-user: Width and Height of speed dial thumbnails (DNA-12781)

Full changelog.


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