Hi everybody, we have a fresh Opera Next update for you today 🙂

The update includes new Chromium intake, fixes for ‘Paste and Go’ in the address field, Speed Dials, Net Installer and other bug fixes. Good luck with testing Opera Next!


  • Paste and Go in address field fixed
  • Chromium updated to version 33.0.1750.112


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  • NoName

    Longtime error that I can finally reproduce on purpose:

    1. Enable “Enable advanced keyboard shortcuts”
    2. Have at least two tabs open
    3. Goto a Google searchpage with Google-instant enabled. (I guess any keypress “hijacking” page works)
    4. Activate the body of the page (input should not be the active element)
    5. Press “2” – “2” should be added to the searchquery on the page, not change tab.
    6. Change to another tab with the mouse
    7. Press Ctrl+F (Other shortcuts works too)

    This trigger the “2” keypress event from step 5. in step 7!

    I have had a lot of weirdly tab behavior because of this.

  • LoverOfLife

    Thanks for this update, now Facebook is working fine for me. Keep it up 🙂

    • justSQL

      How is Facebook working for you? If i open a picture uploaded to Facebook and then close it, the page jumps to the start.

      • LoverOfLife

        Tried that, is working ok for me. Sorry to hear that. In previous updates, when i was trying to share something the page goes up.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        For me, the problem somehow disappeared by itself. I don’t remember anything I could have done. I was using the previous version of O20 Dev at the time, and it just stopped rewinding the timeline. Though in another social network (our local, vk.com), this problem persists even now, in the same versions.
        Just as a wild guess, try either or both of the following:
        (1) switch off the smooth scrolling feature;
        (2) clear the cache, start facebook, and before you start any scrolling, wait till the page is loaded completely.

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info Radek. Good to see the “Paste and Go in address field” fix 😉

  • DNA-16241 [Win] When input field is focused Ctrl+Shift+V works as Paste and Go

    Best build ever! Thanks!

  • Galijot

    This issue is very annoying..everytime I watch for example a video on you tube then want to open new page in new tab for a second piece of that video shows up.. it’s a problem in a latest version of Opera 19 stable also.

  • Ryuu

    Can you make an option that allow us to get back a window ?

    Since we can’t have private tabs, it happens to close the “regular” window before the private. So when we restart Opera there is only a speed dial page left.
    If we don’t remember all the websites opened, we had to search themselves manually in the history which isn’t really convenient.

    • I confirm this in 19 but this is not reproducible in Opera 20 (Next) and 21 (Dev).

      • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

        Maybe beacuse it’s fixed in test versions of Opera?

        • Of course, but the user is commenting in 20 Next post without specifying which version he is using.

  • ABDX

    can you please add an option to make the browser give you a small pop up box under the download circle asking you to (save, save as and cancel) instead of automatically starting download, as there is a lot of sites which download .exe files without your permission. I know that there is an option to ask me every time, but its just an annoying and intrusive save as dialog.

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      I think they will implement this in the future, so don’t worry 😉

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Settings > Downloads. Enable “Ask where to save each file before downloading”

      Maybe not exactly what are you looking for but, at least, you will know what you are downloading and to where.

      Btw, i think that malicious files would be downloaded in background even with such and save dialog.

    • Darrien Lambert

      Agree. This should be a “must have” feature. Current approach is very inconvenient.

    • Nick Schaedel

      I am dying to be able to cancel an in-progress download. I can pause it, but as far as I can tell you can’t delete it unless it completes. Am I missing something?

      • Vux777

        yea…it’s not possible to cancel downloads from popup..
        you have to click “show more” and on download tab cancel it….

  • absorption_voxel

    Is this still going? Ha! I was just curious to check what was going on after some genius decided to kill what once was one of the best, if not the best browser around.
    I thought at this point this blog had to be dead. Opera popularity dropped like a meteor, I’m wondering what you guys are still doing here…
    No, really… What’s the purpose of this embarrassing thing again? Getting chrome with a different dress? Yawn…

    • Dmitry Kirin

      So you see your estimate turned out to be incorrect. What is going on: Opera 15+ is slowly increasing its popularity, even though it’s still on the percent level. The new Opera version distribution is quite healthy: the last but one stable version is much less used than the last one, the usage of older Blink-based versions is negligible. The blog’s alive. People are still obsessed with new builds. Opera QA is constantly present here. So you see, again, it doesn’t look like an uncontrollable meteor plummeting down at all. Though, indeed, there’s still very much to desire.

      “what you guys are still doing here”—In my personal reference frame, it’s rather the other way around: what’s the point of my being here if everything were perfect? I’ve never changed that opinion since O15, actually.

  • Darrien Lambert

    Happened to me second or third time with Opera 20 Next. When I go to Opera – About, it starts to download update then asks to restart application. When I close it and start again – nothing happens… I wait about a minute, then try to open Opera again, nothing happens too. I have to open Task Manager and kill 4 or 5 old Opera processes, then Opera starts successfully and updated.

    • BK

      Thanks for this report, any particular site you’ve been visiting, or some settings you’ve been changing? Was that just fresh installation?

      • Petriaev

        I have portabel Opera on my USB. On my laptop i don’t have problems

      • Darrien Lambert

        No, nothing special with regards to the sites. I just tried to open similar tabs now and exit Opera – all processes exited successfully. Also did not change any settings before upgrade, but I definately enabled some ‘advanced’ features once installed Opera Next for the first time. But I did not touch them before auto-update.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Darrien, can you please add the following info:
      – what is your OS?
      – what is your UAC setting? (if applicable)
      – what type of account are you using? (admin or restricted)
      – what is the installation type? (all users or current user or USB)
      – what is the installation path? (default or custom)

      We’d like to reproduce your issue and identify the root cause.

      • Darrien Lambert

        Windows 8.1
        UAC is turned on
        Admin account
        I think it was “All users” but maybe single, definately not USB.
        Default installation path “C:Program Files (x86)Opera Next”

        • Aneta Reluga

          Thanks. A bit late here today, but we’ll try to reproduce with 8.1 tomorrow.

    • Petriaev

      I have the same problem) But i ddin’t know about update. But now i see the folder with new version and find it here).
      About problem. I only close Opera with 0 opened tabs. And with another update everything was fine

    • Operalino

      I have same. I reported it here. But for me it is NOT connected to Updating Opera but to restarting it.

      • Aneta Reluga

        OK, many thanks for all the input. Seems that we were able to isolate the circumstances, now we are trying to locate the exact culprit and find the solution.

  • iG0Lka

    19.0.1326.63 version works fine.

    Until you do not implement, bookmarks or what some really interesting feature, such as “vertical list of tabs open” can sit on 19.0.1326.63 and not steamed (not to go to the sauna)

    • Dmitry Kirin

      You mean, ‘be not bothered’? (“не париться”?) :))

      • iG0Lka

        угу – не париться.
        я же написал – не ходить в сауну 🙂
        Реально 19-ая работает совершенно безглючно и везде.
        Пока чтото очень клевое не прикрутят, буду сидеть на ней.

  • FDiskas

    http://browser.yandex.com Yandex browser is far ahead of Opera Next. Please hurry up. Think different make it more innovative.

    • FDiskas

      Some bug in youtobe fullscreen video. HTML5

    • They are actually a few months behind. Their beta stream is based on Chromium 30.0.1599.13023 where as Opera’s stable stream is already on Chromium 32.0.1700.107. So three major upstream releases behind.

      • Nekomajin42

        Chromium version is not everything. The Yandex browser is ugly, but it has a bookmark manager…

        • FDiskas

          And synchronization. And accounts switching. And native chrome plugins. And better address bar. And file storage like dropbox integration. And usefull suggestions. And synchronization to smartphone. And ability to send an phone number to the phone and mutch more….

          • DD64

            May be true, Opera 12 is much better, though.

          • Luap

            Yes, absolutely… I tried 14 & 15 and stayed with 12. Downloaded 20 and man what a pain in the butt! Had to import every single bookmark individually. That was something like 11 hours!!!! Yes, I have LOTS of bookmarks. Then 2 days later it does some sort of update and DELETES Opera 12.16 OFF MY COMPUTER!!! Muck FEE!!!! I had to use System Restore to get it back… and then I wiped version 20.x

            I NEED bookmarks with a bookmark manager.

            I NEED to be able to save webpages as MHT files, not crappy HTML files and an image folder with it. FFS, talk about backwards steps.

  • nanana1

    Another Opera Next build 53 just released. 🙂

  • Q33NY

    quick question, you know on Opera 12 you have that little key that when you press it automatically completes the log in details, if you saved them before. Where is it in Opera 20?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      The login and password fields are automatically filled if you have them saved for that page.

      • Q33NY

        I see, and how can I select on what account to log in if I have 2 or more accounts on that web page?

        • Vux777

          start typing another login name…

          • Q33NY

            Thx for help, it was so easy, you can just erase the one that appears and click on the empty field and all the users that are saved for that page are shown.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You can use the down arrow key on the login field to see a list of logins or you can just start typing the other username(s).