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  • Thanks.

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info, and update Marcin 😉

  • Fhury

    Don’t forget about the bookmarks. Top priority!

    • oic

      Someone in previous thread mentioned tiny bookmark extension as the best implementation of bookmarks for opera so far. I was skeptical but gave it a try and it made me realize something. The way to implement bookmark is already in opera. If one person could do it, then why couldn’t opera. The only reason why they haven’t implemented its, is not because its difficult, but because its VERY LOW PRIORITY

      • jho

        of course it is already in. You can find it in Chromium. And that is the base of Opera now.

    • Not even a priority, already over stated.

    • SQL

      Don’t worry they don’t care what you want, you and your 48 likes are just non-existent according to Opera.

    • esp3tek

      For this reason i’m stuck in 12.16…. until i get tired

      • Nicolas Lopes

        i wish that they trow away this trash chromium and come back to presto who cares about speed i use opera for researches

  • angelmedia

    Hi, are you sure with Chrome version?

    My user agent is:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_9_2) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/33.0.1750.154 Safari/537.36 OPR/20.0.1387.82

    • Marcin Mitek

      You are right, I fixed that already 🙂 Thanks.

  • Vux777

    “login data” file from dev build is not recognized in this Stable varsion
    plus, smooth scrolling is kinda faint. Could be little smoother and faster. Compared with dev (without smooth scrolling win7) it is very slow to scroll page

    • Vux777

      there is something definitely wrong with passwords
      my login data file is 50KB,… but in Opera…

      Can’t save new passwords, the only thing that is logging me into sites is cookie file (from DEV)

  • Krzysztof Pogłódek

    Is there any chance to connect Opera with Google services like Chrome does?

    • Liam J. Kowalski

      Yes, by using Chrome.

  • EralOcal

    Bring back F2 keyboard shortcut. (i know alt+d and it’s not the same thing)
    Allow us to edit mouse gestures

    • Fidelix

      Oh I loved this shortcut… And CTRL+Z

      • Edith Gran

        It still hurts to be without it 🙁

    • For me it’s useless. Use F8.

      • EralOcal

        F8 is a good option too but F2 was something like a pop up button. At opera 12 i remove address bar (which brings another question, can we remove address bar from new opera?) after removing i gain a little but more space at my browser. Then for any address i just hit F2, address bar pops up and i write address for any search.

        • You can’t and that’s why the original request makes no sense.

          • EralOcal

            sigh…opera 12 is still the best option.

          • F2 works in fullscreen mode. F8 does not.

          • Great use case!
            They could make F8 to pull the address bar into the screen when in full screen.

          • EralOcal

            F2 nor F8 does not work in fullscreen mode. Or at least it doesn’t work on my browser.

  • mythbusters

    dev is needed!

  • FireFoxII

    But ‘next’ version will never be updated??

    • Marcin Mitek

      Yes, we allowed us a little longer to stabilize it, because Opera Developer was delayed a little if you remember.

      • Destruction Preventer

        Next may be ahead of Stable, but it contains a Chromium version several releases old, so lots of security vulnerabilities.

      • aratuk

        When Next graduates to Stable, why do you only update the stable tree? Why not just push the exact same updates to both trees until the new Next version comes down?

        The current method of leaving versions dead in the water is awkward and silly.

  • Cryio

    I’ll be honest. When 20 launched, it was crashing and hanging like crazy. Also it was loading tabs like a snail. Proper disaster I tell ya. 12.16 seemed rocket-powered compared to 20.

    Now after some 2-3 fixes, it’s back on track. All the better for us.

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      It worked as it were supposed to for me from launch.

      • SQL

        Just wondering if you ever saw the video i posted here.. No, it was not working at all for me, the layout was glitching, it was slow, youtube didn’t work.. No idea if you fixed those issues since i uninstalled the version next day. I think it might have been because of Aura, i saw some comments on the chromium forums saying how buggy Aura is currently.

        • Jonathan Aanesen

          Might be the case, I guess I was just lucky then 😛 Good thing it’s working now 🙂

  • XypherCode

    When I try to save images from comments on facebook it keeps downloading the .webp file extension from google and not the standard. jpg file. What’s happening?! I need to use a different browser just so I can download the images in jpg.

    • Vux777

      – first of all, HTTPS sites (like Facebook) don’t go trough Opera compression proxies…..that’s even IF!!! you are enabled Off-Road…..and with Off-road, images are saved (RC>”save as…”) in their original format, they are just downloaded as WebP for rendering purpose in browser
      – Facebook was experimenting with webP format a while ago, if img is in that format, it’s on FB side
      – what’s Google got to do with all this?! ๏̯͡๏

      – …and extensions?!

      I’ve just tested it with regular images, embedded in comments etc. …no WebP img format, just regular .jpg

      are you using some extension for proxies or img conversion?

      • XypherCode

        “- what’s Google got to do with all this?! ๏̯͡๏”
        Well it’s Google developed right? just saying.

        “- …and extensions?!”
        Do you want the term ‘file type’ instead? i didn’t mean the Chrome/Opera extension add-ons.

        Yeah I right click the images in the comments and click save image as. But every time I do that, the save as dialogue is affixing a .webp file type. And no I don’t have any extensions for proxies and img conversion or any of that stuff. I also don’t have off-road mode enabled.

        I recently turned-off HTTPS in my account so I’ll try enabling it again. Thanks for the repy.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Here Opera seems to use the image original extension (jpg, png, etc).

          Are you using Off-Road mode? Any proxy? Web accelerator or similar?

          • XypherCode

            No. I already disabled all extensions and off-rode mode is turned off I never used it. I’m assuming this is a Facebook side “problem” since it’s happening on my Chrome browser as well. I might be wrong though.

          • Vux777

            I right clicked embedded img in Fb comments — save as. …image is in JPG format (latest stable, win7)

            SS taken from here

          • XypherCode

            I tried using a different FB account and I can save images as JPG. It seems it’s only on my personal account. I guess Facebook is slowly forcing WEBP on a few users…having said that I still don’t know if others are already experiencing this.

            Thanks for the replies.

  • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

    Hi. I have a question. While I watching any video on YouTube, the secure badge shows that the video page is insecure (see first screenshot). In Chromium everything is ok (see second screenshot). In Opera 12 this bug(?) also can be easily reproduced.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      If I follow an http link to YouTube or enter a url manually without a protocol, YouTube runs as non-https. If https is specified, it runs in https. Possibly, it can be set within Google account; I don’t know, as I don’t have one.

      There’s also an extension called HTTPS Everywhere, which intercepts page loading and tries switching to https when available.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        I forget about that I use Violetmonkey on Chropera and Tampermonkey on Chromium with userscript called YouTube Center and in the options of YTC I have checked “Use HTTPS protocol”.
        In Chromium everything is ok with HTTPS when playing any video, but in Chropera I have this problem. I think this a bug in Chropera 🙂 Extensions/userscripts like HTTPS Everywhere didn’t solve the problem 🙁

        • Dmitry Kirin

          That’s strange. HTTPS Everywhere works here: even if I launch YouTube from a non-https speed dial, it turns to https. Actually, I did not know anything about that extension before I read your comment.

        • An extension could be injecting http content into the page…

  • Mister

    No, my browsing is not fun on this Opera )

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      Want to tell us what isn’t fun? or is it a secret? ~

      • Mister

        It`s not a secret) the Opera12 ui functions are very long transferred to blink. therefore there was a joke. such as bookmarks and customizable panels.

        • Jonathan Aanesen

          I do really understand why people are complaining so much about many of the UI features from 12, but I also hope you guys know that we are working on putting many of them back. However doing this takes time and we are getting there step by step.

          • BattyMarionette

            Things do take time, but what is planned is extremely vague. We actually *don’t* know that you’re working on putting UI features back most of the time because lots of things haven’t been addressed, and what has tends to be pretty offhand. Maybe if we’re clearly told what is being worked on, we won’t have to bring it up so frequently. That is probably your best bet in reducing the complaints… give us more than this. All it takes is a “currently planned features” blog post every now and again.

            But to be honest, Opera 12 should have been supported until you had a Chromium-based Opera whose UI was meaningfully different from Chromium’s (and in ways that Opera users actually desire). Nothing can change the past, but that’s how we got here, and “here” is “a browser that doesn’t meet the needs and expectations of a lot of its audience.” Realistically, the complaints aren’t going to stop, especially not without more communication.

            In a way, you should be thankful they’re complaining… but still using the browser. People are complaining because they *want* to use Opera, but it’s not a good experience, and they want it to change. When the choice is use a browser that isn’t meeting your needs or switch, many people are just going to wash their hands of the offending browser. I’m on the edge of doing so. I come to this blog all the time hoping for more solid information on what Opera is going to be, and there never is any. I used to use Opera because I disliked Chrome; Opera had more useful features, and it was more reliable than Firefox. But nowadays we have Waterfox, and even plain Chromium is slightly less frustrating. If I knew what I had to look forward to, I might be more convinced to put up with it for now or at least come back to it later.

  • iG0Lka

    Waiting really useful improvements.

    Eg association of external programs when opening a variety of content (eg torrents)

    Until then I will use Opera 19, which works fine.

    • SQL

      Torrents feature coming back chances: 0/100

      If bookmarks were only used by ‘less than 10% of the Opera 12 users’ do you think even 1% used the built-in torrent client?

      (This is just my personal expression of how i think of things.)

      I would love that feature but Opera seems to be scared writing any functioning programs outside the Chromium work-area. That’s why we don’t have bookmarks-stuff either; you can’t just put that in with Chromium, you have to create it from a scratch with like one of the C-languages or whatever the devs here use these days. Creating stuff with tabs they will for sure spend months; They just chose when to drop Javascript functionality etc out of a certain tab after a certain time, since everything needed was in Chromium already (not literally of course they created something too but mostly just expanded the ones already in Chromium)

      Also the reason they’re not giving us a mail client; That would require writing an external application and then link that to Opera. (That would be the most logical way)

      Opera Dragonfly; Too much external program writing. They would need to actually CHANGE SOME PARTS OF THE CODE. Like yeah, no developers usually don’t change any code to their programs, no, not at all.. They just say it only works with Presto engine because they don’t want to modify it to function with Chromium.

      Synchronization: I don’t even want to know. They’ve been working with ‘servers’ for a few months now. Maybe we will get synchronization the same time Linux version appears.

      Linux version; ‘Cooking’, ‘Slowly but surely’, We can’t share more info for you guys’, ‘We will tell you when it’s ready’

      SO don’t worry the Linux version is obviously coming, hopefully it won’t burn during this long time being cooked.

      Please don’t think i don’t like Opera. I still love you guys. It’s just funny we don’t see any progress at all. Take this as constructive criticism, written in a bit inappropriate way, but please don’t think i hate this product or have something against it. I know you’re cool guys and trying to inform us the best you can.

      (By the way i just checked and i don’t break any rules from your Comment Policy so deleting this post would be really ignorant.)

      Love you guys, keep on the good work i’m still a loyal customer.

      • Actually your comment is dangerously close to this: “Zero-tolerance for harassment of individuals including Opera employees and other commenters”.

      • iG0Lka

        You do not understand.

        I do not want a built-in torrent client.

        I want to when you click on the link torrent file, kind name.torrent, immediately run an external torrent client, and not asked to download, a file to name.torrent then open it in an external torrent client.

        I wrote a fairly clear – ASSOCIATION of external programs

  • Galijot

    Same old same old. Only Opera 19-20 issue, everything’s fine in other browsers.

    • WB

      I was going to post something about this issue too.

      Steps to reproduce it:
      1- Open a youtube video and play it.
      2 – Close that tab.
      3 – Open a new tab and click on any site on Speed Dial or type an address.
      4 – A frame of that youtube video will appear for one second before loading that site.
      And it stays like this until the browser is restarted.
      Will that be fixed?

      • Galijot

        I’ve been posting this a few times already but no luck. Same with every build since Opera 19.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Nothing happening here.

        Win 8.1 and Intel HD Graphics 4600 if it matters.

      • Michele Mignini

        Not occurring in my case. Win7 sp1 x64.

        • WB

          Interesting. As Galijot said, its been a while since this started happening. Probably since version 19 or 18. I would like to know if this is also occurring with more people. I’m using Windows 8.

          • Magnus

            Doesn’t happen here, never has. Windows 7, latest Opera stable, try clearing your cache?

      • Edith Gran

        Definitely happens here. Win7 x64

  • Calypso

    Google Sheets are unusable, arrow keys, Delete, Escape are not working. Google doesn’t support Opera and their support cannot do much about it. Something happened a week or two ago, not sure if it’s on Opera or on Google side, but Opera should figure it out and resolve it as Sheets are working fine in Chrome, IE and Firefox.

    • L33t4opera

      “This will be fixed in version 21. Sorry about the problems!”

    • rrzepecki

      Should be fixed now.

      • Edith Gran

        CTRL+Enter is now being used to reload the page, meaning sending an e-mail in gmail all of a sudden has to be done with the mouse. Is this being fixed too?

  • oic

    Just curious, is it possible to rearrange the extension icons at moment?

    • Leonardo Gomes


  • Melisek

    Why is there button to open Speed Dial page?? There are 2 other ways how to open it – “+” button and shortcut CTRL+T. It is sufficient. Rather I would like to have homepage button instead SD button. While we can set up something like starting page in opera:config. Also Homepage is homepage and you can’t kill it by Discovery function (which I am using a lot in Opera for Android)

    Could you bring back shortcuts for SD?? CTRL+ 1~9 to open page on 1~9 position (if it’s folder, then open folder) and quick opening from adress bar by typing 1~infinity.

    I am missing function “Open new tab next to active”,

    I would be grateful for bookmarks&notes sidepanel and menitoned things.

    Thank you for any reply.

    • aminiesta

      I like that. I usually make the home button a switch to speed dial.

    • dallasthemaster

      They should simply make a REAL customization feature. Not like chrome’s CRAPPY non-existent customization, but a REAL one where you can move everything to wherever you want. Then, they should have both a speed dial button, and a home button. That way, the user chooses which one. 🙂

  • VfBFan

    Hello Opera Team,
    I don’t like the current search feature. 🙂

    1. Search button in the context menu -> The last used search engine isn’t saved for each tab, it’s always the default search engine.
    2. Context menu -> Ctrl key doesn’t open the search in a new background tab.
    3. I miss the favicons in the context menu.
    4. Search engines in the context menu can’t be sorted.
    5. Search in address bar -> Keyboard shorcuts don’t work as expected (like hyperlinks, see below).
    Search shortcut + search word + Enter = open in active tab
    Search shortcut + search word + Ctrl + Shift + Enter = open in new tab
    Search shortcut + search word + Ctrl + Enter = open in new background tab
    Search shortcut + search word + Shift + Enter = open in new window
    6. The url auto completion uses always “.com”, I’d like to edit this.

    • rrzepecki


      1. It’s always set to the default search engine for one simple reason – it’s a default search engine 🙂

      6. That’s based on your browsing history

      Things can always be improved so we are always keen to see user comments and ideas for improvement. Thanks for this, I will play around with it and maybe I will log some of what you mentioned as feature requests.

      • VfBFan

        Thanks for your reply.

        1. “Old” Opera works more consistent. 😉
        An example: In most cases, I search with the same search engine in the currently selected tab.
        Than it would be very helpful if the last used search engine is saved.
        It’s faster to choose the default search engine than the last used in the list, because it is always at the top spot.
        In each new tab the default search provider is selected again.

        6. How does the auto completion feature works if I’ve never visited the site before?

        • VfBFan

          The attached image shows why we need favicons. 🙂

          PS: the double image was my fault.

        • rrzepecki

          If you haven’t visted the site before it returns a result from google search.

          • VfBFan

            I have expressed myself unclear, I mean the ctrl+enter “auto completion” feature in the address bar.

          • rrzepecki

            oh that, yes it does add .com to whatever you type in the address bar.

  • UMaster 7


    open, log in, close Opera, open Opera…


    … click on the button, doesn’t help 🙁

    go to address bar, press enter, now the page reloads and everything’s fine again 🙂


    • rrzepecki

      Working fine for me here. Does it happen all the time or just today?

      • UMaster 7

        all the time, also with older releases

        • rrzepecki

          Can you try to delete cookies and cache maybe?

          • UMaster 7

            yes, I already tried… 🙁

  • Anyone else experiencing issues with HTML5 Form Validation not showing the error messages any more in this build?

  • Pietro Marafiga Monteiro

    One very important question

    How do I proceed to make a backup of Speed Dial Bookmarks ?
    If this exists, I can´t figure it out where is!
    (I would like to do a clean reinstall of my browser)

    really thanks

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Copy favorites*.* from Opera’s profile folder.

      • Pietro Marafiga Monteiro

        Thanks for the hint, friend. But where is located that folder? I´m using Windows 8.1

        • Sidney Moraes

          You will see the location in opera://about/

          • Pietro Marafiga Monteiro

            I found. Which files I must save?

            favorites.db? favorites.db-journal?

          • ayespy


          • oic

            both? I only copied .db and not db-journal and every seem to be fine. What the db-journal save?

          • ayespy

            I dunno. File contents look pretty inconsequential. I just always keep them together.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Check menu > about Opera. The path will be listed there.

  • britanicu

    Built in Notes, Buttons, custom bookmark bar, sync, shortcuts etc. ???

    • Ice007

      All these things were demanded a million times since Opium appeared – and nothing happened!
      You do not think that they install this now, because you’re there? Jester… ^^

      • Nicolas Lopes

        why are they doing that? is it somone fault? if yes gimme the name and i will hunt him down to the end of the world for the sake of opera quality

        • Ice007

          I don´t wanna be banned here, so i can´t answer this with the words which were needed 😉 .
          To remain objective:
          – Bookmarks bar is there (a bit simple but works): OMenu > Settings > Browser > UI > Show the bookmarks bar
          – Notes: You can have Notes with this extension:
          Download it and drag&drop it in your extension screen. (Notes can be imported by copying the content from notes.adr and paste it in the extension “options”)
          – Shortcuts are there – but not customizable (See Help [F1] > Navigate with shortcuts)
          – Sync: Is integrated but doesn´t work yet.
          – Buttons: No – respectively what the extensions bring along

          • Nicolas Lopes

            so i have to search for the settings and use some extension just to have a bit of what i already had. well back to 12. i dont see why you are so nervous this is only a natural reaction when someone kill a loved brother(opera) you chase him to the gates of hell i dont think i am overreacting

  • Mosz

    I have a slight problem. I’m using 20.0.1387.59 versio of next, which is no longer updated.

    I downloaded the latest stable versio included with this article, but it is actually installed into different folder.

    How can i import all my bookmarks and open tabs from the “next” versio, into this latest stable versio, so i can switch over?

    • Mosz

      Nvm fixed, copied appsdata

  • Leonardo N. G.

    Disqus doesn’t work properly in Opera 20.0.1387.82. I log in on without any problems, but I can only comment as “Guest” on sites using Disqus. No problems in Developer version.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Seems to be working here, at least on this site.

      • Leonardo N. G.

        Still have problems. Now I can sign in but this message appears when clicking on “Post as (my name)”: «You must authenticate the user or provide author_name and author_email». I use Opera on Windows XP (USB installation).

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Do you have cookies enabled?

    • After log in you must reload those sites, no news here.

  • Sarius

    Been an opera 9-12 fan for ages, i still like opera even now tough you guys made alot of changes, not everyone of it into the right direct from my point of view and from others too. One ideea tough, instead of dumping the presto engine why not making it opensource? You can release the code for further development so if anyone with codding experience and free time could develop presto further. Would`ve been a nice move to make, especially for the others who loved/loves opera 12 and stay with it even now. Think about it for a sec, maybe you guys may benefit from that also.

  • Alex

    It’s really fast but really, really too basic in terms of functionality and customizability. It’s ok to rebuild from scratch, but i hope that the target user base is widened as in this state the browser is already better than many of it’s competitors (which, for my needs, are really horrific. Beginning with chromium.) but on the other end it really lacks basic features that undermines product usability and fail to provide a minimal adaptability to the user’s needs (to the medium user needs, at least). My considerations:

    * Bookmarks manager is essential. I don’t think it’s obsolete or at least i can’t see a valid replacement with the same capabilities at the moment. It’s the best way to store many favorites addresses, where the frequency of access can vary from one to another without having to worry for rearrange “at the top” the most used ones at the moment. It’s absurd that i have to scroll the speed dial to find something and if i have to type to search, there’s really no need to have the screenshot of the page in a buried folder amongst hundred of other screenshot friends. In this case, i think the page screenshot is more laborious to visually search than an icon or simple text. Old opera bookmarks were just perfect in terms of functionality. Maintain the functionality (or increase it) and i’m happy in every new way you want to present and reimplement them. I think speed dials have a different function than bookmarks and it’s ok to reduce their gap, but only if their respective uses is preserved. I won’t even address the lack of export/import capabilities…

    * Download manager, at the current state, is really a pain to use. If i want to only open a file, i have already expressed my desire to not store it and open it as soon as it’s possible. Maybe other users don’t mind the click-to-open thing and the subsequent cleaning duty, but i want to be the one to choose what to do. Now i can’t. It’s annoying and i think this bheavior is not user friendly. Not giving choice is not always the best option for usability and i think this is the case, because the choice is sufficiently simple to make.

    * URL selection is a nightmare. I used to ctrl+click for search selected text or open a link in a new background tab, while continuing to navigate on the selected tab. Now selecting links is difficult and if i want to open or search in a new background tab… i don’t know how to do it. There’s a way?

    * Tab stacking is a very useful feature for me. You can organize tabs in functional groups using a minimal amount of space.

    * Stash is also useful in some situations. I think it can be enhanched, like dividing stashed elements by date added or adding a tag (like outlook) to mark an element in function of it’s relevance or maybe a field to make annotations on the element itself, so it’s possible to stash a page and write down notes on it for a future reference. Just some thoughts… As i already stated, i think that the stash usage is different from that of the bookmarks, in fact I think they have opposites functions.

    * I know that the separate search box takes space and many people i know use the google home page to search something and ignore that they can type directly in the address bar, so maybe the majority of users don’t even know how to use it. None the less i find it very useful, because i am used to search something, then continue to surf and then search again the same thing. Using the search box i don’t need to retype everityme, i can set a different default search engine in it and even search the same thing in different search engines just changing it in the dropdown menu. I think it’s very efficient. Many times as efficient as the current search capabilities at least.

    Those are just the first things that comes to mind but there are many others, and I already wrote too much (and badly 🙂 ). In the end i will add only one thing: my girlfriend, after years of using explorer, recently switched to opera 12, wich i installed on her pc some time ago. She never used anything in a browser apart the address bar. Now, she uses speed dials, bookmarks and tab stacking, just because she discovered them by herself and finds them very useful. Useful and intelligent features were the driving force of old Opera browser…

  • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

    Hi, Opera. I have set option “Click to play” in plugins options, but I’m missing a button in adress bar which will enable all plugins on current opened site. Can you add this button, please? 🙂

  • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

    Hi, Opera. I have set option “Click to play” in plugins options, but I’m missing a button in adress bar which will enable all plugins on current opened site. Can you add this button, please? 🙂

  • cgebhard

    When the opera://flags/#activation-order-tab-cycling is set Opera currently does this:

    Opened Tabs: “A”, “B” and “C” (from left to right)
    I’m on A then go to B. When I close B, C is brought to the front although I had been on A before that.

    It would be nice to get back to A if the tab-cycling flag is set.

    • iG0Lka

      use extension – Classic Tabs

  • It’s been almost three weeks since Opera 20 went stable. No updates to Opera Next in that timeframe – which is the longest wait yet. Any hope of an update anytime soon? (Really don’t want to switch to “developer” stream…)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It will be updated when Opera 21 reaches Next stage, what will happen soon, i think.

      Due to delay in Opera 21 release, things are kinda late.

      • Nicolas Lopes

        who cares it’s probably going to be trash, its on the 20 and still not even near the 12 greatness, is there any other broswer like opera 12 presto?

  • Joana Silva

    Is the extension “Autocomplete” not working properly on the site ThePiratebay?

  • eXzentrik

    Can’t set a portable installation of Opera 20 as the default browser under Windows 8.1 x64. The relevant option doesn’t work. Links from external applications still opening in the Internet Explorer.

  • Joana Silva

    Opera is definitely still not a reliable browser. After I install the extension Neat Bookmarks from Chrome Webstore, all bookmarks from the bookmarks bar disappear. Definitely still not a reliable browser.:(

    • Wojciech Kostoglu

      This is Chrome extension. If it is not working, I would like to suggest to use Opera extensions:

      • Joana Silva

        Thanks, but so why they allow to install extensions of Chrome if some do not work properly or mess up everything on Opera?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          They don’t. You need to use an extension – or, at least, a workaround – to install Chrome extensions in Opera.

          • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

            It will be nice If ChrOpera will be able to install Chrome extensions by deafult rather than after installing “Download Chrome Extensions” from Opera addons first 😛

            I hope Chrome Apps will be supported in the future too 🙂

          • Yea, I think it is a good option.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            The question is: Are the Chrome extensions, in Chrome Store, checked in the same way the ones at Opera Addons page are? I really don’t know.

            If not, then it may be a problem as people would start blaming Opera for allowing the install of a “bad” extension.

          • Joana Silva

            I hope too because the extension “Download Chrome Extensions” is not totally reliable, so what it’s doing on the site Opera Addons? 😛

          • nanana1

            Do use Chrome extensions on Opera at your own risks !
            I don’t and my Opera is completely stable.
            Despite this, I concede that there are other Opera users who like to tweak their browser with extensions, Chrome or not.

          • Joana Silva

            My own risks? Opera Desktop Team says that all extensions of the site Opera Addons are carefully examined by them, one by one. But everything was already resolved with “Simple Bookmarks” extension.;-)

          • Vux777

            I always download chrome extension with this site and then drag and drop it into Opera… don’t need extra extension just for that

          • Leonardo Gomes

            And why do you think it’s not totally reliable?

          • Joana Silva

            Because users may think that all Chrome extensions work in Opera, when in fact many Chrome extensions do not work or work poorly.

          • That is not without problems, read this.

          • Joana Silva

            Thanks a lot for the tip Ruari, really very usefull extension. 😉

          • Joana Silva

            I already have installed “Download Chrome Extensions” but I think it is just a poor workaround for a famous browser like Opera. Speaking in direct portuguese, it’s a GAMBIARRA, do you understand me?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            What i was trying to say is that you shouldn’t blame Opera because a non Opera-approved extension messed up with your install.

      • Maselli Luca

        extension is evil! I don’t accept extension bookmarks! In the future the extension couldn’t working with new opera release.
        Who guarantees me that the extensions will work forever or will not become a charge?
        Opera must have a built-in bookmarks manager.

    • Rod Corkin

      The best bookmark extension for Opera is currently “Tidy Bookmarks”, which you can find in Opera Add-ons.

  • jason

    CRAP! Still using Opera 11.64 and it works perfectly 98% of the time. Hopefully Opera will realize their mistake eventually and go back to using presto.

  • Guest

    I stay on opera 12 as I never find the same functions with the new version (the panel with bookmarks, notes …), right-click to manage preferences for sites, cookies … If nothing is done, opera was a great browser but the adventure will end there.

  • Stefiz06

    I stay on opera 12 as I never find the same functions with the new version (the panel with bookmarks, notes …, right-click to manage preferences for sites, cookies …). If nothing is done, opera was a great browser but the adventure will end there.

  • Jademarisa

    Still no menus, no classic menu bar, no skins…must I keep saying the same with every “update”? WTF do you “update” btw? I find the same shit every time, I see no advances whatsoever, at least related to users. I wonder why I still do bother to give you some feed-back, you won’t listen anyway 🙁

    • GoGs99

      This new opera is total lost of time!
      No WAND most important thing for me i use many pages where no user name so you need put only pw but this new opera doesn’t store it.
      Gesture pull down on link open empty tab!!
      And most important you cant select text on pages how you war able in opera 12 that is ++++ like in firefox, because of this 3 thing im still using opera 12!!

  • Cryio

    Opera 21 should arrive in 5-6 weeks yet it still is in the Developer Channel. Is Aura that troublesome?

  • Stanislav Stratil

    Where opera stores passwords pls?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Login Data.

    • Vux777

      in profile folder (check “about Opera” from O-menu)
      file is “login data”.
      You should be able to transfer it from one chromium to another (chrome-opera-comodo dragon…)
      but if you reinstall OS, it wont work’s hooked to it fro security reasons

      • Stanislav Stratil

        Thank you, so it is linked to registry? Because reinstall is my case. If I export these registry, it should work or not?

        • Vux777

          I’m not sure…someone from Developers should answer, how to preserve login data after reinstall…I know from my own experience that old login file didn’t worked on new OS

          maybe backup with google chrome and it’s sync?

  • Vijaya

    When i enter certain websites the web-page freezes while other tabs are viewable..until i try the web-page that freezes to reload at-least 3 or 4 times then only it loads does any one have this problems i use ADB plus and HTTPS Everywhere plugins ….

  • arozma

    Why there is no open/run option while downloading things? I don’t want save everithing on computer. In 90% I want just open/run things.

  • Інна Володимирівна
  • Інна Володимирівна

    Why Opera is not completely copied to the website address when copying from the address bar?!! It really pulls and hinders!!

  • Інна Володимирівна

    Почему в Опера не полностью копируется адрес сайта при копировании с адресной строки ?!!!!! Это реально достает и мешает!!!! Например том же скайпе без “http://” скайп не делает ссылки активными!!!!

  • Інна Володимирівна

    Why Opera is not completely copied to the website address when copying from the address bar?!! It really pulls and hinders!! For example the same Skype without “http://” Skype does active links!!

  • Colder Winters

    I successfully got all my bookmarks imported and am using Tidy bookmarks which is nice, but since then i’ve accummulated more bookmarks, and like to try out other new browsers, but theres no way to export your bookmarks via an HTML file from the newest opera and a bookmarks.adr file only works with Opera, so it looks like if you get your bookmarks INTO opera, they will live and die there, Bummer 🙁

    • Vux777

      not necessarily
      you can copy bookmarks file from Opera and paste it into Chrome (chromiums) and export it into html from there…or sync or whatever… most of user files are compatible between chromiums (bookamarks, favicons, login data…)
      it’s lame solution, but … it’s something, until native feature comes… if …ツ

      • Colder Winters

        Thanks Vux, that worked nicely 🙂

  • steven white

    new to opera ex-firefox … how do i get the Search field on the address bar in v20.0.1387.82? ciao saw

    • Vux777

      you can’t
      it is merged into address bar, called omnibar
      there is a big google search on speed dial … if you like it ツ

      • steven white

        thx much ciao

  • Colder Winters

    My new default browser now is Comodo Ice Dragon, a very secure version of Firefox and with the Auto-Sort Bookmarks extension is the closest I’ve seen to the bookmarks in the original Opera even all the folders are grouped perfectly

    • Colder Winters

      And my second favorite browser as always is SRWare Iron, I guess Opera kinda lost me as a user when they tried to shift onto me a featureless browser, like I said before I can tolerate limitations on my tablet or phone, but my desktop is NOT a tablet. It’s just a symptom of a Dumbed Down Society, cater to the low iq’s. New and average users are not that stupid, they can learn, they always have. Maybe offer two browsers, one for people who actually do stuff on thier computers and another for 80 year old grandmothers and people who consider thier computer the equivelent of an android phone.

  • L33t4opera

    New update for Opera stable: 20.0.1387.91.

  • Chas4

    Java JRE 1.7+ on OS X is 64bit only (so is Java JRE 1.8) so it won’t work with Opera when it is only 32 bit (I am guessing Chromium w/ Blink needs more 64bit work), so thats why the current Java does not work (there is no 32bit(x86) version of Java JRE 1.7+ on OS X).

    Also can the Opera Mail be updated to be 64bit & support Sandbox & XProtect check of files