Updated network installer – Opera Developer 20.0.1387.9

I did not know how to start this post. So I wrote a limerick instead:

Oslo is cold, windy, and covered in snow
We are working on getting the bug count low
We are always working on fixing some more
Continuous improvements are what we aim for
Much stabilization, Opera Next will undergo

As you may have seen from the build number, this is fast moving towards becoming the new Opera Next. The change will happen as soon as we have worked out some keyboard issues and the extension pop-out window issue have been fixed. Opera Developer 21 will be released shortly after that.

The binary for the network installer have been updated. Please re-download it to get the latest fixes. It contains all the change log entries mentioning it since we did our initial release of the network installer. (Scan the changelog since we last updated the network installer to see what has changed.)


  • Updated network installer
  • Fixed onbeforeunload dialogs
  • Various site-compatibility problems on secure sites resolved

Known issues

  • Various keyboard issues
  • Extension pop-out windows are [still] empty


Full changelog.

(Closing my limerick with half a doge-meme and yoda speak? Okay, so I am no Edward Lear.)

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