Hello girls and guys!

I would like to present the brand new release of Opera Developer, our most up-to-date desktop browser release channel. This time we focused on heavy bugfixing, to improve stability and eliminate all those little annoyances, so nothing can disturb your Christmas season and provide the best possible Internet experience. Hope we will meet your expectations – please leave a comment and tell us your impression!


  • Chromium updated to 33.0.1726.0
  • Crash- and bug fixes


Full changelog.

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  • Victor

    It is sad not to have full-sync closed but thank you very much !

  • L33t4opera

    Thank you Piotr, downloading, and testing 😉

  • SkyWarriorBR

    Thanks, Piotr!
    Still no weather report… just kidding, and testing.

  • 0.o

    Hopefully after Christmas we will see some improvements to HTML5, don’t say it improves only within chromium-updates, you can do stuff yourself too. And also that GIF-bug would be nice gone 🙂

  • alex_shpak

    Internet is not your playground, Piotr, it’s a serious business! :p

    and have a nice lunch!

  • woj_tek

    “all those little annoyances, so nothing can disturb your Christmas season and provide the best possible Internet experience.”

    so we can finally remove default search engines, set as default our custom one (duckduckgo instead of yucky google!) and have tabs on the side? oh nooo…

  • Cjcr

    Appear.in is broken in the two last developer versions. It’s just me?

    • alex_shpak

      works fine here. Can you check your camera permissions for the website?

      • Cjcr

        Opss, sorry, looks like a problem with AdBlock extension. If disable it now works again. (the page shows deformed with adblock)

  • TwistedAndy

    Any news about Opera Dragonfly?

    • dzek

      one milion upvotes for you!
      one of things that have to be brought back (Opera said that Dragonfly isn’t dead. i hope they wont change their minds and finally release it for O15+)

    • One million upvotes from me also

  • IllusionMH

    Looks like I misunderstand something about Sync.
    opera://flags/#sync is enabled.
    and on settings page

    You’re currently signed in as: login

    But I can’t see my speed dial items in https://link.opera.com/

    Is it works at all with Opera 20?

    • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

      The web interface shows older data (Opera 12.16 synchronized data), which will be merged with new data once sync is stable enough. But yes sync works in Opera 20

      • IllusionMH

        Ok, thanks.
        I can see that it works across browsers(O20Dev and O19Next), but it was strange o log in with Opera accound and see empty tabs.

        Also waiting for Bookmarks bar(and proper bookmarks manager wen it will be ready) synchronization.

      • Ice007

        Nothing works. https://link.opera.com/ is the Link-Adress for Opera Presto, not for Blink. Blink neither can handle this bookmarks, nor can syncronize with Speeddial or QAB (BB).
        Thats not a syncronization as it should work.

  • IllusionMH

    Looks like bug:

    1) Open Speed Dial

    2) Move fast on few items on Speed dial

    3) Delete (x) buttons are blinking on few some elements.

    Also looks like Opera freezes ath this moment(but buttons still blik) and when ou close this tab, it freezes fro few secs in the intermediate state

    Win7 x64 SP1
    Opera 20.0.1353.0

    • Vux777

      yea, like a light show
      only, in my case, this was triggered by simple middle mouse click on dial

    • Muhammad Ubaid Raza


      Windows 8.1
      GPU Accel. Off

    • Zlip792

      It was known bug in Chromium snapshots as well but now it is fixed, so don’t worry, its not opera bug.

      • IllusionMH

        Nice. Fixed Chromium bug in last snapshot in this year.
        This will be very nice “start” for Opera in new year

  • helsten2

    Two small bugs (also reported in previous developer versions):

    1. If you open opera:stash (as URL), the page is displayed left aligned without theme.

    2. If you navigate to Discover from the Speed Dial screen (using the Discover button), click on one of the articles (to read it), go back to Discover (using the Back Arrow button) and then click the Stash button – you end up with a blank screen.

    Request: Would be nice to be able to reorder the stash items (drag&drop)

    … and Merry Christmas to you all!

    • alex_shpak

      Concerning first: it wasn’t supposed to be opened like that, but we’ll consider changing it 🙂

      Concerning second: thanks for the report! 🙂

      • helsten2

        I put Stash on my Bookmark Bar for easy access …(opera://stash/)

  • loveyao1420

    i want presto go on.
    chromium opera is so bad.
    this is my means,你们可以装作什么也没看见。
    because you have a holiday again,I really envy you.

  • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

    Why chromium build is older? Lots of interested stuff was added lately to chromium experiments (about:flags) like DirectWrite etc

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Simple and easy answer : because they need to modify it, test with the ui, test the features, fix bugs and so on. And it takes time.

  • Cryio

    November 2012: Opera 12.1 launches.
    Versions 13 and 14 are skiped.
    December 2013: Opera 20 dev is updated. How time flies

    • minj

      Unless you use linux

    • odinuv

      right, and what is the difference between opera 12 and 20 ? Or more precisely, what is the difference between opera 15 and 20? Over past half year there was no single major feature added. QAB is still not quite finished, there has not been a single update on opera link in last commits, Everything else is just pie in the sky. I really don’t see any point in increasing the version number (other than to catch up with chrome which is now 31).

      • Emil Huber

        – Bookmarks-bar
        – Opera Sync

        Not much but a few…

        • rafaeljvieira

          From Opera 15 to Opera 20:

          – Autofill (since v. 16);
          – Geolocation (since v. 16);
          – Pinned tabs (since v. 17);
          – Custom search engines (since v. 17);
          – Startup options (since v. 17);
          – Media access (since v. 18);
          – Themes (since v. 18);
          – Rocker gestures (since v. 18);
          – Drag and drop tabs between windows (since v. 18);

          And yes, quick access bar and Opera link. Still, it seems false to me that “Over past half year there was no single major feature added”. 😉

          • Victor

            Pinned tabs do not work. You drop them when closing the browser. Custom searches are limited (you cannot define your own default search engine or edit or delete the existing ones).

          • rafaeljvieira

            If that’s what you expect from Pinned Tabs, then you-re right — they don’t work. As that’s not what I expect from pinned tabs, they work for me. If I wanted a set of tabs to open on startup, I’d just enter those in my startup options.

            As for custom search engines, it’s been said lots of times that it won’t be possible to set a custom search engine to default as long as they don’t find a good solution to avoid browser hijacking from malicious software.

          • icetom

            I would like to know why it takes them so long to implement those tiny features. It seriously looks like there is not much developer-power anymore in Opera. Most time, they only update Chromium and nothing major (+space between …bar and … changed – haha great), bang new version.

          • rafaeljvieira

            In Opera Presto, they’d usually need at least six months (sometimes a year) to launch a new version with new features. 😉

          • Victor

            Now we have run 9 months and nothing seriously new is on the table. How can you recommend to someone a browser that doesn’t have a solid bookmarks a sync capabilities. How can you take 9 months and not being able to do anything to fix that.

          • rafaeljvieira

            First Opera version using Blink was released on the 28th May, which was six and a half months ago. I’d say they developed things faster than they used to with Presto.

            As for your question (“How can you recommend to someone a browser that doesn’t have a solid bookmarks a sync capabilities”): once again, Opera has a quick access bar, which, even though it’s not what you probably need, will fit most people’s needs. And Sync is right around the corner.

            You recommend Opera if you want, don’t recommend it if you don’t want. Every person has the right to use the browser that fits their needs: it might or might not be Opera. If Opera doesn’t fit you, look for another browser that does, that’s my opinion. You *don’t* have to recommend Opera if you don’t like it.

            I, for one, recommend Opera for its Speed Dial folder structure, for its speed (the fastest browser in my computers), for its mouse and rocker gestures (not as good as they used to be, but still better than gestures in any other browser), for its Power User settings (and I’m pretty sure that more will be available in the future using the amazing Konami code 😉 ), for Stash and Discover (yeah, I actually use these features), for the off-road mode and, in the future, for its amazing Sync functionality and other features that may come. And these are just a few of the things I remember at the moment.

            Opera DOES FIT my needs, that’s why I use it and I recommend it. if it doesn’t fit yours, just wait to see what’s coming.

          • Emanuele

            for its Power User settings (and I’m pretty sure that more will be available in the future using the amazing Konami code 😉 )

            I stopped reading here…

            what sad times we live in, if users really think that the actual new Opera has “power user” settings…

          • Victor

            Please, for all those conformist supporters defending Opera, let people that want excellence ask for it.

            If Opera is not building the engine of the browser, it should provide value in other aspects in the time being.

            And if Opera staff can’t stand criticism, they can filter comments ! Let democracy work its way.

      • OperaFTW

        Yeah, you are right. It would be ok if Opera would increase the second number. Right now its pointless to say: version is 20.0.1353.0 when the 2nd number does not change at all. Please start increasing the second number instead of the first. Especially if you look at the amount of features which is integrated with every “major” release. It is just ridiculous.

      • Saskatchewan

        If they really wanted to follow this “version number is not important” philosophy, I would rather go for a year.month(.day) numbering. At least this would tell the user something about the version he’s using – and they were on the best way to do this if they would have released Opera 15 as 13.7. (the next version after 12 is 13, isn’t it?)

        Incrementing version numbers the way they do now is a simple marketing technique, which might work on some people.

        • Nekomajin42

          “Incrementing version numbers the way they do now is a simple marketing technique, which might work on some people.”

          Yes, this is the exact reason behind the method. But the target is not you, or most of the folks here, so why don’t you just go on?

      • Cryio

        Single major thing added? A working rendering engine. Now every site 100% works in Opera.

  • Deus Ex Vino

    Opera invests Zero into Advertising. I never saw Opera ad, anywhere.
    It is mostly distributed by advices, people installing it on friends PCs and so on.
    Yet i would not advise anyone i know to use this Opera. Despite high version number, it is absolutely Alpha-stage. It is “developers preview” at best. So – upvote if you agree, downvote if you think this is usable and ready-for-realease software.

    Maybe you shoudl be honest and call it Opera 15.5?

    • alex_shpak
      • Deus Ex Vino

        Its just a Youtube video, like a video of someone’s cute cat. Its NOT advertising. I never visited any random website to see Opera ad in the corner. Like Chrome or IE-one. Chrome is pushed down the throat with many Freeware Software this days.
        Opera is as known as name of president of Lyberia. Most people i encounter have never even heard of it. how would they even know of operas existence?
        You expect me to recommend Opera? And what am i supposed to say if they ask me “why is [this “Opera”] better thn Chrome or FF”?
        What am i supposed to answer?

      • icetom

        Your Opera ad can not be vieved in HD on Opera, however it works perfect on IE11 and Chrome. Its quite embarrassing .

        • Ask YouTube why.

        • Veger

          You don’t need Opera ads when you are already using Opera… 😀

          • icetom

            Yeah, but I was patient since they changed from 12.16. But at some point, even I lose my patience.

        • alex_shpak

          I would think that embarrassing is that youtube can provide HD video only in a format which costs millions to support, and leaves low-quality version for those who refuses to pay

  • OK I’ve upgraded my Chrome Bookmark Import & Management steps to this.

    1) Install the “Download Chrome Extension” from the Opera extensions site https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/download-chrome-extension-9/ if you haven’t done so already.

    2) install the bookmark manager extension called “Neater Bookmarks” https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/neater-bookmarks/ofgjggbjanlhbgaemjbkiegeebmccifi that lets you drag & drop folders around (to move stuff from the “Other Bookmarks” hidden folder) and can search and is open source which you can see the code on github if you so desire https://github.com/evanshultz/neater-bookmarks

    3) Copy your C:Users(userName)AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultBookmarks JSON file into your C:Users(userName)AppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Developer(or next) directory.

    4) Re-open opera and drag your bookmarks from the hidden “Other Bookmarks” folder into a new folder you create on the QAB(Bookmarks Bar)

    • Josh Robertson

      You can also use XMarks to sync these bookmarks across Opera, Chrome and Firefox.

      • al_ghul

        yeah, xmarks are IMO much more flexible – it works in FF, chrome, new opera and i think IE. it works for quite long time and gives ability to see/enter/edit bookmarks remotly on its home site…

  • I’m still waiting for the Full URL option, as promised to appear in O19 dev..

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There was never such promise. They only said that this feature would be back.

      • They also thought it was already moved from master to developer version, so where is the hold up?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          They who?
          It always been said that full url is on the roadmap but it was never said when it would be back.


    When can I put bookmarks on the side?

    • Emil Huber

      A good point. I want to have the bookmarksbar back.

      • Ruarí Ødegaard

        So just to to the menu and enable it. The Bookmarks Bar is in this build, just off by default

        • Stb Hernández

          Even Google Chrome has bookmark managing features, the browser software you guys so badly want to be at. I just see the Opera team basically selling this thing when it flops, hard, for being ignorant of what the people want.

          At least Google isn’t deaf to feedback, or Firefox, or, well, any other holy browser developers featuring proper bookmark management tools in their browser. It’s just stupid to think you guys think us stupid, shoehorning features while removing other, useful ones, so to cater to the common denominator. What do you think placed Firefox so high? Copying Google?

          Good luck at prospering in life being such an anti-social entity.

          • Josh Robertson

            Do you have any idea how long it takes to implement features. First build, testing, bugs found, second build, testing, bugs founds, etc.
            They are listening to us. Many requested features have been added. Just be patient!

      • Ruarí Ødegaard

        You can just enable the bookmarks bar via the menu. It is in this build.

    • Ruarí Ødegaard

      You could use an extension.

      • Denis Wong

        While trying out Neater Bookmarks I noticed the border surrounding popup windows is broken (for downloads, extensions, etc.)

        • Ruarí Ødegaard

          Looks ok, to me. Are you running Windows or Mac?

          • Denis Wong
          • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

            Confirmed, tool-bar pop ups have no border. (Download popup, extension popups)

            Windows 8.1

          • RonaldoTT

            I’m running Linux, and the new desktop Opera browser won’t even run for me, because it’s still not supported. I would be glad to use a Linux version, even if the border surrounding popup windows is broken.

      • Inquisitor

        It appears that a proper Bookmarks feature is very low on the priority list. Perhaps ‘Stash’ and ‘Discover’ could be removed from Opera and made available as an extension, too?

        • Ruarí Ødegaard

          Further improvements to both are planed

          • Nekomajin42

            How far in the future do you plan?

      • Fallon

        Or we could use a browser that gets this right. Happy holidays!

    • Bill Gates

      Never. New Opera is not for you, use firefox.

    • Fallon

      The right question.. on the Side(!).. not just another bar occupying monitor screens from left to right.

    • al_ghul

      yeah, old type left panel would be wonderful! it is so comfortable, especially in panoramic screens. isn’t it a natural way to handle with side bar? that was very useful in presto opera, and should be in new version:/

    • Raylan Givens

      The real problem is, why don’t we have a per dialog or per icon site preferences management?

  • Emanuele

    Am I the only one who can’t hover buttons in Gmail without having their labels (the black popup that explains what the button does) blinking?

    • SkyWarriorBR

      I’m using User-Agent Switcher extension to solve this… it’s google fault.

      • Emanuele

        It can’t be a Google fault for obvious reasons… a label that flashes can’t be a problem of bad browser sniffing… It’s a problem of the browser that renders it in that way. A Google fault could be the misalignment of the tags (in a column instead of a line) of mails, not the above 😉

      • Emanuele

        It can’t be a google fault since the problem is an annoying flashing of the label… the misalignment of tags maybe is a google fault, not this one 😉

        • SkyWarriorBR

          Using an extension that makes Opera be recognized as Chrome solve the issue. Have in mind it’s still Opera, but when gmail ‘thinks’ it is Chrome, the problem is gone. I remain with my opinion 😉

  • Ice007

    I have two requests or ideas for the holidays:
    – How about thumbnails in the context menu (“search with”)?
    – How about a shortcut for the QAB? (Alternatively or additionally, a button in the address bar)
    Merry Christmas & a wonderfull new year for the whole team and all “Operaniacs” around the world! 😉

    • Vux777

      +1 for toggle BB
      maybe even mouse gesture for really quick access

      • cgebhard

        like e.g. open QAB when moving mouse up towards it (while right clicking of course)

    • Saskatchewan

      > “Operaniacs”

      I’d rather say something like “Opium addicts” 😉
      (Opium = Opera on Chromium)

      • al_ghul

        it should be really a new opera name. i am really serious – good idea:)

      • L33t4opera
    • Ruarí Ødegaard

      You can install a bookmark extension that allows searching bookmarks (including the bookmarks bar entries) and assign a shortcut to that via the extensions page.

      If you just want a shortcut to add a bookmark Ctrl+d or Cmd+d should work already.

      • Ice007

        thats not what I asked for. I know how to handle bookmarks. I want exactly, what I wrote. The original, integrated Opera QAB (or BB) opened&closed by a shortcut or button. (mouse gesture would be nice too)

      • Saskatchewan

        Ctrl+D doesn’t work when Bookmarks bar is hidden.

  • IllusionMH

    There are no option for 20 vesion in dropdown in bug wizard 🙁

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Thanks for the update Piotr!
    I wish Opera to be successful in making money on your media and content projects, to be able to afford developing the browser that you give us for free. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Opera people and the fellow addicts here on the Desktop Team blog. Being part of this wonderful community has been my daily fun all this year. Thank you! 🙂

  • Berend

    Video ‘s like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D-RVim5_Pg
    wont play anymore with this build. Seems like OP19 also fails

  • dzek

    Please, few words about dragonfly. Kill or lit our hopes.

  • Behaviour of dragging Speed Dial, Stash, or Discover is uncomfortable when only one tab is open.

    1. Open Opera 18-20
    2. Open Speed Dial tab only
    3. Switch to Stash or Discover
    4. Drag tab down

    Opera disappears from view showing just a preview pane for the dragged tab. After dropping the tab, it opens in a full window again.

    I don’t think either Stash or Discover belong in the Speed Dial. If anyone wants to open Stash or Discover, they should not have to first open Speed Dial Tab. Just go straight there from the menu or a shortcut. Free up the space on the Speed Dial by removing those three buttons.

    • Yeah. I followed your steps and now my QAB is completely broken. Restarted opera, and one of my folders had been erased… somehow.

    • Emanuele

      the sad (if you don’t like it) news is that probably we’ll get even the bookmarks manager integrated in the same page… at least for what I can imagine from what has been said here…

      I’m not sure if I can like it or not… I’ve to see and use it before (and I’m speaking of a thing based only on my suppositions)

  • MadEddy


    Is there a way to disable “discovery” and “stash”? I don’t use these and they’re just sitting there.

    Merry Christmas to everybody.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can disable pre-load of discover on settings.

      • MadEddy

        Thanks for the info.

  • PaulW

    I keep downloading these updates just hoping that one day the designers at Opera may get the message and make it like Opera 12 with the Opera 20 compatibility, but no it’s still like something out of 1995..

  • GoustiFruit

    Are people still using Opera ? I have kept the “Next” version updated since it was available but I don’t launch it anymore. After reading this blog post, I decided to definitively remove Opera from my system. I’d like to wish you good luck after all these years of good service but now that the direction has completely changed and that I know you don’t care about your users anymore, I must say that I don’t care either anymore… Firefox isn’t perfect, but I trust them.

    • MadEddy

      Same here, still using opera 12.16, because it is so convenient and I have all my habits, and slowly switching to firefox (time to get used to it) because more and more content is broken in 12.16.
      Firefox released australis on nightlies (which I test too, some habits are just going to stick) 2 weeks or so after I installed it. I feel like a black cat of browser now (probably not the only one). In my quest of a new browser I was actually impressed by the latest Internet explorer. I didn’t try chromium, as it seems just like opera 15+ from what I have seen, empty browser, not even fast (12.16, FF and IE11 feel faster).
      Makes me realize I only try opera 15+ for an hour or so when an update is released, then goes back to 12.16+FF.
      I guess the year 2014 will be under the sign of the red panda too.

      Thanks opera team for this decade. It was a nice run, I’ll never forget you.

  • Der Herr Nick

    Congrats, this update crushed several extensions:
    * Adblock Plus
    * Ghostery
    * Tampermonkey
    * Refresh for Twitter

    Reloading or reinstalling of the extensions doesn’t help.
    This makes the browser completely unusable for me. Can anyone confirm?

    • miles82

      I can confirm for Tampermonkey, I don’t use others…

    • Der Herr Nick

      After a clean install of Opera, all these extensions worked again. Obviously something goes wrong while updating.

      • Marcin Mitek

        This is the Dev stream. It will always come with the warning that it may break a lot of stuff. That’s the nature of these stream, it’s bleeding edge.

  • I just opened a new tab then I closed it and then Opera 18 that you all say is stable just crashes is it a real stable ? No is not (Opera has recovered from a crash) Opera 18+ is full of crashes more exactly the chrome engine really sucks…. good work for nothing, keep it up you will probably never will have a real stable browser from the chrome engine for sure…

    • ayespy

      Your comment is completely unhelpful. It appears you are only here to undermine the effort.

      If you actually wanted to help, you would mention what your platform was, and what you were doing that caused Opera to crash. For my part, I have had two crashes in total since the release of Opera 15, and none so far on this release.

      • Well for now I do not use Opera so much, but if you say that you use it from version 15 and have only 2 crashes then you probably do not complex things with opera and probably I do… but to have a crash from just open a new window is a to easy crash for a strong browser like they say that it is… well I have say what I was doing and the platform is the last platform like others… we probably make to much work for nothing for now…. this crashes is like an infinite loop in the chrome engine so fixing them will just make born of new ones….

    • Leonardo Gomes

      This post is about Opera 20. If you are facing problems with Opera 18, please post your comment on the lastest post about Opera 18.

      Also, just because it crashes once in a while doesn’t mean that it’s not stable. Stable doesn’t mean no crashes ever.

      And Opera is just a software, if it doesn’t fit your needs, you just replaces it without any need of keep saying the same mimimi all the time.

      • Well from my point a real stable version should not crash so easy at least.
        Yes you are right same mimimi all the time is not helping us at all… but we will need to find something better to fix this crashes problems it makes the software look to bad to all.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          And it does not crashes so easy, at least here. Well, not using the stable version myself but i use Developer’s one and rarely i see a program crash. A page crash once in a while, maybe but the whole Opera crashing i don’t recall have seen since Opera 15.

          Maybe once, no more than that.

  • beBoss

    Cool, Youtube now is totally broken…

    • icetom

      it will always be broken until they use a different codec for html5. Opera does not have a license to play h 264 videos (html5), and many videos on youtube use that codec.

      • It will always be broken until they use a different codec for HTML5.

        YouTube does not have to force the presence of H.264 codec for properly delivering video content, many videos on YouTube can use the WebM codec.

        Like what I did there??

        They don’t need to implement a broken browser sniffer that serves Opera low quality WebM either.

        • icetom

          but as a matter of fact they do use this codec.

          Im not speaking about fiddling around with extensions, the browser should be able to play all videos vanilla.

          • It can play all videos vanilla. All videos encoded in the open WebM format.

          • icetom

            you can play them, but not in HD.

          • Don’t pretend being dumb, the WebM videos aren’t available in HD simply because Google/YouTube chose not to encode them in HD.

    • al_ghul

      i agree, some videos are not playing…only black screen and bigger as usual “loading” circles are twisting:/

      • Kurt Zon

        “Enable HTML Imports” in opera:flags

        • Berend

          Doesn’t work

        • Kurt Zon

          right click on the “black screen”
          select “About the HTML5 player”
          click on blue “Request the HTML5 player”

          • al_ghul

            it partly works – some videos work, some not (same symptoms).
            p.s. adn how to undo settings in “about the html5 player” section? after change, after right click i have “flash player settings”…

        • al_ghul

          only this doesn’t make it work in O18 and O20 dev…trying next advise;)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s working here.

    • Ruarí Ødegaard

      YouTube is serving us HTML5 Videos using the H.264 codec, which we do not support. You can workaround this for now until a better solution is found.

      • al_ghul

        your workaround works! even with default settings!

      • IllusionMH

        Looks like this plugin has problems with playlists, so not a solution.
        Will Opera support this codec? Look like this is impossible.

      • Can Opera take advantage of this as a H.264 licensing workaround: http://blogs.cisco.com/collaboration/open-source-h-264-removes-barriers-webrtc/

      • Cjcr

        I’ve using Opera (dev) like a Month now. I’m not feel happy. I’ve switched to Firefox and for now I’m so happy with it. Opera isn’t yet ready for power users … and even isn’t still ready for normal users.

        As old Opera user, thanks for everything. You did a great work with Opera (Presto).

        Hope someday I can be back to Opera …

      • Marco

        Workaround works.
        Thanks you.

    • L33t4opera

      Have a look here, please: YouTube is back!

      • Aeder

        I find it ironical that the reason Opera switched to Blink was to avoid having to release patches like this one. If it ends up being the same situation again, it will end up destroying one of the few valid reasons to use Blink instead of just open sourcing Presto.

  • Piter432

    Dear Opera Software. I have a question. Why new folder is created after update of Opera? This is annoying especially when someone have the LastPass extension and account on LP is protected by two-step verification with grid.

    I like the new Opera, but I don’t want to verify LastPass after each Opera update.

  • cgebhard

    When dragging a Speeddial entry over another one I can simply create a folder containing both items.
    Wouldn’t it be consistent then if QAB behaved in the same way? So when dragging (and dropping) one item onto another I just get asked for a name for the new folder, and that’s all the work needed?
    The same of course when dragging a tab onto an existing QAB-entry.

  • Onaj Tamo

    The doctor needs a Linux version to fight the Daleks 😛

  • Tüütlüm Ohaya

    This HTML5 disaster is not acceptable. I want you to say that 8 of 10 people around me don’t use your Browser anymore because Opera has big probelms with youtube videos. They all not heavy users, but the majority of people watches videos in HD when its available. It’s a ultra no-go that you do nothing about that.

    • nanana1

      Don’t use Opera 20 Developer version, you should use Opera 18 Stable version which does not have any problem playing YouTube videos.

      • alex_shpak

        AFAIK, Opera Stable is also affected. Note that not all videos are affected, only those stored in H.264

        • icetom

          So this is your excuse? More and more videos are changed to h 264. Even complete channels are beeing changed to it at the moment. Some subscriptions, I cant even view anymore

          HD versions most of the time use h264:

          So were forced to view below HD, this is unacceptable for a modern browser.

          • It’s caused by Google/YouTube browser sniffing and the encoding format they decided to support or not, not Opera.

        • Guest

          and after changing flag in opera:flags first…in O18 and O20 dev…

        • nanana1

          Didn’t know that Opera Stable is affected too by YouTube website making its own changes.

          Anyway, good to know that it is being resolved by both YouTube and Opera. Good proactive communications there!

    • Can I ask you something? Why the blame is never on Google/YouTube’s side in these uninformed hypotheses?

      • al_ghul

        well, maybe because opera uses chromium source?;) there were always some explanations in the past – presto code, not clean html codes in websites, bad practices of other web browsers…google policy which don’t support opera presto…but it ends in what? simply in changing browser to more appropriate://

        • It’s caused, like in the past, by Google/YouTube browser sniffing and the encoding format they decided to support or not, not Opera.

    • L33t4opera

      Please have a look here: YouTube is back!

  • Magnus Gualterio

    “You’re leaving us? We’ve changed! We’re lighter, faster and more stable.”

    Nope. You are not.

  • pb

    My ‘launcher.exe’ disappeard. How to fix it? I can olny run opera from ‘20.0.1353.0’ folder.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      A reinstall should fix it.

  • Ignacy Sawicki

    I know that the linux topic has already appeared below, and its been properly bashed with apparent “You already know everything you need to know so stop spamming about it” answer (although I can only guess what it was really about as parent post was deleted), but I want to know one, simple, thing.

    Are you even working on new opera for linux?
    What I mean: is there a single person working at this moment on opera version for linux?
    If not, than we can realistically assume that it wont be released on march… or April… or probably… ever.
    Than, if the answer is “no”, just save us a trouble of waiting and asking over and over again, and let us migrate to other browsers.
    Then if the answer is “yes”, just acknowledge it.
    Because you know, there is reason why we keep asking for linux version.
    We just want to know that you haven’t forgot about us, and simple acknowledgement from time to time, or even better, some kind of progress report, might be enough…

    • al_ghul

      why so black-and-white supposes? i think they’re not working now, but they’re really thinking of linux versions…why shouldn’t they? chromium/chrome can work on linux, so why shouldn’t opera? there is much more win users than linux, so it’s obvious that win version has much higher priority. in addition – today’s opera version is in its initial stages correspond rather to number 15+. so better be patient and simply choose alternatives for some time…

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Opera is not chrome, so….

        • al_ghul

          yeah, same as chrome version 123.2.3 IS NOT chrome version 12343488.234.3434. opera is chromium, based, n wchich chrome works. so there is quite smaller difference between chrome and new opera than between chrome and other most popular browsers, e.g. IE or FF…so in opera I expect much more similarities in work to chrome, and much less problems in google-like sites and similar mechanisms.

          • Opera is not Chromium. It is using Chromium, but has a new user interface.

          • al_ghul

            yup;PP eeehhh;)

      • Ignacy Sawicki

        chromium/chrome can work on linux, so why shouldn’t opera?


        For the past few months I’ve been patiently waiting and searching in the blog comments for any indication that opera for linux is really underway. But so far, i found nothing.

        And no, the “Do not expect it for another three months at the earliest.” is really not an answer, because it can easily mean anything (as far as i know, it means that there won’t be linux version anymore).

        So if there’s been no work done on opera for linux til now, than we can realistically assume that there is no chance for release in the next three months.

        And that’s why i want a straight answer. To move on, if the answer is no, or to wait patiently another few months (i still can do it).

        • al_ghul

          sure, if there is no answer it means, that in nearest future – months, maybe year there’ll be no new opera for linux, but it can be realased in further future. well, i think their answer is simply PR/marketing to those which can resign temporary from opera and change browser to other. they want them to stick with opera. IMO it’s better to change, if this version is not enough for You, and get back when linux opera is eady…

  • Ghirahim

    Pictures are still broken.

  • Ice007

    Is this a “normal behavior”?
    If I start Synchronization > Login (via Opera) > Opera closes/reboot and seems to load something, (h ttps://auth-test.opera. com/account/access-token) but the tab remains blank. Then nothing else happens.
    And, as expected, nothing has been synchronized.
    So is it Fact: The synchronization does not work yet? And if so: From when we can expect it?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It doesn’t seems to be normal and doesn’t happens here.

      Sync works.

      • Ice007

        You get your Speeddial synchronized?
        e.g. from Opera 18 Opera 19 Opera 20
        Or from Opera 18 Opera 18 on another PC?

        • AFAIR Opera 18 doesn’t have working sync…
          But Opera 20 got my old 12.10 (not installed on this device) speed dials synced…

          • ice007

            Now I tried once more: Syncronization and the login works this time.
            But I only am redirected to: https://auth-test.opera. com/account/login/success?service=auth
            From there i can move to: https://link.opera.com/bookmarks/ (and …/speeddial/)
            Of course I can choose them there – and also can safe them if I call a bookmark, but they are not adopted automatically to the speeddial.
            For me a real sync would be if I have a personal configured 19 speedial – open Opera 20 and have the same speeddial there.
            This is a sync for me. Or are we talking past each other?

          • Now your report starts to make sense: you’re “testing” the wrong feature!
            You need to enable sync in opera://flags first. Then you’ll get a different interface

          • Ice007

            I have Synchronization enabled.
            Also “Use Synchronization test servers”

            Is this correct?

          • Bjarne Bertelsen

            I don´t use synchronization test servers and sync works.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Disable the use of test servers.

          • Ice007

            Done. Let’s see if it works…
            (btw: Thanks for the hind)

          • You can’t use the test servers. They are – as mentioned in flags – for internal testing only!

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I’ve just tested using my default install (this build) and a stand alone one (with Opera 19 Developer) and both Speed Dial and Stash got synchronized when i logged in.

  • Кostadin

    It has been probably mentioned but there is a strange blinking when rearranging sites in Speed Dial folder

  • romath

    Having fought with Yahoo’s new sites and some google search links for months with 12.16, I can now report that the new U.S. Bank site login doesn’t work with Opera 12.16, only Opera 15+ (e.g., 19 Next). When questioned, they say it is intentional. The dual browser track and the time it’s taking to get the webkit version up to full-functional browser state is taking its toll.

  • Fıonn Mac Cuṁaıll

    I’ve found I really like the “stacked tabs” flag in Chrome (#stacked-tab-strip). Any chance of that making it into Opera?

    • L33t4opera

      As far as I’m aware, this feature is not implemented yet in new Opera, however, you can install, and try out the Tab Team extension.

      • Fıonn Mac Cuṁaıll

        The feature in Chrome I’m talking about isn’t actually the same as the “tab stacking” you could do in Opera 12 and is actually a different idea altogether. Here’s the description given in Chrome:

        Tabs never shrink, instead they stack on top of each other when there is not enough space. #stacked-tab-strip

        …Or feel free to give it a try yourself!

  • syplex

    I would really like to see the following features from O12 brought back:

    1. CTRL+Z — Open last closed tab

    2. Closed tabs list on tab bar (trash icon)

    3. Logical Tab order. When I close a tab, Opera should switch me back to the previous tab in last-accessed tab-order and NOT in the crazy sometimes right to left, sometimes not, tab order it uses currently. Note, I have #activation-order-tab-cycling enabled in opera://flags, this doesn’t seem to affect closing tabs.

    4. Drop down button in address bar. I normally disabled this in O12, but on my media center PC, I use a mouse and want to just click to load the last URLs, but I can’t do this in Opera anymore because the button is missing.

    5. Zoom settings stored per-tab and not per-host

  • FCSH

    – User JS
    – User CSS
    – urlfilter.ini
    – dictionaries
    – User agent
    – Opera Proxy (browser proxy | v. < 13)
    – History tabs
    – RSS Opera
    – Left Panel


    • Emanuele

      only some correction:

      – dictionaries > already implemented
      – left panel > SIDE panels (then you chose where to put)

      • Stb Hernández

        Are panels back?

        • Emanuele

          sadly, not yet

        • Leonardo Gomes


  • xxxhugo

    This build not working with latest version of Tampermonkey. Browser won’t open any page.

  • blackcoder

    I have some problems when trying to get for example this video to play:

    Sometimes the video seems to play, but I can only hear the sound. I have to reload it several times to get it to work. It “works” if I get an ad and then the video. In this case the ad is played correctly then the picture gets gray and nothing happens for a longer period of time before the actual video starts to play.

    I tried it with Opera Stable 18, Opera Next 19 and Opera Developer 20. Works fine with Internet Explorer 11.

    • blackcoder

      Reported as DNA-14945.

  • DD64

    Santa can you hear me?
    I have been so good this year
    And all I want is one thing.
    I’ll be waiting here
    Santa that’s my only wish this year

    • Emanuele


      but this is only an illusion 🙁

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      An empty page? That’s all you want?

      • DD64

        Seems you have connection issues. The image is showing a sightly modified, old Opera advertising banner

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          No, I have no connection issues. Firefox (for example) says, the graphic can not be shown because it contains errors/defects.

  • Victor Odagiu

    It is planned to bring back searchable history? I mean „a searchable database of your history, based on the full text content of all visited webpages”. This is very important feature for me. In Google Chrome this feature was removed. Now there isn’t any browser up-to-date to have this. 🙁

    • Emanuele

      Yes I use this feature a lot too … but actually the new Opera hasn’t even an acceptable History viewer (a simple static page, etc…) so I think we can’t hope seeing this feature again till 2015 at least

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      No, you are wrong. It’s not important for you, it’s important for your wife! 🙂

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Indexing every single page you’ve ever opened is probably not a good idea. You could consider ‘helping’ the browser by adding potentially valuable pages into Stash. It is not completely full-text, I hope it will be someday. Nevertheless, it searches quite good and very fast.

      • Emanuele

        Have you ever used Opera Presto? .. having that awesome feature (that you could even optionally turn off) caused to you any problem or slowness? Have you ever used that feature to improve your work?

        Simple questions… but I think that answers are lots of no.


        • Dmitry Kirin

          Yes, I used Opera Presto as the only browser on my PC till O15 was released. I never heard of that feature you speak of; there was a full-text history, really? I’m not objecting to having such a feature, of course. I only imagined what a waste of database capability it would be to index every page I visit. My Stash is mostly trash with quite a low probability of being useful ever again. Maybe it’s just how I use the internet, I don’t know.

          • Yes, Opera 12 indexed the page contents. Take a look at opera:historysearch in an Opera 12 build.

          • Emanuele

            and we all hope to see it again 😉

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I miss that one two. Better than bookmarks imho.

  • Izer0

    More and more memory leaks? Download notification window without borders, images partially decoded as I say before, DNS resolving stop working… Which bugs you are fixed??

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Can you give some examples of those memory leaks?

      No problems with dns here.

      • Izer0

        I revert back to 20.0.1346.0, this version 20.0.1353.0 is absolutely unusable. No other developer version was that worst 🙁 Which examples you want? I can’t provide you problems with DNS, maybe this is not dns problem, maybe another problem, I only think it is DNS problem, because of infinite page loading, but result is that I can’t load any page after 15 – 20 min of idle opera, I must restart it. Absolutely unusable. I don’t have screenshot of download notification windows without borders, but this is clear – no borders here, including some extensions popup window does not have borders. In previous I reported problems with images decoding and Save As problem (stay hidden in background)

        http://www.softpae.com/opera_error.jpg (two hidden save as dialogs in winlister, problem from 20.0.1346.0, not seen in 20.0.1353.0 but maybe because it is unusable a I ca’t use it for any normal usage)

        Image decoding problem, maybe memory leak … there is lot of memory in laptop (task manager on screenshot) but problem persist in 20.0.1346.0 and 20.0.1353.0.


        If you want any other technical information, ask me…

        • Leonardo Gomes

          So far the only problem i’m facing once in a while is the one about images not being displayed correctly.

          No crashes, “save as” seems to work fine, no problems loading pages.

          Btw, have you tried a clean install? Or maybe turn extensions off.

          • Izer0

            If you are not Opera developer then please forget .. I don’t have time to spend it with no-experienced users. Thank you for your time…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, i don’t think that being a ~15 years Opera user qualifies me as no-experienced user but ok, i will leave the discussion as it seems that you don’t want any help or tentative of it.

          • Izer0

            You can’t help because you are not system programmer, not because you are 15 year Opera user. You speaking about how your Opera working, I am speaking about some technical investigations. Nobody interested that you does not have problems with images if screenshot and others peoples (on Twenty plenty discussion) confirm, that have same problems. This is all…

      • Izer0

        I launched Opera, there is another screenshot of missing borders:


        • Leonardo Gomes

          Imho this “no birders” bug is a low priority one as it don’t orevent using Opera and/or webpages.

  • Ghirahim

    Opera devs, why can’t you develop an official Opera Notes extension? Is it really that hard?

    • Our main focus is the actual browser, so I think we’d prefer to spend time on that rather than creating lots of extensions for the different things people are asking for.

      • Nekomajin42

        Building them into the browser would be a better idea. 🙂

        • Ghirahim

          Of course, but if they “can’t”, they could at least make an extension. Notes are one of the most useful features in Opera browser for many people. Come on, opvard!

          • Nekomajin42

            A sidebar API would be the ultimate solution. And they plan to sync extensions in the future, so (in this case) notes (the data) could be synced as a part of the extension.

            The biggest problem now, as I see, is the following: Opera offers a basic browser, which lacks essential features. Time and resources and bad weather are good reasons, but the extensions lack resources from the browser side. There are really good extensions, but a toolbar bubble is not enough for a lot of stuff. Sidebar panels, sync, access to internal pages/commands, rearrangeable buttons are essential features, if they don’t want to implement certain native features.

            I hope, the speed of developement will increase drastically in 2014, because half a year passed since the first public Blink build, and we still don’t have basic features. And an even bigger problem is the developers can’t materialize lots of ideas, because the extension platform lacks of resources.

            So I’m really with Opera, but it’s high time for them to prove I’m not wrong, because as of now, I’m not with the winning party.

      • Emanuele

        no one here, I suppose, is asking you to develop extensions… If Opera got this message I can ensure you that we have a real big problem in communication

        We are asking for a complete browser with zillions of awesome features all built-in, complete support for customization, and so on…

        In a perfect world my Opera installation should have 0 extensions installed 😉 … but, as all we know, actually we need extensions even for bookmarks O_o

  • Izer0

    DNS resolving permanently “crash”, do you do least one day testing of your releases??

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No crashes here.

      • Izer0

        My Opera stop opening pages after some time without any action, if I minimize it for 15 – 30 min, then no page can load – infinite loading … it’s absolutely unusable, I must revert to previous buggy version 🙁

  • [828586]

    still can’t see significant progress, Chromium update it’s not minor update most users won’t even notice changes from Opera 17 to 20, where are those changes ?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can find them on the changelogs.

  • Vux777

    If someone is still bugged about Gmail sniffing user agent and not showing that “more” menu…there is a interesting article on ghacks
    Article is about old html Gmail and how to access it, but it is also mentioned how to access Gmail WITHOUT browser sniffing .
    Basically through this link:
    (just bookmark it instead your usual link to Gmail)

    I’ve check it in latest NEXT, and more menu is there (no UA extension used)

  • Drako

    Login with user + password does not work if a server uses authentication with Auth Basic.
    Passworts from different URLs and user/password are stored but cannot be inserted.

    Bug DNA-7933 reported in June 2013

  • Izer0

    No borders here on extension popup or download notification popup in 20.0.1353.0, fully working on previous 20.0.1346.0:


  • I am still waiting for some information on customising shortcuts:


    Is there a more practical way than hacking opera.pak files?

    • Izer0

      Look here, you do not need hacking opera.pak file:


      • Thanks for you reply, but that didn’t work. All that happened was my edited Preferences file got renamed to “PreferencesBad”

        This will not do at all as a method for configuring shortcuts. It is not nearly as user-friendly as editing an *.ini file with just one command on each line.

        We really need a GUI method as before.

        • Izer0

          You do something wrong, this is working for long time. But I agree that this is not very useful for nonexperienced users. I am not sure if Opera will make an GUI because I mean there is no API for shorcuts in Chrome code. And opera is based on Chrome 🙁 So we must edit preference files.

          • Fleder

            Hi there,
            could you please tell me how to get this to work again? Your link does not work anymore but i need to edit the shortcuts. Is there still a way in Opera 24?

            If not, was someone able to “hack” the opera.pak file?
            I would really like to know the encoding used by this file. If i edit it, it is always corrupted.

          • Izer0

            Hi, go into Opera data folder somewhere in C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Stable, then find file with name Preferences, open it with Notepad, search for string “Keybindings” and update it like this (add some lines into basic secion):

            “Keybindings”: {
            “Basic”: {
            “AddBlankTab”: [ “Ctrl+N” ],
            “OpenWindow”: [ “Ctrl+T” ]

            Good Luck!

  • escruting

    I found a bug on Opera Next 19 where, if you have selected the startup option “Continue where i left off” it starts the browser logged to the Opera Sync servers correctly, but, if you have selected the option “open a specific set of pages” it always starts the browser logged of off Opera Sync.

    If i delete the preferences file and start a blank preferences file, it starts logged to my Sync profile, but if I select “open a specific set of pages” and restart the browser, it starts logged off…

    Can anyone confirm?

    Using last version of Opera Next here. Win7 x64

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Don’t have Opera 19 here but with Opera 20 i need to login to sync server on almost every session.

      I have “continue where i left off” enabled.

      • escruting

        My Opera Dev 20 is working as it should. It keeps que logged status even if i have “open a specific set of pages”.

        But in Next 19, with “continue where i left off”, it keeps me logged every time i launch the browser. But i change it to “specific set of pages” and BAM, not working.

        So, something must be the source of this behavior…

  • A. R.

    Starting to look better and better.

    Once upon a time there was a browser called Opera that developed major browser features found today in every browser.

    Opera has always been ahead of it’s time.

    But then something happened. It all changed.

    Will it ever come back?

    Such a beaty in it’s day, a cornerstone for browser developing, a steppingstone for many many features like tabs, tab stacks, speed dial, Notes, etc.. What you see in todays browsers – most of it originates, where born, in Opera.

    I’m good to go with updating to the new when:

    – Tab stacks (or similar feature)
    – Bookmarks

    are implemented, then we can move on from Opera 12.x

    And I think tons of people agree.

    Personally I would need my Notes too, so Notes would be great. I need to wait Notes as long as people need to wait for bookmarks. I thinks tons of people are looking for Notes too.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      They are working on tabs hadling, don’t know if ut will include something like tabs stacking.

      There is the bokkmarks bar which is a step towards a bookmarks system.

      Unless things change, Notes will not come back.

      • A. R.

        Yeah, I’ve heard that plans for Notes are like that. However using plugins third party notes isn’t favorable as there’s no guarantee of security.

        Something else that I need: Option, and I mean power user options.

        I and many too always have several tabs open that stay there from sessions to session or however. People cannot be forced to Stash. Freedom – that used to be Opera.

        So power user options, core options, just like in Opera 12.x and Chrome.

        For example I want to run all my tabs in single process! At least the ones that are inside of a single window.

        My browsing is that I use as single window solution. For that reason we get back to tabs handling, stacking tabs has money other purposes too than just making space on tab bar. Stacking is awesome!

    • Mikanoshi Kimemoshito

      I have 100-150 tabs opened at all times, how am I suppose to use Opera Blink? Seriously, so sad that I had to stay on 12 that has a lot more useful functions btw. Users of my plugins keep bugging me to update them for new Opera. Not gonna happen until tab stacking, bookmarks and customizable UI.

      • WB

        Why do you need 100-150 tabs opened all the time?
        I am just curious about it.

        • Mikanoshi Kimemoshito

          Because I check data on those pages every several hours, and it’s not something that can be conveniently monitored by RSS (all kinds of realtime statistics for my server, SEO/SMO monitorings, a bunch of forums where I’m involved in discussions in 5-10 threads simultaneously almost in real time). It takes time to close page/find bookmark/open page again, so I just keep them all opened and can check any page in a couple of seconds.
          I also open tabs with sites I want to visit as soon as possible, but not now, and they are hanging there reminding me about themselves 😀

          There are pages that I use rarely or “watch later” sites, they go to Tab Vault and currently it has 138 of them 🙂

          • WB

            Oh now I see. Probably Tab Stacking helps you a lot then. I want that feature back too.
            On Opera Blink I use Stash for sites or articles I want to read but still didn’t find time to. I also add there some items I want to buy.
            You could try adding those sites you check regularly into groups on Speed Dial. Maybe that could work. The only problem would be the memory usage.
            Thanks for answering!

  • Anderson Araujo

    Hi! I get the eternal waiting for response server message when i try to use the opera sync to bring back my previous speed dial in a fresh install. The flags server option is on already.

  • Closing Opera when a download is in progress will just interrupt it and show “The browser crashed before the download completed.” on next startup.
    Moreover, huge files are sometimes only partially downloaded (tested with 550MB chunks). I ended up with 8x 500MB, 1x 440MB & 1x 520MB (they weren’t canceled. Opera just stopped downloading and removed the .opdownload extension)

  • x a

    Can someone please confirm [code]chrome.runtime.onInstalled[/code] not being fired (for extensions) with this build?

    • Saskatchewan


      • x a


        Reported as DNA-14980.

  • Pascal.

    Can we please have the option to show the full URL??

    • I think it will be added.

      • Xavier Roemer

        Do you happen to know when? There were talks about it here in August,(Opera Next 16 it was at the time, I think) and it still isn’t here. What is showing a shortened URL good for anyway?

  • Br

    Is there anything similar to “minimum_chrome_version” (http://developer.chrome.com/extensions/manifest/minimum_chrome_version.html ) for Opera extension manifests?

    • I was looking for the same just about two days ago. I don’t think there is yet.

  • opening Opera with Stash being the last current page and still open while closing will sometimes result in a page with just a gray background and a slider and an address like opera://stash/#stash-Dr40yyjpBdnYZKX3TAA9 in address bar.

  • Vux777

    feature request:
    pls implement new flag enable fast tab/window close in dev and next channel

    chrome 34 have it….
    that tab closing delay is annoying 🙂
    …and save file/picture dialog needs about 2-3 sec to pop up

  • UMaster 7

    Download on file-upload.net fails, ’cause you always get the html website as file with the pdfs name, e.g. http://www.file-upload.net/download-8434036/AylleaneNotes-ausg..pdf.html


    PS: Same happens in the current 18 final. Works fine in IE… 🙁

  • UMaster 7

    next rocker gesture opens the right click menu… 🙁

    W8.1×64, same in current final.

  • UMaster 7

    Using VPN, seems to ‘confuse’ Opera dev. Now I cannot got online when VPN is off. All other programs incl. Opera final can go online… 😕


  • Vux777

    there should be some sort of safety system (trash) for deleted bookmarks.
    If I accidentally delete bookmark (edit & remove in red), there is no way to bring it back (only by memory).

    …or there is, and I’m not aware of it?

    and pls fix that “past and go” bug…. last 3-4 days none of the URL’s in clipboard are recognized by Opera Omni bar
    I don’t know how I triggered that bug

    • Vux777

      and can you guys do something about text selection?
      this is how it looks in
      Opera 12
      Opera 19 (all 15+)

      Opera (and other chromiums) select all content in div including empty space, not just text.

  • Ralf Brinkmann


    CTRl-F (Find in page) here in the blog: “new repl”
    Answer: “No match”
    But the next “2 new replies” is shown and centered in the screen, but not marked.
    When I close the search field (ESC), the match is marked.


  • Vux777

    Is “Login data” file somehow connected to Windows installation?
    After reinstalling Windows, Opera (dev and NEXT) can’t read login data file from previous installation.
    Bookmarks, favorites, favicons, cookies…everything works fine, only login/passwords get screwed.
    I never had problems before transferring those files between installations (and other chromiums).

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Afaik, yes. It’s a security measure to avoid other people being able to see your passwords.

      • Vux777

        is there any trick to adopt old file to new installation?
        btw. how dev’s imagined ppl should back up they passwords?
        after reinstalling OS…

  • rivendels

    I’m still waiting for functionality from version 12.16. Untill that I refuse to use this chrome like version and stay with the old one.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Which functionalities? It was already said that they won’t “clone” Opera Presto, so many features of 12.16 will not come back.

      • rivendels

        What I miss most is:
        1. mail agent (I know It’s not comming back but you could at least provide some extension that wouldn’t make me keep second application open only for checking emails and be integrated into the browser)
        2. Notes as in old opera (these were great)
        3. Sidebar
        4. Ability to move tabs to the bottom of the window
        5. Bookmarks manager
        5. Ability to move bookmarks bar above address bar. Old opera has this cool feature where you can put almost everything into tools bar (“Main bar” I suppose) along with bookmarks, search fields and so on.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, based on what have been said, 1 and 2 have almost no chance of coming back.

          4 may be back in the future.

  • Ralf Brinkmann
  • guest

    why this version of opera developer have problem with adobe
    reader XI (11.0.04 always out of date) and some animated gif? I didn’t have
    this problem till now. sorry because my bad english.

  • al_ghul

    I have one request/prepositions for developers and one bug(?).

    1. REQUEST:
    context menu: when not direct hyperlink appears in text (wrong parcing, errors etc.), after highlighting portion of text there is a position in context menu: “go to address” which change CURRENT page to that in highlighted text. but sometimes there is a need to open it in a NEW tab, NOT current. it will be nice to add such position in context menu (or some smart shortcut for it). context menu with positions “find” and “find with” finds phrase in new tab, so it will be nice to have similar behaviour of these:)

    2. BUG:
    tab switching – i’m using switching, where after ctrl+TAB tab is changed to the previous one (not in FF/IE style), but sometimes after press ctrl+TAB, the switching doesn’t happened – but only the previous tab is highlighted, and nothing’s change.


  • L33t4opera

    The first new build of Opera Developer 20.0.1376.0 in this year, the change log.

  • Robert

    It already looks very nice, the only reason why I’m still using the old Opera 12 is, surprise, the bookmarks bar. But I just have a little request, could integrate a “text-only” for the bookmark buttons again? Icons take too much space. Also for folders please, the windows-style icon is very ugly, it should be replaced by a simple downarrow like in Opera 12. Thank you! After that I think a lot of people will happy again and returning, like me. Because that is what you don’t get with other browsers.

  • D.r

    Dislike this blue bar equals google chrome, I hope you put a color that is unique as Opera

  • nagerst

    Tjenare! How soon will the linux builds be available, and is there any chance at all that opera mail/rss will be reintegrated in the browser in the future?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      is there any chance at all that opera mail/rss will be reintegrated in the browser in the future?

      I would say no.

      • Egon Ruuda

        Might i as why? If it is very dependent on the presto engine it could be made into a plugin for newer opera releases.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, the developers seems to already have given indications that it won’t happen.
          Also, in my opinion, it wouldn’t worth the cost of resources.

  • Mark Jenny Michaels

    how to delete google search from opera 20.0 that is from the Speed dial page? I want to add DuckDuckGo thank you

  • Mark Jenny Michaels

    How to delete Google search from opera 20.0 Speed Dial page, I would like to change that section to DuckduckGo — I downloaded Opera for Privacy issues. Also I think this post may be deleted why?? Thanks I need help and don’t know where to go – new to Opera

  • ozthai

    I cannot access the Internet with my Opera 20, I need to save my Speed Dial settings as they did not Sync with Opera Sync, and I can’t find the speedsial.ini on my computer suspect it is now a different file does anyone know?

    • Vux777

      list of speed dials is saved in favorites.db file in your profile folder.
      To see where is that folder, you can open Omenu >> About Opera (in section paths)

      it’s strange that you cannot access net wit O20. Does it crash or just cant load pages?Maybe firewall block it?