Opera Next Twenty, for the Cognoscenti

Thanks to you all for comments, testing and bug reports! Opera 20 moves from the Developer Stream to the Next stream, where it’s feature complete and ready for the last phase of merciless bug squashing and optimisations for speed, glorious speed.


  • Bookmarks bar – you can drag sites from speed dial and tabs
  • The URL bar badge shows a broken padlock if the site’s certificate is not valid
  • Advanced settings: use big speed dial thumbnails
  • Advanced settings: set width and height of speed dial thumbnails
  • Menu items for Speed Dial, Discover, and Stash


  • Improved stash screenshots – goodbye blurry images!
  • Performance improvements of theme loading
  • Advanced setting:Confirm exit when using Command–Q on Mac
  • Network installer for Windows


  • Inline installation of extensions. This makes it easier for users to install extensions hosted in the Opera addons store, but without leaving your site, thereby reducing friction. You simply use the following JavaScript:
    opr.addons.installExtension(<id>, [success_callback], [failure_callback]), where id is the ID of the extension, not the URL
  • Extensions API (documentation forthcoming)
  • chrome.downloads API (tutorial)
  • chrome.proxy API (tutorial)


For the new release, we have refreshed the Mac disk image background a little. I think they are helpful trolls like those sometimes seen in the Norwegian mountains. In any case, they are there to guide you through the installation process.

Disk image background for Opera on Mac – Let Out the Monsters

Opera Next 20 is built lovingly in Norway and Poland on top of Chromium / Blink 33. Take a look at the full changelog. Let us know if you find any bugs or problems!

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