Your favorite blogs from 2016

2016 has been quite the year and whether you’re looking back with wondrous appreciation or counting down the days until 2017 can come to the rescue, it’s the season for reflection and appreciation.

…And chocolate and cake and wine and all the other really important things.

Here are some of the Opera stories you like the most in 2016. Thanks for sharing them with us!

1. Free VPN integrated in Opera for better online privacy

This year Opera browser for desktop became the first mainstream browser to have a free, integrated, no-limit VPN.

Opera VPN for Desktop, Android and IOS

2.What song is this? Here’s how you can find out

We put together a collection of the best apps to find help you identify tunes and songs that you overhear when out and about. Turns out you guys are just as big music fans as we are!

3.Windows Twitter app TweetDeck says goodbye – what are the alternatives?

It’s never fun saying goodbye to software you like, but our social-obsessed ninjas were on hand to scope out some backup plans.

4. Video downloading in Opera Mini

Easy downloading of videos from your favourite websites, through your browser. Who knows what 2017 will bring for Opera Mini 😉

5. Email tracking is easy with this Gmail extension for Opera

Emails, love them or hate them it looks like they’re here to stay for a while. Here’s a handy extension to help us hate them just a bit less.

6. A letter from Peru

Elina, fun-loving, adventurous, rock star volunteer shares her story of travelling to Matchu Piccu to work with the  Aldea Yanapay educational project.

7. Meet the bloggers: Ruth from UK

Ruth, you might have seen her name on Facebook, Twitter or Google Play answering questions, sharing silly Giphs and secretly bullying the product teams about bugs and updates. Get to know her in this little interview.

Read more about the other 2016 bloggers:

Vera from the Philippines, Rosi from Germany, Angela from China & Norway, Daria from Russia, Slawek from Poland

8. 3 Tips for a better YouTube experience on Opera for computers

Addicted to YouTube? Yeh we are too, no shame. So here’s 3 tips that’ll enhance your next YouTube binge.

9. Summer interns share their story

This year’s group of interns were amazing and you’ve enjoyed reading their stories. Meet Michael, Anna, Sheila & Cecilie.




10. Pokémon GO fan? Three ways to save mobile data with Opera Max

Well, how could this not be in the news? Turns out as well as taking your time, coordination and all other hobbies, PokemonGO was also a data drainer. Luckily we figured out a way to help.

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