Today, messaging is wired into our digital lives and the way we communicate with each other both privately and professionally.

Messenger apps are on the rise, but does this mean the days of email are gone? We don’t think so. With extensions like MailTrack for Gmail, you can bring some of the features common for instant messengers into email. For example, to track if the recipient has opened your email.


I had the chance to chat with Eduardo Manchón, Co-Founder of MailTrack about their email tracking tool and tips on how you can boost your email productivity.

Tell us about the people that work on MailTrack for Gmail.


We are 10 people now working on this email tracking tool, six of them developers. We managed to create and maintain a light environment, in which everyone talks with everyone. This gives us the freedom to share ideas and help each other out when it is possible and needed. We’re also very proud of our small office in downtown Barcelona, Spain, with a great terrace. We’ve been throwing barbeque parties almost every month.

We’re all used to knowing whether someone has read our messages in messenger apps. Why do you think that has been the case?

We just all became used to that feature when using Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp and iMessenger. At first, we all thought it would be weird to know if our recipient got our message. But, nowadays, we value that information. That is why we started working on an email tracking extension for the most popular email provider.

How does your email tracking tool for Gmail boost productivity?

Since MailTrack tells you if your email was read or not, the first and most important productivity gain is the fact that you don’t have to follow up your recipient with messages and phone calls to simply ask if they saw what you sent them. So, the gain here is quantitative.

There is a qualitative gain as well which is essential: MailTrack`s email tracking helps your emails become more relevant. Over time, our extension helps you learn what works best, so you can improve your tactics and strategy when communicating with people.

Your follow-ups can focus only on what is valuable to your recipients, not “just checking if”, because you already know if they read what you sent. So you can see the overall effect here over time. More quality emails, and fewer of them. Who doesn’t want that?

What are your top tips for efficient emailing?

That’s definitely something we’re experts on. The most important thing we’ve learned becoming experts in email is to be human. Nowadays, we’ve become so used to the flood of marketing messages and techniques everywhere that everyone has become numb to their effects.

So, don’t overthink your emails in strategic terms. Keep your texts short, and to the point. Write descriptive subject lines that inform your recipient what your topic is, and do some research on Google to find out what they value, what is important to them.

Keep it relevant, straight and short.

What is coming next for MailTrack?

We’re very excited about our prospects. We’ve just released our add-on for Opera for computers. Our developers are working on an extension for Inbox for Gmail as well. We’re also working on features that will be released in the fall. MailTrack has just passed the 1 million sign-up threshold, and we’re about to break even and make our business sustainable. Our ambition is to become the #1 email tracking solution in the market by 2017, and contribute to keep email pertinent and productive.

Download the MailTrack Extension here for the Opera browser for computers and let us know what you think! Happy emailing! 😀
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