“Why Opera?” Our summer interns share their stories

Every summer, interns join our teams at various Opera offices to gain work experience, apply what they study to a real-life workplace, and develop new skills. For the last summers, I have been one of them. This is actually my third summer interning with the HR team at Opera, and I am still super happy about my job. The best thing about my job is my wonderful colleagues – interns and old-timers alike – they inspire me to develop both professionally and personally.

I sat down with a few of my fellow interns at the Opera HQ in Oslo to hear about their experiences as well. Why did they choose Opera? What is it like to intern here? What have they learned? Here are their stories.

Michael Novén from Sweden
JavaScript Developer Intern


“I used the Opera browser when I was a child, and, for me, it was always the best browser. So, when I saw that Opera had internship opportunities, I immediately applied.

The internship definitely lived up to my expectations. I’m amazed by the people I work with because they are extremely skilled, and I learn a lot by working here. I learn all kinds of skills, most importantly to work on a professional team on the big project that Opera is. I don’t feel like an intern; I feel part of the team and I get a lot of responsibility. We have a lot of fun at Opera, and lots to do. I’d recommend an internship at Opera to young people who are motivated to work hard and learn.”

Anna Theresa Hägg from Norway
Digital Performance Intern


“The Opera people are really great. They are very welcoming, social, and good at what they do. I am intrigued by the diversity among the employees in terms of nationalities, cultures, and life experiences.

I studied language, and it is cool to apply my knowledge about language to the tech world and Opera’s products. I also appreciate the social aspect of working at Opera, hanging out with colleagues after hours or participating in some organized activity. Also, I think the location of the office is perfect – you can go swimming before or after work in the river! And, the lunch is amazing. I love it here.”

Sheilah Anting from the Philippines
Accounting Intern


“I chose Opera because I was attracted to Opera’s organizational culture which is people-centric and playful. In addition, I really like that Opera values the diversity of their employees. I am privileged to work with passionate people from different parts of the world.

My internship has been beyond my expectations. It has broadened my horizon particularly in fields of accounting.  Every day I’ve learned something new. It is a lot of fun too because almost every week there is a social event to look forward to. I want to be an intern here for a longer time! I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to work for Opera as an intern. I couldn’t ask for more in an internship.”

Cecilie Løvestam from Norway
HR Intern


I can relate to what these interns have experienced myself. Every year, I get more responsibility and new tasks, and I keep learning and growing as a young professional. Essentially, I know that Opera really cares about and values their interns, and this is why I keep coming back to Opera. As I said last year, I’m proud to be part of the Opera team and feel privileged to have this job.

I can vouch for how much Opera values their interns, and I encourage any of you who are tempted to apply next year. You’ll be glad you did!


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