Our summer with Opera: Interns share their stories

Every year, we are lucky to have a group of interns from around the world. They’re eager to learn, to share ideas and to give us Opera-team oldies a jolt of inspiration.

We talked to a few of them and here are their stories:

Cecilie Løvestam from Norway
HR intern

“I am both inspired and intrigued by my professional colleagues with over 55 nationalities!

I love that Opera is truly international and also how much it focuses on building the corporate culture and the competence of its organization. My internship has allowed me to grow tremendously–both personally and professionally. I really enjoyed the opportunity to apply what I study to real-life scenarios in a global organization during my studies. I’m proud of having been part of the Opera team and feel privileged to have had this job.”

Roviel Villa from Philippines
Finance intern

“I highly recommend an internship at Opera. It is a perfect combination of a serious job, with lots of learning and personal development, and fun stuff.

We had ping-pong matches in the playroom after work, Friday hangouts with my colleagues and lots of other social events.

I was attracted to Opera because of the possibilities of facing new challenges in an international and global company. The two most important things I have learned from my job are how accounting in a global context works and effective communication strategies when dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds.”

Cristina Tulcidas from Portugal
Web Design intern

“The ‘Opera culture’ is dynamic and playful, and I loved the fact that I could work on various projects simultaneously and have flexible working hours.

I have learned so much from this internship, especially since my manager and colleagues are always offering me coaching, help and guidance whenever I need it. Their feedback inspired creativity and motivated me to always deliver, and it also allowed me to develop as a web designer.”

Aleix Rodriguez from Spain
Marketing intern

“I went to work with a smile everyday! In my opinion, an internship in Opera is the best first-work experience you can possibly get.

I really appreciate the feeling of getting involved in the tasks I received and that the work I did was highly valued. This motivated me to always work hard and deliver high quality. There is a nice balance between hard work and a relaxed working culture in that you have flexibility in how you manage your time and energy. Opera has a friendly and open environment, as well as lots of social events and employee benefits.”

Interested in joining our team? Take a look at Opera’s paid internship program.

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