Meet the Opera bloggers

Meet the Opera bloggers: Slawek from Poland

Besides his passion for technology, Slawek has a very different and distinct hobby. He loves wine and the stories that surround its production. So, a few years ago he started writing about it. And now, he has become a recognized blogger on the subject. He also likes to travel with his bike, and we’ve discovered he’s a great dancer, too. He’s a box full of surprises.


What is your superpower at Opera?

I am leading public relations for Opera for computers from the Wrocław office. This is also where our desktop team is based. I sit on the same floor as our developers. We chat a lot and have coffee (sometimes beer) together. It’s very inspiring and helps me a lot in my work.

I love talking about the future of technology, sharing knowledge and asking questions that no one else asks. Writing about Opera is something that makes these passions grow. Opera for computers has a cool story to tell, but it’s the people, their expectations and the way they use the web that makes my work great.

Tell us something about you that people don’t know.

I write a blog about wine, which has been recently recognized as the best wine blog in Poland in two independent contests. It’s not the wine itself that interests me the most. I’m really interested in its human, social, cultural and historical contexts. So, you’re much more likely to find a story of a rare grape or an organic winemaker in my blog than just pure tasting notes.

wine blog awards

When you are not at work, where can we find you?

I read a lot of books – German literature, communication theory, wine books, history and travel reports. So, you’ll probably find me on the couch or at the café reading. I am also a big fan of biking. In the summer, you can always find me in some charming place in Europe, such as the Wachau valley, riding around and taking in the scenery.

Read Slawek’s posts on the Opera Blog and follow him on Twitter to see what he’s up to.

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