Do you watch a lot of videos on your phone? We have great news for you: now you can download videos from some top video and social media websites to your phone, in just a couple of taps in Opera Mini for Android.

Introducing video download in Opera MiniWhether it’s a friend’s new puppy or a breaking news event, watching videos is one of our favorite things to do online. 

In today’s new release of Opera Mini for Android, you can now download videos that your friends have uploaded directly to social media or on video platforms, without installing another app or going to another website. Videos can be downloaded to your internal storage or SD card. This feature works on video websites without their own built-in media players.

Here’s how the video download feature works:

  1. Click “play” on the video.
  2. Choose the folder you want to save the video to and click “download”.
  3. Enjoy watching the video whenever you want, even if you’re offline.

Image of video download feature in Opera Mini for AndroidIf you simply play a video, you can still download it during playback by tapping the download icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

We all know streaming can be expensive and sometimes we don’t have access to data or Wi-Fi. Wouldn’t it be great to have the video to watch over and over, even if you go offline or don’t want to use all that data again? 

A nice extra for our Indian users: on top of the video download feature, we’ve also partnered with Bollywood Hungama and Sportskeeda to curate Bollywood news feed and real-time cricket updates right onto the homescreen of Opera Mini for our users in India. Stay up to date with Bollywood and cricket news!

Learn more about Opera Mini and the new video download feature. What videos will you be downloading? Try out the video download feature in Opera Mini for Android today! 

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  • xirit64

    I always thought that Opera Mini was still using the older (and left behind by time) Presto engine compared to Opera for Android which offered more site compatibility but worse compression than mini (mini’s extreme setting is the only one that can show me web content in places where the signal is so weak that any other browser including Opera for Android fail miserably and that’s where I am using Mini exclusively -and thought the older engine was responsible for it- ), but now I find out that it’s using WebKit/Chromium and even a more advanced version 51.0.2704.81 vs. 50.0.2661.94 of Opera for Android. What’s up with that, you confuse me totally as a user. Please enlighten 🙂

    • Ruth_opera

      Hey Xirit, thanks for your comment 🙂 glad to hear you found Extreme mode on Opera Mini useful. The compression was never linked to the engine it is built on, u
      just the servers it runs through. Opera Mini was built specifically for those users who need the extra data or a on poor connections whereas the regular Opera for Android is for users who care less about that but maybe care more about other settings.
      Sorry for any confusion! We’re testing lots of different things for Opera for Android and also planning lots more development for Opera Mini so really appreciate if you keep coming back with your feedback on which features you find most useful /Ruth

      • xirit64

        Hi Ruth and thanks for your response 🙂 Well the thing that confused me was that while being in extreme mode opera mini is using the presto engine, with a lot of “stuff” disabled (html5test shows a lot 🙂 ) , a thing I always thought of as standard in all modes for mini -as I was using it exclusively in that mode- while in the… other mode now (previously “high”) it uses the new, very refined WebView. That was actually what I wanted to hear but nevermind I found it out easily 🙂 cheers!

        • Ruth_opera

          Ahaa I see I see. Sorry for any misunderstanding! Let me know if you have any other Qs and I’ll try and get them to the right people 🙂

          • xirit64

            All right Ruth I have a question and a remark 🙂 so here goes:
            1. Are we going to see a new version of Opera Beta for Android before August 15th? Chrome Beta is already at v.52, Opera at v.50.

            2. I think the background color of folders in Opera Mini’s speed dial is way too dark, so much contrast is ugly imo. The one of Opera for Android is much better, more subtle and elegant.

  • I completely dislike the post-presto opera versions. It acts like chrome, the menus and features are not there. I liked Opera up until they used the chrome based kit. The settings menus are web based and are easily hacked and are html based rather than local code. Per the google agreement, the browser also retains your google searches in a file, which makes the browser less secure – did you ever accidentally search for your username or password?. Saving your google searches for google’s benefit is like a giant back door, rendering the security benefits of Opera useless!

    It is hard to disable all the stuff like password manager, and the end user has much less control of their browsing experience. I also find that the Chrome versions put too many files all over the place on my PC. Opera is not contained to the program files / opera folder, there are folders in several locations; this allows user data to be potentially hacked.

    My favorite feature of Opera is “delete private data” which is a clear-all that resets the entire browser. If I am on a site that has loaded up my browser with tracking cookies and other data that stays on my PC, opera presto clears it. But Chromium based browsers do not, it even tells you that!

    The menus and the ability for the user to control and block a site (say a popup) on the presto versions is excellent. (example, block Now, this glorified Google Chrome browser has all the vulnerabilities of Google Chrome, and the user is not in control. Import / export bookmarks is not included, and the browser does not generate the wonderful MHT files when saving web pages, it is back to a folder with a bunch of stuff in it. There are also compatibility issues with Windows 2000 and some with XP.

    Overall, the Chromium versions of Opera is a downgrade from the real versions, and I will use the last available version of the original Opera as long as I can. Ditch the Chromium browser, it sucks!

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi Neil, appreciate you taking the time to bring us all your feedback. Since this is a post about Opera Mini specifically it’s probably not the best place to get in to too much detail about our desktop browser and other things (if you had specific questions or feedback on the desktop browser check out the Desktop blog section where the team will be looking out for your comments).
      Sorry to hear you’re missing the older versions. We’re planning to bring more customisation and useful features in the future although I’m not promising it will be as before (since this is not our aim). We will be continuing on the Chromium engine although focusing on features that set our browser apart from Chrome an others (such as ad block, video pop out, battery saver etc). Since a browser is so much more than its engine.

      Security is a massive priority for us. I’d like to spend more time answering yot questions on anything security related so please feel free to email me any time at so I can get you in contact with it security teams 🙂

      I’ll pass our specific feature requests of course to our desktop team and be sure to poke them on the blog whenever you want.

      Always appreciate your fedvack and time. /Ruth

  • Clarifying, I don’t like the Chromium based versions of Opera. I want to also add that Chrome seems to react much slower.

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  • Seeing opera while improving itself is amazing. It has been my favorite search engine since its first day. Thanks a lot. I have always wanted to download videos to my phone by using it.

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    opera improveing day by day.

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  • Ricardo

    And Opera for Android is still abandoned.

  • juan david camargo pulido

    when will update opera for android? this somewhat abandoned

  • sanek

    Is there any option to turn off this feature? Everytime I press play I got popup, but it is annoying.

    Second case: will be there RSS reader? In Opera for PC it is in schedule.

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