The 10 most popular Opera blog articles of 2014

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Just out! The top 10 articles on the Opera blog is being revealed.

The Opera blog is a cool place, consisting of dedicated bloggers that give you a look into how we try to make the internet better, as well as a sneak peek behind the scenes at Opera. Our articles range from product updates to smart tips and tricks that can help you save money and valuable time.

Thanks for reading our blog. We’re looking forward to sharing more stuff with you this year.

Let’s kick off 2015 by looking back at the top 10 articles on our blog last year.

  1. Opera at the Mobile World Congress 2014 – Every year, a bunch of people go to Barcelona. No, it’s not for tapas, Camp Nou or taking pictures of La Sagrada Família, but for Mobile World Congress.
  2. New Opera Mini for Java and BlackBerry – The news about Opera Mini for Java phones getting a facelift was much awaited and got a lot of positive attention.
  3. 2013: Year in review – We absolutely love year-in-review and highlight posts, and our own 2013 round-up made the podium.
  4. How we bring the internet into your living room – The possibilities of us enjoying YouTube, Hulu and Spotify through our TV devices created a lot of interest. At the CES 2014 conference, we shared our ideas about how Opera will bring the internet to TV.
  5. Opera Max gets an update – Our data-savings app, Opera Max created a lot of attention last year, and received a lot of love in return from the Android community. One of the first major updates in 2014 earned them a place on the most-read list.
  6. Opera 24 for Linux released on the Developer stream – In June, we announced that our first Chromium-based Linux version was ready for downloading. Linux users are a passionate breed, and feedback went through the roof.
  7. Opera wrap-up: Highlights from 2014 – It has been a crazy-fun year, and last year’s wrap-up article made it to the top-10 list.
  8. Get in line for the Opera Max beta – soon available in the U.S. and Europe – Here’s Opera Max again, with its second article on our top-10 list. And, we all know that Opera Max is available in even more countries.
  9. Opera News wrap-up: Nokia store to become Opera Mobile Store – From time to time, we do weekly wrap-ups, and they are quite popular. In this article from November, our announcement of the Nokia Store becoming the Opera Mobile Store created a lot of attention.
  10. How to import bookmarks from another browser Change can be a scary thing, but this article makes swapping browsers less scary. Opera 26 for computers give you the chance to import all your bookmarks from almost any other browser. 

What topics do you enjoy reading the most about?

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