Today, we are rolling out an update to Opera Max, our new data-savings app. Opera Max has been in beta since December 2013; and, with the great feedback we’ve received from our testers, we’ve started tweaking how to give you the best experience while saving your data.
What’s new?
  • By popular demand, we added a setting that disables
    the persistent Opera Max icon in the
    notification drawer.operamax1
  • Opera Max is now future-proofed to support iPv6-enabled devices and operator networks. Here’s why this is important.
  • Android 4.4 (KitKat) has an IPv6 support bug introduced by Google. The app now detects this and instructs users how to switch their device to IPv4 to enable savings.
  • The monthly and daily summary card views now show the app that has the highest savings rate and the total time that apps used data in a day. The monthly view also shows the number of days out of the month that data was used.
  • The app’s settings now include a link to return to the first-run tutorial.
  • Users outside the USA will get an out-of-range message when they launch the app. 
Is the beta still only available in the USA?
Yes, but we’re working hard on expanding the Opera Max service. We’ll let you know when it is ready.
How do I join the beta?
If you are an Android user in the US and want to participate in the beta, you’ll need to join our G+ community group. This is where you can opt-in for the beta and send us your feedback. If you are having trouble joining the group, check out our Opera Max launch post which explains everything you need to know.


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  • apicin

    WAP站长之家,站家 路过

  • JoOsafat Serna Villegas


  • This isn’t fair! Opera Max must be available for worldwide and not only for the U.S users.

    • MagnusPeter

      Yes, but only for this limited beta test. We’re working on expanding the service so please stay tuned for updates 😉

  • Cryio

    I still don’t quite understand what Opera Max is.

    Is it like Data Sense on Windows Phone?

    • Vux777

      Opera turbo (off-road) in separate app.
      It just take over your connection and redirect it through Opera compression servers, no matter what android app or service your using.

      • Cryio

        Oh, ok. Thanks ^_^

  • GuangXiN

    Great application and battery killer

  • rohit

    There is no exit button option in this app(Opera browser for Android). The app continues to run in background Pls add exit button.

  • thank you.

  • Great application and battery killer