U.S. Android users: Help us test Opera Max beta, our new data savings app

Opera Max horizontal
Today, we’re excited to announce Opera Max, a free and easy-to-use app that can save you data on your limited data plan by compressing video, images and text used by your device. This means that you can use your favorite apps, browse your favorite sites and use less data while doing both. 

Our goal is to give you more for the money you spend on your data plan.

How does Opera Max work?


Opera Max uses a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, to measure all the data usage on your phone. Once Opera Max savings is enabled, all non encrypted data requests are sent through our compression servers that optimize video, images, and websites to use less data. We only measure how much data you use and how much data you’ve saved.

How much can I save with Opera Max?

That depends on the applications you use, the kind of media content you access and of course how much data you use. We only provide savings for HTTP non-encrypted data usage. Opera Max will not save you data on applications that use HTTPS encrypted or other protocols, like User Datagram Protocol. In normal English this means that you won’t save data on encrypted apps, which includes some top apps like Facebook, but you will save data on the majority of apps and any content that is not encrypted.

Right now, we’re looking for beta testers in the US on Android version 4.0, often called Ice Cream Sandwich, and later. 

We want to test our servers and see how you like the app. If you want more control overhow much data you use and if you’re curious about which apps are hogging your data plan, then you’re the tester we want.

We are inviting you to join our beta tester program. Capacity is limited. The beta is currently restricted to Android users living in the US. Opera Max won’t work if you’re outside the United States; but, don’t worry, we’re working on expanding to other platforms and countries soon.

How do I join the beta test?

The limited beta will available through our Opera Google+ Community page. During the beta period, the app will be completely free. We only want to know what you think about it. To get started, follow these steps on your computer:

1)  Join the Opera Google+ Community.
Note: You need a Google+ account to join our group. You can create one here if you don’t have one yet.


2) Opt in for the beta test here. You will find all the necessary links in the Opera Max Google+ Community page description.


3) Download the app from Google Play and agree to the End User License Agreement.

We’re working hard to make the best data savings app for your phone. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Download the Opera Max logo here

UPDATE: You don’t need to join the community group to download Opera Max. Read more here.

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  • dzek

    Not available in my country. Whats wrong Opera? Why do you limit so much things recently to few countries? I bet its not available in Norway too? :/

    • MagnusPeter

      hey! this beta is only for US Android users for now, but we’ll expand to other countries later.

  • http://coxy.me.uk coxy

    I like the logo.

  • BS-Harou

    The fact that it is not available in Norway is really sad :P

    • Frenzie

      That’s what I said about that Julequiz a couple of weeks ago.

    • http://my.opera.com/haavard/ opvard

      Norway isn’t really a big market, and the testing needs to start somewhere.

  • Manuel

    Is there a setting to disable Opera Max for certain apps?
    Will it only compress the mobile data connection or although Wifi when running?
    Does it enable itself when using mobile data or do I manually need to enable it?

    • NoName

      They say it uses VPN.
      So it would not be easy to disable it for certain apps, if it’s using the default VPN client on Android.

      If it works as a local proxy instead, and then sends it via some custom VPN in the Opera Max itself afterwards, I guess it could be possible.

    • João Eiras

      “Is there a setting to disable Opera Max for certain apps?”
      No. The only per-app setting I could find for now is the one to block access to the mobile network.

      “Will it only compress the mobile data connection or although Wifi when running?”
      Only compresses data while using the mobile network.

      “Does it enable itself when using mobile data or do I manually need to enable it?”
      You can just toggle data saving on (else you just get statistics and no compression) and the Opera Max will know when it should compress or know, regarding whether you’re connected to wi-fi or not.

  • http://lemcgregor3.wordpress.com/ Léon McGregor

    google +? I’ll just see myself out. But from what I can see in this blog post it looks quite promising.

  • Vux777

    can you tell us more about video compression?
    is it just resolution scaling or … ?!
    and will some of that come to off-road (mobile and desktop)?

    aaannnd… I read that is free for now (beta)
    that mean that will be some fee for using it in final version or …?!?!

    • http://my.opera.com/haavard/ opvard

      There are a few alternatives ($1/month, or displaying ads) when the final version is ready.

      • Vux777

        It’s just my opinion, but I think you would do better job if you licensed that technology (off-road/turbo) directly to mobile Internet providers and made deal with them.
        I don’t know how many servers off-road have (I’m usually hooked on Norway or Sweden) but surfing through Opera!! compression servers feels smooth. I’ve tried other solutions and they basically sucks.
        You could even expand you servers and host all (well, big part) of local traffic by country/provider.
        I’m sure you (and providers) could find good business model.
        Somehow I don’t think you’ll have many prescribes for app that’s neither necessary (runs in background) or cool (whatever today kids think cool is). $1 is cheep but…
        …and adds are totally not-cool :)

      • Delikatan

        I hope you joke.. 1$ for premium no adds is ok but for 1 month pffff i seriously don’t recommend you that

  • ivanserrano

    Hi Opera, can you say why there is not an opera for windows phone? Because, when I tried to install it, surprise! Was not admited by the phone.

    • Ed Card

      dump windows move to Opera

  • togardergrosse

    US and some part of the western world already has 4G/LTE network. Why not third world country like Indonesia?

    • http://everythingmob.bogspot.com/ Jean Bassil

      Lebanon has 4G/LTE as well, do you really don’t have any 4G plans?

      • togardergrosse

        We did have plans. Just not yet available. Perhaps not in another 6 months.

    • MagnusPeter

      We’re testing it out in the US first because this is where our compression servers are located. We need to test and tweak the app before rolling out to more countries.

      • togardergrosse

        Thanks. Hope everything went smooth so we can enjoy it sooner. Good luck for the team.

      • Coket

        In the future, and the opening of the service in other countries; will we have the choice of the location of your compression servers? Or will they be only in the states?


      • Delikatan

        Hope you will test better than opera team test the opera beta version on android..

    • Ed Card

      many crooks stealing all the money that they can even here in USA crooks and evil crooks are all over the place

  • thilakchelliah

    Its not available in INDIA !!!

    • http://my.opera.com/haavard/ opvard

      Not yet, but it is currently just available for testing. It will be available in more countries when it’s finished.

    • Ed Card

      wait a few more months eentually you will get it there

  • robhob

    Wow, this is good news. Please bring it to South Africa and iOS soon!

  • ahoj1234

    It’s not available in my country (Czech republic) according to “google play” (opened from mobile device using QR code).

    according to “google play” (opened from desktop) – the app is not compatible with my phone (THL W8 – android 4.2.1 – custom ROM).

    Any ideas…?

    • ahoj1234

      “This comment was deleted.”

      refresh (alt+F5)… and it’s still here… I tried to delete it at least 4 times…

    • ahoj1234

      delete it someone, please. My bad, I was so interested in it that I wrote it in a hurry.

      PS: Daniel (aeyoun) told me that refresh (F5) before deleteting (should) help(s)… it does NOT :P :)

  • Evan Relf

    Not compatible with my Nexus 5? Running a CyanogenMod 11 nightly (KitKat 4.4.2)

  • Xavier Roemer

    Apart from delivering it to the NSA, are there any commercial motives behind this service? In other words, will you use or sell the data you can see for any commercial motive, or is it save for users that care about their privacy?

    • Moritz Baumotte

      It is said that it is just for free in the beta phase, so when they expand to other countries i guess you have to pay for it. So I don’t think that there are any ‘known’ privacy risks…

  • Kamen Minkov

    Why is it U.S. only? What if I’m in Europe and want to test it as well?

    • http://my.opera.com/haavard/ opvard

      It’s not finished yet, so it isn’t ready to be rolled out worldwide. The test is starting in a country where we currently have servers for it.

  • martingrina

    Does the compression process affect the ping?

  • Shiinitho Beltraan

    Not compatible with Moto G u_u

  • Christopher C Tan

    Any Opera Max testing for the Philippines? Potential huge market here. Manila is packed with people, and many individuals and companies rely on mobile data. However, our providers’ infrastructure is far overcrowded to the point that it’s nearly useless to attempt online access on Saturday nights. Now the big providers @GlobeTelecomPH have instated 1GB/day limits with TWO-G speeds once you’ve maxed out. Opera Max would be a great way to keep users under the cap and decrease the overall usage to free up the infrastructure during peak times.

  • Ed Card

    Bigger Markets get it first then where is a market glad to live in USA to get most of the Tech here . . Viva Las Vegas a Hotter place that the Rigged Stock Market and God BLESS AMERICA

  • Ed Card

    DOES NOT ALLOWED TO POST on some sites it goes straight to google search box when typing ..

  • Alan

    This app sounds great but, unfortunately, it seems to work on very few apps and blocks actress on some Wi-Fi,such as Eduroam.

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  • Rosario Ross Cracchiolo

    please please add support for wifi.i use a mobile hotspot from Sprint and it connects through my phones wifi.its the same sprint mobile network that phones connect to.i hope opera realized that people use mobile hotspots these days

  • Rosario Ross Cracchiolo

    opera needs to support sprint hotspots. its mobile Internet that uses the same towers that the phones do.it should be able to detect it or have a toggle for it