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Opera for Android 81 now comes with Ask Aria and Aria Voice features for improved AI-based browsing 

Hello to all Opera enthusiasts!

We’re excited to announce the newest version of Opera for Android 81, which comes with two new features that improve your interaction with our Aria browser AI: Ask Aria and Aria Voice. These features are part of Opera’s new AI Feature Drops program, aimed at offering our users the newest AI innovations to test.

Ask Aria provides you with more context while browsing 

Imagine effortlessly deepening your understanding of any topic or swiftly summarizing complex materials directly within your browser. With Ask Aria, this is now a reality. When you select text on a webpage, the Ask Aria option bubbles up alongside traditional “Search” and “Copy” options, offering two convenient functionalities: “Tell me more” for in-depth exploration, and “Summarize” for concise overviews. Whether it’s finding cooking recipes or discovering the history of Rome’s Colosseum, Ask Aria stands ready to elevate your browsing without the need to go through lengthy articles on the web. 

Not sure what to ask Aria? We’ve added some inspiration for you in case you don’t know what to ask but want to learn something new. Now, any time you open a new chat with Aria you will see new prompts with suggestions for what you might ask.

Beyond Text: Introducing Aria Voice

Many of you like to speak to your phone to write things down or conduct searches. Using voice commands is also very useful when you’re on the go and can’t focus on typing a query. Opera for Android now allows you to use your voice to interact with Aria. Simply by tapping the microphone icon, you can ask questions and receive real-time responses from Aria with the Android system voice. That way, you can quickly ask Aria a query and hear back from the browser AI without the need to type if you’re on the go. The feature is currently available in all languages supported by the user’s system voice. 

Improved Speed Dials

From now on, you can click the “+” on your Speed Dials to enter the advanced Speed Dial menu. There, we’ll come up with suggested Speed Dials for you based on popular websites, categories and more. You’ll also be able to add Speed Dials for direct access to your favorite Opera features, such as Aria, bookmarks, browsing history, offline pages, or My Flow.

What else does Opera for Android have to offer?

Since its debut, Aria has been catching the attention of Opera for Android users, who are eager to use AI on the go.  

Beyond that, Opera for Android, our innovative flagship browser, offers a set of unique features. The browser provides users with a free, built-in VPN, ad blocker, tracker blocker, and cookie dialogue blocker as a part of our commitment to more private and secure browsing. Moreover, we have been focusing on making Opera for Android as customizable as possible through a personalized news feed, a set of color themes, our own selection of wallpapers, and a dark mode for comfortable evening reading without the glare of blue light. Furthermore, thanks to the intuitive My Flow feature and the synchronization of your browser journey between mobile and desktop, you can easily start your browsing experience on your smartphone and seamlessly continue where you left off on your desktop, enjoying synchronized bookmarks, files, and tabs.

Download Opera for Android or update to the newest version today! 

And for our iOS users, stay tuned – we’re working on implementing these exciting AI features in Opera for iOS! 

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