New AI Feature Drop: Opera One Developer gets a new Aria access point and now allows you to use AI for page deep dives

In this week’s AI Feature Drop, early adopters using the Developer stream of Opera One can test using the Aria browser AI to perform tasks based on the text based information it gets from a website. They are also getting a new “Ask Aria” access point in the browser toolbar

Hi readers,

Not even two days have passed since we announced our latest AI Features Drop on Android and we’re already back with more. 

Since launch in May 2023, the free browser AI “Aria” has been available through the Opera browser sidebar as well as through the new browser command line. In our Feature Drop two weeks ago, we improved the command and made it possible for it to be used without moving the conversation to Aria in the sidebar. Today, we are introducing two updates: a new “Ask Aria” access point in the browser toolbar that allows you to quickly and easily access the command line without the need of using a keyboard shortcut, as well as the Page Context Mode, which provides Aria with the ability for Aria to act and respond based on the text of the web page you are currently on. 

AI Page Context mode

Imagine being able to have the AI help you summarize a text or compare products and help you pick the right one for you without the need for you to study the whole content of a website. Well, now you can do just that and much more with the new Page Context mode. This is an improvement compared to Opera’s previous AI Prompts feature, which allows you to pick from a set of predefined prompts. With the newest version of the browser, you can use your own words to ask it questions about the text on the page. 

So how can you test the new Page Context mode? You’ll have to update to the newest version of Opera One Developer for this (Opera Developer v110.0.5104.0). As you may or may not know, you can access Aria by using the CMD+/ (Mac) or Ctrl+/ (Windows) keyboard shortcut. This displays the browser AI on top of the page you are currently on.

 To enter the new Page Context mode, just hit TAB and an orange icon will appear on the left of the Aria Command Line.

Page Context in action

So how does this feature work? Aria simply takes your input and analyzes the text of a web page you are on in the context of that prompt in order to give you a meaningful response. Examples?

Let’s say you have a very furry pet and are looking to buy the best possible vacuum. Once you get to a product comparison website, you can simply provide Aria with your criteria: “Help me pick the best vacuum under a budget of $500 that will get rid of my pet’s fur from the carpet.” 

In addition to a text response, Aria will also provide some search suggestions related to its response, along with quotes from the website you are on that support its response.

Please bear in mind that when answering a question to a Page Context prompt, Aria’s response will not be stored in your regular Aria chat and that the feature is still in an early-stage, experimental phase.

Trying out “Page Context”

To give you some indication of what you can use the new mode for, we’ve put together this short list of examples. You can now test Aria by asking it:

  • To summarize the text of a page without reading the whole thing
  • If you have a question and want to extract specific information from the text of a page – without having to read it all
  • To have it translate from a foreign language 

That’s it for today’s AI Feature Drop but more is of course to come – let us know what you think!

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