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Turn ANY YouTube video into a reaction meme with the new REAKTINATOR feature from Opera GX

Reaktinator is OperaGX's new feature that allows you to create a reaction clip to any YouTube video. Simply press Ctrl + Shift + R, choose a reaction from the library or upload your custom one, and you are good to go.

So, we’ve just turned a meme into a real browser feature – yes, you read that right. Open up Opera GX and check out Reaktinator, our new feature that turns ANY YouTube video into your own reaction masterpiece.

What started as a meme about a feature that we hadn’t even created yet actually made it into the browser. We’re just as amazed as you are! But, well – you went crazy over it, we liked the idea, and so we made it happen! Now you can unleash your creativity and turn videos into custom reaction clips.

Ready to Reakt?

To activate the Reaktinator, simply load up a YouTube video and hit the command: CTRL+Shift+R on PC or CMD+Shift+R on macOS. The feature is currently in beta, so go to YouTube to try it out.

Once activated, Reaktinator pops up right over your YouTube video, ready to transform it into a reaction masterpiece. Then you can start crafting instant meme edits for all the YouTube videos you want, and who knows…? Maybe you’ll go viral!

Any video you want

When we say that you can upload any video, we mean it! Whether it’s something you’ve recorded yourself, one of those funny cat GIFs (we don’t judge), an old home video, or even a clip from your favorite streamer. The only limit is your creativity – and the 10MB file size for video uploads, of course.

Kickstart your reactions with clips from internet legends such as Charlie/Penguinz0, JimmyHere, Jschlatt and Pyrocynical, who have partnered with Reaktinator to make it even juicier. But the true meme mastery comes from unleashing your creativity and doing whatever you want. Time to become a bonafide Memelord yourself!

Join Us! And show your genuine reaction to getting rickrolled.

Download the Opera GX browser now. We’re waiting to see your best video reactions and memes, so follow GX on X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok, join our official Discord community, and subscribe to Opera GX’s YouTube channel

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