Opera at Mobile World Congress 2014

Every year, a bunch of people go to Barcelona. No, it’s not for tapas, Camp Nou or to take pictures of La Sagrada Família, but for Mobile World Congress. It’s a crazy four-day event where people from the tech industry come to talk about things like: How can a texting app be worth $19 billion dollars? How can we make that app? What is that big screen over there?

Anyway, we had a blast this year as well. We posted a ton of press releases. If you’re interested, you can go here to read them.

We also had a stand this year. No, it’s more like a two-storey house inside a big convention center. This year is also a little extra special for us. That’s because we rolled out the beta version of Opera Max. People were excited about this news, and we showed it off to a lot of guys and girls. Here’s what some of them said:

1. Fredic Lardinois of TechCrunch wrote: “I’ve been testing the app for the last week and it’s a pretty seamless experience. You install it once and just forget about it from then on. It just works.”

Yup. That’s how we want it to work.

2. Stan Shroeder of Mashable wrote: “The app is extremely simple to use. Start it up, and it lingers in the background, saving your data.”

Simple. Easy to use? Me like.

3. Kaylene Hong of The Next Web wrote: “If you’ve ever been frustrated by exceeding your data plan on a monthly basis, browser-maker Opera may just have a solution for you.”

Oh yes, we’ve been very frustrated. That’s why we made the app.

And here, a quick look at the Opera stand for Mobile World Congress 2014:
2014-02-24 16.07.21
A lot of guys in suits. Classic Mobile World Congress picture.

2014-02-24 16.05.52
Opera Web Pass makes it super easy for people to access the internet.

2014-02-24 17.33.25
Our latest product: Opera Max.


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