For me, change is scary. Changing computers, changing operating systems, new toys, or switching browsers is scary. Not because I’m afraid of new things, but because I’m afraid I’ll lose all my stuff or have to manually copy it from old to new (this does not apply to the toys).

Switching to Opera 26 for computers, though – that’s no problem. Because, friend, in Opera 26 for computers, you can import bookmarks and other data from almost any other browser.

Wait, any other browser?

Yes, you can import bookmarks and other data from all the other major browsers, be it Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or an older version of Opera. Switch to the new Opera and keep all your bookmarks.

How to import bookmarks into Opera

Really? How?

The easiest way is to install Opera to your computer, when installing you’ll get the option to import data from your previous browser.

If you rather do it yourself, here’s how:

  1. Type Alt+P (+, on Mac) in the Opera browser.
  2. Under the button Default browser, click the Import Bookmarks and Settings… button.
  3. Select the browser you would like to import from, and click Import.

You can find your imported bookmarks by clicking Bookmarks on Opera’s start page. Select the Imported bookmarks folder and look for the browser you’ve imported from.

I changed to the Opera browser, will you? Get the newest version of Opera with visual bookmarks.


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  • Changing computers and operating systems are still impossible for existing opera users. But you still want users to “switch to opera” by advertising your bookmark features, let’s say the last station or black hole for their bookmarks.

    The problem is they can’t pull their bookmarks back if they switch to opera. So it’s completely meaningless to suggest it when you don’t have sync or export. For opera, both features are missing.

    We already get used not having sync. But why don’t you allow exporting at first place?

    • Nekomajin43


    • Rainbow Warrior

      A very good question!

    • yuxel

      I think, we have to wait about ~2 more years to have half of the features Opera had about ~2 years ago.

    • doojjang_akh

      Please tell me there is already an export/sync option now because I can’t seem to find it.

  • fatima


  • fatima


  • fatima


  • Opera 26 grabbed the Opera 12.17 bookmarks I had sitting waiting to add back to Opera

  • Igor Serátor

    ok, in my case there is no option for opera 12….. so what now?

  • Pariah

    here’s a much better idea. Switch to and have your bookmarks on any device, any time. Browser bookmarks are soooo 2004.

  • The new browsers are updated with inbuilt importing bookmark tool.

  • Сергей Трофимов

    No import Mozilla Alpha!

  • juzhenhua


  • juzhenhua

    where is myopera?i can’t find it·····

  • Paco Picopiedras

    Hi everyone,

    Is there a way to get rid of that useless “My Folders” folder and place custom folders with the bookmarks? I’m trying to edit the Bookmarks file with no success.

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  • kaaleth

    Hello everyone,

    Is it possible to replace all icons to text for shortcuts on the homepage? For example: I would like to delete facebook icon and put text domain like my hotmail.

    There is a demo:

  • Ali Akkaya

    The new browsers are updated with inbuilt importing bookmark tool.

  • ultraviolet
  • Guest

    u003cp>here’s a much better idea. Switch to u003ca href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Start.meu003c/a> and have your bookmarks on any device, any time. Browser bookmarks are soooo 2004.u003c/p>

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