You sit in your living room, turn on the TV – and it’s connected to the Internet.

What does it mean when we say that the Opera browser technology is ported to TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray and other media players? How do we  make it possible for you to enjoy YouTube, Hulu, or Spotify through a TV device?

Learn more about how we work to connect your TV to the internet with this Engadget interview at the Consumer Electonics Show 2014:

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      Thanks 🙂 Changing the Engadget hyperlink.

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    Awsome T-Shirt.

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    I saw this from Opera on Twitter, tho surprised they did not link to this post

  • kaka_karl

    Hi Vera! I’m in my living room now on my laptop. But my laptop runs Linux. So I can’t run the new versions of Opera. When will the desktop version of Opera support Linux, so I can use it to browse the web from my living room, instead of having to use Chrome, like I’m doing right now?

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    hi im prem kc from Nepal leving india

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    If someone could explain why my News Portal always defaults to “Norge”, a language which I do not speak . . .

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  • rohit

    There is no exit button option in this app(Opera browser for Android). The app continues to run in background Pls add exit button….