In December last year, we opened up Opera Max to a limited number of Android beta testers in the USA to see how you enjoy our new data-savings app.

Opera Max iconWell, it seems like many of you like it, and now we want more testers. Starting today, we’re rolling out pre-registration of a public beta version of Opera Max to Android users in the United States and Western Europe. Eastern Europe will not be able to beta test Opera Max, for now. But we’re working to include this region soon.

If you don’t know what Opera Max is all about, it’s our new, free data-savings app for your phone that helps you get the most out of your limited data plan.

Opera Max compresses videos, photos and text across most of your phone’s apps giving you a lot more mobile data for free. It also gives you better control over how your phone’s apps consume data.

We’ve always compressed data, on desktop and mobile browsers. We started in 2005; and, today, we’re happy to extend our data-saving ideas beyond browsers to help you save on all your phone’s apps, too.

With the help of our new family at Skyfire, we were able to bring out the first app of its kind that can shrink down mobile video. That means more Instagram and Vine without having to upgrade your data plan.

We want to make sure our servers have enough capacity for all of you, so access to our beta will be given out on a first-come first-served basis. If you are one of the early US beta testers (and have already installed Opera Max), you do not need to join the queue. We’ll auto-update you.

Follow these steps:

1. Follow
this link to Google Play to get in line for the Opera Max beta. (Note: Android 4.0 or higher required for users in the United States and countries in the European Union, as well as Norway)
2. Install and launch the Opera Max app. The app will place you in the queue to get into the beta.
3.   Be patient. We’ll unlock the app as soon as we know that our servers can handle the load. You’ll start to see your progress in the queue shortly and you’ll be saving data in no time. Please stay tuned. To get notification of when the line has started moving, join us on Twitter, Google+, and/or Facebook.

Get in line to get Opera Max beta

Opera Max for Android


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  • Vux777

    will there be a desktop version of Opera Max?

    • bruce lawson

      It’s an Android app.

      • Vux777

        hi Bruce
        yes, I know
        but will there be a desktop version of it?

        • bruce lawson

          Too early to say. Let us comb its hair and straighten its tie on Android before we consider other platforms.

          • Vux777

            it would be a nice way to expand Opera user base
            (if you choose to let it on desktop)

      • Shall we see it in Turkey soon? Any plan?

        • veralb

          For now, we needed to locate servers within a certain range of users – it’s a server-intensive app and we want to make sure that our servers can handle the traffic coming in through Opera Max. But don’t worry, we’re working to make it global 🙂

    • S. Ali

      Yes, I’d like to know if this will come to the desktop as well. A lot of us have limited speeds over slow DSL connections.

  • The Captain

    Since Poland is a Central European country, does it count as a Western or Eastern Europe? 😉

    • BS-Harou

      Same question about Czech Rep. ?

      • veralb

        Same with Czech Republic, you can join the queue.

        • BS-Harou

          Awesome 🙂

    • veralb

      If you’re in Poland, yes, you can get in line as well 🙂

  • Na

    I used the beta for the last few months and it only saved me 5% in data usage. I disabled it since it wasn’t worth adding extra processing and extra hops to the vpn 🙁

  • Edmilson Carlos Narcizo

    Acredito que seria muito importante realizar os testes com o Opera Max no Brasil devido à Copa do Mundo de Futebol neste ano e também porque a qualidade da internet aqui (no Brasil) ainda deixa muito a desejar.

  • Arthur

    Please, release for Brazil!

  • Shawny_Shawn

    Hi Vera, when will we see Opera Desktop running on Linux? If Opera Max supports Android, which is a variant of Linux, then why don’t see Opera Desktop running on Linux, too?

    • bruce lawson

      It’s too early to give a date for Desktop on Linux. When we have something to announce, we will!

      • Shawny_Shawn

        What is preventing these new versions of Opera Desktop from running on Linux?

        Is it a technical problem that your crew cannot overcome? Is it a lack of crew?

        I mean, Opera 12 had great support for Linux. Chrome, Chromium, Blink and V8 all support Linux very well. The Android versions of Opera are all inherently running on Linux. OS X is even quite similar to Linux in many ways.

        We long-time users just can’t understand why Opera can no longer support Linux, when it should be quite easy to do. All of the other major browsers can do it, and Opera even used to be able to. But why not any longer? What are the reasons?

        • bruce lawson

          Hi, I don’t want to derail a post which is actually about Opera Max. But you say “Opera can no longer support Linux”. Let me be clearer: there in no Opera Desktop on Linux *yet*.

          • Cqoicebordel

            I know it must be awful for you to answer the same questions everytime.
            But keep in mind it’s awful for us to not have any good answer…

  • keerthi reddy

    iam started a website name as but its mobile version websites not available in opera mobile browser how to clear my problem..

  • Thangaraj

    What about people in India dude?

  • when opera mac beta released in india i have to give information in to my blog so inform me when i get in india

  • Mike

    How do you generate cash from an app that costs no money, doesn’t show ads, and apparently needs a server to fetch all traffic to compress it? Sell user data?

    • veralb

      The beta is free and beta testers are helping us refine the product. It will be ad-supported in the future (watch one ad a day to get the free service). Users can also opt for the app to be ad-free. We’ll charge a very small amount of money ($1 a month) for the service.


    Hİ ı ♥ Opera ^^


      Hi avşa tatil 🙂

  • Mohd Mobin

    recently started a jobs website name as but its not compatible mobile version in opera mini browser.

    how to fix my problem.

  • Michael Scheck

    Wow ..since there doesnt seem to be any way of contacting opera I would assume they are getting sick of the hate mail.. Ive been a loyal user of opera since 1998 and everything after vers 12 has just gone completely downhill .. Sorry to see you go guys .. Not sure what the hell this new garbage is but it sure isnt opera.. Thanks for about 12 good years tho..

  • Anwarul Ansari

    I love this app and the way it work but still waiting to use this in India…