Get in line for the Opera Max beta – soon available in the U.S. and Europe

In December last year, we opened up Opera Max to a limited number of Android beta testers in the USA to see how you enjoy our new data-savings app.

Opera Max iconWell, it seems like many of you like it, and now we want more testers. Starting today, we’re rolling out pre-registration of a public beta version of Opera Max to Android users in the United States and Western Europe. Eastern Europe will not be able to beta test Opera Max, for now. But we’re working to include this region soon.

If you don’t know what Opera Max is all about, it’s our new, free data-savings app for your phone that helps you get the most out of your limited data plan.

Opera Max compresses videos, photos and text across most of your phone’s apps giving you a lot more mobile data for free. It also gives you better control over how your phone’s apps consume data.

We’ve always compressed data, on desktop and mobile browsers. We started in 2005; and, today, we’re happy to extend our data-saving ideas beyond browsers to help you save on all your phone’s apps, too.

With the help of our new family at Skyfire, we were able to bring out the first app of its kind that can shrink down mobile video. That means more Instagram and Vine without having to upgrade your data plan.

We want to make sure our servers have enough capacity for all of you, so access to our beta will be given out on a first-come first-served basis. If you are one of the early US beta testers (and have already installed Opera Max), you do not need to join the queue. We’ll auto-update you.

Follow these steps:

1. Follow
this link to Google Play to get in line for the Opera Max beta. (Note: Android 4.0 or higher required for users in the United States and countries in the European Union, as well as Norway)
2. Install and launch the Opera Max app. The app will place you in the queue to get into the beta.
3.   Be patient. We’ll unlock the app as soon as we know that our servers can handle the load. You’ll start to see your progress in the queue shortly and you’ll be saving data in no time. Please stay tuned. To get notification of when the line has started moving, join us on Twitter, Google+, and/or Facebook.

Get in line to get Opera Max beta

Opera Max for Android


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