Opera bookmarks – My way to organize the web

I like our new Opera bookmarks. I like the way I can organize my sites. And, I’m not just writing this because I work for Opera.

First, I like that I can add images to bookmarks, because it allows me to organize them in a new way. It has reinvigorated my urge to collect things. I find myself organizing pages with the same passion I had as a kid. I used to collect old sports cards. They were all put into folders. I had a folder dedicated to each team – Tottenham was my favorite. I had another for guys with mullets

What matters to me, and the reason why I like our new bookmarks feature, is that I get to choose how I organize things.

Bookmark pages in Opera
It’s simple. I go to a page I like and click on the heart icon. Then, I can choose an image and put it in a folder. That’s it. Just like this:

blogg 1

Visual bookmarks in Opera 25

Organize pages in the bookmark manager
It’s easy for me to open the bookmark manager and see my favorite sites presented as images. I can rearrange them by dragging and dropping, placing the important ones first, if I want. It’s my choice. I can also delete a bookmark or turn one into a Speed Dial entry.

Opera bookmark manager

Opera bookmark manager

Edit bookmarks
I can add my own description to a bookmark, allowing me to personalize my bookmarks. I love that because I can search later to find them again. I never remember the original page title, but I know what I named it.

Edit Opera bookmarks

Edit Opera bookmarks

Keep it neat … or messy
The way we organize is unique. What I think is messy, might be neat to you – and, vice versa. Now, I can view bookmarks either as a list or as a gallery of images. And I can organize them into folders – however I want. My bookmarks, my choice.

Opera bookmarks in list

Opera bookmarks in list

I hope you enjoy the new Opera bookmarks. Give it a try and download it here today!

Visual bookmarks in Opera 25 for computers

When I think back on moments, I can see them. That’s my way to remember. It’s the same for how I find things on the internet. All those videos, pictures or songs that I’ve discovered are visual memories for me.

Today, we introduce a new feature to Opera. A feature I’m personally very excited about. It’s bookmarks, but with a twist.

Here’s the twist: Visual bookmarks
Bookmarks in other browsers save website addresses – you can organize them in folders, and you can edit the titles. That’s easy. But, making it look good too is what we do at Opera. And, this is how it looks:
You can now start using bookmarks in Opera 25 for computers.

Using Opera bookmarks
Click the heart to bookmark a site. Take a look at how it works:

We hope you are as excited as we are with the new visual bookmarks in Opera for Windows and Mac. Thanks to everyone who tried the bookmarks in the beta channel and gave us their feedback. And, please remember that Opera for Linux is available in a beta version.

We’d love to hear from you about this new feature. Join in the discussion, below!

Download Opera 25:
Opera 25 for Windows
Opera 25 for Mac
Opera beta 25 for Linux

You can also take a look at the Opera 25 changelog.

BTW, we also fixed the poodle, take a look at the security group’s post for more details.

New Opera bookmarks to be showcased in Wroclaw Nonference

This week has been especially exciting for us, because we just launched the new bookmarks for Opera! And, to wrap up the week, we’re also joining this year’s first-ever Wroclaw Nonference co-organized by TechCrunch. Our Product Manager for Desktop Products, Zhenis Beisekov, will shed more light on the story behind the visual bookmarks in Opera for computers at the Wroclaw Nonference.

Opera innovation: Visual bookmarks
The Wroclaw Nonference will host inspiring speakers from around the world. It will kick off at 10:00 on Saturday, October 18, and will be divided into four streams: Inspire, Innovate, Implement and Fund. No surprise, Opera will headline the Innovate stream.

The innovation focus for Opera’s presentation will be visual bookmarks, released yesterday in Opera 25. Browsers have gone through significant changes over the last 15 years. But, the way people save their favorite web content has remained more or less the same. Zhenis will explain why we decided to make bookmarks visual, and how this follows people’s habits.

Drop by if you’re in town!
Opera Wroclaw office

Wroclaw, Poland, is a must-visit city, with Opera’s office right next to the beautiful market square. Almost 200 talented engineers work here on Opera for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, as well as the Opera TV Store, Opera Max and more. With top universities and a thriving IT industry, Wroclaw has become a natural host for technology events.

If you are nearby, join in the Wroclaw Nonference. Grab your ticket here.

#DataHorrorStories international giveaway by Opera Max


Instagram user @kattasere had to learn about huge data bills the hard way. Have you experienced the same thing?

Instagram user @kattasere had to learn about huge data bills the hard way. Have you experienced the same thing?

Did you ever get a massive data bill when you came back from an overseas vacation? Has an app ever used up all your data unexpectedly? We want to hear about your data horror stories.

Opera Max has teamed up with Android Authority for a Halloween-themed international contest, where you could win of some of the hottest Android devices of 2014.

Share your horror stories on social media with the hashtags #DataHorrorStories and #OperaMax for your chance to win! The contest closes on October 31, 2014, at the strike of midnight, so get your entries in as soon as possible.

Head over to Android Authority to learn more about the giveaway: http://opr.as/datahorror/.


How to open a private window in Opera for computers

There are times when you don’t want your browsing history recorded. Like when you’re logging in to your email or social-media profiles using a friend’s computer or when you’re accessing your online bank in an internet café.

When you don’t want your online sessions recorded, remember to open a private window and browse from there. Once you’ve closed all the private windows after your browsing session, all internet history from them will be deleted.

Browse from a private window
It’s easy to open a private window in Opera for computers. You can either go through the menu: File > New Private Window. Or, you can use keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+N for Windows and ⌘+Shift+N for Mac.

Easily recognize which window is private
Private windows in Opera for computers are also easier to recognize. If you’re multi-tasking and you also have a normal window open, you’ll know which window is private, because it’s darker than a normal window.
Browse privately with private window in Opera for computers

If you want to learn more about private windows, head on over to our help page. And, if you don’t have Opera for computers yet, it’s a free download. Try it today. :)


Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch gets its first full web browser

The internet is something we are used to accessing wherever we are and on practically every device we use. But, for some reason, the smartwatch has been stripped of an internet browser – until today. We’re happy to announce that Opera Mini has become the first web browser on a Tizen-based smartwatch, the new Samsung Gear S.

Opera Mini web browser powers Samsung Gear S

An experience designed for watch faces
Opera Mini includes many touch-friendly features that become extra handy on a smartwatch. For example, the website shortcuts on Opera Mini’s Speed Dial appear as large buttons, enabling Gear S users to reach their favorite sites in a single tap.

You can easily navigate the web on your Samsung Gear S. To zoom, double-tap with a finger, or, to get a more precise view, just pinch to zoom. A gentle swipe with your finger will take you forward and back.

Features that make smart watches a go-to device
The Smart Page feature displays links based on the sites you visit most frequently; a number of suggested links are also displayed by category. You can even add your social-media networks to the Smart Page, for more convenient access to your newsfeeds.

You can easily save webpages for offline reading, too, which is perfect for maps that you might need for a hike or run in an area with sketchy internet coverage.

Data savings for life on the go
Opera Mini is a internet browser designed to run smoothly, even where internet access is slow and coverage is poor. It employs data-saving technology that shrinks the size of webpages to as little as 10%, helping to load image-heavy pages in a snap. So, if you’re working out in a crowded gym or running in the foothills where mobile coverage is weak, you can still enjoy a full-web browsing experience that’s faster and more data-efficient, right from your wrist.

The Samsung Gear S runs Opera Mini version 7.5, with all its features and functionality. Samsung Gear S owners will be able to download Opera Mini from Samsung Gear Apps for free.

Speed up your browsing in Opera with handy keyboard shortcuts

In many cases, using keyboard shortcuts in the browser can make your work faster compared to relying on the mouse only. In fact, shortcuts can replace most of the pointing and clicking you do, and you won’t even need to take your hands off the keyboard. According to the portal Brainscape, keyboard shortcuts we can save us an average of 2 seconds every minute.

2 minutes of precious time saved every hour – sounds attractive, doesn’t it?

Useful keyboard shortcuts in Opera browser

Here are some of the most popular shortcuts that can be helpful in Opera for computers. The combinations below are for Windows users. If you’re on Mac, you’ll need to press instead of Ctrl.

  • Activate the address bar: Ctrl+L
  • Save the page: Ctrl+S
  • Find a word or a phrase on the page: Ctrl+F
  • Reload the page: Ctrl+R
  • Open a new tab (open Speed Dial): Ctrl+T
  • Close the current tab: Ctrl+W
  • Re-open the last closed tab: Ctrl+Shift+T
  • Open the history: Ctrl+H (Cmd+Shift+H on Mac)
  • Cycle forward through open tabs (forward): Ctrl+Tab (Windows and Mac)
  • Cycle backward through open tabs (backward): Ctrl+Shift+Tab (Windows and Mac)
  • Open a private window: Ctrl+Shift+N

Most of these shortcuts work in all the main browsers. So, if you switched to Opera just recently, you won’t need to change your navigating habits.

If you want to use advanced keyboard shortcuts, single-key or alternatively-configured, go to the preferences page, scroll to Shortcuts and check the following box: Enable advanced keyboard shortcuts.

Enabling advanced keyboard shortcuts in Opera browser

For the full list of keyboard shortcuts that work in Opera for computers, please review our help pages. There, you’ll also find instructions about mouse gestures.

What keyboard shortcuts have you turned into a habit while browsing in Opera?

What’s your desktop story?

We all have something unique to show when it comes to our workspaces. So, we wanted to share what ours look like:

Some of our developers also joined in:

And, here are a few more desktop stories from our Marketing team:

We’re curious what your desktops look like. Care to share a photo? Use the hashtags #mydesktop and #opera, and we’ll share your photos to our Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Here are some of the most interesting submissions we’ve seen so far:

We’re looking forward to more stories from you. Keep those photos coming!

10 kick-ass Amazon Fire TV apps made in a snap by Opera

Do you have an Amazon Fire TV keeping your living room entertained? We’re happy to announce that there are new apps created with an Opera Software technology coming to the Amazon Fire TV, a set-top box from Amazon that brings online content to your Smart TV.

Opera has a unique technology called Opera TV Snap that makes it possible to transform online video channels into apps ready-to-run on your Smart TV. Now, you can enjoy your favorite videos on the best screen in the house.

Check out these 10 Opera-transformed apps from popular video channels on your Amazon Fire TV:
– Cops
– The North Face
– Young Hollywood
– FashionTV
– Green.TV
– GTChannel
– Arrival TV
– Mahogany
– Outside Television
– EpicTV

10 apps in a snap by Opera for Smart TVs

It’s easy to find these new video apps on your Smart TV. Look for them by name using voice or keyboard search with the Amazon Fire TV remote control. Or, from the Amazon Fire TV home screen, select Apps from the menu on the left; then, browse through your favorite content categories.


Pinned tabs in Opera for computers

Sometimes, you want to make sure that a tab won’t be closed accidentally. This is where pinned tabs in Opera for computers can help. Simply right-click on a tab and select Pin Tab.

A pinned tab will stay permanently at the left of the tab bar. This can be very useful when you have a lot of tabs opened, and you need to make sure a particular tab stays open. You can, for example, pin the tab with your blog — while you’re writing your new post and simultaneously searching for information on other tabs.

Remember that you can also unpin a tab. Just right-click on the pinned tab and select Unpin Tab.

Pinning and unpinning tabs in Opera for Windows:

Take care of important tabs with Opera for computers.

Take care of important tabs with Opera for computers. Pinning and unpinning a tab in Opera for Windows is easy.

Pinning and unpinning tabs in Opera for Mac:

Take care of important tabs with Opera for computers.

Pin important tabs in Opera for Mac.

Try pinning some tabs today with Opera for computers!