Opera 31 speeds up

Discover gets a sweet update in Opera 31.

The most important change we’re introducing in Opera 31 is its startup time. Opera for computers now starts up to 70% faster in comparison to previous versions. This is especially important and helpful for devices with slower, traditional hard drives. Discover gets a makeover We redesigned pages in Opera for computers so everything looks nice...

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How to manage cookies in Opera

Learn how to manage cookies in Opera for computers

Last week, I walked you through some of the basics about browser cookies. These small files remember your preferences for specific websites, making your browsing experience smoother. A secure browser should give you an easy way to understand and control cookie usage, in case you want to delete them or set exceptions for some websites....

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Young business leaders impacting lives in South Africa


Over 2,000 students across 26 universities in South Africa have gathered  to share and discuss the impact they have in their communities. It’s my 7th year as an Enactus member, and this annual gathering is always an important part of my year. Enactus is an international, non-profitable organization that spans 36 countries. We are a community...

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How to change your default browser on Windows 10

Windows 10 has officially rolled out, and Opera for computers is working well on this new system. While Windows 10 comes with new features and an improved look and feel, it also comes with some settings that can be tricky to change, such as your default apps. When it comes to changing your default browser,...

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An alternative browser for Windows 10

The highly-anticipated Windows 10 has started to roll out to 190 countries today. The upgrade is available to users running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Windows 10 has new features, including the ability to switch from desktop to tablet view. While it comes with two of its own internet browsers, Internet Explorer...

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What are cookies? Some quick mythbusting

“This website uses cookies.” You’ve come across this message many times while surfing the web. Actually, we deal with browser cookies (sometimes without knowing it) way more often than we have real cookies with our morning coffee. Cookies are an essential part of our browsing experience, but not everyone knows what they are exactly. And,...

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3 must-read travel blogs

Looking for some inspiration for your next trip or want to kill some time reading amusing stories from travelers around the world? These travel blogs are some of my favorite. Check them out and get inspired for your next adventure!   1. Legal Nomads Jodi quit her job as lawyer in New York to set...

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