Tab previews help you find tabs faster in Opera 24

Tabs are so handy and easy to open that we sometimes end up opening too many of them – so many that we don’t know which one is which. If you’ve had this experience and could use a little help with identifying your open tabs, we have awesome news for you.

With Opera 24, we give you our unique tab previews that help you find the tab you want. When you hover a tab, a preview inside the main browsing area gives you a peek into its contents. Lost one of your tabs? Previews help you find it. Locating and switching to the correct tab has never been easier.


“Peek” into other tabs without losing focus with tab previews. Anything new on Twitter?!

But, even if you are not using many tabs, previews can still come in handy. Do you want to check if something’s new on Facebook quickly, without losing focus on what you are actually doing? The previews are big enough to get a glimpse of your Facebook tab without actually switching over to it.

If you’re on a Windows computer, we think you will also enjoy these improvements:

Crisper look on higher-resolution screens

Opera 24 for Windows makes full use of your higher-resolution, or HiDPI, screens. These screens have more pixels packed into the same area as normal screens, which means that rounded corners and text can look much crisper. Now, our user interface looks crystal clear on such displays. And wait until you can experience your favorite websites in HiDPI. We’re sure you will love it!

Private window color

Private browsing ensures that your internet history and activity are removed as soon as you close all private windows. We’ve made private windows more distinct from normal windows by changing their background color on Windows. Now, you easily can pick out and close all of your private browsing.

Download Opera 24

If you are interested in everything we changed, have a look at the Opera 24 Changelog. See also whats new for web developers.

Extensions – How to get the best out of your browser

So, you’ve downloaded Opera for desktop, and life is great; still, you want more. That’s where extensions come in. Extensions are like superheroes or vitamins if you are into that. They perform magic on your browser and give it new capabilities.

3 easy steps to activate extensions
Extensions are made to satisfy and serve special needs that are important to you while surfing the internet. It could be making articles more readable, translating webpages automatically and much, much more. How to download extensions? Just follow these easy steps:

1.    Select Extensions from the main menu in your Opera browser.
2.    Click on the Get more extensions link, and – boom – you can search in a list of a lot of extensions for your browser.
3.    Pick the extension you want for your browser and click Add to Opera.

Once installed, the extensions, in most cases, appear by default at the right side of the combined address and search bar. Click the extension’s button to interact with it, or right-click it to change its options or view more options in the extension manager.

See how easy it is
Let’s show you how easy it is to install an extension. Say you want to save an article to read later or on another device. For this, I would suggest using the Pocket extension.

Now that you’re on the extensions page, you’ll want to choose Pocket. Check out how easy it is to install and use:

There you have it – you now have an extension that makes saving articles, videos and pictures you love easy…

Awesome, right?
Now, go out there and get some extensions.

Adding smiles and badges to the discussions in Opera forums

Finally, you can add a smile, a banana or an alien to the discussions. In the past weeks, we’ve been busy re-designing and adding a lot of new features to the Opera forums. We wanted to make discussions more fun and meaningful, and our latest changes are definitely in the category of FUN.

large server monkey

Watch out! Opera Forums users with the “server monkey” badge are the true veterans on the forum.

How to add emoticons
When writing a comment or starting a new discussion, you can now easily add smileys/emoticons by clicking the smiley-face icon in the top-right of the text area.

How to add a badges
Badges are not only fun, but also useful and serve a purpose. In the new release you’ll find 6 different types of badges. Most of them are driven by user activity, which is helpful when you are in a heated forum discussion with other forum members. Rule of thumb – always listen to the Server monkey ones, as well as those with a 10,000 posts badge.

           small server monkey  small trophy  moderator  birthday  Opera employee

Server monkey: Watch out! This user is a veteran in Opera Forums and was active in the forums 6 months prior to the move there.

Milestone badges: We all know that quality is more important that quantity, but, this series of badges indicate how active a user has been. Users get badges for every 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10,000 posts.

Happy birthday: If you see this badge on your profile. It’s your birthday! In other words, this sticker will make sure you never forget your own birthday.

Moderator: You should definitely listen to these folks – they are moderators of the Opera Forums – or the gatekeepers as some call them.

Opera employee: A really nice breed of people; they work at Opera.

 So go ahead, and join the discussions at  the Opera Forums. You might get lucky and  strike a discussion with a server monkey ;-)

Vote for Opera Max and Opera Coast!


We are thrilled to announce both Opera Max and Opera Coast have been named as finalists in the productivity category of CTIA’s Hot for the Holidays Awards competition. In time for the holiday buying season, the Hot for the Holidays Awards recognize the hottest mobile consumer electronics, including gadgets and accessories from entertainment and health to the connected car and home.

Cast your vote for Opera Max or  Opera Coast to win “Crowd Favorite”!

You can help us spread the word by promoting these links everywhere including on all social-media platforms.

For Twitter, use the hashtag #SuperMobility and/or mention  @CTIAShows to encourage followers to vote.

Example: Help us win @CTIAShows #SuperMobility “Crowd Favorite!” Vote for Opera Max at

For Facebook, post directly to your profile to encourage fans and friends to vote. Be sure to also “like” the CTIA shows page (

Example: Help us win CTIA’s “Crowd Favorite!” in the CTIA Awards! Vote for Opera Coast at ­

Voting ends on Monday, September 8 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT.

Back to school? Save with these 5 Free Apps

Opera Max

Opera Max, a free data-savings app for your phone that extends your data plan.

Many college students are headed back to school this week or are already well into the swing of dragging themselves to 8 a.m. lectures and paying ungodly amounts for textbooks.

Even with scholarships and financial aid, college can be extremely expensive, so college students like to pinch pennies and stretch their dollars anywhere they can.

Instead of skimping on meal plans, turn to these 5 free mobile apps to help you save, stay on track, and manage any budget.

1. TUN
You may not always know where to look for special discounts. TUN, or “The University Network”, points students in the direction of the best deals and special discounts.

Available for iOS and Android, TUN pinpoints local dining, retail, fitness and other student deals on Google Maps. The app rewards its users with points for each discount they take advantage of, which are redeemable for free perks like haircuts, meals and fitness classes.

2. Titto
Titto is an app for independent textbook buying and selling, connecting you with textbooks, without having to go to the campus store or an online wholesaler. Available on iOS; each book costs only $19.99 per month, a bargain compared to otherwise expensive books, like the latest edition of one math textbook that sold for $152.16. The app saves billing and mailing information for future use. The best part? No due dates or late fees.

3. Opera Max
If you’re on a data budget, Opera Max can help you get up to 50% more out of your monthly data plan. For example, if you pay $40 a month for a 1GB data plan and use Opera Max, you can use up to 1.5 GB per month for the same cost. The app features a unique timeline and at-a-glance view of data used and saved, helping you understand exactly what apps you’re using and saving data on and when. The app is available, for free, in the Google Play Store.

4. Unsplurge
Learning how to budget in college is an important life skill students will take on with them into the real world.  Unsplurge is one way you can limit spending and maximize saving.

Available on iOS, the app lets users set savings goals, whether it’s a few dollars or thousands. Interactive charts show how far along to a goal you are and how many days in a row you’ve been on a saving streak. The unique newsfeed layout shows users their friends goals and progress.

5. Mint
Another great app to help you stay on top of your budget is Mint. The app, available on nearly every platform, allows you to see your bank account, as well as track and monitor your spending. Based on how much you spend in different categories, the app will also give you suggestions on where and how to save money.

Downloading files? Take better control of downloads with Opera Mini for Android

We have been busy this summer working on a new feature for Opera Mini for Android. Now, your large downloads can be set to download only when you are on a WiFi!

In the spirit of Opera Mini, this feature avoids eating up your mobile data and can help save you money. Now, Opera Mini detects if you are downloading a file that is larger than 15MB, then asks if you want to download it now or wait until you are on WiFi. Tap Wait and continue browsing. Later, when you get to your favorite coffee spot and connect to WiFi, Opera Mini will resume the download and notify you when it’s all done. It’s that simple!
download-wifi-only-opera-mini-androidWe’ve also implemented support for HTML5 video, giving you access to more video sites.

Some of you will be our first testers for the Discover feature that is already available on Opera for Windows and Mac, Opera for Android and Opera Mini for iOS. The Discover feature brings you the top news, entertainment and sports from around the globe, right in your browser. It lets you lean back and read regional content from your country in your language.

If you’re one of the lucky few, when you open Opera Mini, you will see the Discover feature. Currently, we’re testing it out in these areas: India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey, US, South Africa, Ukraine, Mexico, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

Other improvements in the updated Opera Mini for Android include:
- An enhanced installation screen
- An option to opt-out of Google Analytics
- Various stability and performance issues fixes

You can get Opera Mini for Android in the Google Play store.

100 million Android users browse the internet with Opera

We’re sending our thanks to the 100 million Android phone users who go online with Opera browsers.

The number of Opera users on Android phones is now twice as many as last year – yay! At this rate, we could fill Maracanã football stadium every day for three years.

Android phone users can choose either
Opera browser for Android or Opera Mini. With Opera Mini, webpages are shrunk down to as little as 10% of their original size. This means users can save up to 90% on data. In just one month, our servers processed over 77 billion pages on Android, saving users 6,733 terabytes of data. That’s enough data to stream YouTube 24/7 for 3,366 years – that’s a lot of cat videos!

And, for more savings, if you’re on an Android phone and you haven’t tried Opera Max yet, you should go get it now. A free beta version is available in Google Play for several regions. If the beta’s not yet available in your area, you can give the test build a try. Opera Max cuts down data usage — video, text and image – across virtually every Android app on your phone.

Do you have an Asha phone? Here’s some good news!

Using a basic Microsoft phone or Asha phone, or thinking of getting one? We’re happy to announce that Opera Mini is now the default browser for Microsoft basic phones and Asha phones.

What does this mean for you?
Now, you can save money while using your phone to browse the internet. With Opera Mini’s data-compression technology, you can save up to 90% on data usage.

If you already have a basic Microsoft phone or Asha phone, you will get a notification within the next few months to help you upgrade your phone browser to Opera Mini.

Or, get it now here.

Enjoy browsing with Opera Mini!

Give your browser a personal touch with themes

Everyone is different, and their browser should reflect this. If you want to use an image you have on your computer as a theme, you can use the theme manager to create your own.

  1. Select View > Show Themes.
  2. Click Create your theme on the sidebar.
  3. Type a name, select an image, and choose the image’s alignment and font treatment for how you’d like your theme to display.
  4. Click Create.

Bam! Your image is now your browser’s theme. Use a picture that takes you down memory lane or one that just makes you laugh.

We used an image of a couple people BASE jumping off the side of a mountain in Kjerag, Norway. If you haven’t seen the epic video that we made during the photoshoot, check it out here.


Use one of our favorite themes
Don’t care to add your own image? We have plenty of images that you can use instead. From our default themes, we’ve chosen an awesome picture of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 1.34.26 PM

To change background themes, all you need to do is click View→Show themes. Then click Get more themes and pick and choose from a list of images we love. This updates the background theme to your choice on everything from your speed dial, to your preferences page.

Can’t get enough? Check out the Opera add-ons catalog for more sweet themes.

Download Opera for Windows and Mac.

Opera Max lands in Turkey for Android users

opera max red

We continue to roll out Opera Max to new countries. This time, Turkish Android users no longer have to worry about exceeding their data plans before the end of the month. Opera Max, the new, free data-savings app for Android that shrinks videos and photos on almost any app on your phone, is now available in Turkey.

Download Opera Max for free and start saving data!
Opera Max not yet available in your country? Try the test version of Opera Max now!

Read more about the latest release of Opera Max.

Saves up to 50% dataScreenshot_01_Today
Thanks to Opera Max’s unique compression technology, Turkish users can now extend the life of their data plans by up to 50%. The app adds even more value for users with pre-paid data plans, paying per megabyte of use, or roaming internationally, as they will be able to watch more video, browse more sites and simply make the most of their limited plans, all for free.

Through Opera Max’s timeline of app usage and savings, users can get more control over the data they consume, keep track of their savings and even block particular apps from using mobile data, restricting them to Wi-Fi only.

This is how Opera Max works
Once a user installs Opera Max, the app starts rerouting all data traffic on the mobile device to the Opera data-savings cloud, using a virtual private network (VPN). All non-encrypted data requests (excluding websites and apps with HTTPS connections) are sent through Opera’s servers, which compress video, images and websites to use less data.

Opera Max is available as a free download on Google Play for smartphones running Android 4.0 or above.Download it today and start saving data!