Day 6:

We’ve reached day 6 of “7 sites in 7 days. Sharing web fun with our 7M fans”.

First, here’s a quick review of the previous five sites we’ve shared:
Day 1 – has a time signature, so you know how many minutes it will take you to read one blog post.
Day 2 – is the site that can help you get in shape.
Day 3 – inspires readers to start embarking on their own “microadventures”.
Day 4 – is a volunteer-led project to open programming clubs for 9 to 11 year olds across the globe.
Day 5 – is the one of the best sites to visit if you want to have some fun on the internet.

Our featured site for day 6 is
7sites-7days-opera-facebook-internet-org is a global partnership of technology leaders (including Opera Software), nonprofit organizations, local communities and other experts, who have accepted the challenge of making the internet available to every person on earth. The partners who comprise believe in the power of the connected world, a goal which aligns perfectly with Opera’s corporate vision of shaping an open, connected web.

Getting the next 5 billion online will require ongoing innovation as part of a massive global effort, and Opera’s products and product features reflect this. For example:
1. Opera Mini and its compression technology shrinks down data so users browsing on their phones can save on their phone bills.
2. Opera Max (in beta) compresses data across all Android phone apps, including video.
3. Our Opera Turbo feature and Off-Road mode are compression options that provide users with a better browsing experience, even in bad internet conditions. 

Visit to learn more about this global initiative.

Join us again tomorrow for the last in the series of “7 sites in 7 days. Sharing web fun with our 7M fans”! :)

Avatars, vote up function and more in Opera forums

If you want to join discussions or even start a discussion about Opera products, head on over to

We know that sometimes going to a forum can seem like going into the wilderness; you’re surrounded by questions and answers in different languages. Don’t worry. Opera forums are easy to use.

Here’s why:

We’ve categorized the discussion threads by our products so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

But that’s not all. We’ve also made it possible for you to choose your own language. There are two language options:
1. Choose which language to use in the discussion thread.
2. Choose which language will show.

We’ve also added a voting feature. You can now vote comments up or down. Use the thumbs-up or thumbs-down buttons on the right:

And, you can sort comments based on the votes.

Now for all you prima donnas out there, it’s easier to choose a new avatar, either by using your own or choosing one of the 15 predefined avatars.

Enjoy the new Opera forums experience!

Day 5:

It’s day 5 of “7 sites in 7 days: Sharing web fun with our 7M fans”, and, today, we think you deserve a bit of fun.

Ever wonder if there are sites out there that don’t seem to have a particular purpose? Visit, and it will take you to random sites guaranteed to confuse you, make you laugh or simply give you the break you need for the day. Not exactly useless, right?7sites-7days-opera-facebook-theuselesswebWe have two more days of “7 sites in 7 days: Sharing web fun with our 7M fans”, so stay tuned and check out tomorrow’s featured site.

Day 4:

We’ve now covered three days of “7 sites in 7 days: Sharing web fun with our 7M fans”:
Day 1 – Blogging platform Medium with its special twist of time signature per post
Day 2 – The site that helps you get your daily dose of exercise,
Day 3 – Blog, which shows you can have an adventure without traveling far from home

Today, let’s talk about
Code Club World is a group of free, volunteer-led and afterschool coding clubs for children aged 9 to 11 years old. There are now 2,580 Code Clubs worldwide!

Visit to see how easy it is to check if there’s already a Code Club running in your country. If you’re interested in translating online teaching materials or opening a Code Club in your area, you can find a registration form on the site. It’s inspiring and something you really ought to check out. :)

See you tomorrow for day 5 of “7 sites in 7 days: Sharing web fun with our 7M fans”! We promise it’s something you won’t want to miss.

Day 3:

On Monday, we started “7 sites in 7 days: Sharing web fun with our 7M fans”.

We recently hit the 7 million mark on Facebook and we would like to thank our fans for that. Our technology is based on connecting people to the internet  and we want to share some hidden web gems with our fans and readers.

We started with Medium, moved to and today we’re sharing a lovely concept from blogger Alastair Humphreys. Humphreys, through other activities and through his website, motivates everyone to embark on what he calls “microadventures”.

It’s not about how far you travel or how wild your adventures, it’s about taking that step to find interesting nooks right where you live. There may be some corners in your town or city that you haven’t discovered yet. Why not start today?

Come back for day 4 of “7 sites in 7 days: Sharing web fun with our 7M fans”. See you tomorrow!

Day 2:

We move to site number 2 for “7 sites in 7 days: Sharing web fun with our 7M fans”.

After yesterday’s blogging platform Medium, here’s something that can help you get a workout. Don’t worry, it will only take 7 minutes of your time. is very helpful especially if you find yourself stuck in front of your computer the whole day. You ought to take a break from your computer. Well, almost.
7sites-7days-opera-facebook-7min-io is one of those hidden gems on the internet. You’ll see what we mean once you’ve tried it. In fact, why not make a daily habit? Have fun exercising!

Come back tomorrow for day 3 of “7 sites in 7 days: Sharing web fun with our 7M fans”. :)

A heart-y cheer for Opera 23 for Windows and Mac

As the temperatures in Norway and Poland start to soar to double digits, we’re pleased to release the finalized version of Opera 23 for Windows and Mac.

The most visible change in Opera 23 is the heart icon in the combined search and address bar. Previously, Opera’s heart icon meant “add to Stash”. But, when we talked to users, they told us they were confused about the icons in address bar and didn’t know how to turn on the bookmarks bar.

Now, click the heart and you can decide whether to add the page to Stash, the bookmarks bar or Speed Dial. If you add something to the bookmarks bar for the first time, the bar will be enabled automatically.

Remember that you can right-click on the bookmarks bar to create a folder.

We know that using the heart icon adds an extra click. We’re continuing to refine the heart menu and will add more bookmarking and bookmark management functionality in future releases.

From our discussions, we know that many of you have your browser open all day for email, writing documents, watching movies and playing games. Therefore, it’s vital Opera doesn’t crash just before you kill that alien, dry your eyes at the lovely movie finale (sob) or send that brilliant idea to your boss. So, under the hood, we’ve improved the browser’s stability to prevent crashes if a plug-in freezes or crashes.

Thank you for using our fast, beautiful browser. If you’re anxious to see what’s coming next, by all means download Opera Next or Opera Developer. Opera Next includes all the newest feature that will make it into the stable stream, but may be a bit buggy. With Opera Developer, you get to see and test out all of our experiments as we create them. These builds live side by side with your main browser and won’t overwrite your stable install. Linux users can check out our early Developer version of Opera for Linux.

Full changelog is available here.

7 sites in 7 days: Sharing web fun with our 7M fans

We’re thrilled to share the news that we hit the 7 million mark on our Facebook page.

To thank our 7 million fans from around the world, we’re sharing 7 sites in 7 days to show the internet is useful and fun… if you know where to look.

Let’s kick it off with
There are a lot of blogging platforms out there with different services and features. Depending on how you blog — whether you post more photos or whether you write longer texts, you have several choices where to maintain your blog.

What’s special with Medium is its time signature. It shows you how long it takes to read a specific blog post. The time shows up under each title on any blog post in Medium.

So if you’re browsing posts from other bloggers, you’ll get an idea of how long you’ll spend reading a post. Handy, right?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s site in day 2 of “7 sites in 7 days: Sharing web fun with our 7M fans”.

The Opera Mini travel blog

If you love travelling and reading good travel stories like we do, then the Opera Mini travel blog is for you. It’s a collection of hand-picked travel blogs from around the world. Here are some of the stories:

Live music from locals using metal pans and small cups. This is Gary’s story from his Western Sahara trip.

These rice terraces were built with bare hands. Jona shares some photos from her Philippine trip.

What to bring when you’re exploring Morocco. Some tips from the traveling duo Lloyd and Yaya.

Five states in five days. This is Shrinidhi’s 2040-km road trip.

Camemberu still feels goosebumps looking at her skydiving photos from her trip in Australia.

If you have a travel blog and you want to tell your story to more readers, then tell us about it in this submission form. Who knows, you might be our next featured blogger.

Got Java? Opera Mini update for Java phones

Are you using a BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, or other basic phone with Java?

Today, we’re rolling an updated Opera Mini browser for Java phones. This update is not automatic. So, current users please head over to to get the latest version.

Some of the new stuff in this update:
- It’s now faster to install Opera Mini on BlackBerry phones.
- If you’re on a BlackBerry phone and you’ve had problems with line breaks after hitting Enter,  we’re happy to report that this issue has now been fixed.
- You can now use Opera Mini on a ZTE P80 phone.

And, here’s a little extra for Nokia users: if you’ve lost track of your phone folders and can’t find where Opera Mini is, this page can help. :)

Opera Mini is the handiest mobile browser when you’re on the go. It helps you get online faster, even when your internet connection is poor, and it saves you mobile data.

If you haven’t tried Opera Mini yet, you can get it here.