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Pimp your smartphone with GX Mods, now available in Opera GX on Android and iOS

GX Mods Mobile

Transform the look and feel of your smartphone and tablet and browse like a badass by installing dozens of Mods inspired by games and gaming culture

Bored of boring mobile browsers? Opera GX is introducing GX Mods Mobile, the exciting new feature in the Opera GX mobile browser that allows you to customize your smartphone and tablet like never before! Following the huge success of mods on the PC browser, which were launched 1 year ago and where over 5000 mods were created by the community, GX Mods Mobile brings this customization experience to your mobile devices. Now, you can pimp your smartphone and tablet with GX Mods mobile in the Opera GX browser – available now on iOS and Android.

“Why make do with boring generic mobile browsers that say nothing about you or your interests? With GX Mods mobile you can now pimp and fine tune your smartphone as well as your desktop browser to create a vibe and feel that’s uniquely you,” said Maciej Kocemba, product director at Opera. 

Each Mod features awesome themes and wallpapers which have been optimized for smartphones and tablets. With GX Mods, you can quickly customize your mobile browsing experience into a futuristic cityscape, a medieval fantasy world or even a chilling horror vibe, with a range of most popular Mods from the Opera GX desktop version including Cyberdeck, LoFiChill, Cozy, and GX Boy. 

But this is just the start. New features coming to GX Mods will enable users to completely transform how Opera GX looks, sounds and behaves. From customizing the background music, browser and keyboard sounds, to choosing from a host of vibrant animated live wallpapers.

To select and activate your chosen Mod, open the main menu and select Mods and choose your favorite mod. Opera GX Team will regularly add new mods to the store, so users can always find fresh options to customize their browser.

The launch of GX Mods mobile follows huge demand from Opera GX desktop users, who love the ability to completely transform how their browser looks, sounds, and feels  in almost limitless ways. 

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