The coolest job in the world: Browse the web from a remote Icelandic island, achieve Tabfulness, and earn $10,000

Our Tabfulness Guru meditating on Bjarnarey.

Looking for a new job? Well look no further, because we’ve got what just might be the coolest job in the world on offer: browse the web from a remote island off the coast of Iceland, reach a state of “Tabfulness,” and get paid $10,000 as our new Tabfulness Guru. 

It’s well documented that we Scandinavians are among the happiest people on Earth. Despite being shut inside for vast swathes of the year with freezing temperatures and little light, Scandinavians pioneered a mode of living that champions coziness and well-being: hygge. We at Opera have translated this concept into a state of contentment while interacting with browser tabs – all thanks to the inspiration of our Tabfulness Guru.

For seven years, Tabfulness Guru Valgardur Hlöðversson has secluded himself on Bjarnarey – an abandoned volcanic island off the coast of Iceland – studying just how to bring that Scandinavian coziness into browsing. Meditating daily to understand the meaning of digital serenity, Valgardur shares his wisdom via frequent calls with our staff. Tab Islands, our browser’s innovative and intuitive way of grouping tabs, was born from his inspiration.

But after seven long years, Tabfulness Guru Hlöðversson is set to enjoy some leisure time at his other remote cabin – and in the meantime, Opera is looking for his temporary replacement!

“For a long time I’ve pondered life’s big questions: Why are we born? Where do we go when we die? How do I keep track of so many tabs? With Opera I have attained such harmony, in both the digital and physical worlds – but now I need a vacation, and for someone to take up the role of Tabfulness Guru while I’m away,” said Valgardur.

Do you have what it takes to be our next Guru? If surviving on Knäckebröd and fish oil with the wind on your face and the odd sheep for company – all while browsing the web and reaching a state of higher consciousness – sounds like a dream to you, you should apply!

Apply now until February 25th to browse the web with Opera from the windswept shores of Iceland to achieve true Tabfulness and earn $10,000.

To get started on your own Tabfulness journey, click here to download Opera. If you already have Opera, get in the tabful spirit with the Tabfulness Guru and Tabfulness Island wallpapers, now available under “Get more wallpapers” in the browser Settings.

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