Swipe your way and Discover a new beta!

Time for a new beta version of Opera for Android. It comes with a fresh engine and lots of fixes and improvements, but also a big change to the Discover feature. Once you’ve clicked an article in Discover, you can move to the next article just by swiping right.

With the Discover feature, we offer a quick, smooth and effortless way for you to find news and content in your mobile browser. In this improved version, you can easily pick your favorite category and swipe through news and articles. We are still working on the experience for tablets, and the approach for smaller-sized tablets will most likely change in the next beta iteration.

The Discover notification on the Speed Dial can still be deleted by dragging it to the trash, but you now also have the option to re-enable it in the Discover settings. This can be done in the Settings menu when using the Discover feature.

There is also a larger experimental change to the rendering architecture in this version, which will save some memory and remove a lot of glitches and black blinks — for example, when the device orientation changes.

So, to sum it up:
- Revamped Discover feature — swipe your way through the latest news.
- Fixed password manager, so it no longer fails to suggest saved passwords for many sites.
- Added new experimental rendering improvements.
- Added Discover setting to turn Speed Dial notifications on/off.
- Improved the page-loading spinner behavior — the combined search & address bar won’t pop up for in-page events anymore.
- Added “Copy link” context menu option on pages and in history view.
- Bumped Chromium version update to 34.
- Implemented various stability and usability improvements.

Known issues:
- Some translations are incomplete or missing  (always the case for early betas).
- On some devices, tab thumbnails are black.
- Embedded videos sometime fail to play in Off-Road mode.

So, swipe your way and “discover” the latest news on your mobile with the Opera for Android beta, and as always —  let us know what you think!

Opera Mini for Android update: support for high-resolution screens

We are releasing a new build with some fixes and full support for xhdpi screens that are becoming prevalent in newer devices. We’re looking at you phablets!

If you are reading this blog using Opera Mini on a fancy, extra large full-HD Super Amoled device, get the new build now and you won’t have to get your fingertips surgically modified to press tiny buttons.

We are also fixing an issue reported by some users living on the bleeding edge of Android development. This is about Art (Android Runtime) support.

With the introduction of Android 4.4 (KitKat), Google added a new runtime option to address some of the performance issues that have been affecting the current runtime. Unlike Dalvik (the current just-in-time compiler), Art compiles ahead of time, with the expectations that applications will open and execute faster.

Opera Mini needed a few tweaks to run flawlessly on Art. The new build we’re rolling out today has those tweaks. So, if you are taking your device to the limits, Opera Mini can be with you all the way.

We have also fixed several issues related to right-to-Left languages, along with many smaller fixes to keep things running smoothly.

Have fun with the updated Opera Mini for Android!

Fine-tuning the Opera for Android browser

Today, Opera for Android gets an update.

Among other work behind the scenes, we’ve fixed these issues:

  • Empty tab manager thumbnails
  • Passwords sometimes not stored
  • Speaker phone always turned on
  • Common crash when playing video on specific sites
  • Issue with loading spinner after a session restore

Your report and feedback from our previous release has helped us with fine-tuning the Opera for Android browser. Thanks!

New Opera Mini for Java and BlackBerry

We have a new version of Opera Mini for Java and BlackBerry phones (BlackBerry OS). We’ve been working on this one for a long time. The last time we had a blog post about Opera Mini was for version 4.5 and we got chocolate cake then. Still not sure how we’ll celebrate this one, but marzipan cake is very popular here in Norway. Enough talk about sweets. Here are the real treats:

New look and feel
Yup, Opera Mini 8 comes with a brand-new design. We think it looks pretty good.

Private browsing
Select private browsing if you want to be private.gfx1_private-browsing-good_NEW 

Night mode
Staying up late? Turn on night mode to dim your phone’s display. We’ve listened to your requests — now, you have a better way to browse at night. This is especially helpful for those with devices that don’t support automatic dimming.

Accessing tabs on phones with keypads Tab access has also improved for phones with keypads. Try it out: push the arrow up button to get a new tab. Here are other shortcuts that you can use in Opera Mini: Opera Mini quick tips: # 0 to reload a page. # 2 to search Google. # 3 to find text on a page. # 5 to access your bookmarks. # * to activate Night Mode.

Last, but not least: Opera Mini gives you a lot of data savings We call Opera Mini the “King of Compression”. Our browser can help you save up to 90% of your data usage. The data usage overview has also been given a facelift, with more details how we save you data. Take a look:


Opera for Android: Super comfy browsing

Opera for Android got an update today. We think you’ll find that this is now a better browser for your phone. Here are some reasons why: 

You can do this:
It works flawlessly. Video chatting is quick and easy with Opera browser’s WebRTC support. Sites like appear.in are great examples for this technology, if you want to test it out.

Or, this:
It’s up to you. Choose phone, classic or tablet view and change how your Opera browser looks.

And we’re guessing you would want to do this:
Group the websites you visit the most into Speed Dial folders.

Install Opera Android for free on Google Play.

A new beta on Android

We have just upgraded the beta channel on Android with a fresh version of Opera.

The upgrade includes a new Chromium version (33), a lot of improvements, bug fixes and tweaks, but also some more visible changes.

Configure the UI the way you like it. We have gotten feedback that you would like to be able to choose what UI layout to use. Some of you like the phone UI on your tablet or the other way around. Now, we’ve added a setting, so you can choose from the three modes: Phone, Classic and Tablet.

The Speed Dial entries now have a more modern, square look.

Search made simpler. Your search query will now be kept intact in the combined search and address bar. It’s simple to change and refine your search or to try the same search with another search engine.

WebRTC support. You can now do video calls within your mobile browser. You could try this out by visiting appear.in — no registration or login required, and it’s free.

Instant news on your Speed Dial. We are experimenting with showing some news items on the Speed Dial for easy access.

Note that this update requires some new permissions: Bluetooth, vibration, modify audio settings and record audio needed for WebRTC and HTML5 Vibration API support.

Let us know what you think. Happy browsing! 

Opera browser for Android gets an update

We’re updating the Opera browser for Android today. We are busy looking into our mobile products and this version in particular does not contain anything big or sexy, mostly minor fixes. But these  bug and stability fixes are very important because it makes sure the Opera browser works well, whatever Android device you’re using.

Here’s a quick look into some of the fixes we’ve implemented:

- No more missing images

- Two-column layout history view is now fixed, and will not blank out when removing an item from a big list
- Scroll position is now remembered in tablet history view
- Expanded history items will now be remembered per tab

Speed Dial
- Speed Dial screen will now scroll up every time you open the Tab Bar
- Speed Dial items now show up properly in omnibar suggestions.

An additional feature is also rolling out in history view. You can now long press on an item to delete an entry.

You can get Opera browser for Android in Google Play.
Try it and tell us what you think about it. Enjoy!


New update for Opera browser beta on Android

We’re starting off the new blog with an update for the Opera browser beta on Android. The updated build is available in Google Play.

Off-Road mode is improved and bugs have been fixed.


  • Improvements for Off-Road mode
  • Fixed a crash on specific sites in Off-Road mode
  • Improved download in background handling
  • Improved legacy bookmark handling
  • Fixed disappearing RTL text in history view
  • Various stability improvements

Thanks for all your feedback!

Download Opera browser beta

Hello (again) world!

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Opera Mini 4.5


The mini team has been working hard to bring you a new version of Opera Mini for feature phones just before the summer vacations, so you can take this update with you wherever you are heading this summer (or winter if you live in the southern hemisphere : ) )

We have some exciting new features, like Private Mode, a new Download Manager, a new skin, with UI enhancements for touch devices, and many many fixes to ensure you get the best experience when you are on the go with your favorite Browser.

To download Opera Mini 4.5 visit http://m.opera.com on your phone. Note that we will try to find the best version for you, but you can always select
the version you like by using the "Other download options" link.

We think you will like it as much as we do!