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Compete for up to 180,000 prizes while following every minute of AFCON with new Shake and Win

A football fan wins big with Shake and Win.

Ready to follow another thrilling edition of Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) while having the chance to win over 180,000 prizes? Well today we’re delighted to announce a new “Shake and Win” for users in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. With exciting new ways to win prizes while competing against rival teams, you’ll have more ways than ever to shake your way to victory!

“Shake and Win” is always a cause for excitement, but all the more so during spectacles of football like AFCON. Truly one of the liveliest competitions in the footballing calendar, the stadiums come alive with tremendous atmosphere as teams from around Africa vie for glory. This year, we’re thrilled to bring you even more fun throughout the tournament, with a chance to bring home fantastic prizes.

The Shake and Win campaign page will be accessible via a floating button on the start page of the Opera Mini browser. From there, you can shake your phones to win either an immediate reward, or a puzzle piece. If you collect six individual pieces and complete the puzzle, you are eligible to win one of a variety of prizes like cash, MiniPay vouchers, and airtime. 

This edition of Shake and Win will feature some additional fun, as you can earn extra shakes by completing various missions to boost your chances of winning. Discovering different aspects of the browser – for example taking advantage of the built-in Live Scores feature embedded within Opera Mini – will afford you even more shakes, and thus more chances to win.

We’re going even further to tap into the spirit of AFCON by giving players from different nations the chance to compete against each other in the inaugural Opera Cup. You’ll win points for your home nation by successfully completing missions, the points for which are tallied on a leaderboard. The country with the highest points total toward the end of the campaign will win the Cup – and, notably, an overall boost to their prize pool, offering the winners even more opportunities to take home prizes and glory!

A speedy browser geared for football fans

Opera Mini is the perfect browser for football fans. An integrated Live Scores service puts Africa’s most popular game at your’ fingertips, so you can track multiple games at a time from competitions around the world. During AFCON, you can choose your favorite teams or star preferred games from within the scoreboard to enjoy tailored notifications and live updates. That way, you can follow every minute of the exciting AFCON action with in-depth statistics and running commentary – right from inside the Opera Mini browser.

Lightweight and speedy, Opera Mini is a mobile browser that helps you save up to 90% of your data through its unique Data Compression technology. If you’re supported by partnered telecommunications network, you are furthermore afforded free data just for making Opera Mini your default browser. A secure, flexible, and fast option for those seeking to save as much data as possible, Opera Mini additionally supports offline file sharing and boasts a built-in ad blocker.

So get in the spirit of AFCON! Download Opera Mini for your chance to shake and win – all while battling rivals and bringing home top prizes.

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