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Opera Mini now available with Private Downloads, following 97% of Nigerians’ request for enhanced security features 

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Opera is rolling out a new feature that’s all about giving you more privacy and control, especially for those of you sharing mobile devices. With over 100 million enthusiasts across Africa, Opera is thrilled to announce the introduction of Private Downloads in Opera Mini. This fresh update is a game-changer for personal and PIN-protected browsing, catering especially to our users in Nigeria where device sharing is common.

The Creation of Private Downloads

We all have things we would like to keep private when browsing, and Opera Mini is here to address that. To ensure that your personal browsing is under your control and only accessible to you, in its latest version Opera Mini introduces Private Downloads. The idea emerged from Opera’s commitment to understanding and acting upon user needs. After extensive surveys and feedback analysis, Opera discovered that 98% of Nigerians were calling for better privacy controls, particularly for users who share mobile devices. In response, Opera Mini Version 79 now boasts a PIN-protected download folder, ensuring your personal documents and media stay just that – personal.

This update is more than just a feature – it’s a testament to Opera’s user-centric philosophy. You, our Opera Mini users, asked for enhancements such as stronger privacy features, integration with Google services, offline page access, a data-saving mode – all of which we’ve made sure to integrate into the Opera Mini browser, which we constantly adapt to ensure that it remains developed for its users, and co-shaped by them.

Adding Desktop Mode

There’s one further feature our users requested that’s making its way into Opera Mini’s Version 79: Desktop Mode. You can now switch to view a website on your mobile device as if you were on your computer, catering to the diverse browsing needs of the Opera Mini community. This improvement is part of Opera’s broader mission to tailor the browsing experience to reflect how you live your life.

Your New Opera Mini Awaits

As we continue our mission to boost digitalization in Nigeria, Opera Mini, in partnership with Airtel and MTN, is providing free data campaigns with up to 1.5GB of free data a month across Nigeria, which stands as a testament to our commitment to accessible and affordable internet. Coupled with its unparalleled data-saving capabilities – saving up to 90% of user data – Opera Mini ensures a seamless online experience while keeping data costs to a minimum. 

Ready to dive into a more secure browsing experience? With its new Private Downloads feature, Opera Mini is here to redefine mobile browsing, prioritizing your privacy and convenience. So take control of your online world and join the millions who have made Opera Mini their browser of choice – download Opera Mini now! 

 *The survey was conducted by Opera between 27.11.2023 and 02.12.2023 via Pollfish. The target population was identified as 16-44 years old, all genders, located in Nigeria. There were 1,026 respondents overall.

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