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Simplify Your Downloads and Stay Connected with My Flow on Opera for iOS

A laptop and a phone show Opera's innovative My Flow feature, allowing you to save files and documents across devices.

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, efficiency and connectivity are more than just buzzwords – they are essential ingredients for navigating our lives online. That’s why Opera for iOS comes with the game-changing My Flow feature, designed to streamline your digital workflow and connect your devices more seamlessly than ever before.

Intuitive Download Management

Opera for iOS makes handling downloads straightforward and stress-free. With a simple navigation to Menu > Downloads, the browser opens your system’s Files app, placing all your downloads within easy reach. 

The download process itself is a model of efficiency – a progress bar at the bottom of the screen provides real-time download status, with options to cancel or swipe away the notification to give you full control over your downloads. Once complete, files can be immediately opened or shared thanks to the “Open in” feature, streamlining how you interact with downloaded content.

Within the Files app you can create, move, edit, or delete folders and files, tailoring your digital space to your preferences. And if you’re missing the Files app, we’ll prompt you to download it from the App Store so no one is left behind.

My Flow: Your Bridge Between Devices

Have you ever wanted a more efficient way to share links, notes, or files between your devices? Well, we’ve got you covered with My Flow, a direct solution embedded in the browser that allows for quick, secure sharing between your computer and phone. Whether it’s a recipe, an important document, or just a meme you want to revisit later, My Flow makes transferring content across your devices effortless.

My Flow isn’t just about transferring files – it’s about creating an integrated digital experience in which your devices work in harmony, eliminating the need for cumbersome emails or third-party apps for self-sharing.

Join the Opera Experience

So what are you waiting for? Master your downloads and organize your life online with My Flow – download Opera for iOS today!

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