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Save Big on Data: Opera Mini helps Nigerians Save Nearly 5 Billion Naira worth of Internet Access in 2023

Hello there Opera fans,

Opera Mini users in Nigeria saved a whopping 5 Billion Naira worth of data* – which equates to over 3,760,000 Gigabytes – in 2023 thanks to our free data campaigns! And that’s on top of Opera Mini’s unique Data Compression technology, allowing free data to last longer.

This is a major achievement that we are excited to share with you, and it further underscores Opera’s commitment to its Africa First strategy.

How We’re Making the Internet more Accessible

To make our free data campaigns possible, we teamed up with long-time partners like Airtel and MTN. When using a supported network, Opera Mini users can benefit from up to 1.5GB of free data every single month! These campaigns have been a huge hit, with over 3.5 million users getting in on the action and making the internet way more accessible for everyone. 

Opera Mini is the ultimate data-saving browser, which allows you to go online for longer thanks to its unique Data Compression technology that shrinks down websites so your data goes way further. That 1.5GB of free data? It could last up to 90% longer on Opera Mini than on other browsers – that’s up to 10 times more browsing!

Bridging the Digital Divide

Opera has pledged to bridge the digital divide in Africa and committed over $100M to support digitalization across the continent as part of its Africa First Strategy. Today’s announcement represents a significant milestone, as well as a testament to our commitment to positively impact African people and communities.

We believe that having access to the internet should be a basic human right, and with Opera Mini we are breaking down the barriers and providing affordable access to information. This helps you to stay informed, entertained, and empowered to make the most of the internet and its boundless possibilities.

Download Opera Mini and Save Data!

If you’re not on board already, it’s time to experience the difference! Download Opera Mini for free and experience faster, more affordable internet.


*In 2023, Opera gave away 3,760TB (3,850,055 GB or 3,942,455,968 MB) of data through free data campaigns in Nigeria. An average retail bundle of 40MB is 50 NGN. Per MB, that is 1.25 NGN. For 3,760 TB (or 3,942,455,968), 4,928,069,960 NGN (rounded to 5B NGN). 

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