5 Things To Consider When Switching Your Mobile Browser

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Big changes recently came to the mobile browser world! As of March 6th, if you’re based in the European Union, you likely saw a new ballot screen asking you to pick your default browser on Android and iOS. This is a result of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) which aims to bring more openness to the market. This represents a great opportunity to discover and try out new browsers, so we wanted to share some things you should consider when exploring your mobile browser options.

Why is being able to select your default browser important?

The DMA is an EU regulation that requires big tech companies designated as “gatekeepers” to open their platforms to fair competition. This gives users greater freedom in choosing which browsers and search engines they want to use, and which allows you to be in total control of your browsing experience. 

March the 6th marked the deadline for companies to comply with all of the Act’s provisions. From this date onwards, you are free to choose which internet browser and search engine you want to set as your default. Here are 5 things to consider while choosing the best browser for your needs:

  1. Privacy & Security

When it comes to choosing an internet browser, privacy and security are a key concern. A secure browser will keep your data safely encrypted and allow you to protect your identity, and it will protect you against ill-intended advertisers and malicious software. You should also consider if it complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), since that legislation ensures that your data is safe and within Europe.

A survey undertaken by Opera* in the EU revealed that nearly 50% of the respondents prioritize a free VPN, ad blocker, and advanced privacy features. Opera offers innovative browsers for both Android and iOS that feature a set of tools designed to keep you safe while browsing. They include a free, built-in, no-log browser VPN that you can easily enable on the Main Menu Icon. A no-log VPN means that nobody’s keeping tabs on what you do online. Android users can also upgrade to a device-wide version of the VPN that protects up to 6 different Android devices within one subscription.

Additionally, online ads can appear unexpectedly, aggressively track your data, or even be malicious. Although not all of them are bad, and some might be of your interest, we believe that an ad blocker is a must when going online. And those annoying cookie dialogs? They can be gone too, if you want them to be.

With Opera, you get a fully integrated ad blocker and tracker blocker that will ensure a safe and seamless experience on the internet. To activate it, just head to Main Menu Icon > Settings Gear and turn on the ad blocking and tracker blocking features. Make sure to also switch on the cookie dialog blocker that can be found when tapping the ad blocker option. It’s as simple as that!

  1. Speed

When choosing a new browser, around 40% of the users listed speed as one of the main reasons to switch, and for good reason: Speed makes the online experience smooth and seamless, as it provides comfort and keeps you engaged. 

Opera’s mobile browsers are known for their speed, offering a smooth and efficient browsing experience. They delivers fast loading times and smooth navigation, presenting a compelling choice for users seeking a swift and responsive browsing experience. 

  1. Integrated AI Experience

Artificial Intelligence is a very powerful tool that has the potential to revolutionize our lives, and the right choice of mobile browser allows you to tap into the power of AI while on the go. Say you are a writer and are feeling stuck – you can use AI to help you brainstorm ideas, develop characters, or learn about the latest technological trends that will inspire your next Sci-Fi novel.

Opera’s browsers for Android and iOS both offer a free, built-in AI called Aria that can serve as your browsing copilot. Aria can assist you in daily tasks such as summarizing documents or boosting your creativity by suggesting ideas. It is also up to date, so you can also use it to stay on top of your interests and get the latest information. 

  1. Personalization & UI

It’s important to feel that you are in control of your own browsing experience. That applies not only to privacy and security, but also to the interface and design of your browser. That’s why being able to customize your browser in a way that best reflects your personality is a key feature that we believe you should consider.

We have developed our mobile browsers in such a way that you can personalize them with various color themes as well as wallpapers, which include community created content. Just go into your browser and tap the Main Menu Icon, go to “appearance” and start expressing yourself. You can also find useful features such as Speed Dials that will allow access to your favorite sites from the main menu, as well as Bookmarks to always keep the important things at hand.

  1. Connecting With Other Devices

A browser becomes more than just a browser when it makes your life easier, and having one that can sync across devices definitely fits that bill. Being able to transfer content across devices is essential, be it a document, a link, your thoughts, or even just a meme that you want to save for later. 

Opera has a feature called Flow, which allows you to have a true cross-platform experience, switching seamlessly from mobile to desktop. Access My Flow on your phone in the main menu, where you’ll find Flow. From there, simply log in with your Opera profile, connect your devices, and enjoy the experience!

Join the Opera Experience

Now that you can make a more informed choice about your own online experience, we encourage you to download Opera and benefit from all of its cool features. Download Opera!

*The survey was conducted by Opera between 21st and 23rd of February, 2024, via Pollfish. The overall number of respondents is 4000 people with 1000 participants in each market.The target population was identified as 18-54 years old, all genders, located in Germany, France, Poland, and Spain.

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