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Team up with our browser AI to win from $20,0000 worth of prizes in the Aria Scavenger Hunt

A mobile phone shows a user asking Opera's browser AI, Aria, some questions.

Hey Opera fans!

We’ve got something exciting for our users in Europe and the United States: from April 3rd to April 22nd 2024, get ready for the world’s biggest AI scavenger hunt! Available across the desktop versions of Opera and Opera GX, plus Opera for Android and Opera for iOS, you’ll solve clues with the help of our browser AI, Aria, for a chance to win from a prize pool worth $20,000.

So how does this work? Firstly, you’ll need to have an Aria account in order to participate. So if you haven’t already created your account with our free, up-to-date browser AI, now’s the perfect time. You can either create an Opera account when you open Aria, or use your Google credentials to sign in. 

On the day the contest kicks off, April 3rd, the first clue will become available at 3:00 PM CET. Ask Aria for it – by saying, for example, “Hello Aria! Could you provide today’s clue for the Aria Scavenger Hunt?” – and your browsing copilot will give you the clue in the form of a prompt. We don’t want to say too much about what they’ll be here – we can’t give it away! – but the clue will be some kind of riddle for you to solve or exercise to complete. When you think you’ve worked out the answer, write to Aria with your guess! The browser AI will then let you know whether you’re correct.

Submitting your clue 

The first time that you get the correct answer, you’ll need to head to the Aria Scavenger Hunt webpage where you’ll create a username, input your Aria email, and click “Submit.” After that, you’ll see your username pop up on the leaderboard!

So how can I climb higher in the leaderboard, you’re probably wondering? Well, clues are accessible every two days at 3:00 PM CET. The faster you solve the clue and submit your answer on the Scavenger Hunt page, the higher rank you get. So make sure to set your alarms, and solve them quickly!

And what’s the reward if I do, you ask? Well, every five days we’ll award $1,000 worth of cash prizes to the two fastest participants on the leaderboard! 

The prizes 

At the end of the competition, we’ll add together the cumulative scores to see who collected the most points. The contestant who finishes in first place receives a whopping $4,000 in cash! $3,000 will be divided between the players who finish between 2nd and 4th, while a further $3,000 will be split among the 5th to 10th place finishers. Finally, $2,000 in Amazon vouchers will be disbursed among those who place 11th and 20th. 

That’s already a lot at stake, but you might have noticed that $4,000 for our daily leaders and $12,000 in final day winnings is still only $16,000 – so where’s the rest?

Well, that’s for you to find out! Among the clues you’ll discover an Easter egg. Keen-eyed observers will see that there will be clues to discover in physical locations…but we can’t say any more than that! But if you’re clever enough to figure it out – and lucky enough to be in one of a few places (we’ll give you a hint – they’re in Europe!) – you can win cash prizes.

So get yourself ready for 20 days of excitement, in which you can win big! Download Opera, make an account with Aria, and join the Aria Scavenger Hunt.

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