New Opera Turbo: Faster browsing even on 3G and crowded Wi-Fi

Today’s update of Opera for computers comes with the new version of our data-savings technology, Opera Turbo.

This new version of Opera Turbo performs even better on congested Wi-Fi areas, such as cafés, airports or schools. You can browse up to 15% faster comparing to the previous version, if you use it with your phone as a hotspot on a 3G network. You’ll definitely feel the speed when you visit image-rich websites.


If you use a limited data package, like in the airport, you will notice that the new version of Opera Turbo saves up to 70% of the data you would normally use. That’s 23% more than the previous version of Opera Turbo in Opera for computers.


You can read more about this update from our desktop team.

And if you don’t have it yet, download Opera for computers and let us know what you think.

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