We launched Opera 34 today, which includes our newest improvements to Opera Turbo. Opera Turbo speeds up slow connections and can help you save data.


Why do we care about Opera Turbo? Well, let me tell you a story about a guy I met a few days ago. Let’s call him Darek. He is a construction engineer and he lives and breathes construction work: how the ground should be prepared, how walls are built and many other difficult concepts I am not capable of fully understanding.


Darek is the guy who, regardless of the weather conditions, makes sure that thousands of things on his building sites are done with flawless craftsmanship. To do that, he uses his laptop, intensively. He is always online to download documentation, check details with architects, chat with clients, the works. And, there’s one small problem with this. There is no cable connection at the construction site. So, Darek needs to use a mobile network.

Despite the fact he has an enormous data plan of 32 GB, it is never enough. So, he needs data compression to squeeze as much as possible out of those 32 GB. I was happy to hear that he uses the full portfolio of our data-compression software: Opera Mini, Opera Max and the Opera Turbo feature in Opera for computers.

A new version of Opera Turbo

And now, Opera 34 for computers makes his life even easier because it has the next generation of our Opera Turbo compression. It’s faster and more reliable, especially if the network has very low bandwidth and high latency.


I could have written many technical details about the technology of our servers, sophisticated algorithms to predict what resources will be sent or benchmarks we test against. But, we know you’re not interested in the technical details and we’re not either.

We’re interested in how technology makes your life easier, how it helps you get more done.

So, if you’re like Darek and you need a little speed boost or just want pages to load when you’re not on a nice, wired connection, try out Opera 34 and let us know how we can help you do a little more.


As Opera Software’s Product Manager of Desktop Products, Zhenis is responsible for defining Opera for computers features and strategy. He joined Opera in 2008 and has also worked on Opera Mini for iPhone and Opera’s TV products.

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    It’s all new function?! о_О

    • BK
      • Better.

        PS: Thanks by the detail of Debian (I’m using Debian Jessie as dual-boot with Windows).

      • INFINUM

        O, thanks a lot!

    • Apocalypse

      Dont even check this link. Not worth :-).

    • Cryio

      Native theme on Windows 10 as well.

      • SuperTommy

        It was enabled on O33 some time ago.

    • Just use the product. Quite a few of them you will see daily, as improvements in the download pop-up.

  • Nekomajin43

    But we are interested in all the technological details, so please, share.

    • András Ács

      To hell with technical details!

    • For instance, the Turbo server analyzes the structure of the document and prepare resources to load, if it predicts if you may need it.

      • Nekomajin43

        Thanks, but I’d like to know more. Do you adjust the compression rates depending on the network speed an latency? I mean, do you send the same data if the network speed is, for example 1 MB/s or 0.1 MB/s?

        I am also curious about compression and data loss rates of different media types. What do you do with HTTPS sites?

        • SuperTommy

          HTTPS are not compressed, for various security reasons.

  • xirit64

    Thanks guys, finally I can open my Speed Dial folders in new windows, a feature that was not present in O33. Oh and cancel download button of course 🙂

    • That’s the sign that those functionality are really useful. I didn’t write on purpose about it. If you discover it and use it, we are super happy 🙂

      • xirit64

        Thank you, as a further improvement I would say Shift + Clicking on it should do something, what do you think? 🙂

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Zhenis, thanks for the interesting article, and congrats to the Developers due to the release of the Opera 34! 😉

    • @L33t4opera:disqus, thank you very much 🙂

      • L33t4opera

        @zhenisbeisekov:disqus Thank you as well 🙂
        I think, that the new Opera has a great potential, and as for me it will be even better, if you can make it slightly more flexible, by providing more options to the users, and let them choose, which options they want to use in their browser – of course as far as possible 😉

    • Same thing with me.

  • Jx

    So many improvements, WOW!! I see that you speed up work. Congratulation.

    • Apocalypse

      U dont like Opera Turbo in Era of 150 MB/S Internet? 🙂

      • SuperTommy

        Not everyone in the world has such speed. There are more countries with bad connections than with good connections.

      • Cryio

        A lot of people don’t even have 150 Mb/s. Personally I’m happy myself with 100 Mb/s. Until 150 MB/s is a long way to go.

      • If you have 150 MB/s Internet, then your connection is not the bottle neck for the performance of your system. Fast disk drive will give you much more.

        • Jx

          Nice suggestion, but we ask why in the major update we have one improvement. The numbers changes but Opera stays the same.
          By the way the version 32 and then 33 don’t see updates on my system, so I must install them manually.

      • Jx

        I have 50Mb/s 🙂 Turbo is fine for slow connections, but You’re right, so many cool features waiting for introduction or update. And we waiting, waiting …

      • Carson Coyote


        I only have 1.5 Mb/s… lol

      • xirit64

        You mean Mbit/s or MB/s?

  • Andrey

    browser://flags/#new-tabs-model enabled by default, crashes opera on some popular sites. As he appeared in the beta version, nothing has changed

    • Aneta Reluga

      What is your OS? Thanks.

      • Andrey

        7×86 & 7×64

        • Aneta Reluga

          Ok, thanks. We have fixed TWO separate crashes related to notifications popups already, so the one you report must be still something else. Hot seats here now to identify the issue.

          • Andrey

            I don’t use opera stable(opera beta by default) – is clear, with default settings/flags and without extensions…

          • LoverOfLife

            What are the differences between old and new tabs model ? If you would like to tell me, please. I can’t see (yet)

          • bwat47

            nothing user facing afaik

          • LoverOfLife

            Aha, ok. I got first crash, with this flag enabled. That’s “new”

  • Rainbow Warrior

    Nice to hear. But what happened with the history? I can only scroll till the 7th of October, although i use Opera for quite a long time, over a year or so. Is that a bug?

    • Aneta Reluga

      Actually, this is by design. The history is still there, but the display is restricted to a number of entries. You can always search your history to find earlier entries.

      • iPristy

        On my system with clearing history i always get stuck with it, then i must close browser and start again.

  • Falconet

    Seems like this issue: http://i1134.photobucket.com/albums/m602/Musketeiro/Opera%20Bug_zpsnd4qceog.jpg

    Is solved now. Finally!
    Hope it lasts!

  • ktxgio

    is possible to delete first line of pixel above tabs? Or extend tabs border until upper board of screen? you can see image at this link for understand what i mean


    • Sidney Moraes

      You can disable that in settings (enable advanced settings first) 🙂

      • ktxgio

        thanks a lot!

    • Aneta Reluga

      Please go to Settings -> Browser -> Advanced settings and tick the “Show advanced settings” checkbox. Then, go to Settings -> Browser -> User interface and tick “Disable tab bar’s top spacing when browser window is maximized”. This should do the job for you.

      • ktxgio

        thanks a lot for information!

    • Vux777

      If you don’t see this on your settings page (under browser) you need to enable show advance settings (bottom of the settings page)

      • ktxgio

        thanks a lot!

      • ktxgio

        thanks a lot!!

  • András Ács

    You’re right, to hell with technical details!

  • netwolf

    “I could have written many technical details about the technology of our servers, sophisticated algorithms to predict what resources will be sent or benchmarks we test against. But, we know you’re not interested in the technical details and we’re not either.”
    Well, actually I _am_ interested in those technical details! Where can I find those details?? Asked about them already twice, but only got PR stuff… Thanks a lot!

    • Spencer

      The fact that they claim they’re not interested either is actually fairly concerning to me.

    • The best test case scenario, when you have quite slow Internet (lower than 1MBit) and a image-reach websites, which is not optimized for slower connection (bigger images).

      • netwolf

        I don’t want to test, I was asking for technical details…

      • NoName

        There are now multiple choices out there, if you want to save bandwidth or increase performance on slow network.

        But how can we be sure that Opera’s feature is the best, if we have no idea on how it works?
        Some of us are quite technical people. And we base our choice on the best technical solution.

        I don’t require all your blog posts to be technical. But a link or some additional info at the bottom of the post would be appreciated.

    • jedy123

      Yes, very sweeping statement to assume we’re not interested.

  • So many will be shifting into turbo 2

  • Vlad Violenty

    Add in developer version mute tabs like O34 http://imgur.com/T1GDvk9

    • xirit64

      what are you talking about, there are mute tabs in the developer version.

      • Vlad Violenty

        there are mute tabs in O34. on by flags
        In developer version design of button Mute ugly

  • Sit idle on http://www.macrumors.com/2015/12/08/apple-releases-os-x-10-11-2/ and 94% cpu spike for just that tab

    OS X 10.11.1

    w/ OS X 10.11.2 the CPU is a lot less

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      I can’t see that problem on 10.11.1…

      • Have you tried it with 10.11.2 (Apple released the update Tuesday)

        w/ 10.11.2, the page CPU usage is 10% idle & 305 MB of RAM (some part of the page is refreshing every so often and there is a short spike in CPU usage)

    • Olli

      Can’t reproduce on 10.11.2

      • I think it is some ads on the site and something else that is set to a high refresh rate

  • Thank you so much, I’m much more than grateful to the team of Opera, Opera Turbo feature of this is very essential for me.

    I congratulate all staff and all who work hard to make much needed services such as Opera Turbo are possible, go ahead and submit new interesting features to this wonderful browser. 🙂

  • Amazingeneer

    Crashes randomly when loading sites. Can’t reproduce it by visiting a page which made Opera crash before. Please look into this.

    Opera Stable 34.0.2036.25

    Windows 10 v1511 x64

    • Any extensions? Also have you installed todays updates from Microsoft?

      • Amazingeneer

        Yes I’ve installed todays updates. But this also happens when using my Notebook with Win 7 (without this months patches). No extensions installed on both machines

  • Any word on smooth scrolling? I am aware of the shortcut suffix, but it’s not the real deal.

  • Pavel Aleksandrov

    How is the sync duplication fix coming along? I’d really like to have my bookmarks back…

  • The DEB linux package works perfectly. In the update service, is practically the opposite. I hope that the update on Windows will be simultaneous.

    PS: Thanks by the cancel button.

  • I’m happy to see the new Opera! This version work perfectly and the improvements are great 🙂

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      That’s nice to hear 🙂

  • SurfEasy VPN promo is cut off in the page (globe icon) panel on the right (can be reproduce on this blog next to the address bar)

    OS X 10.11.2

  • jedy123

    Trying to upgrade from Opera 33 and I get ‘An error occurred while checking for updates’. I’m on OSX 10.9.5.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Is it a repeatable pattern? Or, did it upgrade correctly after the browser restart? Thanks.

      • jedy123

        Trying several times and always get this message. No download will start at all.

        • Aneta Reluga

          Thanks, but does it happen also when you totally close and restart the browser? Or do you only refresh opera:about?

          • jedy123

            Tried closing/restarting the browser but still get an error.

          • Aneta Reluga

            Ok, thanks. We will investigate this. For the time being, please close Opera, clean your temporary files folder (should be /var/tmp/ and restart Opera. Just in case.

  • jedy123

    Is there a way to remove the (OS X) share button?

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      Yes, there is #osx-share-button flag. You can disable it for now on.

  • Stanislav Stratil

    This is for your Czech translator:
    Why are “News” (Novinky/Zprávy) translated as “Discussion” (Diskuze) ?
    Sorry, but this translation doesnt make sense. This “Diskuze” implies, like you can connect to some chat rooms or forum, but thats not true.
    These are just News which can have some discussion under article.
    I suggest to tranaslate it as “Novinky”.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Thanks a lot for your info, Stanislav. I’m forwarding it to the language team.

      • Stanislav Stratil

        Good. I really appreciate how you communicate with community. 🙂

        • Aneta Reluga

          Well, thank you. 🙂
          Anyway, it is reported now, internally as TRN-543

  • Dark Magician

    ”I could have written many technical details about the technology of our servers, sophisticated algorithms to predict what resources will be sent or benchmarks we test against. But, we know you’re not interested in the technical details and we’re not either.”

    Actually we are interested, how about a full changelog?
    This is actually how Opera lost it, who do you think visits your blog, and who are the original users?
    We don’t care about some Darek, and a story dumbed down for sub average user.

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      The stable release posts are typically aimed at and read by a different audience than the snapshot posts.

      This is a stable release, for a new version. It’s functionally equivalent to the last beta snapshot.

      As you already know, as a visitor of this blog, all developer and beta releases get technical comments and a full changelog linked in this blog. And as a visitor of this blog, the stable release shouldn’t contain anything new for you anyway.

  • ayespy

    What? No comments yet?

    • Vux777

      something is wrong with Disqus last couple of days
      there were many comments here, but now I see only couple of them
      + login problems

      • ayespy

        I see.

      • L33t4opera

        @ayespy:disqus Yep, it seems that there’s some issue, try here 😉

  • Pavol

    We (users) are still waiting on two features: 1) Add an option to move the bookmark bar side by side to address pane (so the bookmark bar and address bars are in one line). 2) Remove ‘+’ button in the Speed Dial. Please add those, it must not be an issue for developers and so helpful for users!

  • Kev87

    Why are all the previous comments deleted?

    • escruting

      They probably were too technical and werent needed.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, they are not deleted, it seems that there’s some issue, try here 😉

      • I think it is the url change of the Opera blogs that broke the Disqus comments

  • xirit64

    All comments in all blogposts lost.

  • Flossmaster

    May I ask whether there will be, (or whether there already is) a way that after you install a number of add ons that there will automatically be space on the toolbar to access them?

    • BK

      yes, incoming in O36.

  • Flossmaster

    Can I just say,for the record, even had some issues (like many) about some of the early chromium Opera releases re bookmarks etc, I’ve thankfully ditched Firefox some months ago to use the very wonderful Opera Developer release>
    Really impressive, and since I’ve used Opera since 2007, nice to be home

  • Hadley Zedras

    The entire speedial page is completely shagged in this version, mouse does not offer any gestures on page?? Using W10

  • Dark Magician

    ”I could have written many technical details about the technology of our servers, sophisticated algorithms to predict what resources will be sent or benchmarks we test against. But, we know you’re not interested in the technical details and we’re not either.”

    Actually we are interested, how about a full changelog?
    This is actually how Opera lost it, who do you think visits your blog, and who are the original users?
    We don’t care about some Darek, and a story dumbed down for sub average user.

    • Simone Previti

      well, it’s not true that “we” don’t care about some Darek, it’s always good to know that new technologies are developed to speed up mobile connections (or simply slow connections), not everybody lives in a big city. But i’d also really appreciate a more detailed changelog, it is true that the average Opera user is tech-savy (to say the least), don’t forget your roots 😉 For example, i noticed that, since O34, the cookies exceptions are successfully synchronized among all my browsers, am i right? I’m very happy for it, as i prefer to avoid cookies unless it’s really necessary, i’ve always liked the idea of being able to manually set which websites are allowed to write on my disk. And now these settings are synchronized! thanks 🙂

  • PlonPlon

    Numerous crashes on Mac OS X 10.10.5 (14F1505)

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      Hi, could you share more information about those crashes? Any specific pages? Login to some services? And what extensions you’ve got installed?

      • PlonPlon

        I’m not sure exactly what caused the crashes. I have numerous tabs opened, but that was not a problem with the previous Opera version. About extensions, I only have Adblock Plus, but it was disabled so I can’t blame it. If I see a specific dialog box, I will share in case of a new crash and hope it will help. Thanks!

        • Aneta Reluga

          Thank you!

          • PlonPlon

            It keeps crashing a lot and getting the message “Opera has recovered from a crash.” but I don’t get any specific dialog boxes. I believe the last crash I got was after watching a YouTube video. But I don’t think YouTube is the cause because it crashes even when no YouTube tab is active or open. I wonder if my antivirus (Sophos) could play a role or not.
            Got a crash while typing an email in Outlook.

          • Does it still crash if on opera://flags/ flags are reset to default?

          • PlonPlon

            The flags were never changed and they are ALL to default. I keep getting crashes with this build.

  • Nice Update but please fix this CPU fan issue. On my MacBook Pro Retina with Intel Core i5, 16 GB RAM, Intel Iris HD 6100 (early 2015) edition the CPU fans run up to 100 %. Google Chrome has no issues even with HTML5 Videostream.

    To make my CPU fans quite i need to close tabs like Facebook etc. … that makes me crazy if my CPU fans are loud.

    • here with RMBP standard configuration (the same 2015 model) everything goes normal except the lagging webpage scrolling. As long as the webpage contains a variety of media, the whole browser interface will be very lagging. I don’t know whether it is related to my system setting to a highly-scaling resolution, while no improvement when I reset the resolution to the standard one

      • My Opera Browser is also lagging if there a lot of media elements. My OS runs with Opera a little bit slow but i have clean install with OS X El Capitan latest Updates.

        • Have to admit that safari is the BEST on mac os platform. If it is going to support user scripts, i would say goodbye to opera asap LOL.

          Anyway, a lagging browser should not always be expected by users. I’m not willing that Opera may be better than safari, but at least it should provide a smooth browsing experience, under the circumstance of webpages with massive media resources

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      Hi @catopuma_de:disqus, there’s almost zero difference in loading web pages in Opera compared to Chrome, since the engine is obviously the same. But differences do exist in the playback of HTML5 video (Chrome uses ffmpeg, Opera uses OS X’s integrated video playback system).

      But since you’re complaining about Facebook specifically, it’s worth noting that Facebook serves Flash video when it detects Opera while it serves HTML5 video to Chrome and other browsers. We’re trying to work with them to get this fixed. For now, try downloading a user agent switcher and identifying as Chrome, I think this should fix your CPU usage problem on Facebook.

      • Thank you i will try it. I have no Adobe Flash Plugin installed because i use only HTML5. I know Facebook use Adobe Flash for Games, some Videos, Ads outside of Facebook use Flash, or Videostreams like Vevo. I don’t use Flash because the Security issues.

      • Maybe a browserJS to get HTML5 video player for Opera users on Facebook as a work around?

        You can also fake a UA string va the Developer tools

  • Video can’t play on http://www.wired.com/2015/12/custom-lightsabers/ might be the old click to play bug

    OS X 10.11.2

  • Łukasz Janik

    from which version of opera, will have everything from html5? the time now is: your browser scores 520 out of 555 points

  • pidgin

    are the freezing issues resolved?

    • Aneta Reluga

      You mean the notification issues, mostly on Win10? Yes.

  • eros

    Any of you have experienced any issues with “keychain access” for password management with OSX 10.11.2? I tried to remove the login.keychain, reinstall Opera 34 from scratch … nothing changed unfortunately. I cannot see the already stored passwords or create new ones. Any help is very appreciated.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Please try the steps below:

      “To reset your keychain in Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later:
      – Open Keychain Access, which is in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder.
      – From the Keychain Access menu, choose Preferences.
      – Click General, then click Reset My Default Keychain.
      – Authenticate with your account login password.
      – Quit Keychain Access.
      – Restart your computer.”

      • eros

        Hi Aneta,

        Thanks a lot for your precious suggestion! It works now: I can save the passwords in Opera 34 (and see them in the “Saved Passwords” window)

        BUT I noticed that the passwords are not stored anymore in the new Keychain Access, as happened in the previous versions of Opera. Is it correct?



  • Miguk .

    Java has been working in 33, now it suddenly doesn’t.

    Plugin is aktiv:
    Java(TM) (2 files)
    NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy

    • Do you see it listed in opera://plugins/ ?

      • Miguk .

        The above information is copied from the Opera plugins page.

        java.com is unable to detect installed java:

        Verify Java Version

        We are unable to verify if Java is currently installed and enabled in your browser.

        If you have installed Java and there is an error with the verification, there could be a configuration issue (eg. browser, Java control panel, security settings) or the Java plug-in is blocked by the browser. Try restarting your browser before trying to verify the installation again, and check that the browser allows Java to run.

  • I.khan

    Guys I’m getting automatic browser restart’s since yesterday. I’m running os x 10.10.1. Anything I could do to fix this? coz this is annoying so much. Thanks

    • Aneta Reluga

      Thanks for the info. Is this the newest version, 34.0.2036.25 that causes this issue?

      • I.khan

        Yes it is.

        • Have you tried after updating OS X to 10.11.2 (the update is over 1GB)?

          Tho sounds like browsing crashing, changed any flags?

          • I.khan

            10.11.1 is quite stable for me, so I haven’t updated it. It’s just happening after the opera update. No haven’t tried any flags.

            Thanks for your support.

          • Himanshu Chauhan

            i am also facing the same issue
            i even reinstalled my os , opera is still crashing ..i cant live without opera i seriously need some fix

          • I.khan

            I’ve moved to chrome, until next updated. Just import opera bookmarks to chrome. move on guys…

          • Himanshu Chauhan

            I moved to opera 36 developer version. everything is ok with it.

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      Any specific sites you’re entering? Requires login maybe?

      • I.khan

        most of the time on youtube, even when i’m watching youtube videos on other sites.

        • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

          Ok, thanks for your reply. We will try to locate this crash.

          • I.khan

            Awesome! thank you.

          • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

            BTW, if you could go back to Opera 34 version and if you could setup your email address to be sent with crash reports, that would be very helpful. It’s done like this:

            1. Open Terminal and input the following commands.

            2. Set the e-mail address to send logs to for each stream:
            $ defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera OPCrashEmail my_email@opera.com
            $ defaults write com.operasoftware.OperaNext OPCrashEmail my_email@opera.com
            $ defaults write com.operasoftware.OperaDeveloper OPCrashEmail my_email@opera.com

            3. To check if it was successfully set, use:
            $ defaults read com.operasoftware.Opera

            …where you replace “my_email@opera.com” with your own email address. It can be dummy email address – just let me know what you’ve set up, so I can follow it.

          • I.khan

            Ok, here you go..

            ILMediaBrowserAudioSplitViewPosition = 140;

            ILMediaBrowserImageSplitViewPosition = 140;

            ILMediaBrowserMediaType = 0;

            ILMediaBrowserMovieSplitViewPosition = 140;

            NSNavLastRootDirectory = “~/Desktop”;

            NSNavPanelExpandedSizeForOpenMode = “{704, 944}”;

            NSNavPanelMediaBrowserTypeForOpenModeKey = 0;

            “NSTableView Columns AudioTable” = (








            “NSTableView Hidden Columns AudioTable” = (


            “NSTableView Sort Ordering AudioTable” = (


            OPCrashEmail = “dummy15@opera.com”;

  • catup

    The opera icon in windows 10 start menu is totally white even after re-installation.

    • Jx

      I had that. But after few days the the icon changed itself. Now it is white box with red “O”. Maybe this is some update in Windows or something.

      • catup

        What’s you OS?

        • Jx

          I had that on Windows 8 and Windows 10 with Opera 32. But now everything is ok. On Windows 10 I’ve installed Opera 33 on Opera 32 manually (without uninstall) – maybe this helps.
          Try to find:
          DNA-45054 White tile on Windows 8.x and up
          (People in Opera know this problem)

          • catup


          • catup

            I got this problem when I installed the windows 10 threshold 2 update. Other programs on my pc works very well in showing their icon. Is there any one who pay attention to this annoying bug?

  • Hallgeir

    I’m reverting to opera v31, because that version is the last one where I actually hear audio from videos. Upgrading to v32, 33 or 34 -> no audio. Downgrading to v31 -> audio, yeah!

    • On what sites?

      • Hallgeir

        YouTube, http://hpr.dogphilosophy.net/test/index.php (all of them, although mp3 and flac was not supported in v31), http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/tests/video.html, any sites with flashplayer. I don’t get any audio at all, on any sites i’m aware of, unless i downgrade to v31.

        I’m using Windows 10 64bit. I’ve checked the mixer to see if the volume was lowered or muted just for Opera when it updated. That’s not the case.

        • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

          Hi, could you please open this two links in two tabs and copy/paste what you can see in the second one, while audio is ongoing?
          Tab 1: http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/videos/big_buck_bunny.webm
          Tab 2:

          That would help us see what’s the problem. Thank you.

          • Hallgeir


            render_id: 30

            player_id: 0

            pipeline_state: kPlaying

            event: PLAY

            url: http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/videos/big_buck_bunny.webm

            total_bytes: 5071076

            streaming: false

            single_origin: true

            passed_cors_access_check: false

            range_header_supported: true

            duration: 61.509

            found_audio_stream: true

            audio_sample_format: Float 32-bit planar

            audio_codec_name: vorbis

            audio_channels_count: 1

            audio_samples_per_second: 22050

            found_video_stream: true

            video_codec_name: vp8

            width: 640

            height: 360

            coded_width: 640

            coded_height: 360

            time_base: 1/1000

            video_format: PIXEL_FORMAT_YV12

            video_is_encrypted: false

            max_duration: 61.509

            start_time: 0

            bitrate: 659555

            audio_dds: false

            audio_decoder: FFmpegAudioDecoder

            video_dds: false

            video_decoder: FFmpegVideoDecoder

            is_downloading_data: false

            buffer_current: 753664

            buffer_end: 2850816

            buffer_start: 135042

  • Mon

    After upgrade, I lost many images from tiles of Speed Dial. Now I have to choose again one by one. I have Opera on Windows 7.

  • rblanca

    Tab hibernation from about://flags was removed??? Why? it was awesome!

  • Denn Nazarov

    new Opera Trubo dont work. how to return the old turbo?

    • Vux777

      you can still disable it in flags, but not for long I’m afraid

    • Is it breaking sites?

      • Denn Nazarov

        Yes, some sites do not work. may be case https.

        • BK

          which sites, if you can point them?

          • Denn Nazarov

            for exapmle https://yandex.ru

            im use proxy and after upgrade to 34 with new turbo 2, the problems started.

  • nicks

    Battlelog still not working on Opera stable 34. “The browser you are currently using does not support game launching with the Battlelog web plugins” and ” If you prefer using the Battlelog web plugins you can switch browser to Firefox® or Internet Explorer® 10 or later.”

  • blue_screen

    This video on Twitter plays only sound:

    Windows 7 pro 32 bit. Opera GPU process is running.

    • Xvaroq

      Disable slimming paint.

      • blue_screen

        Flag “Slimming paint phase 2” is deactivated by default.

  • OldHickory30

    The share feature with OSX El Capitan only works with Apple mail and no 3rd party mail apps!

    • It is using the OS X share menu, so if it is listed and enabled under > System Preference > Extensions > Share Menu then it can be used

      • OldHickory30

        Does not allow 3rd party email apps on OSX. They will appear in the share feature but grayed out! Safari Share feature works just fine with 3rd party clients.

  • Vinay Kumar

    Is there a way java can be used on opera from 34.0.2036.25 version onwards?

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      We don’t support java anymore.

      • Miguk .

        Then it’s time after all these years to say goodbye to Opera. I don’t need a separate browser for every task.

  • http://mashable.com/2015/12/11/new-star-wars-memes/?utm_cid=mash-com-Tw-main-link#zApYuaJ5hmqF Hit 1GB of RAM after a few seconds and also 90% CPU usage

    OS X 10.11.2

  • Dark Magician

    Download button doesn’t always appear, you introduced this regression couple of builds ago in beta. You have to manually go in download list trough menu or Ctrl+J and the file is there.

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      Hi, on what operating system? Does it happen on small files only?

      • Dark Magician

        Win 10 64-bit, on random, no matter the size.

    • Shion

      I use “Downloads – Your Download Box” extension, because the original downloads behave like an ass (that focus stealing popup I’ve been commenting about here for half a year), and I have almost the same problem as the dude above. But instead of just “missing a button” I have a “file downloading sometimes doesn’t work at all” problem. CTRL+S doesn’t work. “Save as…” too. And it wasn’t like that few updates ago. Don’t know what triggers it. Win 8.1 x64. Full browser restart fixes the problem.

      Stop adding bugs, please. I already have Firefox installed with most required extensions onboard and I’m this close to uninstalling Opera for good.

  • Shion

    A friendly reminder, that Opera is *still* the slowest browser when it comes to big images (ex: http://simg4.gelbooru.com/images/a9/6a/a96aaccf0527e7c7d37f3c4efcdbe2c2.jpg ).

  • Hadley Zedras

    Goodbye Opera……….You have been with me for more than a decade during which time you have grown immensely and its been great 🙂 Thank’You for the memories Opera and all the very best with everything………The time has come to let you go, UC has called my Name and shown me how it should be done xox

  • Shion

    A friendly reminder, that Opera is *still* the slowest browser when it comes to big images (ex: http://shion.ru/bigimage.jpg – 10+ seconds lag spikes when scrolling/zooming), and the most unstable, when it comes to certain webms (ex: http://shion.ru/crash.webm – Firefox plays it well) and gigantic pictures (ex: NSFW https://im1.ibsearch.xxx/4/73/6624266914bd7839837f66aeb9406.jpg – crash on Opera for PC Windows 8.1 x64, major lags on Opera for Mac, and perfect performance on Firefox).

    Fastest browser… Yeah, right.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Wow, a tricky webm, thanks.

      As for the gigantic pic – unable to confirm because of HTTP 500 error and so much for that.

      We’ll be looking into it anyway.

      • Shion

        Didn’t save it, so can’t upload it. Things I remember about it is its width and height being more than 20000 pixels and it was a jpeg.

      • Shion

        Look at this one then: http://shion.ru/crash.jpg < I'm getting stable crashes from it.
        Funny point is that I get instant crash when I try to Drag&Drop this image on Opera too.

        • Aneta Reluga

          I don’t. Guess this might by a crash on no memory, so a question to you: does it explicitly say ‘Out of memory’ when crashing? Thanks.

          • Shion

            Mentioned image doesn’t crash anymore after I opened it locally – like file://D:/image.jpg (caching might be related to the bug?), so I tried another one. Crash happened.

            http://shion.ru/test.jpeg 15354×18898 25Mb

            >does it explicitly say ‘Out of memory’ when crashing?
            It doesn’t. “Something caused this page to quit”.

            Windows 8.1 x64. Got 16Gb of RAM. Not using pagefile. Using dynamic RAMdrive for windows temp and caches. OS and Opera installed on SSD drive. I suppose memory should not be a problem, unless Opera tries to eat up more than 4Gb of RAM.

  • vivivi

    you morons, opera.exe and opera updater are in folder named after opera version – so every time opera updates I have to make new rule for firewall

  • Bug in Opera or Chromium is causing frame dropping (it is the picture not hte audio that is dropping) in WebM/VP9 video on youtube playing in the background (right click html5 player on youtube and select stats for nerds), all that is needed to do is move and do other content in other tabs or windows and get dropped frame (video I did it with http://videondo.com/detail/building-a-browser-company-by-the-founder-of-opera-vivaldi-slush-2015/)

    OS X 10.11.2

    • Aneta Reluga

      This is a Chromium thing, which happens – or rather might happen – only when actually something is done to the tab with active video, e.g. when you detach the tab or reattach it again. Unavoidable at the moment, I’m afraid. However! If you ever notice a significant frame drop in “normal” situation (playback), this would be a severe case to report.

      • I am seeing the drops when the tab with active video is in the background window (like putting the window in bottom left and have an active tab with some other page in an another window in the center of the screen background window will drop picture packets but not audio packets)

  • Facebook is sending Opera to a broken Flash Player video player and other browsers HTML5 video player (can a BrowserJS be used as a work around until Facebook fixes the site bug?) I posted a question in the Facebook Help Community (hopping they fix it). Also the videos are note watchable (the image is pixelated), also filed a “report a problem” issue with a screenshot of the broken image. Safari 9.0.2 gets the HTML5 video player and videos play just fine.

    OS X 10.11.2

    • Aneta Reluga

      This is being worked on. Thanks!

      • Cryio

        Oh thank you. It made me mad FB wanted Opera to play only Flash videos. Their HTML5 player were too good for us.

        • I noticed video player will break the image more often on videos loaded in HD (on the HD button on the Facebook video player), when not loaded on HD less likely to get pixelated images (audio has been fine)

  • Max

    Opera says there is e security update (red top-left opera button). I have newest stable version already installed (34.0.2036.25). What’s happening?

    • Do you have PPAPI Flash Player http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ ? It might be saying that Adobe Flash Player update is out

      • Max

        I have version.

        • There has been a Flash Player security update from Adobe today (current version is now

          The other thing might want to check is extensions, that might be what the update message is about

  • Josip Kozarac

    Can you, please, fix this =>

    System Availability Requests:Display Required Request
    The program has made a request to prevent the display from automatically entering a low-power mode.
    Requesting Process
    DeviceHarddiskVolume1Program Files (x86)Opera34.0.2036.25opera.exe

    Till this version, my computer goes to sleep after XY minutes but after I aplied a new 34 version, it won’t.

    Thank you!

    PS: The message is from “powercfg.exe /energy” command.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Thank you Josip for the report; can you please also add the info which exactly Windows version it is? Thanks.

      • Josip Kozarac

        Sorry, Aneta, I didn’t answer your post earlier 🙁
        My Windows OS version is 8.1 Pro (6.3.9600).

  • Jesse & Alyssa

    Opera 34 is terrible. Buggy, crashes constantly on Mac OSX 10.10.4 Yosemite. I used to have 25+ tabs open in 33 and it was stable. I can’t open more thank 5 tables without crashing. Had a 3000+ word blog post on http://www.simplesites.info/ almost finished when Opera crashed. Ran my Mac battery dead too. Was causing huge CPU spikes and using over 1gb of memory. Ended up reverting back to 33 and will see how things go. What a nightmare to export bookmarks.

    • What happens if you update to OS X 10.10.5? I know some people will start a blog post in a word processor and then copy and paste it to a blog post.

  • tamagochi

    I see that you have finally dropped java support. Thus after 10 years of Opera surfing I am now switching over to FireFox. Great job guys 🙁

  • Mario Alberto Morales

    Hello team and tell them that they need to change to a 64-bit vercion urgently step and stop putting thousand processes to function operates only look at the task manager I have over 20 program and just leave it as a single process and firefox last urges improve synchronization

    • What OS are you on?

      • Mario Alberto Morales

        windows 10

  • Dark Magician

    Randomly crashes on opening pages.
    Konami cheat code should be removed with a simple option for power user.
    You are trying to hard to keep Google banner on Speed Dial.

    • Dark Magician

      This stable build is more unstable than the beta from which it came.
      It crashes on closing tabs among other things.

      • eXzentrik

        Yep, crashes here on Windows 10 x64 Build 1511, too. Reproducable example: Open http://www.dlh.net/ and close the tab while the page is loading. Opera freezes.

        • What kind of content is on the site (flash player, animated images etc)?

          • eXzentrik

            Animated ads, but no flash contents as I have plugin of demand enabled. Could be HTML5 ads, though. Hard to tell because of the freezes.

  • Every release. Same story. Utterly disappointing. There’s still page compatibility issues since late 2014. If I can vote Opera will be the most disappointing company ever in 2015. I have nothing more to say seriously…

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      Can anyone confirm your findings? What OS are you using, what page causes problem. There aren’t single browser in a world without any issues.

      • I’m using Windows 10. There’s still page compatibility issues since late 2014. I’m not saying a browser should be perfect. There’s nothing perfect in this world anyway.

        What I mean they should at least fix some page compatibility issues that’s been bugging me since last year. That’s all….

        • Marko Koivuniemi

          Have they responded your bug report? Can you give me an example URL and what doesn’t work? I I have Windows 10 64-bit too. Sometimes issues are caused by extension you use or sometimes site itself offers wrong kind of data to browser.

          • It’s a politic site which I won’t disclose here. Funny thing is when I use other browser that have the same extension as my opera it doesn’t have page compatibility issues. Why is that? Is it because Opera can’t cope with some pages?…

          • Marko Koivuniemi

            Funny thing is to complain about something and then not tell anything useful. Opera developers should have crystal ball to help you. You mentioned also extension – is name of this extension also big secret?

          • Funny? Do you understand me? Why does other browser work and Opera does not? PLEASE EXPLAIN THAT TO ME. WHY? YOU THINK I’M LYING TO YOU?

            Do you think I don’t have a job and sit in front of the computer all day like you? Extension is Adguard blocker and avira. The problem here is not about the extension. It’s about the stupid Opera engine. I REPEAT: All my other browser have the same extension like Opera…

            Edit: Please read other people comment and give them explanation or solution. There are many people complain all kinds of problem about Opera. Seems like 2015 is a bad year for Opera…

          • What other browsers does that site work with? Opera is Chromium based like Chrome and a few others

          • I have Chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. Weirdly all of them work except Opera. Since Opera is Chromium based like Chrome why can’t Opera able to translate an alien language page to english just like Chrome able to?…

          • Has anyone in the forums asked about that same site?

          • No idea…

          • Keith Reeder

            So instead of your endless whiny bitching, how about doing some actual research into whether the problem is actually Opera?

          • Lol. Your comment really make me laugh. You really have no idea what I’m talking all this time huh? Go read my comment again and understand it fully. 100% fully…

          • Well you can’t give any explanation right? Its simple really. Opera engine is buggy and need major improvement. I read your comment history and you also reporting about Opera glitch and bugs.

            I thought you work for Opera but no. You are just another user like me. So next time if you don’t really know anything just keep quiet…

          • Marko Koivuniemi

            Yes I’m user. I also know something about software development and bugs needs INFORMATION. Every single browser has bugs – and I report them because that’s BEST way to get them eventually fixed. Sometimes someone else reports bug that annoys me but sometimes nobody reports certain bug. And how developers fix problem they don’t know about.
            So I repeat: every browser has bugs. You just complain but don’t give any useful information. We even don’t know does your pet bug is caused by engine. It could also be for example site that detects Opera and servers wrong kind of page. That’s very common problem.
            So please: give URL and exact details of problems. Installed plug-ins and extensions.
            No one can give you answer because there are no question to answer.

          • Lol. I have already said it myself in the first place. Nothing is perfect. Am I right? Who are you for I need to tell you what kind of website the stupid Opera engine give issues? Anyway I have already reported it to Opera. I have already said it’s a political sites that has sensitive information.

            I REPEAT: The main point is why every other browser don’t have page compatibility issues yet Opera does? Page compatibility issues means the page is not loading properly. I have tried it with other many times. I’m tired of waiting every updates after updates yet they didn’t solved these issues yet…

          • Marko Koivuniemi

            Why not give URL for this problematic site. It’s a free world. There are gazillions of different combinations of computers, drivers, av-programs, connections etc. and still problem could be the page or server itself. Even if it seems to happen only when using Opera it could be something that is a not bug with Opera. It could be problem with server etc.
            In any case it would help if someone else can also reproduce this bug. And if there are maybe hundreds of bugs and one of them is reported by one single user the propability is that it doesn’t get attention. But if more and more people can confirm problems that would help developers to see this problem.

          • Nah. If they really care about us they would have fixed it long time ago ever since I reported it. Also I’m pretty sure it’s a bug since it happen every time I load the page…

  • surunner80

    Bookmarks Manager not working if I start Opera with switch –disable-remote-fonts.

  • Streamed http://www.spacex.com/webcast/ live and moving from that tab to another tab or going full screen the page goes all white (it is Flash Player based), also Opera 34 has a redraw issue as it has the redraw the page after scrolling to the bottom and then back up

    OS X 10.11.2

  • Mark Zevenster

    Hi I need help urgently! Opera Version 34.0.2036.41 for my Windows 10 computers does not want to sync data between the computers and yes I’m logged in on all of them with the same Opera account! Please Help!

    • Wait long long then they will help you…

  • Kopsarchidis

    I have came a long way back to Opera. I really like it but it bothers me a lot not being able to edit the search engines and default it to a custom one.

    • The option is still there

      opera://settings/ Then under search click on manage search engines

      You can also make a custom keyword (can better just a letter also) that you type before you put in your search terms into the address bar

      • Kopsarchidis

        It seems that you didn’t notice that you cannot make a custom search engine your default one in Opera. It sucks big time again as it has not innovated and yet it is worse than the one it has copied. Pitty!

        • Opera did not copy it (they have had custom search for years, added in Opera 9 back in 2006)

          You can always use the custom search keyword or letter or number you used when making the custom search.
          I have around 20 different custom searches (from different sites or for using different parts of a search engine).

  • Dark Magician

    Stopped completely working on twitter, then crashed.

    • When you where scrolling through Twitter were there a lot of animated images as you scrolled?

  • Sidney Moraes

    Opera is not finding Chromium-codecs extra on Ubuntu 15.04.

    • Do you have the current version of Chromium-codecs installed?

      • Sidney Moraes

        I didn’t have it, now I updated and it is working 🙂

  • Cehd

    There’s a problem with password manager on outlook.com. Password manager doesn’t remember multiple accounts and doesn’t show them at all.

    • Might be that password manager is only expecting 1 account for any one site

      • Cehd

        Nah, because It used to be work in previous versions. You could select any account from drop-down list.
        But maybe starting from this version what your said become a new rule for pass manager.

        • Vux777

          have you check in settings >> privacy and security >> manage saved passwords
          that you still have more than one password for outlook?
          I can’t test for outlook, but on other sites I still have dropdown for multiple accounts

          • Cehd

            I checked. Still same. I think there’s a problem with password sync and password manager.

  • Day Martins

    I used to use opera in 2010 and it was the best! it’s innovative features were awesome, like grouping tabs, the side bar, saving session, it was highly customizable (like the tabs bas position) etc…
    I stopped using it ’cause it wouldn’t run facebook, e-mail and sites as such in my pc
    now I’ve changed machines and thought that I would come back, but the browser changed so much and looks and works just like any other now. I’m really disappointed… 🙁
    If anyone knows extensions I can use to make it a little more like the old 11 version I would appreciate that.

  • Aivier

    Opera 34 Stable Always freeze/hang after open new tab,or close tab.
    Even freeze after restart, without any action…

    • Make sure you plug ins and extensions are updated (if you have any), also check for OS updates and if you have a Antimalware program check for updates there also

      Have you played with any of the flags in opera://flags/ ? If so try a rest to default and then restart Opera when it prompts you to

      • Aivier

        It look like a bug with some site, just copy user folder to opera 36 dev , no any problem

        • What was the site?

          • Aivier

            It work fine on my another comptuer with opera developer version.

            But on this computer , open http://vip.qq.com/clubact/2015/clubbirthday15/index.html , after loaded , close this tab, browser freeze.

            Already try rename the profile folder , but problem still.


            See this gif capture, first time statup after delete profile,it mean no extension installed , and i have already try disable all plugins in opera://plugins

  • Opera
    is a proprietary software provider who has created a variety of tools for
    online users. The Internet browser is much like Internet Explorer, and serves
    the same purpose.

    You can read more about opera turbo on http://dieselgrossisten.no/.

  • I love Opera and I am using it in daily basis, but it uses too much ram for a laptop with 4GB of ram. Here’s what I mean: http://s12.postimg.org/8ilxgpail/opera_uses_too_much_ram.png

    Is there anything I can do?

    • Make sure everything is updated, looks like you have a few tabs eating a bit of memory, might have to close some tabs and see which ones are eating a lot of RAM

      From what I know there is a RAM usage bug being worked on in Chromium

      • I’ve already updated it to the latest version, and I don’t think the tabs is the problem cause I am having the same tabs open on Firefox and there’s no problem. I was thinking the same think, about the ram usage bug in Chromium, hope they’re going to fix it soon.

  • eXzentrik

    I guess I got a workaround for the browser freezes, triggered by HTML5 contents. I have deactivated the hardware acceleration in the Opera options. Now the browser doesn’t freeze completely anymore, but rather the affected tab – and it can be closed without problems. That’s still annoying, but much better than a complete browser freeze until a fix is getting released.

    EDIT: The current Vivaldi snapshot has these HTML5 freezes, too. So it could be an universal bug in the Blink engine.

    (Windows 10 x64 Build 1511, GeForce GTX Titan X with the newest WHQL driver)

    • I know blink has some bugs w/ Nvidia cards (some have been fixed I think, tho not made it to the stable channels for Chromium)

      I notice similar issues on OS X 10.11.2 when on the Nvidia GPU. I think the HTML 5 issue is with WebM (based on Youtube playing around), h.264 does not have the same issue with dropping video frames, audio is just fine, I have herd that is being worked on

      Vivaldi is using Chromium 48 right now (Opera 34 is on Chromium 47)

      By the way have you changed any flags on opera://flags/ ?

      • eXzentrik

        I disabled “SurfEasy promotion” and “Browser engine statistics” and enabled “Disable hyperlink auditing” only.

        • eXzentrik

          On EuroGamer.net, the tab frozes several times today while loading.

  • nicks

    I don’t know if this is only on my side but there is a problem with Opera on http://www.bing.com, when you want to search something or change to videos/maps or other options this happened everytime: http://postimg.org/image/72njymrcz/
    On FF it’s ok and working good.

    • Vux777

      works fine on my side, win10, in stable and dev

    • Worked fine for me OS X 10.11.2

      Any extensions?

      • nicks

        I have only this extension which you can see on picture plus Ad Muncher. Hmm when I disabled Ad Muncher it’s working good now… it’s weird because when I use FireFox and go to bing.com (Ad Muncher enabled) this site working good too…

  • Landak Cemong

    This version somehow crashes more often than previous ones. And it bring the whole browser down, not just specific tab, making the multi process memory hogging scheme useless

  • L33t4opera

    The first, new build this year – Opera stable 34.0.2036.47 😉

    • eXzentrik

      I’ve posted a link to the new version some minutes ago, but it has been deleted. Why? oO // Back to topic: I hope that the HTML5 freezes under Win 10 Build 1511 are gone now.

      • eXzentrik

        Nope, freezes are still there. Tried EuroGamer.net. Bummer!

  • AS

    Why my Opera can’t update? My Opera version it: 34.0.2036.31
    And still is show: You have a latest Opera version. And the current version it: 34.0.2036.47

  • Version: 34.0.2036.50 keeps crashing, the about page, the check page, all of it, what the hell is going on?

  • Jenny Wilson

    Why is Opera 34 using so much RAM? With one browser open and 3 tabs (no video) it is using around 2 gig, which is about half of what is available. It makes browsing impossible. Also, looking around on the Internet, I found some tips that must not apply to 34. They can’t be used because the options are buried now.
    (No more opera:config?)

  • esteramala

    My youtube doesn´t work well on Opera,sadly.

  • disqusman

    Hello Zhenis,

    Do you answer any of these Posts?

    Where did the built-in Opera Mail go? There is no indication of it in the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of the Browser.

    Also, I have a new machine HP Pavilion 23-q112 All-In-One Desktop running Windows 10 Home.

    I installed the new Opera 34.0.2036.36. Opera indicates that it is up to date.

    By the way everybody, and I don’t give a rat’s ass what MS says about it’s release of Windows 10 last year.

    As a seasoned IT Professional since 1995 it was still in Beta phase. The public became the Beta Testers.

    When I load Opera. Windows runs 3 instances of opera.exe. from jump street. Right now I have 4 tabs loaded and the Task Manager indicates that there are now 11 instances of opera.exe’s loaded and running in Memory, and consuming 360 Megs of Memory.

    I have been running Windows OS’s since Windows 95 (just before B version).
    I have never seen anything like this.

    I’m currently learning Linux. I split my drive (newbies – Split = Partitioned it) and installed Ubuntu. You won’t believe this but, Ubuntu installed smoothly and seemlessly. It even setup all the internet connections. I didn’t have to do sh** !

    I just have to suffer through the learning curve of learning the command-line commands and syntax and how to manipulate the Registry like I can in Windows.

    Software is not getting better or more secure. It’s just getting more complicated modules that can be buggier and break quicker, and Windows 10 damn sure doesn’t coming close to managing resources as well as XP, either the ex32 or ex64 (WoW64) version.



  • As Opera Software’s Product Manager of Desktop Products, Zhenis is
    responsible for defining Opera for computers features and strategy. He
    joined Opera in 2008 and has also worked on Opera Mini for iPhone and
    Opera’s TV products.