It has been a busy week for us here in Opera! We’re delighted to present to you some great new updates to Opera for Android, Opera Mini beta, as well as Opera for computers!

Opera for Android

Opera for Android has received a new update. This version also has sync support so you can sync your bookmarks easily! You can also share multiple bookmarks with others, and here is how to do it.

  1. Tap the Bookmarks entry on your Speed Dial.
  2. Tap Manage and select which bookmarks or bookmark folder you want to share.
  3. Tap the share button (beside the trash icon).
  4. Name your bookmarks collection, then tap OK.


Now you can choose the method to share your bookmarks, right from a range of different social network, to via bluetooth or even email!


Just try it out! You’ll be given a unique link which lists the bookmarks you just shared, which you can send to anyone of your friends. You can share multiple bookmarks, or even multiple folders of bookmarks, and they can be viewed by anyone who you give the unique link to, regardless of the browser they have. So cool!

Opera Mini for Android beta

Download Opera Mini for Android beta from the Play Store.

We’ve refreshed our design from previous versions of Opera Mini for Android – take a look at the brand new clean, crisp look. As a small touch, we’ve also introduced a nice little exit button too! Apart from that, we’ve also introduced the much requested private browsing feature, so that you can surf sensitive sites without leaving a trace.

Opera Mini for Android beta

Opera Mini for Android beta with a refreshed look

As with Opera for Android, here too we have made it possible to share multiple bookmarks in one go with Opera Mini for Android beta! To share a group of your bookmarks in one go, try clicking on the bookmarks speed dial entry. Once there, you can select multiple links from the unsorted bookmarks by long pressing them and clicking on the share button. It’s quite similar to the way to do it with Opera for Android listed above.

Of course, the much loved data compression there as always, saving you data costs by upto 90% and speeding up your browsing. You also get a great overview of your data savings and you can even specify whether you want to download images in full high quality (or medium, or low) or even turn off downloading images to save even more – the control is totally in your hands now! We’ve enhanced the downloading experience by adding a setting where you can specify whether you want to download a thing in the background or the foreground, and also specify where in the filesystem the download folder should be.

Go check out this tremendous update to Opera Mini by downloading Opera Mini for Android beta now. The beta will not overwrite your existing Opera Mini for Android version, so go for it and give us feedback at the forums

Opera 26 for computers

We’ve also just released Opera 26 for computers! Once again, we’ve made it possible for you sync your bookmarks and also share them with others! We’ve already talked about how it is really easy to share your favourite sites with Opera.

This release also marks chromium-based Opera’s first stable release for Linux! We’ve been promising our linux users from the start that we’re working on linux, and this is affirmation of just that. Our support for HiDPI screens has been been praised as the best amongst linux browsers. If you’re curious about Opera about linux, then take a look at this FAQ.

Opera 26 is based on chromium 39, and has cutting-edge web standards support.

We hope you enjoy the new releases, and sync and share your favourite sites, and spread the love for Opera with your friends!

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