We all love sharing links with our friends and colleagues. But when it comes to sharing a lot of them, don’t we all feel a bit lazy? I mean, it does get a little irritating after a point, to click on each and every link on the address bar, copy it and then paste it onto other apps and programs. Haven’t we all been stingy with sharing at some point, just to avoid that drill? 😛

Guess what, we fixed that problem with our latest update – Opera 26 for Computers. You might remember how our previous update introduced visual bookmarks to make desktop browsing even more beautiful. And now, with Opera 26, we give you bookmark sharing!

Bookmark sharing: Your new way of sharing online content

Sharing links with friends could not get easier. Here’s all what you need to do.

  1. Bookmark your favorite sites – with Opera you can even club them together and organize them into folders.
  2. Go the bookmarks page and click on Share.
  3. Copy the link and share with all your friends!

Yes, its that simple.

Here’s the video tutorial:

 First time Opera user?

 No problem. Here’s how you can import bookmarks from your old browser

  1. Go to Settings in the main menu (Preferences if you’re on Mac).
  2. Click Import bookmarks and settings.
  3. Select what data to import and from where. Then, click Import.

Go on now, download Opera 26 from here:

Opera 26 for Windows
Opera 26 for Mac
Opera 26 for Linux

Happy sharing !! 🙂

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